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In the hamdulillah Hina do who want to stay you know who want to stop Pharaoh. Whenever we love him in Cerulean fusina Our CEO, Dr. Medina, Mejia the healer who Fela model Allah, wa my youth lil fella ha the

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worship of Allah inna Illa who is the holder hola Sharika why no Mohammed Abdullah who was Zulu son Allahu alayhi. Wa early he was Sufi he was

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a bad roofer in Iran Hadith he terrible la he

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was higher on the head he had the Mohammed in subtle Allahu alayhi he was in Warszawa Ohmori the third to her Wakulla Makita 13 be the Wakulla be the team Bala were cool love Allah that infinite. A MOBA.

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We are nearing the end of the month of Roger.

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And soon the month of Shaban will embrace us.

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And the Sahaba of rosov Allahu Alayhi Salatu was Salam they've noticed something special that he used to do.

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Because they used to observe his actions.

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And they would report can I assume ohata An Akula you have to Oh, you have to Hata Anna kulula I assume he would Alia Salatu was Salam. Fast and continuously fast and fiddle they think or they believe he's not going to break loose fast

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and not fast, consecutively until they believe he's not going too fast.

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But when it came to the month of Shaban Osama didn't lose a third of the Allahu Anhu.

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He asked him and he is Salatu was Salam. He said yeah Rasul Allah He

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Liam Arakata somos Shahara Mina shahadi Moto SumoMe in sha Allah and he says I haven't seen you fasting as much as many days in a month as much as you fasting in shabam in particular meaning besides Ramadan

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so here are a Salatu was Salam said the paella daddy Kashia Honiara Fuu Anhu nurse

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by now Roger been Ramadan. This is a month that people overlook between Roger and Ramadan

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were who were and it is also well hello chatroom to refer ofI here Amanda when Allah He thought headway euro for Anna Lee when I saw him and it is a month when deeds are taken up to ALLAH SubhanA who were to Allah so I would love and I like that that would happen my deeds would be taken up while I'm fasting.

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So for those two reasons the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam would fast Shaban as it is reported in kalila, except for a few days, but he would manifest most of it

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has many blessings in it

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and the aroma of said

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the fasting and Riba in Shaban get him Rini when he's still a daddy Leisha hurry Ramadan, it is like practice and getting ready for the month of Ramadan. So that has that going for it.

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But in this particular Hadith, the prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam points to something momentous that takes place in Shaban which is the annual ascension of deeds.

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Yes, these are taken up to Allah azza wa jal degli. And they're taken to Allah azza wa jal, every Monday and Thursday and for that the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam like to also too fast.

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But when it happens annually, it only happens in Sherborn.

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So the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam would fast and that is a type of a bird that is most continuous. Because you only can read the Quran so much, you can only do thicker so much you can only do so there's so much but when you fast, that type of fasting includes or consumes fetcher to Mercury, in addition to other a bad as that it motivates. So it is likely then that when that actions are being taken to Allah XO agenda, to be reviewed, to be accepted or rejected to be forgiven or punished, it's likely that Allah zodion would find the person who was fasting in Nevada and there is more likely for the deeds to be accepted, more likely for the person to be forgiven.

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So he or his loved ones sit down wanted to be ready for that and you will

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And you know that people in January they have these resolutions.

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The next year is going to be different because I'm gonna exercise and eat right and do this and do that. And by mid January or it's and most of these resolutions have evaporated.

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We all need and feel the need for change. We feel it. We don't have the mechanism. As human beings, it's very difficult for us, except that Allah azza wa jal for Muslims. He had given you that mechanism by telling you first, that your deeds will be reviewed in Shaban and he gives you a Ramadan as the beginning of that new year.

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When you want to embrace when you want to come to the new year when you want to feel that change, what is the thing that is going to carry you and instill a new habit and eradicate a bad habit? You write the Ramadan and Ramadan allows it and Shaban before it allows you to think about all the things that you've done in the past year. Is this going to be reviewed? And if they are going to be reviewed up there? They also should be reviewed down here.

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So from this shutdown to the last shutdown, how was it because Allah has zoned it is going to look at it. How was it? Was it good or was it bad? Did we excel?

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Did we follow what Allah loves? Or did we stray?

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And if we straight did we repent

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and are we willing if we repent, to change our course and be new people? That is the review that is needed from us in Shaban so Allah zoton is going to look at your deeds. And we should look at our lives and our deeds as well. And you consider if you like what you see and you want to do more of it, than Shaban and Ramadan are the months to embrace that. And remember when we said about Roger, that the month of Shaban is the month of watering your seeds, that is your plan for the next year. That is your plan for the next better you by the will of Allah azza wa jal in his help.

