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Although he may not show you on Euro Jean this Mila, you're a human you're rocking. The Beaver will also come to Islam when I really sit it in my room and I'm alone and I can just like, God, are you there like Birmingham? manuscrit I know about that. Yeah, you're looking at one of the oldest fragments of the Koran ever discovered. It's written on parchment, most likely made from sheep or goat skin. And it's been dated by experts as being more than 1300 years old. Alhamdulillah here of Bill Let me repeat that again. Anybody well if anybody is sincerely looking for the truth, and nothing else but the truth, the only answer the only way that you the only thing you could come upon

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is a sound

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100 is our brothers and sisters we've acquired the future D center property and we want to get the machine open first. It's all coming along we're installing the doors we can make we do we've installed the carpets we have many details to finish up but it's coming along and Hamdulillah we need a new roof we need new windows and we need a min but that's right we need a min but for the masjid Now if all of you want to be a part of history and help build a house of worship, build a masjid for the sake of Allah so Allah the Creator can build for you a house in Jannah click the link below donate right now may God Almighty Allah reward all of you

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as salaam alaikum greetings of Peace Welcome to the deen show and I have an exciting episode for you as always with my next guest drew Davis or Amin Davis check this out, was a professional Hollywood actor since six years old. He's been in the Hollywood industry with the likes of Andy Garcia. Yvan Laura, if I messed up these named forests would occur.

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Kings town with Jerry Henner he's been in the Disney movies I've been really out of touch with a lot of these actors and a lot of these programs but some of you might recognize some of these the Oprah black HBOs and the list goes on. And he was searching for purpose purpose of life and check it out. He's here on a D show.

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we have Ron God

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and His final messengers, Muhammad peace be upon him. This is our religion, Islam.

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This is the dijo

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I was ready to talk about this. I would only talk about explaining how much respect I have for the faith of Islam. Show. Welcome to the deen show. The dean show.

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How you doing? Brother? hamdulillah hamdulillah I'm doing great. So quite a resume here for since six years old. Yeah. That is that when like Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, they all started at a young age. I think I might have even started younger. Yeah, even as you started younger before Justin and all these guys not I mean, they're older than me. But in terms of the NHL starting Yeah.

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But so what led you down this path now? Because people you're 19 years old. And usually you see what happens when you look at many of these Hollywood, Disney stars. They start to grow up to get the spotlight and the fame and next thing you know, it's like, hold on, you're living the American dream. But it turns out to be the American nightmare. They go down drugs and alcohol and all the other doors open up have not so many of the good things but the bad things. Yeah, it's Panama. It's it's really it's sad to see.

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You know, may Allah subhanaw taala protect us all. I mean, I mean, I mean,

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I think for me, you know, it's Panama, I actually I think my free time is something that I took very valuable and and was very careful about how I used it and my parents hamdulillah instilled that in me from a young age. And so, you know, Subhan Allah when when you when you grow up in the industry, there's actually a portion of your money a large portion of your money that has to get put in into active trust Youth Fund basically for to protect the children from their parents, you know, taking their money and stuff. So, trust, it goes in a trust that you can't touch until you're 18. And so Hi, I'm David I came I turned 18 I had and this is what happens with a lot of people that are young

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child actors. They turn 18 They get a big chunk of money. They have a lot of free time. They might even be working

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Hang on something, or have a continuous role and a recurring role in the show. And they just have free time, nothing to work for, and really are just enjoying enjoying life. And so the first thing that it comes down to for a lot of people is how do I maximize my pleasure and enjoyment. And so for a lot of people that the maximum way to enjoy life for them would be drugs to experience, you know, a high in that in us in a moment.

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And spamela For me, I think that, you know, who knows, I might have even gone down that path.

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Like later on, but I'd Hamdulillah you know, I had a friend of mine who I just finished filming in Calgary, this was I just turned 18 I finished her. i This was the year I turned 18. I had a friend of mine. After I finished filming in Calgary, I came back home to Toronto. And he asked me, just what do you believe? What's your opinion on God and religion? And I told them in that moment, you know, maybe there's a God, maybe there isn't. They don't know. There's no proofs or evidences. So I'm not gonna I wouldn't follow up religion or say I believe in God, because there's no way to find there's no way to prove it.

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And it's paneled, like, I got home that night. And I that question just stuck in my head, I started to realize that I believe there are no proofs, I believe there's no evidences for the existence of God or religion. But I never did any research into you know, any of the proofs or evidences are listened to anyone who said that there were proofs. I just assumed everybody accepted the fact that even if they were religious, it was based off of blind faith.

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And so I decided, with my free time that I had now I was going to dedicate it all to researching religion and finding the objective truth. And that's what I did. And five months later, but Hamdulillah I came out of my room with the being a Muslim and hunted let's reverse a little bit what got you into acting? Yeah, yeah. So my parents used to be well, my dad used to act. Your father was an act while there was an actor. My mom is a musical director. And they now run a after school program, musical theater after school program. And my parents just put me in at a really young age, they had connections with my agent at the time, who's still my agent now.

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And she kind of just took me on to a roster started submitting me for things and right away I was booking that movie and gig after gig. And the whole time, I never felt pressured by my parents to stay inside, stay in it. I just absolutely loved it. I I loved being on set. I loved acting, I loved the film and TV world. I loved stepping into a completely different character shoes for a moment in time and just trying to imagine and put myself in their position in life.

