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Is Shaquille O’Neal Shaq Muslim

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Just two arrows two records and then from errors to records I want the Bad Boy Records and then my career you know took off. He's Shaquille O'Neal Muslim

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hamdulillah me Allahu Allah but when I speak to him he gives me silabs I returned this amount without you know investigating on me like it's allowed, you know, Muslim to return this and I'm so because we hear we hear that Shaquille O'Neal I believe he is he knows best you know, saying I have spoken to him one time since I've been home he actually had contracted COVID Yeah, he told me he wasn't feeling well. And you know, I just recently seen him pop up in the interview so you know, inshallah reach out to him. Maybe that'd be a conversation we're having. And for those people that don't know I mean, Muslims simply one who has submitted his or her will to the creator that happens

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in RFC. Yeah. So you know, these are things that constitute a person to enter the fold of Islam.

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By way of testifying a nun has the right to be worshipped with a law and then Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam with the messenger,

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you know, in what follows is, you know, implementation of that understanding. So you went now from