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This will add hamdulillah Salam Alaikum, peace be unto you. Welcome to another episode of the deen show, where we're here trying to help you understand Islam and Muslims. And today My next guest is going to help us

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understand the verbatim words of the Creator of the heavens and earth in Arabic we say Allah is going to help us to understand it better. Dr. Mohammed Matthew is going to come out he's the act academic advisor for the American Open University. So the last and final messenger sent to mankind the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. He was a teacher just like Jesus, Moses, Abraham, they were all teachers teaching us how to get close to God. So we can't do it according to our own desires. God Almighty, He sends the guidance and the guidance. Today is the end. So let's talk to this man. So he can help us understand this a little better when we come back here on the deen show. Don't go

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nowhere. He

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is he's missing.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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Why did that maybe, maybe it's just to break the ice. Salaam Alaikum Salaam wa sallahu wa barakaatuh peace be unto you, as well How's it going? It's good to have you back on the show. Again, Burleigh back, you're traveling you're all over the world, educating the people like you, you're traveling as well from the law. I'm glad to have you and inshallah, we're going to keep having you back here. So we can enjoy and pick your brain and everyone can benefit Muslims and non Muslims, Elijah. And that's what we're talking about the verbatim word of the God Almighty the Quran. So we want to know, this is sent down as an instruction manual guidance, not just for Muslims, but for non for all of

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mankind. Let's talk about this guidance, the Quran, please.

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First of all, you know that it's the final message that said no more to come, no more to come. So if it is the final message, it will never address a certain people or certain nation, or certain race, it should address all human beings. And therefore it is the final message that addresses all human beings. Fair enough. Otherwise, if it addresses some specific people, definitely there will be effect negative effect on the others. And that's why you find in the Quran, that Almighty Allah addresses people in a beginning saying this statement. All you people yeah, you Hannah's or Yeah, you have the dean.

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Or Yeah, you will care for your own. So Allah subhanaw taala, in the beginning of many verses, addresses using these phrases, or your people. So this address is to all human beings. And some verses address or you those who believe. And some addresses, some verses address, specifically the people who don't believe even the people who don't believe in the Quran, Allah subhanaw taala addresses that he's talking to them also. Absolutely. So something specific for the disbeliever something specific for the believers, or something general for all mankind. This is how the Quran, you can read it as easy as this. And of course, there are sometimes individual cases like, yeah, you

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had nebulous protocol addresses, Mohammed particularly. And he would say that, yeah, you're gonna be Oh, you, the prophet of Allah, and all that. But when we talk to general people, he would take one of these beginning, which tells you that this is absolutely a book for every one for all humanity is not just for the Muslims, and therefore, what you expect you expect that it gives and provides guidance for all mankind. I'll give you one example.

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That, for example, a common issue among all the people in the world is that they are looking for the truth, something, yes, keeps nagging on their brain. What is going on? Who is the true God? People want to know how people want to know there's something embedded in

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a spiritual chip, something that's yearning that the nature because this is the natural chip? Yeah, that Allah Subhana Allah Allah created people with this is we call it fitrah. For the last planet, Allah created all people with this natural chip. They are pre programmed to worship

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planeta. But it is the society around them, it is their parents, it is the school, it is the media that would make impact on them, and to change this chip and reprove, change the programming and reprogram this chip again, and they were therefore they changed and after some time some people discover that no, no, no, their original nature says something different. And from there they start looking for the truth. So is that kind of when you get to your insight is telling you just good old common sense along with this, that when the truth comes, you recognize it? Absolutely. Because Allah gave every human being the ability to distinguish between the truth and falsehood. But the more

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people would acquire false hood in their life because of the environment and their negative effect on them, the more this weakens down. And that's why when our one roll of the Quran, that it reminds people of the truth so that people would go back to it. So when when job of the Quran and one job of the good Muslims is that they remind each other and the Quran keeps reminding us that's why you find some verses in the Quran, are repeated in different contexts because it's a reminder for us that Kira has a Lost Planet Allah called that so the Quran yesterday Last time we talked about the Quran said its guidance and another definition of the Quran it is a reminder as well it reminds people