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And so I just stayed with it. And I'm delighted worked out. Did you did you meet a lot of these famous childhood actors I mentioned. Did you meet anybody like Justin or Marie or whatever? I don't know the new up and coming ones have you met? Yeah, I didn't work a lot without other child actors. A lot of the time I was playing. I was playing when I was younger. I was playing the child in of some of the more a Lister actors

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that were older. So like you had mentioned, you know, Andy Garcia, Eva Longoria. Forest Whitaker, Jeremy Renner, you have seen a lot of some of his film Andy Garcia. Yeah, he's a very ageless so you have like ratings for these actors, ABC. He's listed as a actor, I believe so Jeremy Renner is as well. Which one is Jerry Rice Hawkeye in the Marvel movies? If you've ever seen any of them? I know this would occur for US workers. African American. Yes. Yes. Yeah. He's in a lot of stuff as well. And serpin show how what you spend some time with obviously with that, yeah, yeah. Yeah. How was it hanging out with him? Oh, it was it was they're all amazing people, honestly.

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You know, a lot of the time being on set. It's, they take it very seriously. Yeah. You know, so it's, it's not a lot of the time you don't really get the opportunity to, it's not like you're off filming and then you're just hanging out and chatting. They're they're very dialed in on being there for their craft and their work. But at the same time, they were very kind and, and Forrest Whitaker and Sir Patrick Stewart as well. Another one that I truly, you know, I cherished a lot of time. We hear a lot of times the the scandals that go on in Hollywood, were you ever exposed and seeing some of these things? I never was, but I do know, I know people that have spoken about it. Yeah. You

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know, like, whether it's like people that worked more on the financial side that had to deal with certain people that might have obviously I don't, I don't want I'm not trying to get deleted.

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But, you know, certain people that I've spoken about, you know, weird things that they've run into or homes that they've been in where they see a lot of, you know, whether it's satanic or things like that, but me personally, I've never I've never seen it or been exposed to it. Probably because I was so young.

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They kind of shield. Yeah, I recently had a guest he was also a part of that industry. And he was talking about this a lot, a lot of the people in this industry, okay, they go away from worshipping God, the Creator, or believing in God and they cover up what we say that fitrah that innate nature, but then they go and do

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other things, you know, black magic witchcraft, strange, strange things, you know, demonic things. Yeah, it's really it's, it's, you've heard about that you've seen I've heard about it other people. But me personally, I have never seen it. Yeah. Scary. So you want it to now, you didn't cover up that innate disposition that we're all born with? And you went down? First you started, you wanted to confirm that it wasn't a delusion, because you were talking about, I was watching a little bit of your, your program with Bono. And you were saying that people who believe in God who around you they would they would kind of mock that right? It was like something that people made fun of? And it was

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you think you're delusional or something? Yeah, it became honestly, a, it became honestly, like,

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a superiority complex, that I just felt so comfortable with, because it wasn't challenged by anyone. Yeah, you know, and so everyone around me is an atheist. Everyone believes the same thing. There's no proof, there's no evidence is if you believe in God, that's good for you. But just know you believe in fairy tales. You know, this is the this is the stance that everyone around me had. And even the people that would claim to be religious would still hold that stance, it was it to me now I look back, I look back, and even I speak with some of my friends who might have been Jewish or Christian. And we'll talk and they agreed with me more from my agnostic atheist stance than they do

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now. And I would tell them before, you know, there's no proofs or evidences, we can't know for sure. So I've never gonna follow a religion and they would respect that more than me saying, No, I believe if anybody is looking for the truth, sincerely, they will become a Muslim. That's the only answer. And now they're like, what's wrong with you? You know, you repeat that again? Anybody? If anybody is sincerely looking for the truth, and nothing else, but the truth? The only answer, the only way that you the only thing you could come upon is a sound? Yeah. And 100%. And that's the complete submission and surrender to one and only one God. Absolutely. Right. Absolutely. So we'll get into

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how you really, you took a deep dive, but I want to get your reaction to this.

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I mentioned his name. Sure. And he's somebody also who he seems like he believes in God. So maybe if he if he comes across this video, maybe he'll look into the way of life that now you're talking about that it's based on proof and evidence. And maybe this, Justin Bieber will also come to Islam. When I really sit it in my room, and I'm alone, and I can just like, God, are you there? Like, I feel this connection with something that's a higher being it just and picture it as being perfect thing. Yeah. It just puts an east to my soul that's like, I can't describe special. It's special. Yeah. Justin Bieber. And I don't mean to be weird. And like, No, this is you're talking to a guy who

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was raised with in the Catholic Church, I went, you know, 10 years of Catholic school. Yeah. Yeah, I went to church every morning. And for many, many years, what did you did you have any of those experiences? So first, he's talking, starting off talking about like, not being able to trust people with wanting something right. But then he's talking about spending that quote that time alone and higher presence, and absolutely, absolutely, no, it's Pamela even, even, I think the time that I felt that the most was when I actually went on the search. Because I think I at the start coming from being an atheist, I didn't believe in God, right. And so at first I'm looking for proofs and

