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pasal terrorist, the date and tear of Dayton Ohio terrorists. Have you ever heard about human zoos? Human zoos? Uh huh. When you check out their DNA, they might be even more Mexican than a Mexican. Exactly reason issue you can you can say that has is that national exercise to approve racism and his manifesto he called them invaders and he was actually praising the Christchurch killer who killed was at 50, some innocent human, and he was comparing the human race to a garden, that yes, it has different colors, but that adds to the beauty of it, to go ahead and give someone $100,000 that they can bring you anywhere where Jesus said, I'm God worship me. Would you give them 100,000? I

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would do so. Yeah. They connect him somehow to Islam. Bam, is the label terrorists radical Islam, they bring it into an even in America in 1920s. To the 1970s. There were a lot of states run eugenics, with Islam that Islam is a solution to the race problem. We actually worship the Kaaba or that or the Blackstone, you can end up in the Hellfire, you're out of Islam, you're out of slavery, that kills that argument. You need a blood blood sacrifice. No need for that original goodness now. And is it true now at the end, that you're like a newborn baby, free of sin, losing humanity to show that you have more in line with the eat actually the victory of pure monotheism? Exactly. So this is

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just me la hamdulillah salaam aleikum, greetings of peace. And for those people who are watching the people on the TV, they're excited. Maybe they missed this year of going to out of fat, or they're there already. And now some people are confused. What's the wisdoms behind it? Well, we got a mom out of here in the studio and we're going to be talking about the road to Mecca Hodge as a spiritual journey. Salaam Alaikum. Salaam. How are you? Good. candelas Good to have you on the program. So people some people are going to be on edify Your name is edify. Yes. Correct. How did you get that name now? autofill? Because that's that's tell us what edify is actually.

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The word out of it is the name of the valley where at least nowadays, around 2 million people will be staying in 2 million. Yeah, in the season of Hajj. 2 million people who will be dedicating their time only for asking God for forgiveness. And that makes the scene looks like the Day of Judgment. So that is the climax of the Hajj experience. So you're any Mom, you're also someone who's you finished from the Islamic University of was a

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yes, I got my bachelor's degree from Al Azhar University and then my master's from the Divinity School of the University of Chicago. And right now I'm working on my dissertation in the University of Chicago for your PhD. Yes. Oh, my show last Hodge fifth pillar of Islam. One is to testify that there's nothing worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth there's no god but the one God Allah Muhammad is the messenger does automatically include all the other messengers who came to say message, worshiping one god one God alone, prayer, establishing a direct connection with your Creator five times a day minimum fasting during the month of Ramadan, giving the poor do text

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charity was specifically now we're talking about the pilgrimage. People make pilgrimage to Europe to Disney World, this world that world. We're talking about the pilgrimage to Mecca, some people can't make sense of it. We're going to derive some wisdoms for for it. Yeah, even thank you for the invitation. Even for some Muslims, they struggle with the idea of making sense of Hajj itself. Even you could see that in some classical works, that God commanded us to do things that we can understand, like, charity, like prayers, and we obeyed. And he wanted to see if we would obey when he commands us to do something that we do not understand. And they mentioned the example of Hajj.

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And this is absolutely incorrect, because has is very, very meaningful. And to understand where Hajj is situated in the spiritual practices of Islam, you need to get to the roots of Muslim spirituality.

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Islamic spirituality is deeply rooted in knowing God. And when we know God, there are few things that we if we reflected on it will lead to all of these spiritual practices that we engage in. So if we know God as the real existence, if we know God has the real existence, it will lead to that sense of detachment and engagement. What I mean by these three words, real existence, is that like me

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And you 100 years ago, we're not here and in 100 years will not be here. So what kind of existence This is, the real one who exists is the everlasting, eternal, and that is only a god. So that is the core of Muslim spirituality. If we, if for example,

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it basically means that a Muslim does not allow himself or herself to be consumed by the materialism outside. Why would you allow yourself to be distracted by the temporary from the eternal That is why the spiritual system in Islam is understood from that perspective.