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have their roots of the original nature of the truth. So this crowd keeps doing this one one example of this this is a chapter called chapter number 112 chapter called the Laplace it's very short chapter it has just four verses are for

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these for a at our I think guidance for people. Allah subhanaw taala out of his mercy and out of his guidance, he gave these verses as criteria for anyone to use to check whether the god he or she worships is a true God or a false god tell us what is this yes verse you're talking about? Yeah, this last hour they were laying in the shade on the regime.

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A lot.

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Let me

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put in who Allahu Ahad

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Allah, Muhammad

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let me while I'm unit, while Amir Kula who could have won the meaning which burger come first? Yes. First. Allah subhanaw taala is telling Mohammed peace be upon him. Tell people teach people tell them that the true God is the one who has this quality is

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the word I had in Arabic language as a very simple meaning, which is one

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and almost every Muslim knows that.

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And it means also unique. So uniquely, one absolutely uniquely one in each of his qualities. Now, let's just digress for a second.

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This is something simple uniquely weren't very, very good. You don't split them up now. Absolutely. Then you do it like a three piece suit where you got you know, a shirt, a tie and like you got a jacket. Some people do this. Yeah. Tell us some people say look, we believe in one but they say God is a trinity. Okay, what does it say about this? Absolutely. When at the end of this explanation, everybody will understand. Okay. Yeah, so here the effect of the word unique. Here is very So Allah is unique. Yeah. Okay, now, I asked myself

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is the God that I worship unique?

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In other words, nobody else is similar to him.

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Okay, let's say some of the qualities of Almighty Allah will say that Allah is the all healing

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and each one of us will say that we hear and we listen. Absolutely. But the way that Allah hears is 100% unique, different from other people hearing.

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Give me let me give you an example.

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And it will come after a break. Be right back on the show.

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All of the profits would have been labeled.

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Because this essential message was

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this is God talking to you. How can I stand behind the pulpit on Sunday morning and preach a sermon that I knew was at variance with the actual

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Root of Christianity.

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So tell us shake continue on talking about these choppier suta. claws, Word of God that, yes, we were talking about this quality that is unique. And we selected one attribute of the last part is all hearing Yeah, somebody would claim that we hear, of course we hear and we listen. But this is not the way that Almighty Allah here is unless, for example, I hear you while you're talking, you're hearing me.

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And I cannot hear three or four or five people talking to each other. At the same time, I can only focus on one. And this is not the case with Almighty Allah, if there are 7 billion human beings on the earth, and all of them are talking to each other.

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And all of them are talking to each other. At the same time, with all these hundreds of languages that human beings speak, Allah listens to them, and hears them all the time, at the same time, and nobody else has this unique quality. Human Being doesn't do that a gene doesn't do that an animal doesn't do that. A superpower doesn't do that. It's only Allah subhanaw taala. That's why we call them unique. For example, another quality if somebody say that, okay, Allah has a son, somebody claims that God has a son, we tell him absolutely now, simply because the word unique itself negates this concept. If he has a son, he is no longer unique, because I have a son, and have many sons, you

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may have a couple of sons, you may have couple of them, everybody can have sons and

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daughters and children. So by having this quality, mean that God is not unique, if he has a son,

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this is just this work itself is enough to guide humanity. Ask yourself, you can go and ask Buddha. Or you can go and ask the idol of the Indians, or the the God of the Christians or the Jews and and the Muslims ask him there is one criteria, that he is unique. Try to apply this to God and see whether he is unique or not. So right away, if you say that, for instance, this mighty messenger who's beloved to our heart, Jesus peace be upon absolute for a person who say he's divine he's got or the Son of God. Okay, how would you address? Absolutely, I would say now because this, the qualities of Jesus are the qualities of Mohammed and are the qualities of Moses are our qualities,