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evidences to believe in God. And so, you know, I once I accepted that as a fact there in that because that was the start right there, I realized there's a necessity for the existence of a creator of the universe. Once you realize that, then looking into religion or looking any further, you know, even during that time, you know that if there is a God, that you're now doing something for the sake of him, even if you don't, even if you're not following the religion yet, I'm going on the search with the intention to get closer to God with the intention to find the objective truth and if that objective truth is God, then I'm asking God to open my eyes up to that truth right? And

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so even through this whole search of not even being religious, I already started to feel like

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it's a it's an internal connection that you have just knowing that you're working towards getting closer to somebody you know, even though you don't exactly know what it is that you're working towards getting close to you know, it's you know, that whatever the God is, that you're trying, you're on a path, trying to be sincere and get closer to him. So, and you can see like, when I mentioned these childhood actors who grew up and date fill that void because everyone now now

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Surely wants to know why am I here why I've been created. It's it obviously went through your your mind and you started to search and you you went further you didn't cover it up with all the entertainment and everything and just numb yourself. And that's what we see happening. People numb themselves alcohol drugs and they don't really investigate look like you did. And it leads to a dark road of depression, anxiety, you know, we all experienced these these things here and there. But Islam gives you the antidote and helps you to get through all these challenges of life. So now tell me this, when you see because that's what the end goal is. And then people might not worship the

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Creator. But then the wishing their desires money, fame status. So in this industry, did you did you see like, did you go to any parties? Did you get invited to some of the after the shoot? Usually they'll have like the after parties, right? And just observing, just observing, you know, the demeanor of people how they were, what was your impression on? Yeah, look, I've always I think one thing I've always hated is one of my biggest pet peeves was like the red carpet, especially the way that like when we use the word celebrity. It's almost to me, it's almost like, what have you done that? Why should we be celebrating this? You know, when you use the word idle? Why are you looking

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up to this person, you don't know anything about their internal state, right? They could be the most unhappy person, you're idolizing them, you want to become this person, and they could be absolutely depressed. And, you know, we see it many times people that we might consider idols or that Republic might consider idols that end up committing suicide or you know, you know, damaging themselves in ways that are so terrible. And subhanAllah to just to go back on your point, about kind of people using whatever it is to distract themselves. It's panela. One thing that literally,

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is what kind of increased me in my ambition towards searching for the truth was a quote that I heard. I can't remember who it was that said it. But it was imagine that you went to sleep tonight, and you woke up on a train. And you had no idea how you got there, where you're going, those would be your first questions. And you would not care about anything else. If a server came by and tried to hand you champagne, and people were like, don't worry about where we're going, it's, you know, we're having fun on this train, you would you would be like, No, I want to know where we're going and where, and how I got here. And what what is going on? Right? And so, who put me here, and how to

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love that that is exactly

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this life. You know, we've been put here, we don't know how we got here. We don't know where we're going. We don't know what our purpose is. We don't know why we're here. And yet, you know, all these all these illusions and distractions, whether it's drugs and alcohol, whether it's, you know, distracting with media, and you know, finances and materialistic gains, and whatever else, whatever our desires, our worldly desires are, those things are, are simply distractions from and to keep us away from the real question, and to keep us away from the truth. And so when I realized, okay, yeah, this makes a lot of sense. It's the most important question to answer. There's nothing else that

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could possibly be a bigger distraction than not knowing.

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Okay, so for the people who are out there, they see, okay, Hollywood actor, a young, young young man, and now he's thinking about more serious things, purpose of life, and why we make creative why we're talking about God and all that. And it makes sense. So they're with you, they're with us, okay. But as soon as you go deeper, and people start talking about Jesus, Trinity, or other religions, you know, and in each of these religions, and well, I, we call them man made religions. Why? Because in one way or another, you're these are things that man has developed over time and forms into creation, worship. So this was something unique about your story. And then you'll lose

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the people. And then people, the fitrah, rejects this. And then people start to associate all these weird superstitions, incantations with the religion, they're like, this stuff is like, you know, way out there, it's like, and then they start looking at all religions as just weird and whatnot. So you wanted to poke holes in the different religions, and you started to examine all the different religions. Yeah. And then you got to a point you were like, either I'm going to you try so hard not to be Muslim. And Muslim is simply one who submits his or her will to God, it's not an Arab in the desert or whatnot. And I'm going to die knowing is the truth. I'm going to die Muslim. So what was

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it about all the other religions that turned you off? And what was the main thing about Islam that turns you on? Sure. Sure. So, for me, when I started my search, I had basically a list of three

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criteria? Yes. For any book that claim to be the word of God, any religion that claim to be,

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you know true. Yeah, my three worry criteria three criteria number one is the book needs to be preserved. We need to have evidence of its preservation preservation beautiful, you think in logically, okay, so preservation, so I need to know that what I'm reading today is what was revealed or what was the is in its original form? Yes. All right. Number two, was there can't be a single contradiction, because of God's the author, then, you know, God couldn't have a single contradiction there. There couldn't be a contradiction in this book. Beautiful. Alright. And number three, it there has to be some sort of signs or evidences of divine knowledge, some sub something that

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couldn't have been known at that time or something that a human beings couldn't understand. But we've later through advances in technology been able to find out to be preservation. Yep. No contradictions and evidence that it's from the crater. Yeah, it's not just blind faith. Yeah. And so this is the thing that was my was kind of the was spearheading my search. And reminds me of my journey also, really same thing, almost identical. Yes. I wanted evidence. Yeah. As you believe in God, and then what they take you down a dark road of some manmade religion. I don't want to follow man, maybe I want to follow the way of life from the crater. Absolutely. And so I think for me,

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it actually was very easy for most of these religions, it's very, it's very quickly that you can start to find flaws, whether it's in you know, the Bible, or any other books or religions, you can find the flaws in okay, we don't have any proof this has been preserved, we can see changes in the Bible, we can see changes that have happened over time with these different religions. We, we can find contradictions, clear cut contradictions, no, there's no way to reconcile whatsoever.