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We understand God is the real existence, we detach ourselves for a while, from the dunya and we engage in the acts of worship. So in salah and Vicar, we detach from the world and we engage in Vicar investing, we detach from desires of eating and drinking for a while and we engage in more connection with God. In Zakah. We we detach from parts of our money and we engage in helping the poor and the needy. And now the climax of that detachment and engagement comes with Hajj. That's the climax now that's the top of the top so that some people do not cannot make sense of it. Now, this is the climax of, of Muslim spirituality. When you understand under the top under the idea of

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engagement, detachment and engagement it all the profits that are lost son to guide humanity out of His love, did they all make this pilgrimage to Hajj? Yeah, many prophets did it too. How did the Hajj and, and yes, because, again, it's the scent. It's not necessarily the Kaaba, but it's this central idea of detaching yourself from your community, your society, your country, and you're heading for a different place for a sacred place where you dedicate

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weeks or months for absolute work. you're answering the call of bacolod. Home Ella Baker. I'm here you're sitting here I'm here at your service, my Lord, how would you translate that? Yeah, let Baker Allahumma barik means, oh, Lord, I come answering your call. So again, this is declaiming. We we answer God's calling the five daily prayers, but that is an easy answer. But now this answer for hedge requires that you leave your country your money, your family and everything behind you. You answered her call his call the boss's call the President's call this call that now you're answering your crater's call. Exactly. So So this is one way of making sense of another way is with knowing

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God, we know God through His attributes, I like what you have here is knowing when you know your Creator, you have that yearning, yearning, feeling to meet your Creator. And so continue on there. And it's Hodge Hodges, is that yearning to go ahead and answer the calling to, to get as close as you can to your Creator, knowing that, that by obeying Him living the life that he wants you to live, you're gonna actually get to see him in the next life. Yeah, I think the, I want to place more emphasis on the idea of going back to the roots of Muslim spirituality, if you really want to understand what has just for so if you know God is the real existence, you will understand that has

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is the combination of detachment and engagement. And if you get to know the attributes of God, like you will develop that love for God, because as color say, why do we love anybody? We love anybody because of the attributes of beauty,

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Majesty, and holiness. These are the three reasons why we love anyone. Beauty does not necessarily mean physical beauty, but doing good to you is one aspect of beauty. We love people because of their majestic qualities like absolute knowledge, like great knowledge, great power, we love to associate ourselves with those people, someone who's wholly as someone who is perfect.

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Now God is the author of all of these qualities. So if you love people because of beauty, majesty and power and holiness, why don't you develop that love for God and He is the source of all of these types of of qualities that makes you love God. So this is another foundation for, for Muslim spirituality. When you know God in this way you develop that love, and that love would generate show up and yearning for God. And actually the Prophet prayed for this for this spiritual state of yearning for God. It says Aloma in the SLO cachaca ileocolic. I ask you, to to give me to let me experience this yearning for you. I'm invited Laura and will do

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Well a fitness model basically, without this show this passionate yearning, I love to have it without it being stimulated by, by a trial or tribulation, because some people, some people could want to leave and meet God because of a problems they have. But the prophet is asking for yearning, that is absolutely for who God is. So that yearning for God needs to be quenched and has is a chance for quenching our yearning of God. And you can easily asked what is in hash that would quench our yearning for God.

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And all of the steps of hash would really help us do that, for a lot made hash consists of shy or shy or mean science, shy are mean signs. And one of these is the Kaaba. So the GABA is one way of quenching our yearning for God

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walking between Safa and Marwa the arafat and throwing the pebbles these are signs and reminders of God to experience God. So we can talk about these these four so once you because in Islam, we know that there's um it's not blind faith that you use the faculties that Allah subhanaw taala the created heavens and earth gave you to determine is this Quran from him from the Creator is the Prophet Mohammed a messenger from Allah. Now, after you determine that, based on evidence and proof and authenticity, now you submit yourself. And now someone can be like trying to make sense of all this. But do they need to go back to the basics? Because once now they're going to be questioning

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everything and I okay, what's the name? It's good to know like, okay, law said don't drink we don't drink. But now we see that every 10 seconds someone's dying from alcohol. Now we can understand this is our laws of love. He pushed away this harm. So some now we want to know specifically for Hodge, we want to derive the wisdoms but not necessarily like if someone is like having a crisis of faith. And they don't want to submit because they can't understand it. Is that the wrong mindset?

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I think as I said in the beginning, the reason why people may not understand it is because they are missing the foundation for that. So we're going back to the foundations elevation has to be strong. Yes. So if someone is having doubts, because he does not understand why it is seven, not five, I mean, if it is three, you would ask the same. Exactly, yeah. But we can talk about the practice itself. This is what we can question. So now now we're trying to determine just and sometimes knowing these, you submit, lovingly, willingly, obediently. But now you get to learn one of the wisdoms and you're just like wow, because the companions of the Prophet SAW some of that time. They

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didn't know many of the scientific discoveries that we know today. They just submitted. But now if you can break down, is there any significance to so you talk about detachment? That's one thing. But now when you're at the Kaaba, is there any significance with the number of times or with the Blackstone or with with a Soho model? Is there it? Can you talk about some of that? Is there anything that we learn of the wisdoms? Yeah, the valid question, the valid question, when it comes to searching for the wisdom, when it comes to the Kaaba is to ask, why is the Kaaba? Why is the why, why do we do that? circling around the Kaaba, are we worshiping the Kaaba? So this is the, but to

