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be surprised, so it's 20 minutes long. So we're going to be quick. We can do longer if you need to. But

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that's it 24 minutes of the users

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what the

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people show you cannot be sure about outcomes.

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Mohammed Abu

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Musab the story. This is not a bedtime story. You tell your kids, how many of you understand English.

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So you got less work to do.

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So I'm going to start off with the story because it gives hope and inspiration. And this is one of the haters from the past. And then we'll connect it with the haters of today. How's that? How many? How many of you need some translations? Right now she saw through Mama,

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who Mama was a hater, who actually killed many of the wizard participant who helped kill many of the Sahaba. He also tried to assassinate the last and final messenger sent them a kind of Prop 100. So longer than he was. So now Could you imagine that he was an enemy of Islam. Now what happens is he gets hot, the Muslims are out on an expedition, they passion bring him to the Messenger of Allah. And now he's the team were in the masjid. So the promise of some comes to him and says, Humana, what do you have to say? He says yahama He says, Look, if you kill me, you know, you've killed a great leader. If you want a recipe, name, your price. If you let me go, I'll be thankful. First day.

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Secondly, the same thing third day, in the process of the days that he's there he tortured,

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tortured? No, is he treated respectfully? Yes.

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He spent the bed or the Department of Food

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he spent even from the food from the household. So the man is treated with dignity and honor. At the end, same thing on the third day he's asked, and the same thing is repeated. From there, the unimaginable happens, he's let go.

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This is because women have suddenly I

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mean, this is this is an expression manifested of mercy.

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So what happens from there?

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We're doing a condensed version today.

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He comes back shortly sometime later, and he's wet. Like, can you imagine he's dripping and he's white. He's coming back. They just notice our probably bewildered also. They're like, Mama, what are you doing? You're coming back. And he comes back. He says, almost a double. He came to testify that there's nothing worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth. And you know, Mohammed, or this messenger, blah,

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He came back and he says, I left because I didn't want to. I didn't want people to talk to think that I was full Hurst. So we went make goosal and he came back. And then he said the famous words. He said, Oh, those pseudo law there was no man that I hated. How do you kind of say hey, hater murgia there was no one near Nico.

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I started the

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do all this drama.

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I never said I believe so Golly. How about Islam as in the whole time he was in a city that he hates just like the city. Now this is an example of a man who was a hater and beyond.

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And then he became a loader. So you can imagine now Now we need to Deuce what was going on in the machine? What kind of things was he exposed to when he exposed because look, the evidence in Islam is overwhelming. The purpose of life. People are universities, they know their purpose, their

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purpose, but they're in life, and they don't know their purpose in life. And Islam lays out everything crystal clear, while the philosophers to this day are debating Islam comes and explains things not just on blind faith, but look with rational logical evidences. Go ahead.

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Now let's bring it back to a time magazine article in the late 70s. In April, they published a report talking about exposing the amount of books over a span from 1800 to 1950. Now, can you imagine

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over a span of 150 years, over 60,000 60,000 books, written against Islam, haters up today. So that's over one book a day.

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I was just here just recently did a report just in Australia, in 2017, they caught about 3000 articles that have mentioned Islamic or Muslim and right in the same articles associated with violence, terrorism, radical extremism. So this is a hate machine that's being funded.

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You have a business that's being perpetuated of hate over a quarter of a million dollars is spent annually, creating fear and habit, spreading misinformation and lies and distortion about Islam. Now wrapping up, because I want to restrict the time is that we have been blessed with this scene. As we're grounded with it, it's our duty to do our best to not only live in with the best, the best manners and the best etiquettes. But to go ahead, and the story is supposed to give us hope to know that even the worst of course of haters and I interviewed people from the English English Defence League, individuals who are political parties that are out there propagating hate against Islam, but

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when they got exposed to Islam, they made the human connection that dow hit them, and they were sincere hearts of change people just like the MoMA who are haters at one time, they became lovers and are sending in the sauce. Where should they go? One guy will come to that. So I leave you guys with that. We established a program one of the first and only Islamic TV talk shows helping to clear the madness acceptance, and there's a ton of them, highlighting people's stories. And the good news is that now we also have the de show Balkans. So we need your guys's support anyone that need help. We want to get all these programs translated into the Bosnian language. And it's another tool that

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you can use really out there to go ahead and help share this message because as I often say, if you can you share, so anybody that would like to help and contribute, you can see our brother Sonic, and on how to go ahead and see how you guys can support you can always find me at the V show.com. Thank you guys. It was a pleasure being with you. There's a lot

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going on with the Wild West. A lot of exciting topics. You don't want to miss out you want to be here every Friday and then we'll try to give you some short reminders in between. But you can get that if you're not coming back to the show. Every week Fridays we'll be releasing it God willing, inshallah, subscribe right now and enjoy all of the content that we're going to be putting out for you. Thank you. Peace be with you. Salaam Alaikum.