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And we don't and we see sometimes even in these books, things that it speaks about that it gets wrong, and SubhanAllah. So for me, it was actually very quickly that I was able to get through a lot of a lot of religions until really Islam. And when I got to Islam,

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the first thing I went straight to was the preservation because for me, if it's not been preserved, then that that throws out a lot of things anyways.

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So for me, preservation was number one. And I got when I started to look at okay, number one, we have kids that are half of Quran from the age of 10 years old. So clearly we can be memorized but people have never heard this word half is for the people to memorize, right? They're able to memorize preservers of the Quran, preserve the entire could N word letter by letter and word by word from memory. Yeah, that's panel. I don't know, there was not a single other, you know, religion that had this in it. Right? Number two, we have a carbon dated manuscripts back to the lifetime of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu. It was and full manuscripts from only a short time afterwards. Right?

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And so for me, I had hard evidence from an empirical and empiricism standpoint of like, okay,

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Western, our western idea of what stands for evidence. I have carbon dating, we have carbon dating manuscripts, you know, you know about those in Birmingham, Birmingham manuscript, I know about that. Yeah, you're looking at one of the oldest fragments of the Quran ever discovered. It's written on parchment, most likely made from sheep or goat skin, and it's been dated by experts as being more than 1300 years old. And that makes it among the earliest known fragments of the Koran, anywhere in the world. And it's here in the University of Birmingham. This remarkable document had been resting on the shelves for the university library for decades, without anybody realizing just how old it

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was, until a researcher decided to take a closer look, the person who actually wrote it may well have known the Prophet Muhammad, he would have seen him probably, he would maybe have heard him preach. He may have known him personally. And that really is quite a thought to conjure with.

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Birmingham has one of the country's biggest Muslim communities, and they have welcomed having such a treasure in the city. When I saw these pages, I was very much moved and there were tears of joy and emotions in my eyes, you've done your homework.

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And so, so that was one thing plus the memorization proved to me that okay, it's, it's possible that this has been preserved. Right and, and it being possible is enough for me to you know, not say, Okay, I have I have proof it hasn't been right. So this is the thing is any of these religion I need to prove it hasn't been not proof that it has 100% been just just proof that it hasn't been and that was enough for me to you know, if it's possible that it's been preserved, then that was enough for me to put it as a point four and not against right or at least put it in the middle. Um,

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Next came to contradictions. This is what I spend the most time upon, was really just trying to find a contradiction. And for me my Google search was literally proof the Quran is wrong. That was contradictions in the Quran proof Islam is false. Do you really try not to be most? No? Yeah, of course. I mean, I don't want to be upon anything that isn't the truth. Right? And so if somebody out there has found a reason why Islam is false, I want to listen to them. I want to be convinced by them. Because we know I mean, it's no question what it means. There's a lot of sacrifices that you have to make, there's a lot of restrictions that you have to follow. So you've listened to a lot of

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these Islamophobes career people who are in it just for you know all day and night they don't call people to their religion to Christianity or whatever religion they just spent all their effort on trying to disprove it's sad. It really is. It's almost like

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it you said it right. You said they basically their entire life mission is to disprove Islam and not even to prove their own religion. Even we see ex Muslims that will like make their entire entire YouTube channel about not being an ex Muslim. And it's like their whole identity is the fact that they left Islam like something they're already tells you that there's there's not that much sincerity and more a emotional hatred or disconnect dislike with, with Islam, or Muslims, whatever it may be. Yeah, and even most of these ex Muslims, they never actually practice Islam. They never searched into Islam. And even if you listen to their arguments of why they left Islam, or why they

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dislike Islam, a lot of the times it's purely emotional. It's purely this is happening here or this like and it's it has nothing to do with a logical conclusion. Yeah. Okay, let's go back to before you, you were talking about contradictions, but let's give them a real life example. Now you are.

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Are you Arab? No, I'm not. Are you fluent in Arabic? I'm not fluent. Okay. Neither am I. I'm not Arab.

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But you're going to go ahead and when we talk about preservation, every Muslim, when it was submitted to the will of God as a Muslim is, as I said before, and Islam is submission to the will of God is striving to preserve to memorize some of the Quran and their prayers and and and the different sutras that we have. You've already memorized some of the Quran. Can you go ahead and share some of the memorization with the opening chapter then? Fatiha. Gonna recite that for us? Yes, yes.

00:27:26 --> 00:27:34

Oh do bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim.