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So what is it that you've done? What is it that I have done?

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What can I fix? And what can I improve? And how can I be better?

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The month of Shabbat is the month to think about that, and start changing and start embracing and accepting Allah has ordered into our lives. So that is the first virtue in the month of Shabbat.

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And that tells us the one thing that we should start doing or thinking about is past a little bit more.

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If we don't have habit of fasting and Shabbat, if we don't care found fast, most of it, then parts of it. At least let's say Mondays and Thursdays or Mondays alone or Thursdays alone, the 13th and 14th and 15th of Shaban should be on your radar should be something that you plan to do, because you start now to adjust for Ramadan.

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And that is one additional benefit of shebang.

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You see if there's anything important that you need to do,

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usually transition to it. If there is an important interview, what do you do before you go to that interview?

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You consider what you're going to eat before you consider what do you get to where you consider your transportation and you think about what you will say that right DNS allows you to maximize the benefit of that opportunity. But if you jump into it, you're likely to miss it. Without preparation, you just jump into an interview or any momentous important thing you want to do, you're likely to miss that opportunity. So Allah so Dan had given us before the Salah and after the Salah, a vehicle for us to get ready for it

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and compensate for deficiencies in it. So before Lasala we have Sooners, right?

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We asked yourself

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what is the purpose of the Sunnah in addition of being an additional worship to Allah azza wa jal you transition

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from a dunya thinking about the cooking the money this and that. You don't immediately jump into the funny law, the obligation, but you do the Sunnah first and physically

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and psychologically

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directly you transition. So when the 30 evolve, the obligation begins, you're at your best. And when it's done you either have a soon after or if not, you have a thicker after to compensate for whatever was missed. In Ramadan, you have shot a band before, and the six days of show well after, as soon as before and as soon after, to make up to get you ready to transition you into Ramadan. So if you want to be ready for the fasting of Ramadan, let not the fasting of Ramadan, begin on the first day of Ramadan.

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Of course, the first thing of Ramadan, per se is on the first day, but don't let fasting happen only on the first day of Ramadan, because then you will need to transition.

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So the transition of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam and the transition of the Sahaba terms transition of the pious takes place in Shabbat.

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So consider fasting.

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Consider now if even you began to read the Quran and Rajab, then may Allah bless you and increase you if not, it's not too late Shabana.

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If you began and Roger double what you have done in shanba,

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so that you could triple that be in the FDA in Ramadan, but you establish a habit and the predecessors the pious predecessors, the seller for you, they used to call Shaban *hole Cora, the month of the receivers the month of the readers of the Quran, because when it comes they opened the moussaka which really never closes but it signifies attention

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increased attention to the Quran so they start reading more and more of it.

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So let not the first night or day of Ramadan be the first day and night when you start reading the Quran. No we need the Quran before Ramadan comes. So when it comes, I really have a habit have a goal have a connection to Allah azza wa jal

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and inshallah burn increase the rest of the body and fasting by the way helps you

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because you have to wake up before Fajr for support so you're up then. So maybe you can pray then maybe you can do some do out then it allows you to stay away from haram because you are fasting. So repentance is easier than it allows you to be closer to Allah azza wa jal because you're not so consumed by the world and about what you eat. So it's easier to remember Allah xuejun Your lion Are you spirit is lighter. So all these acts of righteousness that Allah azza wa jal loves are easier and all likes of wickedness and sin are harder because of fasting. So increase remembrance of Allah subhanho wa Taala and increase your DUA and put a portion daily portion of your day should be for

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I'll say, five minutes a day,

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not to be missed, just for dua

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as Allah azza wa jal

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that's in addition to what you do in your schedule, that's a given in addition to what you would do at other times. Now this is a special time four to five minutes or 10 minutes, whatever you can muster, five minutes for dhikr of Allah azza wa jal, but that becomes part of you. And if you plan this, and you water this, it will blossom greatly in Ramadan and you will receive its greatest benefits because you are ready for it. And you have not made Shaban a month that people are unaware of.

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Because yes, when the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam said, then is still true today.

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People are unaware of Shaban as they were unaware of shotgun before

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what do we do in shotgun except get ready for Ramadan? But then the Lord how do we get ready for Ramadan? By buying food

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and planning meals?

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But do we get ready for Ramadan by planting our a bird and getting ready for it because we are all done. And the most important part of Ramadan is not about the food that we will be eating or the people that we will be seeing. But it's about Allah subhanho wa Taala and his forgiveness

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and talking about forgiveness.

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Also Allah is Allah Allah Allah wa salam talks about another virtue in the month of Shabana.

