Zakir Naik – Dawah to Non Muslims by Speaking about the Similarities between Islam and their Religion

Zakir Naik
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the non Muslim society and how it can be divided into three categories: Christian or Muslims, non- Muslim, and religion. They explain that Christian society is essential for their religious orientation, while non-immigrant society is similar to Islam. The speaker also mentions that shrek is the biggest sin in Islam and that living in the western country means most of them are Christian.
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The non Muslim society can be divided into further three categories. One is the category whose religious

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there are in the non society, in the rest of society that are

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since majority Christians, there is a small percentage who are religious.

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They're Christians and they follow the script of the Bible.

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In other societies like in India, where majority of Hindus there is a small portion, a small percentage of Hindus who are religious, who follow the scriptures.

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The best way to dhaba with these people is tala will tell him within Sabah in baina. Bella Come come to common terms as been essential, which is the first term as Ananda Illallah that you worship men but Allah, we have to speak from their scriptures trying to prove about one Allah subhanho wa Taala The best thing about dava the most important aspect is proving about oneness of Allah subhanaw taala all the other aspects are secondary.

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If you cannot convince a non Muslim about talking about monotheism, it is useless. You may speak to him about other aspects of Islam, but if he had continued to ensure

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it will never be forgiven. Shrek is the biggest sin in Islam, which Allah will never forgive unless he repented before that.

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And this way how to do Dawa, based on the verse of the Quran, I have dealt in various of my talks, similarities between Islam and Christianity similarities in Islam and Hinduism in how to Dawa.

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For example, living in the western country, where the majority claimed to be Christians, though a small percentage are religious

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in bridging the gaps with the Christians, I've given a talk on similarities between Islam and Christianity

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