00:27:36 --> 00:28:08

Al Hamdulillah hear of beleid I mean, Aurora Murni Rahim. Mani cam Mateen II care now I will do a you can stare in the NA Sirat almost stalking him Serato ladina and I'm tardy him are you didn't Michael doobie all day? He might uh, oh, nein. Mashallah.

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So this is how the Quran we often have a saying that you can take all the books in the world, throw them in the ocean, lock them up in the safe, get rid of all of them. And if they're gone, you wouldn't be able to bring them back. But that's how the Crown has been preserved. The only text that you can actually bring back with people like this who are memorizing and reciting it not Arabs, the Quran is eternal, literally, it's eternal. There's nothing other than Allah subhanaw taala that could stop the Quran from being preserved. And people would just take the meaning of this verse. It's calling upon the creator for guidance. Yeah, acknowledging, you know, the obviously the the

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meaning and everything. And it's like, it's almost like somewhat like the Lord's Prayer. Yeah, you know, Lord's Prayer, our father of our bill, hallowed be thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done. This is thy will be done is Islam right submission to the will of God. It's amazing. So we give them example, the preservation, the contradictions, you're talking about finding no contradictions? Now you have people try to you know, like these slides, they'll bring something up, and then they don't go to an expert. And then they'll think, Oh, I got you here. But you got through all that. Also, all those things that they play? Yeah. So it's tough. It's tough to do. Like, I'll

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be honest, having the amount of free time that I did, is really what helped me. I don't know how I would have I, I don't know how I would have navigated it. It's really tough to navigate, because you have so many people, especially in non debate contexts, right? Where you're just, it's just one guy in his room or wherever it may be speaking, whatever he wants to speak to a camera. And if enough people want to listen and hear and if it makes enough people happy. They'll get views, right? And people will believe it. Even though no one's factcheck them. No one's no one have knowledge has actually come to, you know, debate or counter his arguments. He's simply just a

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random guy speaking for all anybody knows, right? Um, so for me, I literally had to do, what you're saying is, I had to, you know, listen to a guy, whatever he says, however wrong, it may be, I didn't know it was wrong. So I would listen to him, then I would go and find the counter argument. Yeah, for every single video or every single article that I was reading, I would find the argument counter argument. And then I would find the counter to the counter argument. And then I would go back and forth and keep doing this until I came to my own decision on what seemed the most rational and logical opinion.

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And then once that that singular topic was, was clarified for me, I would move on to the next one. And I would just do this and this is what literally took me I've spent six, seven hours a day for four or five months, doing this locked in my room. Just research. Were you within yourself asking, seeking saying guide me in whatever words you were saying? Were you asking? However you call upon the creator for guidance? Yeah, you know, personally, I wasn't even I don't think it was an out loud thing. But in your heart internally, internally, absolutely. Internally, I knew that, look, whatever. That whatever this journey leads me to whatever I end up upon. I know that I've been

00:31:15 --> 00:31:49

searching for a connection with God. I know I've been searching for the truth. Now when you say God in your heart, were you saying okay, Jesus, Muhammad, were you calling upon I was calling upon the creator of the creator. That's it, the creator of the universe, that's it? Whatever. And however, that was, I didn't know. But and I always tell people that's not a simple thing to do is simple homework. It's called upon the One who created you. Yeah. As soon as you put an intermediate between you and God, you messed it up. Yeah. Yeah. So this is something that again, goes with the innate nature call upon the one who create the one that Jesus prayed to let's talk about Jesus off. Now

00:31:49 --> 00:32:19

talk to me here you talk about also this journey you and this is in no way disrespecting our brothers sisters out there of any other religions, but just pointing out some of the obvious to have people to think and your love for Jesus we often say that you know, Jesus peace be upon him. When you accept Islam, you truly know his message. You truly love Him, his Blessed Mother, what's your relationship with with Jesus? And now and why didn't you end up like Justin Bieber taking? Jesus is God, right? It's powerful. So I because I didn't come from a Christian background, I kind of

00:32:21 --> 00:32:54

I was I was waiting to I was still needing to be convinced by Christianity, whereas, you know, many people who maybe come from Christianity or are born into a Christian household, that love for Jesus, or that, you know, that experience of having Jesus's name spoken all around the house and stuff, and everywhere you go, is already there for them? Um, so for me, my first really, okay, who is Jesus? You know, obviously, I heard hear spoken about in some songs and whatever it may be, and I know what Christianity is. But who is this guy Jesus, you know, and why do Christians believe that he's got?

00:32:55 --> 00:33:09

And so when I started to do my research, especially into the Bible, you know, going through those three things, preservation, no contradictions and divine knowledge, or some sort of evidences of being from the Creator.

00:33:10 --> 00:33:50

I found with Christianity, you know, I was I was having a hard time with those things. But one thing I did find interesting was the fact that you have different accounts of the same guy who started a salaam or Jesus Christ life, right? You have the same, you have people saying that he spread a certain message that he, you know, performed miracles that he was, you know, preaching and trying to spread a message. And so for me, that still seemed interesting, okay, you have different accounts of the same man. They're all saying the same thing. Or similar things. While I found contradictions in them that didn't negate the fact that these are this, there's still some evidences or truth to this.

