Abu Bakr Zoud – The Deep Meaning Of The Name Allah

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the meaning of Islam's subservience and how it is linked to various subservings. They explain that Islam comes from the word "well" and that "well" refers to the internal organ of the heart. The speaker also mentions the meaning of "has" and how it is used to indicate sincerity and submission to one's worship.
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Name Allah is the most comprehensive name of his subhanho wa taala. It includes all His Names, all of them are in the name of Allah. And this is why the one who called Allah with the word Allah Houma, then he has called Allah with all His Names. Powerful. The one who says Hola, Houma, the one who begins his diet with Allahumma This is a person who has Lou he said, yada yada yada him Yeah, carry it. Yeah, leave. Yeah, we'll do it. Yeah, yeah, they also tell us all of this, you summarize it with Allah whom they because Allahumma is Allah Who. And then the meme will mean they consider it meme with Gemma. It's a plural it gathers. It gathers all the names of Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Allah. It only comes in the singular form, you cannot make a plural of it, which implies the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa taala. Where does the word Allah come from? No matter what hammer home Allah they see for origins. It comes from the word well, he had, what he had. And voila, when he held for three, let me the Arabs would say, you know, when the baby horse, which is called the fall, the fall, when it's separated from its mother, it begins to move and wail and it cries of pain. It's calling for its mother, because it is in extreme love and attachment to its mother. So that is what he had when we say well here it is to cry out of love and attachment to someone that you cannot live

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without them. You're lost without them. So Allah comes from the word well, he has because the hearts are extremely attached to him. Subhanahu wa Taala out of love for him. Subhanahu wata Allah. Allah comes from the word anywhere, anywhere means how long, three, amazed and astonished when the mind is amazed and astonished at the greatness of something.

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And this is the case, every mind is astonished and amazed the greatness of Allah subhanahu wa. As we'll come to the end of the year, whenever you hear me say it.

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No one would ever be able to encompass, encompass full knowledge about Allah. Therefore we are amazed and astonished. Allah comes from an Eli and Eli means and Mabu, the one who deserves all worship. And Allah comes from the word letterhead, Yahoo, which means treasure, but to conceal for something to be hidden, because Allah is unseen, hidden from our site in this life. So if you put all these four meanings together, you know what you get, this is what you get. Allah is the One who the hearts are attached to out of extreme love for him. And the minds are amazed and astonished at his greatness. subhanho wa Taala and the limbs are in obedience and submission to his worship. And

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all of this is done in the unseen. We haven't seen Allah assertion However, Allah azza wa jal pleased to feel proud inside of us that recognizes his greatness. subhanho wa taala. internalize this meaning every morning and every afternoon when you recite this air, this is just the first word Allah. Should we awaken the hub in the mornings. And if the hub bangs out in the afternoon, Allah is enough to awaken at once again. Allahu Akbar. This word Allah, it could be said, we help the movement of the lips, in fact, hola hola. ilaha illa who all of it could be said without the movement of the lips? And even La Ilaha illa Allah say it, La ilaha illa Allah did you move the

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lips? No, you only move the tongue. And the tongue is an internal organ. It's inside. Therefore, hammer home Allah they say that Allahu La ilaha illa who and how you will Yom Allahu La ilaha illa who are La Ilaha illa Allah, all these letters are internal letters Halluf belphin They are inside these letters are inside. And this implies sincerity. Let him know

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let you know Halal ALLAH can only come from the heart

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can only come from the internal from that which is in Subhanallah even the letters itself our internal letters indicating to the fact that this is a word that it meets from here first, internally lockable

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