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ask about, why is it seven times not five? I think this is not irrelevant. Now. Yes, yeah. So why the cover why they cover the Kaaba in the Quran, in our tradition is considered to be, as I said, God wants to quench people's yearning. So the Kaaba is the symbol for,

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for the, for the work of God, a God called the my house. So in the Quran, it says, We entrusted Abraham and Ishmael saying, to her, baidya, purify my house, it never came, says it is that Association, which makes people have that yearning for God. So that is a symbol for what for God Himself. The idea of the Kaaba is is the first house of God. And this is something that quenched your yearning for God. And it is also the place where God answered Abraham and Ishmael eels prayers to send the last prophet. So we honor this place because it marked the fulfillment of the death of Abraham and his marriage. So what are the next steps Okay, so the person when they when they get to

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the holiday, they do the toe off. So they they do the follow up, and then after that, they do to rock I drink from them, and then

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They do decide between Safa and Marwa. Okay and if we're honoring their hate and monotheism and when we go around the Kaaba and by the way, this is also a place that that mark that that marks the victory of monotheism over politics. That's a deep statement right there check the victory, honoring the victory of monotheism over polytheism. Because one time at the time of the Prophet we had around 303 160 idols around the Kaaba, now with, with the mission of the Prophet completed no idols around the Kaaba. So we're, we love this place, because it is it is symbolic for that victory of the heat itself and monotheism. So we worship God inside the Kaaba, like you can pray soon there, and out and

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around the cabin. So it is a place where you worship Allah, they're not worshiping the carpet, worshiping that place unfortunate, like a mosque. It's like a message. Yeah, but we honor it because it is the Ancient Mosque. And it as I said, It marked the fulfillment of that Do I have

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a lot of islamophobes and other people who are just like victims of it?

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victims of the Islamophobia and then they get a lot of misinformation out there. And people use this as a way to go ahead and mislead people and they say, know what kind of monotheism when you guys are worshipping, not the Kaaba in this case. Some people say the Kaaba but the black stone.

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What do you say to that? Again, we're going around the Kaaba, and we're saying love Baker, lahoma. Bake. We're, we're, we're communicating with God saying, oh, God will come to you answering your call. We're not addressing the carbon anyway. But again, as I said, these are shy are these are symbols? Yeah, for experiencing the love of God. The blackistone is another symbol. And it is even in the Hadees it says, It symbolizes the right hand of God. So when you touch it as if you're entering the Palace of a king, and and you're, you're making that commitment and you're making that relationship with God, it is symbolic for that. Yeah. Then Amara, Dr. Han, he, he went, and as he

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kissed it, what did he say? Yeah, he says, I know that you do not harm or benefit. You cannot harm or benefit. Exactly. It's not we're worshipping. It has nothing to do with this. And I'm just doing it because because the Prophet did it before me and I'm copying the Prophet but but I'm not worshipping you. It has nothing to do with worshipping. If you actually worship the Kaaba or that or the Blackstone, you can end up in the Hellfire, you're out of Islam, you're out of slavery, that kills that argument. Continue on, continue on. So we are we're we're honoring monotheism in the form of in the symbol of the Kaaba, because this is the word the Quran use Sha IRA, which is like sign or

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lm sub between sorry, between Safa and Marwa walking between Safa and moreover, this is around 400 meters between Safa and Marwa. And here we're celebrating the heart of a lady, the heart of a lady exactly this is hodgen she was originally was looking for water for her baby Ishmael at that time, and she couldn't find water. And she did seven rounds between Safa and Marwa delecia find the water. Isn't that a miracle? Right? There's there's two things you talk about champion a woman right? That dispels a myth like Islam oppresses women all this other nonsense out there that anybody with any two cents that looks into it, see that this is just you know, far from the truth. But now you have

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were imitating in this particular scenario or woman? Yes. I always say Imagine if a man is looking for water for his son, would you go seven times between Safa and Marwa or one would be enough and say I didn't find water? Yeah, but she could not believe it. She could not believe that she can not find water for the thirsty baby. That is why she kept looking having trust in God. And we're here celebrating trust in God. So we honored monotheism. And here we're honoring one of the fruits of monotheism, which is trusting in God. So this is what again, it is it is symbols. You're dedicating your life for, like in our modern time for two weeks or three weeks, and having that intensive