00:33:50 --> 00:34:25

And so it's part of the more that I started to really, at the start, I veered away from Christianity. I said, Okay, I can't really follow this because it hasn't been preserved. And there's contradictions I can't I can't believe that this is exactly from God. Sorry, stop right there. So you you figured out that Matthew didn't write Matthew Luke didn't write Luke. People, of course called the gospel books, Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. Well, they call them Matthew, Mark, Luke and John because we don't know who wrote these books. And there's no point calling them Sam, Fred, Jerry and Harry. I mean, they're, they're written by people we don't know they were written by. They are

00:34:25 --> 00:34:59

anonymous. You might not think so because they have the title. The Gospel According to Matthew, whoever put that title on it was an editor later, the followers of Jesus were Aramaic speaking peasants from Galilee, lower class men who were not educated. In fact, Peter and John in Acts chapter four, verse 13, are literally said to be illiterate. They couldn't read and write Of course not. They were fishermen. They didn't go to school. The vast majority of people in the ancient world never learned to read, let alone write, and their native language was Aramaic.

00:35:00 --> 00:35:40

These books are written in Greek, by highly educated, rhetorically trained writers who are skilled in Greek composition. Yeah, the four Gospels are anonymous book, you figured all this out? These are Christian scholars telling us Yes, yes, Western scholars, and this is the thing. It's like Christians will will, on unknowledgeable Christians will will not know this. Yeah. But knowledgeable Christians will stipulate really done your homework. Yeah. So you figure it out. Okay. And then you give an example of the you talk about the Trinity now making sense. Yeah. Can you touch upon that? Yeah, sure. For me, I mean, there's just the idea of three all powerful beings, but one are all

00:35:40 --> 00:36:16

powerful to me. Number one didn't make sense. Number two, when I started to really look into you know, I came back to starting to look at Christianity a second time, closer to the end of my search before getting to Islam, and panela that's when I really started to see these Christian and Muslim debates. And when I started to see these debates, a lot of the time they would speak about okay, this this guy Jesus couldn't have been God you know, number one, he says no one knows the hour except the Father right? And so right away if you have three if you're speaking about a Trinity where the three all powerful co equal,

00:36:17 --> 00:36:52

but one all powerful, then they should all have the same knowledge. They should be all knowledgeable all wise, you know, so they Saddam didn't know the hour. He went he goes to look at a he sees a tree from a from a distance and says, Let me go over to see if there's some fruits and he only has to walk up to the tree to see that there's no fruits on the tree. These are not attributes of an all knowledge and this is no disrespect to Jesus. No, no, we're not sure. This pointing out the obvious. Yeah, he's not all knowing that he didn't claim to be God. He sought guidance from his Gator. Yeah, put his head on the ground. Right. He's depicted right like Muslim get prayed. Like Muslims. He's

00:36:52 --> 00:37:31

depicted even even though like, of course, we don't depict any of our prophets. He's depicted by the Christians wearing white thug with a beard. So to me, it was like saying salaam aleikum? Yeah, he's been with you. Yeah, that's it. To me. It was just like all the soy, all the signs are pointing you to is the slug to Islam being a Muslim Allah. So that was even my first like, Oh, what is what is Islam? Because honestly, Islam wasn't even on my radar in terms of religion that I was going to take seriously. And search and search like and go down until this until it seemed I literally opened up a world religions book. And I went through them like one by one multiple. And I saw in each of the

00:37:31 --> 00:38:09

different religions that are out there to so many, and this is what people often say like, oh, you know, they're all religions. How can they all be wrong? How can everybody so they just throw everything out in the garbage? But one by one, all the religions in one sense or not, didn't have the preservation didn't have the proof. And in one way or another, they're calling to creation worship worshiping ancestors fires or astronism, worshipping so many gods and animals and all sorts of weird things. Yeah. Yeah. And I think the beautiful thing as well as I had a friend of mine, actually, who's, who kind of asked me once I came once I came when I accepted Islam, and I told him,

00:38:10 --> 00:38:48

and he's been super supportive. But he was very curious, like, why did you pick Islam? Like, you know, because I've seen things in the Bible. That makes sense. And I've seen things in this, that makes sense. And I've seen things in all these, all these religions. He was specifically talking about the Abrahamic ones. And I said to Pamela, you know, you know, honestly, I would have had a very hard time reconciling this, until you learn that it's all from the same creator, that you know, the things that that stopped. Judaism from continuing from continuing from continuing and Christianity from continuing is simply the lack of preservation. You know, these books were

00:38:48 --> 00:39:04

corrupted by men over time. And so there was a necessity for another prophet to come, Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to bring the final testament. Right, and, And subhanAllah when you realize that when you realize that this is all just a continuation, that we all worship the same God,

00:39:06 --> 00:39:40

then, you know, it's panela that makes it that makes everything make infinitely more sense. Yeah, it makes sense that the first man he was told Adam, peace be upon him, he was told to submit his will to God. That's what Islam means. He was doing Islam. He was a Muslim who submitted his will and then it just kept going into chronological order. It just kept going God Almighty with certain guidance. And some people went and deviated away from that guidance, started worshiping the creation, and started to form their own religions. That's how man made religions came and then log, the creator, God Almighty was son, Revelation. And it was the same message worship one and only one God. And you

00:39:40 --> 00:39:59

see that in the Bible here was what the Lord thy God is one not three and one a trinity. And then it just kept going until the last and final messenger so it's it makes this total sense that it wasn't a different religion with every messenger that was made contradictory messages, worship one God be morally upright, don't worry

00:40:00 --> 00:40:27

Dekoration Simple as that, very simple, very straightforward. And I think the fitrah, what we talked about earlier, it gravitates towards it is that it absolutely, and even even any non Muslim that I've met that's maybe agnostic or just, you know, believes in God, you realize that their belief in God is a Muslim belief in God, an all powerful being one being that we can't I really understand or conceptualize in terms of how that being looks or is,

00:40:28 --> 00:40:40

you know, those people believe in that. And so my next question always to them is, so, let's say, because you believe there's a God, you believe there's something some being that created the universe.