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And that is specifically about the 15th

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Laila to miss Freeman Shaban.

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And on the night of the 15th he said, Aliya, Salatu was Salam. Ala Allahu ala felt the healing at the news. Leaving Shaban for your funeral li Jeremy he helped the healer emotionally

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In Omaha him,

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he said Alia salatu salam, O Allah looks over his creation, on the night of the 15th, of Shaban, and he forgives all of them, except for to a person who has committed shipwreck and a person who is in friction

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with other people.

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To people who are exempted who are denied that forgiveness.

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One who has committed Shere Khan he's a mushrik

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which tells you about the importance of the heat and it tells you about the importance of having what is between you and Allah subhanho wa Taala either sound and clean

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and the other one has ruined what is between them and people because they stand hating others boy cutting others for worldly, unjustified reasons. For worldly reasons, I hate him and he hates me I hate her and she hates me, we're not talking to each other.

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So if what is between you and Allah azza wa jal is not right and what is between you and people is not right. You are denied that forgiveness, which tells you that the month of Shaban again is a month emphasize for looking at yourself and emptying your heart of what Allah hates is not just an ordinary month, you could be forgiven in the month where all the deeds are being taken up to Allah you can be forgiven, how there's no special a bad on that night and day and we'll talk about that.

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But what can you do?

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This, this has to do with your heart.

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You say but we don't have *can Allah as his origin. I mean, we don't call on other than Allah as though it didn't. We're not prostrating to items. We're not calling on the dead. We're not seeking shelter and protection from them. They say it hamdulillah behind me that we're not doing this. But how much do you love Allah as Odin versus others? Versus the dunya versus the Dollar versus gold and silver? When it comes to Allah's command, and other people, who do you please and who comes first? Gives? These are types of hidden shifts?

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When you stand to pray, when you read the Quran, are you doing it for Allah or for somebody else? And if you're somebody else, that's the type of hidden shift. So no one should feel secure and say, No, I'm fine.

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Part of the draw of the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam He Allah forgive me for the shift that I may not know.

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Forgive me for the shift that I'm not aware of. So there is hidden shidduch so the greater your connection to Allah and love for him, the more that you prefer what he said, to what He commanded to what people say and command, then you are a servant of Allah azza wa jal

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that is the to hate that we should have Allah being first. And Allah loves most Allah feared most.

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That is the story.

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And then look at your relationship with people and if you can you fix it before the 15th you get ready for it by fixing it

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even if you're not the one who had committed the wrong

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let's fix what is between us why for Allah sake because I want to be forgiven.

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So the month of Shaban Allah Who wants from you are a badass that is physical,

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that allows you to move into Ramadan, a birder also that is the spiritual internal

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that cleanses you and gets you ready for Ramadan and the rest of the year.

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So Chapin will arrive soon

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and Allah so did will gift you that month.

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And it will do that so that you'd be ready for Ramadan. We ask Allah Allah Allah Allah mean to give us that opportunity and to bless it for us a whole have only had our stuff to Allah it would have been Vista.

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hamdulillahi rabbil Alameen Hamdan cathedra on the IBA Novara can feed Mila Samoa to meet a lot of the almond Amercia I mean, she in bad also they will sell him otherwise sorry Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa salam, and my bad.

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As we said, there is no specific special a burdah for the 15th of Shabana, even though it could be popular in some circles. But there is no report from the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam nor from the companions that they've

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committed certain acts and did certain deeds on that night and so if you're going to fast the 15th Because it's the

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13th 14th 15th day days of a month then go ahead and fast them but don't just simply faster because it's on the 15th of Shabbat if you're going to pray pm that night, because that's your habit to break em then pray to them that night but don't do it simply because it's the 15th

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and don't be confused by when so and so said it's okay so and so did it.

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We have a rule. And that rule is which we mentioned all the time at the beginning of the hotbar Hyrule Hadith de Quito Goomba heeta are the best of words are the words of Allah azza wa jal nothing comes close. And the best of guidance is the guidance of muscles Allahu Allahu Allah Who early or Sydenham so you ask yourself this very simple question, by the way is done is very direct, very easy to understand uncomplicated Did Muhammad Ali his Salatu was Salam have special prayer for that night?