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course in spirituality by connecting with God. And then one of the marks and one of the signs also is the art of time. The Art of Elie Wiesel now you finished you finished the the two off you came there, you did the Soho Mandala. And now you go ahead and now you're going next step is now so people can follow along whenever who are new to this, thinking about accepting Islam thinking about going to Hajj

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what they can expect. So the next one is know that if we're going with order then you trim then a You mean you cut the hair

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And then basically you have a break if you're doing the meta, and then on the eighth day you go to Mina and on the ninth day you go to alpha. So we're talking about these major acts. So on RFID This is the the most important

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act of worship during the whole season of someone says, Why? Why? Because on autofair day, you see around 2 million people in one spot, and they have nothing to do but asking God for forgiveness, and asking God to draw them closer to him. Wow. So it's like, it's it's as if it is the day of judgment. Are they praying to any saints, tiny dead people in the ground at a party any intermediate just praying to the creator that have exactly directly just Whitlock but with with the hope that they will be forgiven? Yeah. And that is why scholars say the biggest sin on that time and that time is when you leave the artifact Valley thinking that God did not forgive you. that's a that's a big one

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of the biggest sins disparaging Exactly. This is a relate God is the one who fought you sin against God, and God is the one who forgives. You need blood blood sacrifice, no need for that not original goodness. Now, Zach, and is it true now at the end? That you're like a newborn baby? Free of sin? Yes, this is again, this is the chance if you if you do that sacrifice and you dedicate that time for that journey, you'll come back as newly born spiritually Yeah, give us some more that you cover in your in on the road to Mecca some more of the wisdoms that you think are very powerful that we can benefit from.

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I think if we can benefit from this, and not just religiously, but also in our civil life, if you see the the scene on arafat, you see, as they said to me, a million people, all men are dressing in the same way, just two pieces, there is no luxury there, everyone is equal. You cannot differentiate between the ruler and ruled between the rich and the poor, between Arabs and non Arabs, all differences are absent. And all people are equal. If we become equal in the prayer by putting our forehead on the ground, regardless of your color, race, nationality, or language, again, the climax of that equality is in is in hash. That is why it affected Malcolm X so much. When he did his hash,

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I think it was in 1964 when he wrote that famous letter, and he believed that there is hope in America when he saw this this season of halogen he said I was welcomed and no one was judging me basically by by how I look and by my color. So has experience gave him hope that racism could could one day and with Islam that Islam is a solution to the race problem. We're seeing a lot of it now we just had we just had what are your thoughts just

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diverging a little bit, but it's connected to this because in our country here in the America, we just had an El Paso. You had the manifesto of the person who is shooter gunman, but he gunned down What was it like 20 human beings and his manifesto he called them invaders and he was actually praising the Christchurch killer who killed was at 50 some innocent human is very sad. Yeah, and this is based on what the this is the original sin which is that correct shape that racism that that I'm better right I'm better than this person I'm better than he or she that him my Color My Skin nationality. So he went and gunned down these people because of his racist so whites what they call

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race supremacy or whatnot. So based on this reason, issue, you can you can say that has is that national exercise to approve racism. This is what America needs. What exactly is this national exercise because you have people from all parts of the world coming from one place, dressing the same, invoking the same God? There is there are no signs of differences between them. So you come like Malcolm X, he came he saw the yellow man, Chinese men, the Redneck whatever you want to call it all different shapes and sizes and colors rich poor, and we need to get Donald Trump and some other people to do heights. And the visa at least watch Holly's watch or appreciate that gathering that

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does no different. There is hope for every one shape because look, the visa you have to go through hoops and measures and everything. I mean, they put you through all sorts of restrictions to get a visa. I mean, over there. It's pretty simple visa just declare what's in your nature that there's nothing worthy of worship except the Creator of the heavens and earth, and hominid and we all go back to the same

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Adam and Eve and this is also something that's how you get into the hugs, right? say the Shahada and then accepted understand that it's not he don't suppress like your your fitrah your innate nature. And then this is the then you had another 124 hours later you had the date and shooter. You know, you heard about him right? Not even 24 hours later another race racist went down and gunned down another What was it like nine people or something? They need to get to Hutch they need to accept they need to look into Islam. Yeah, there there is actually a very sad history of racism.

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Even scientifically, the idea of the white being superior species. Did you hear about OTA? Bingo? Please share that with us. This is a very sad history in the West. Have you ever heard about human zoos? Human zoos? Uh huh. No, I haven't seen them in zoos. Uh huh. This is really when when racism had that scientific justification. So otter, Banga, and you can easily search him with a finger was a patient me from Congo. And he was brought by an African missionary is an American business and African missionary. He was brought to the US, because he found out that his four inches, I mean four feet and two inches tall, with pointed teeth. So he thought that this is a good black man. And this

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is a good example to illustrate evolution. And he was caged in a zoo.