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he has two eyes, he has two ears, and he's no longer unique. Every human being looks like Jesus two eyes, two ears and nose. It's not unique. It is no longer unique, but God wanted to understand us, okay, so he came down in the form of human beings so he can understand efficiencies, and he can be more receptive to our needs, just by saying that God wants to understand that this is not a quality that befits a last pinata before, because Allah subhanaw taala is the all knowing he knows everything he if he doesn't know anything, he's no longer good. Is that means this is this type of weakness? Yeah. So God, Allah Almighty is is the all knowing he knows everything. So he doesn't have

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to do this. He doesn't have to do this. He sent us messengers, He sent Jesus, he sent Mohammed, he sent Moses, they sent Abraham to guide people to teach the people the way as you always say that they are teachers to teach the people how to worship Allah. And that's the line. Right? Absolutely. We don't make them divine. Absolutely. Absolutely. Yeah. And people would read the question. If they say a question, okay. Jesus is unique because he was born and he doesn't didn't have a father is a very good, very good argument. Yeah. We say today, just look at Adam. He neither had a father No mother.

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But still, Adam is a human being. Yeah. So some people are deceived by that. When they say that Jesus doesn't have a father. So this is a miraculous thing. And his father is God. So that means the one who is worthy to be called this is Adam. Because Adam did not have a father, and he did not have a mother. So, again, you see how Islam opens up the hearts of people to think and reflect and ponder? Yeah, yeah. So now this is one quality, only one quality that Allah is unique. You can apply to any god that people claim that his God, they worship Him. And this is my advice to all human beings. This is advice of a Lost Planet, Allah to all of us. Just take these parameters for

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parameters or four criteria and apply them to the one that you think that he's got. So here's the Quran, talks to all human beings. He doesn't talk to the Muslim, he talks to everyone. Just take this and apply it to the idol that you worship or to the God that you worship and see

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It fits him or not. And we Muslims are very open. If it applies to anyone, we will worship Him. It's very simple, very simple. He's very unique when you saw the Trinity, yeah, this web salutely. This negates the Trinity from the very beginning because that goes in use.

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You can't do it. Absolutely. Okay. The second quality is a long summit and wonderful work. Unfortunately, it's difficult to translate it into any other language by just one word, because it's a concept. Usually when you explain a concept, you cannot explain it by another word. Because sometimes this concept is not available in other languages. The word a summit means it has two segments in it. A summit means the one who is needed and relied upon by all his creatures.

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This is the first segment. The second segment of it is he needs no one who his creature doesn't need nothing. He doesn't need anyone we need everything. Absolutely. Let me give you some examples. I'll explain the first part, that that he needs, all his creatures need the human beings to live and to exist on this planet. They need Almighty

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he's the one who created he's the one who create oxygen for them. He is the one who created water for that. So they need Allah subhanaw taala in all their life, and the one who provides all these is our last panel. Nobody can live without a last panel. Nobody can live without water. Nobody can live without oxygen. Nobody can live without this. And this and this without the sun without a sudden loss of everything. The sun, the moon, the galaxies, everything in this universe. rely upon a lot from a need a lot. Just for a moment tell us because for our non Muslim audience, who they've been used to hearing the word God, Lord Jesus, and this is all been intertwined together. Now you're

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saying a lot and you're associating a law with creating the sun, everything I'm creating. Who is a law? Yes. Is said Allah is the proper name and proper noun of Almighty Allah, the creator. His name is Allah as my name is ma'am. Do your name is Eddie. And his name is Adam. Yeah, his name, the name of the proper name of proper noun of Allah is Allah. So this is not just an Arab guy, his name Some people try to moon God. Later. Absolutely. So all these creatures meet and rely upon Almighty Allah. Muhammad as a creature as a creative person, he relied upon Allah and he needed his oxygen. He needed the water he needed everything and this is provided only by Allah. Jesus is the same stood

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how Mohammed? Moses is the same thing. Every one in this universe requires a needs Allah one cannot exist without Allah.