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Did he at a Salatu was Salam specify a special fast for that night? And if the answer is no one know who are we to introduce something new. So you want to look like Muhammad Ali? His Salah was Sinha you want to be on the Day of Judgment closest to him Medallia Salatu was Salam. He is the prophet that Allah sent to you, not anybody else. So you follow the guidance of Muhammad Ali Salatu was Sinha and part of his guidance also. He said that the cudham Ramadan Ambystoma, Yeoman Oh your main he says do not proceed Ramadan by fasting one or two days. And by that he Alayhi Salatu was Salam did not one people out of caution or out of extra sense but false sense of piety to say I'm going to

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fast the 20 that 30th of Ramadan are going to have passed the 29th of Ramadan. He says I'm sorry 30th of Shabbat on the 29th of Shabbat so what are you doing this? He says I'm cautious or I'm doing it for Ramadan. And the Prophet Alayhi Salatu was Salam wanted to be clear that Shaban is different than Ramadan? So if it is your habit to fast because it's a Monday because it's a Thursday on the 30th fasted on the 29th fasted we're gonna fast it's simply because it's the 29th or 30th of Shaban we say no.

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Because we want to separate Ramadan from Shabana. So at the beginning of Ramadan, Ramadan is protected you can add anything to it

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and at the end of Ramadan because of the the Ramadan is protected, you can add anything to it. So Allah Zhou didn't preserve the Ramadan and we will tell you in sha Allah in a future hook where the importance of that

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and he also said that a Salatu was Salam Eden cassava Shaban with a lot of soon when Shabbat when you reach the middle of Shaban onwards, don't fast. And some of the other might have said explaining this hadith he says if you do not have a habit of fasting before Shaban don't start after, if you don't have a habit of fasting at the beginning of Shaban don't begin that habit after the 15th.

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So that tells us when

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you want to fast establish his habit early. Mondays and Thursdays, whatever it is you can do, but allow yourself,

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include yourself in the blessings of Sherman, and don't dismiss it. Take whatever you can, even if it's just one single day. But if you accept the Hadith and you practice it at least once, you don't know that could be the thing that Allah Zodac forgives you for because you've listened to something and you says because of that, even if I'm the weakest person at least I'll do this once. And that can open other doors of forgiveness other doors of blessings for you and your families that lie beyond our imagination. So you ask Allah or about irony or hamara hinein to allow us to take advantage of the month of Shaban you Allah give us the strength to fasted. Give us the strength to

00:24:19--> 00:24:59

read Quran in it. Give us the strength to give sadaqa in it give us the strength to remember you often in it with tight and hearty or not but Allah mean give us the strength to call on you and pray on camera I mean into App often in the month of Shaban and make the month of shotgun for us a month where our good deeds are accepted and our bad deeds are forgiven. Make it Dr hamre him in a month of forgiveness for all of us. Forgive me Forgive us here have been al Amin for committing shift 40 of us Europol, Al Amin for fighting with other people. Allah was here on banana mean to be one of the people of low heat and the people of sound Hearts was your Uncle Al Amin.

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To make the month of Shaban a month that prepares us for the month of Ramadan, and we ask you to make the month of Ramadan a month of forgiveness a month of elevation, a month of Jannah and sea of being saved from hellfire whilst you have been to Allah mean to include all the Muslims in the DUA that we make, whereas we are open to Allah mean to alleviate the sufferings of all the Muslims throughout the world you are Allah champion they're oppressed they are from a rock I mean your Allah come to you to their aid your Allah sent soldiers and people to defend them your hamara Haneen Allah take care of their enemies because they are not more powerful than you are. You're Allah take care

00:25:37--> 00:26:16

of their enemies and repel their aggression because they are now more powerful than you are. You know Allah Akbar Al Amin Allah was to be of those people who champion the oppressed and stand in their way koala was to cleanse ourselves to be worthy of your victory or hammer rock. I mean, Allahumma foolin AR hamara he mean what is it in Muslim you know when Muslim and Allahu Monthsary must have Athena Amina loose livina when Muslim it Allah but Allah Nene Allahu Akbar Allahu shahada InDeck Allah humara eternal Hawara Amina whom Allah whom worship Him or ba whom Jana Bella Nene Allahu mazzucco Muslim was naked women whom a lot of muscle for muscle and muscle and while you can

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be many other whom Allah hormones sort of a muscle and what is done and why they can be and other whom Allahumma or the became in a shaky or Shana alumina who became in a Shiraki was Shana Allah from my older became in a Shiva key was chef now Allahu Majid didn't Iman SEO polu Bina Allahumma tentative EMA and if you follow Vina Allah whom I did they didn't email and a few who do Vina hola hola Karina ADA you can watch and Amina move ideen Allahu Ribena Ikawa Jelena Amin Aloha Celine Allahu wa Krippner na Kota Jana Amina La Seine yo Hey yo yo after you mobila Matic and Estelle Eve Asli Helena shooting in a cooler weather attacking Iran fusina Total factor I have to use