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What happened? Benga was caged in a zoo. And when he was a thing, 32 years,

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he took his life

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because of some depression he was going through. So the there is really sad. And even in America in 1920s, to 1970s, there were a lot of states run eugenics,

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that applied

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mandatory sterilization that targeted 60,000 Americans, most of them are black, African Americans, and, and some children are coming from poor families. That is our history. It is only I think, in 2014

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new Carolina was the first state to compensate the victims the alive victims of this practice, they gave them $20,000 as a first payment for that. So we really have this is deeply rooted problem it to deal with this, it has to be uprooted from grounds, it has to be uprooted. And you have to admit that you're coming. You're worshiping one God. And that liberates everybody. And you have to believe certainly and firmly that you're coming from the same Adam and Eve.

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So these two if these two are not firm in our beliefs, there will be no change. Can you go back? And actually they did. They did tests on this when they check people's lineage with was it with the DNA? And then so the person there's no someone purely European, exactly. You could be having your roots in Africa is that you're having green, so that'll pass Oh, shoot that pasal terrorist, the date and tear of Dayton, Ohio terrorists, these people they are going and killing Mexicans and trying to kill Muslims and other African Americans. They might have when you check out their DNA, they might be even more Mexican than the Mexican. Exactly. That is scientific. That's right. Right. So what what

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do you think about that just to go off and we'll come back to hudge where what do you think about this one as soon as somebody

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is connected to somehow being a Muslim even though it doesn't pray, doesn't fast doesn't go to highs maybe has like a Muslim somewhat, you know, an Arabic name was some name. And now they maybe they connect him somehow to Islam. Bam. Is the label terrorists, radical Islam, they bring it in, but a lot of a lot of times like these people shooter, you know, gunmen know named terrorists in front of you don't use it. What have you. Yeah, and no religious identity, no religious identity, they don't connect him with a religion, I'm sure 100% you can connect 99% that you connect them and we don't blame Christianity or anything. But you can if you wanted to make a case, you can probably see that

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his parents went to church or as grandparents you can somehow connect in to be a Christian, but we don't blame Christianity. What are your thoughts on that? Yeah, it seems that there is deliberate intention to do so. But it has been so obvious that many people are noticing it.

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overt Yeah, people are noticing even you would see non Muslim commenting on the same exact observation. Yeah, that's a good thing. You see him you have a lot of non Muslims, not yet Muslims who are out there now speaking about these double standards. Yeah. So back to Hodge now. So we went off here giving a live example of the race system that's happening now. And it's leading to this terrorism that's happening

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in our home here in our backyard. And Hodge being what you were saying that eradication, give an example of Malcolm X to uproot that. That racism, yeah, through Hutch, there's one verse in the Quran that really, it's, it's something that every human being would be proud of. And this this is the verse saying, Yeah, you know, in the coming decade when several people were created you from a male and female, which I know can show but we'll have a little raffle. And we made you peoples and tribes so that you get to recognize each other. In economic command de la jolla Kaku, the most honorable among you are the more who have more piety, more righteousness. So this is again, equating

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between all people in Memphis. So Yeti has a book called

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about the unity of the human race. And he was comparing the human race to a garden, that yes, it has different colors, but that adds to the beauty of it. So and he's talking about the different levels of being relative. One part is, is is the is the Adam relation. And, and it is interesting that the word human being in Arabic could be translated in Arabic to me, which means related to Adam. So a human being as someone who's related to Adam, yeah. So So in, in in the Muslim tradition, you have that deeply rooted.

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Someone was making a funny note on

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when obama wins the American election, and people will celebrating this idea that we have a black president. And he said, I looked into the Egyptian history. And he found out that said that was was black and no one noticed that

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no one noticed that his his black, and, and because the problem does not exist itself, the problem itself is not there. So it's not about white president or black president, that was never have never been a discussion. It has never been a question to or something to wonder about. Yeah. But he said, as I was reviewing the picture is that he's coming from Upper Egypt, he looks black. So we had a black president before, but it's it's out of question. It's not there. It's irrelevant. And this is the power of Islam. This is the power of surrendering to the one God and the power of recognizing your original roots in Adam and Eve. Because we're all brothers who can say we're all brothers in