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So this is the first segment of it. The second segment of it is that Allah does not need any of it.

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Allah does not need Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam Allah does not need the sun. Allah does not need the oxygen Allah does not need the galaxy's Allah doesn't need anyone. Allah doesn't need to have a son. Allah doesn't need to have a father, Allah doesn't need to have associates. Allah doesn't need to have helpers. But we do that. So if we would, let's say for any of the messengers, if we would have got close to him, and maybe just did like this, cut off the oxen, this is what you mean, they need this of God doesn't need this. Jesus he, he needs

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us to Yes, inhale otherwise, otherwise he would be dead. Okay. And the same thing is applicable to Mohammed, same thing is applicable to Jesus. And the same thing is applicable to all these 7 billion human beings. So people just need to use

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this is another criterion. Another parameter that Allah subhanaw taala provides to all humanity and that's why you understand the meaning of that the Quran is guidance for all human beings. Now it gives you the parameter you use this parameter you use these tools, and you will be guided if you use them correctly. You will be guided now I want you to think

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is the Lord that Mr. Shipping is Samad

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that's what I explained him that he Everyone needs him. Let's take for example Buddha. Let's take for example Jesus. Let's take for example, Mohammed if some people worship Mohammed which is not the case the Muslims don't worship Mohammed, because they know that Mohammed Salah Salaam needs Allah. He just is not somebody is just a messenger like Jesus like Jesus. Absolutely. Yeah. And he's just turn it was the last message. Yeah, if anybody would think of this, he would know that his Buddha or any other idol or any other claimed God really is a true God. No, but just up

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buying this. And even if you look at this, the word a summit is embedded in the word unique.

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Because nobody else has this quality. Have you ever heard about someone who has this quality that all the creatures need him?

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And he needs no one with him?

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No, it only applies is gonna make a little bit absolutely just step outside of your zone, your box, absolutely. Absent a lot of programming going on, he just kind of get accustomed to just going along with what everyone else is doing without questioning. Yeah, you got a question? Yes. Think, just think freely, and you will be guided. And that's why Allah subhanaw taala all the time in the Quran would ask us to think, to reflect, don't take things blindly. And when you do this, you will find the truth is opening up and is coming to you. And day after day. You will get into that. This is just an example of the two and then I will continue for Yes, that explained the two other stages.

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Now we said that he's unique. And he is somewhat The one who is needed by all the creatures, and he needs no one. Let's with that note, take a break. And we'll be right back on the dean show comes to you the truth and the attribute of the one who created you that he's won and alone, running this universe that he doesn't become born, he doesn't die, he doesn't eat and go to the bathroom. This is not God. problems here. Yeah, this This doesn't make sense. Who is Jesus worshipping? This is recorded in the gospels. And despite all of the other issues about the Gospels, we put those aside and just say it's mentioned there that Jesus worship God

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from hunger.

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So I'll make one Welcome back to the deen show. Dr. McDougall, we're talking about the pseudo class, this is the chapter in the Qur'an, verbatim Word of God is defining who the Creator is, yeah, continue on, please, we will linking it with that. I'm giving an example of how the Quran is mercy to all mankind and addresses all mankind. So this is one chapter that provides all human beings with the tools with the parameters with the criteria that if they use it, they would be able to distinguish if the idol of if the thing or if the one that they worship is a true good or not. And again, these can be used by Muslims, this can be used by non Muslims, by any human beings. I talked

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about two qualities, the first quality that is unique, you or as you said it uniquely one. And the second one, he is a summit, that he is the one who is needed and relied upon by all his creatures, and he needs no one of them. Nobody.