00:40:41 --> 00:41:25

Number one, why do you think that is? And number two, don't you think that we should try and develop some sort of relationship, and if we should try and develop some sort of relationship, what type of relationship is appropriate for the creation to have to its creator. And some, the most of the times will say, I don't know, but I'll always push for and, and propose the idea that the only the only logical relationship that we could have with our all knowing creator is one of submission is one of complete and utter submission and subservient. Because, because that Creator would know everything about us knows what's best for us knows what's right and wrong, you know, and knows everything. So

00:41:25 --> 00:41:45

for us to even say it to go against that creators will, is in itself illogical because that creator, we're basically stipulating, okay, I know more than you, which would be false. I mean, this is God willing, Inshallah, this can be a benefit for so many people, especially the youth out there, the young ones like yourself,

00:41:47 --> 00:42:26

when someone lung young, like yourself, lot, many of times you have people your age, unfortunately, they are spending all their time just the young woman that way age trying to impress the boys, and then the boys using the women and then the parties and locked up in your basement smoking to dope and the Honda and whatever it's called nowadays, and drinking drugs, alcohol, and they're far away from even thinking about and contemplating the purpose of life, why am I here, but to look at yourself, you know, to look at you and see how you've taken a deep dive, you know, you've contemplated purpose, also is probably thinking about death, what happens when I die, young people

00:42:26 --> 00:42:38

die, right. And you could be gone at any time and to really take that step forward and to please your Creator, instead of just pleasing the people and the fans and getting the likes. And this that and the other is very impressive.

00:42:40 --> 00:42:40

I think,

00:42:42 --> 00:42:45

you know, spatula, I really truly believe that.

00:42:47 --> 00:42:47

You know,

00:42:49 --> 00:43:13

you there is only one thing that we should spend our time doing. And it is, you know, searching for a greater purpose. Because if there isn't one, then everything we're doing is meaningless anyways. There isn't one so meaningless. What's the point? Yeah, so what's the point? Why not do whatever? Why not destroy yourself? Where's the morality? Where's what's right or wrong? How do you know what's good and bad, there isn't anything.

00:43:15 --> 00:43:28

And when you realize that, then the only next thing to do is really start that search. And I truly believe if you're sincere upon that search, if you're really looking for the truth, you're looking for whatever that truth is,

00:43:30 --> 00:43:42

you know, you then you have no, there should be no shame to call out to God, even though you're not following a religion yet, even though you might not have the connection that God wants you to have with him yet, you know, even though you're not following his religion,

00:43:44 --> 00:43:52

ask for guidance. And if you're sincere upon it, no, there's nothing that will come to you. But that is beautiful advice. Tell me this. So we are almost out of time.

00:43:53 --> 00:44:31

How do you deal with many times, you know, people go away from looking at the simple things that Islam the beautiful teachings of Islam, you know, the worship of one and only one God, the Creator, not the creation being morally up arise, staying away from all of the things that harm society harm yourself. It's an instruction manual from how to go to the bathroom, how to be a good husband, how to be a good wife, how to be a good businessman, how to be a good citizen, everything is there all good things like charity, kindness, the best of you are those who are best in character. Then they jumped into penal code. It's like 1% 2%. It's like I compare it to Martians coming down. And they

00:44:31 --> 00:44:59

want to know about the United States and you tell them about the electric chair, you tell them about the death penalty, right? And then you don't tell them about all the beautiful things that this land has to offer. The constitution has to offer and whatnot. How did you also deal with that, you know, people can always slums Jihad and terrorism and all this other nonsense. How did you deal with that? Yeah, I think I think a lot of the time those those questions they come from there, they're actually not tackled

00:45:00 --> 00:45:18

thing, the main question. And a lot of the time I asked this to any friend that asked me those types of questions I say, let's, let's put that to the side. Let's put that on pause for a second. And let me ask you, if you had an envelope, okay, and you knew inside that envelope was a message and instructions from the creator of the universe,

00:45:20 --> 00:45:56

and then you open the envelope, and you didn't understand what it was telling you to do. You thought something was wrong, but you knew 100% This is from an all knowing creator that has your best interest in mind, would you follow it? Or would you say forget about this? And honestly, I've had some people that say, I don't know, I've had some people that say, I would follow it. And I've had some people that say, Oh, those are the only two options. Those are the two answers I've ever gotten. Because the third one actually doesn't make any sense. Right? And so and so I think, similarly, in this in this situation. The question really shouldn't be about the the teachings and