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humanity, exactly. That is one level the Atomy the Adam relation, yeah. So, so now, so we covered the artifact all day, you know, making a supplication and when what goes on from there after that, that one major, one major sign that reminded that connects people with God is is is the the Xiomara which is throwing the pebbles, you throw it against big pillar, and this symbolizes your declaration that you're taking the devil as your enemy. So if you're saying love, bake, Allahumma bake Oh God, I come to you answering your call. Now you're taking it to the next level and taking the devil as your enemy. So it is an exercise in commitment. And during the whole season of Hajj. It's always done

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with Vicar, Vicar and remembrance of God and praise of God penetrates through all of the acts of Hush, and this is one so the problem with people who cannot make sense of Hajj is that they look at the rituals themselves and they forget the roots, they forget the foundations and they forget what is done in the Hajj. It's like someone looking at a Muslim praying thinking that he's doing an exercise. No, it's not an exercise. All of these movements are coupled with words of praise for God and meditation. And and same thing with Hajj when it comes to the top there are words of praise You are saying. say there are words of praise You are saying in honor of it's all about prayers and

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words of praise and so on. And then wrapping up what goes on from there so you you you finished out of fat. You do the gym rod and what else now closing up what else goes on for the people to

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To get a better visual, what goes in aquas is finished. Some of some of the steps are repeated, some of the steps are repeated, you do toe off again and

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off. But these are the major estimator. These are the major signs that you go through in hij. And how they connect you with God, we can we say, probably I mean, this is, again, the six articles of faith in Islam to belief in one and only one God, you repeat it is so often because that's the core message, the belief in the angels, believe in the books that were revealed to the messengers, the Day of Judgment paradise so far, and the color the predestiny, God is all knowing of everything, not ignorant of anything. This is the belief This is the belief system of Islam. This is the same belief system of Jesus, Moses, Abraham, all of these they carry that same court, the laws had changed, you

00:35:51 --> 00:36:31

know, some specifics, but this is same core message. Yes. Because the unity of God leads to the unity of the message, if you believe in one universal God, that should lead to a universal message. Yeah. Because that message is about who God is, what is life, what is the afterlife, and these things are not subject to change? So yeah, some people some people now Okay, so then you have the the Qurbani, you talk a little bit about that, and say some people who have a mis understanding, say, you see, you guys are sacrificing Now look, we have the sacrifice of Jesus, you have sacrifice animals, the pagans used to do that to their gods. And you've heard this is how you did, okay, and

00:36:31 --> 00:37:19

how do you address this, it's very simple. We're doing this to feed the poor and the needy, and when you hold people in need, you get closer to God, it has nothing, nothing to do with getting your sins forgiven, because we do not believe in the original sin. And for Jesus to die for you. That is not that is very theologically problematic. Because for in Christian theology for that sacrifice to be to make sense, God has to die. If it is a human or animal sacrifice, it doesn't count. So can God die? No. So this is the this is the big problem. It's not as easy as people think. So when you when they are talking about Jesus as perfect sacrifice, that perfect sacrifice has to be God, or at least

00:37:19 --> 00:38:00

god man, but it's still it has God in it. And, and no one could could understand this idea that God is being crucified for people would you put up 100,000 right now to see if anybody can bring you again, this is out of the love, we do it to have people to think, you know, delivering this this pure message of monotheism to go ahead and give someone $100,000 that they can bring you anywhere where Jesus said I'm God worship me, would you give 100,000? I would do so yeah. Because there are many questions admit that there is this idea does not occur in the Bible itself. The idea of I am God worship Me is not there. It's nowhere there clear unequivocal statement where Jesus ever said

00:38:00 --> 00:38:46

that I am God worship me. And again, when it comes to some verses that that that many Christian brothers would would interpret as leading to the divinity of Jesus, I would advise them to, to understand these terms in the way that Jesus did. Because you would have things like and they in like in some translation, and they worshipped Jesus. But the idea of worship Jesus is also worship that you would say, we would find equivalent terms in the Old Testament. And it's not about worship, like worshiping God. Yes, this is a sign of respect. sign of respect. Yes. So you'll see all of these interpretations. But if you read the New Testament with Jewish lens, you will not reach

00:38:47 --> 00:39:23

the question. theological conclusion. Yeah. Not to go off topic. But yeah, you're 100% so you got $100,000 challenge if someone can show where Jesus in any authentic statement said that I am God worship me. You got 100,000 coming from a mom had a thought. But you see and clear verses where he's distinguished he's subordinate to God, that he's calling people saying he sent by God calling the people to only worship the One God that he didn't. He wasn't all knowing God is all knowing that he was born. Allegedly, they say he died. God's not born doesn't die. This is common sense. But it's a shame that common sense isn't always common practice. So this is very clear.