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The third quality is that. And what's unique about this third quality that's it's embedded in the first one, as the second one was embedded in the first one, this third one is embedded here. Let me edit he didn't get a nor he was bigger than.

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So God was not bigger. Had he been bigger than he would have never been unique. For some people who don't know what what is this big got to be to be born. So like father, so he didn't have a father. Yeah. God doesn't have a father. If he has a father, who will say that each one was his father. Yeah. So he's no longer unique. So he didn't have a father. He didn't. He was not born. Yeah. But this is a quality of human being. Was Jesus born? Yeah. Yes. Absolutely. Now, you ask yourself, God talks about himself said that I was never born. Right. But Jesus was born, Jesus was born, all of them were born, all of them are born. So they are. So they again, they don't be fit, they don't

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qualify. So there's a qualification to be these qualification. These are the four qualifications to be the true God. If they apply to anyone, we will worship him. That's it. That's it makes sense. It goes with what you said earlier, that fit that natural fit.

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Absolutely. So he doesn't have a father knowing he has a son. So he doesn't have a father nor a son. Okay. People have fathers and people have son. So if, if if they don't have, right, if I say that I don't have a father, I don't have a son, I would be unique. But this is not the case. I must point out I was not born, nor did he give birth to anyone didn't have a child. So this is the third quality which is embedded here. And the final quality,

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which also is embedded in the first quality says that while I'm mia koolau one,

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there is no one who is equal to

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look at that. That's deep, very deep. No one is equal to Almighty Allah. Now if we can apply this to Mohammed, is anybody equal to Mohammed? Yes.

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In terms of his humanity as a mother, the father and had children, yes, people, many people, prophets had Abram had father and had children. I have a father have children. So Mohammed is not unique in that sense. Yeah. But the last panel with Allah no one is equal to him in any of his qualities. Yes. And in fact, people are deceived by the words when we say that Allah sees and we see, absolutely, but the way Allah subhanaw taala says is different from the way we see. So that's why we say that we don't, they are not equal. For example, the maximum distance that a human being can see, let me assume that it's five or 10 miles, but Allah subhanaw taala sees all human beings

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and all creatures at the same time. Does any one of the human beings have this capacity? Of course not. So this is the importance of knowing that. Well, I'm Nicola Khufu, and there has never been someone who was equal to Almighty Allah.

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Now, I would advise any person with wisdom, people of understanding, to think of these criteria and apply them between them, and themselves. They don't need any body to judge them. They just need to take these criteria and apply them to their god that they worship. If they apply, let him or her, tell us because we are going to worship that God. If these apply to any God, we will apply because they only apply to Almighty Allah. Again, we thank Almighty Allah who gave us these criteria that guided us to the truth. That's why it's it's very difficult to shake the belief of any Muslim because any Muslim who knows these, it's very difficult to find him someone does something rational.

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Because Islam is the deer of difficulty understand, yeah, very easy for anyone. And as you see that it addresses the the, the average person, it's not so complicated, it's very simple. I can take it and apply. Yeah, this is we thank Allah subhanaw taala for giving us this Quran which is a guidance, many verses in the Quran many chapters talk about these issues as guidance. And here is one example. And I hope the viewers would have understood what I said that enjoyed it, and I hope inshallah they apply it in their life in order to be able to distinguish the true God from the false gods. Thank you very much. They

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look forward to having you get back on the show. Thank you for sitting through another episode of the deen show. You got to hear it here. That God is uniquely one. He is independent of all we are all dependent on him. He's not the father of no one. nor has he fathered any children. And he's unique. There's nothing like the Creator of the heavens and earth. So start with that step and ask him, call upon Him alone, to guide you to help make things clear. and tune in here every week to the deen show. We'll see you next time God Willing until then, peace be unto you.

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He created the universe.

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To Him alone the heavens and

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he is the

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He's the owner. He sent His messengers.

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These creatures

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all the great danger.

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there is nothing greater

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