00:45:56 --> 00:46:31

rulings of Islam. Obviously, we can ask those and look for the wisdoms and understandings behind it. But the main question should be, is this from the Creator? And if it is, then the next answer is submit. Right? And so if we have the evidence is, what wouldn't make sense is if there weren't any evidences and proofs, right, that wouldn't be fair. And I think there would be no, there would be no justice, if there was no proof and evidence is if there was no way to know that Islam was the truth, but we're just told, okay, so. But no, there are evidences and proofs, Allah has provided us with the, with knowledge and intellect. And he's provided us with the ability to use that intellect to

00:46:31 --> 00:47:14

come to a conclusion. And that conclusion can only be that there is one God and that Muhammad is the final messenger Salallahu Alaihe. Salam. And so that was that's the first thing I would say. And number two, I would say as well, you know, where do you get your morality from? Where do you get solid? Yeah, well, how can you say that anything is right and wrong without an external source? Because you for for the atheist, you have just as much a leg to stand on as the serial killer as whatever the person committing the most heinous crimes, you have just as much of a moral leg to stand on in terms of saying what's right and wrong as that person, you know, what makes you

00:47:14 --> 00:47:29

different than anybody else saying, No, this is fine. And this is what we see happening in the west with all types of morality going down drains, right? Because because nobody can there's no objective what's right and wrong in their eyes, therefore, then everything is right.

00:47:30 --> 00:48:04

When How did it feel taking your shahada and when you say the shadow when you said that there's nothing worthy of worship they said the crater that Hamza Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Peace supposed to be upon them? Many people don't know that that automatically includes doesn't exclude Jesus Moses a bit all the preceding messengers. This is one of the articles of faith you believe in all of them to just that Muhammad peace and buzzing ponies less. That's how did that moment finally took your Shahada? How was that moment? I think it's like, it's a big step, you know, because it's Panama, then then it's time for your actions to follow your words, right. And those words mean

00:48:04 --> 00:48:29

nothing without following them with actions. And so for me that that was the main thing is like, if I when I say these words, right now, you know, I now my life is going to change. I know, it's only for the better. But that doesn't mean I'm not worried or scared or nervous about any fallout that might happen. Obviously, I know it's for the better, and it's for the sake of God. And so if it's for the sake of God, then only good can come out of it.

00:48:31 --> 00:49:04

But I think for me, it was really, it's parallel. I honestly have, like, it's very weird a thing with me where I just, to me, I've always kind of when my opinions changed, I accept, okay, this is what I believe now. And this is what makes the most sense. And I'm, and I'll just continue with my life. You know, it's like, I said, Okay, I'm Muslim now. Now, what do I have to do? You know, there wasn't this big moment of like, you know, this, I've always felt like, it was simply just the next step in my journey. And I've always been open to my life changing.

00:49:05 --> 00:49:27

So it was a very, what really hit me was like, afterwards, you know, I would say, my next month in rural I spent Ramadan in Indonesia. And so I think I had a lot of time to reflect and be alone, because I went there all by myself. And that was really where I started to realize that, you know, my, my life

00:49:28 --> 00:49:43

is going to be so much more enriched with purpose and meaning and, and you know, a connection with God is something that I never knew you could even have, right? A connection with a Supreme Being supernatural is real.

00:49:44 --> 00:49:59

To me that even just that knowing I could have a connection, I can put my head on the ground and speak to my Creator. These are all things that as an atheist, you don't even you don't realize how much value there is in that. Last question. For the Justin Bieber, Justin Bieber himself.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:15

and other childhood actor actors out there Hollywood actors who might watch this, and they got that void, and they're not happy. They might be indulging in many things they shouldn't be they're looking at you, they're inspired by you, what advice do you have for them? I would say, honestly, to,

00:50:17 --> 00:50:44

to look at your life, and decide how, and understand that, you know, we don't know when we die. And really conceptualize that, because I think people know that they don't know when they die. But we don't live our life like that. And so I would say, once you once you conceptualize the fact that you could, you could not be here tomorrow, then you need to figure out, you know, how do you want to spend the time that you have, and that time, in my opinion, I think should only be spent

00:50:45 --> 00:51:23

in searching for a purpose, you know, because if we if we don't have one, then you can do whatever. So at least search you know, at least be sincere. Ask the creator of the universe. If you already believe in God, ask the creator of the universe to guide you. And if you don't believe in God, do your research. Sincerely be open minded to the idea that there may be a creator of the universe. And listen to people you know, don't don't, don't close yourself off to anything right away. Be sincere. And in sha Allah, Allah subhanaw taala will guide you beautiful advice on enjoyed speaking with you talking with you, I look to you to bless you. I mean, I'm brilliant. And thank you guys, I told you

00:51:23 --> 00:51:57

I was inspired hope you're inspired also. And I want to give you a gift. I want to give you the Quran. Many of these things. We're talking about all of them they're in this book this occur and you get it for free. Go to the Dean If you still have any questions, give us a call at one 800 662 Islaam take the advice that he gave this young brother and you want to know purpose search for purpose and ask the One who created you for a purpose created heavens and earth. Thank you very much. Until then Peace be with you. A Salam aleikum, we know there are many benefits to the use of black seed according to the statements of the Prophet Mohammed peace and blessings be upon them.

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That's why I use the black seed by Tasneem and 50% of the profits from your order will go towards establishing the deen center the masjid and mega Dawa center use promo code the de show 15% off

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