00:39:25 --> 00:39:59

So wrapping up, I wanted to just touch upon a couple more things. So we kind of clearly just in this summary of hudge we covered you know, so many so many beautiful wisdoms. One thing that comes to mind is because we have as an ultimate proof the Quran is authenticity, the signs that are in there, the prophecies I mean, just a believable message. Then just looking at the the life of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, examining his life. No one who's sincere, humble, genuine would walk away, thinking otherwise than what he called him. people to believe in this message.

00:40:00 --> 00:40:45

He was anything else than what a law claimed he was in hymns and what he claimed to be genuine. You see, you have to be that now, along with other signs, one of them because we're talking about Hodge, can you comment on Zim when when, when? When hajat when she went back and forth, now you have this water that sprung dizem Zim, and to this day, it's still springing still gushing. And then you also had a Chinese scientists who actually examined this, this this water. Have you read on that? And how he differentiated You know, this water from other water? They did tests on it. You can't comment on the on the Zim Zim? No, I did not read about the Chinese research. We're gonna put something that

00:40:45 --> 00:41:28

can they can they can look at, I'll put something up. Good. But the idea that this Zamzam is still running for 14 centuries, is is a great miracle. That witness That's amazing. Didn't the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him talked about it being a cure? Or of some sort? Also? Yeah, it's there is also in our tradition, there is. There is evidence that this is a blessing. Yeah, water that could heal based based on your intention. Yeah, we believe that the one who heals is God, but God put some means to reach that healing. And there are many people who reports improvement. So this is kind of

00:41:30 --> 00:41:30

kind of

00:41:32 --> 00:42:04

a Shiva, he can give through Shiva, and how would you translate Shiva healing or healing? I mean, there there is personal witness to this personal experience from people who, who got healed through exams, and who got their prayer answered during the arafa. They never had children. For years. I know someone who was really really so you know, life stories. I know, some, someone who's really known to me, and he never has had kids for decades. Tell us about that. And and then he went that day, and he made that. And then

00:42:05 --> 00:42:12

and then he called his wife by the end of the Hajj season, and she gave him the good news that she's pregnant Allah.

00:42:13 --> 00:42:52

And it is it's really amazing. Yeah, I know a true story of a Muslim in Bosnia. And they wrote about him that he actually he was written off by the doctors, he had a stage four, tumor. And he was pretty much written off that he had several weeks to live. Someone brought him the hadith of Mohammed, peace and blessings be upon authentic hadith about the Zim Zim, and he went down to O'Meara, and he just was drinking the Zem, Zem, Zem Zem, making the laws of Islam. And he came back to the test and he was cure. So you know, we should also understand that we're not testing God. Yeah. So if someone did this, and he does not see results, it does not mean there is a problem in

00:42:52 --> 00:43:17

this. Because it's, it's like the dates. There are some a hadith about the dates too. But it's again, it's putting your trust in God through that means. And God is the one who answered the prayers, and it could be answered immediately. It could be answered in a year, it could be answered, it will be answered in God's way. So we can also use it to test God's

00:43:18 --> 00:44:03

answering our prayers is a really important point. Isn't there a verses we were talking about in our in our closing up of the sacrifice that the food goes to, to the poor? It's not? Isn't there an ayah in the Quran, where Allah is saying that it's not the blood that reaches a lot, but it's the it's the piety, it is the top one. So So again, this is another another point that goes back to your question about Original Sin. It's it's more about these acts are more to show to show support for people that is done sincerely for the sake of God, not for showing off. Yeah. What's your opinion now? Should you keep in that tradition, some people now here that are here in the States? They say

00:44:03 --> 00:44:28

well, there's poor people involved in Ethiopia abaza smart, whatever the case I just going to send money, should can they send money and still keep that tradition alive? What is he to do that to actually physically do the Qurbani here some people say why should I do it here? There's no poor people for me to give the How do you answer that question? If there are poor people in America, if they do not know that they should check how does it work? one third, one third, one third.

00:44:29 --> 00:44:59

Yes, this is the song but it does not have it has to be three parts one part one, it doesn't have to be equal. Yeah. So you can have two pounds for yourself and this is your part and the rest is for your friends or and for the needy families. So it does not have it's not restricted. This is the sad note, but it is it is soon but what I am saying it does not have to be one third one third, one third, yeah, but it can be one part one part three parts. It does not have to be equal parts. Okay. So

00:45:00 --> 00:45:13

So this is again to give more chance for poor people to to benefit from the sacrifice. They can do it here, they can do it in a country that they think they need the most. But to exclude

00:45:14 --> 00:45:36

the place you're living in, is not is not the right option to do. Yeah, because there are needy families. And we have many mosques that has food pantries, and they are serving hundreds and hundreds of families, Muslims and non Muslims. Yeah. But if they feel that there is more need in some

00:45:37 --> 00:46:03

countries, yes, they can transfer the old here to them. Yeah. Is there a great blessing and reward for keeping this legacy alive for actually going through the process? Definitely, actually, that the problem that people tend to compare others with our live there are people who cannot find meat or food, I mean meat for months. So it's, this is not luxury to them. So yes, this is a way of feeding people. Yeah.

00:46:05 --> 00:46:56

Just eat now. So you have eat after this. Now it's time for the celebration, talk to us a little bit about the eat. It's interesting that it's IE it is when it comes to it. If you look, when it comes to it, it's very interesting to consider the timing. We do not have read, because of his raw because of a victory in a battle. And these are usually nations would pick their days of varied around political achievements and national victories. But in Islam, our aid is connected with your personal spiritual growth. After you finish Ramadan, you have a celebration. After you finish highs, you have a celebration. And it this is it's interesting to notice that this celebration is run by the

00:46:56 --> 00:47:45

remembrance and the vicar of God. So so it is a reminder that any day you get closer to God, any day, you get closer to serving humans in a day of celebration for you. Yeah, this is interesting, because you have a lot of Muslims who will forsake some of these, some of the ease and some of the monotheistic traditions, and they'll wish someone Merry Christmas, and they'll get into some of these things that with all due respect, you have more in line for the Christian really following Jesus, like you mentioned, to celebrate the victory of monotheism with the aid the other aid with the with the victory of you've Ibrahim Elisa Abraham willingness to sacrifice his son. So that's

00:47:45 --> 00:48:25

more in line with Christianity to true Christianity, right. But this concept of, of Jesus dying for your sins. And you know, this goes in line with associating partners with God with shidduch. And then they'll fall into these get a Christmas tree and do things that even the Bible doesn't sanction calls people who do this pagans and other derogatory things. And this is just an appoint of you know, educating our brothers in humanity to show that you have more in line with the eat actually the victory of pure monotheism. Exactly. So that is true. That's obviously true. And also I take this chance. I mean, do you see that? Do you see that? Um, you're a mom, you're a leader in the

00:48:25 --> 00:48:48

community, you see a lot of these things going on? Yeah, I see some of these practices that some Muslims would would fall into. And it does not mean it does not make sense even to some questions. Some questions do not celebrate it in this way. Many arguments that materialism against, you know we're doing these things. If you look too They have pagan roots. Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. Even.

00:48:50 --> 00:49:26

Yeah, we're talking about pagan, even the word God. Because some people say Allah, they think that Allah is like the moon God, but Allah is a perfect word for God. Because the word Allah does not have does not have plural form. It's unlikely you cannot say in Arabic Allah has it's, it's the one absolute God. Yes, this is what it means in Arabic. So it's absolutely monotheistic. The word God could be gods. It could have plural form. The word God comes also has its pagan roots. It does not come from the word good.

00:49:27 --> 00:49:32

So same thing here when it comes to looking at the roots.

00:49:34 --> 00:49:52

Islam is really deeply rooted in these gray meanings. Yeah, Islam Islam is lm Islam says love all mankind. That's what we're sharing this message. For all of our brothers and sisters in humanity. You got to learn a little bit about the Hodge that deep victory over

00:49:53 --> 00:49:59

public policy ism, the victory of monotheism, pure monotheism and if you love your creativity, love God. You're gonna love Islam.

00:50:00 --> 00:50:16

And we cleared up some of those misconceptions talked about the fifth pillar of Islam the hij. I want to thank you so much for sharing some of those wisdoms with us. And we wish everybody a blessed IED. Thank you. Yeah. So thank you so much. No problem. Thank you.

00:50:18 --> 00:51:02

So, and we hope wish you guys are getting watching this during the EAD. And during his blesseth time that you go ahead and continue to tune into the show and send we're sending our salaams and we give him the robotic robotic robotic for me and Mr. arafat and for our brothers and sisters in humanity, if they want to visit you Shea they can visit you at your Masjid has the door open or we always encourage non Muslims to come and learn about Islam? And they do we have great relations with with non Muslims with our Christian neighbors. Yeah. And if you're in the Chicago area, you can you can come go ahead and visit a mosque or anywhere make that human connection because you have so much so

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much negative false propaganda out there and the only way to eradicate much of this fear and ignorance is to education. That's what we're humbly trying to do. educate you on this beautiful way of life that brings peace contentment, solace to the hearts continue to tune in, subscribe if you haven't already. Leave us your takeaways in the comments below. We'll see you next time inshallah God willing, here on the deen show. Peace be with you as salaam alaikum

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