Jesus and Mary in Islam

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Jesus Christ, the Messiah, the miraculous prophet of God, son of the Virgin Mary, wait, Muslims believe in Jesus as a prophet? If that's the case, then why do we disagree with what Christians believe? Why do we not follow the teachings of the gospel if you believe that Jesus is a prophet sent by God, in Islam, Jesus peace be upon him is considered one of the greatest prophets from God has sent to convey his message to mankind and guide them to the right path. In the same manner as Noah, Abraham, Moses, Muhammad, and the rest of the Prophets, peace be upon them all. The Miracle began when God chose Jesus to be born to a mother without a father, by God's permission, just as He

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created Adam, without a father or a mother. God says in the Quran, the example of Jesus in the sight of God is like the example of Adam. He created him from dust, and then said to him be, and he was, his birth was the first in a series of miracles that God gave Him to invite people to the message of Islam, by surrendering to the worship of God alone, just as the rest of the prophets did. He was not the Son of God and he did not ask people to worship him. He was a mortal messenger of God, as were the prophets who came before him, a messenger whose enemies conspired to crucify him. However, God honored Jesus by raising Him to heaven and sparing him from crucifixion. He made another man appear

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in Jesus's likeness, and that man was crucified. Instead, we as Muslims contest the Christian narrative asserting that Jesus is God or the son of God that was crucified, we say that he is a messenger from God, who is not killed, more crucified, rather, he was raised by God unto himself. So the question remains, why don't Muslims believe in the gospel? Actually, we do believe in the gospel, as it was originally revealed to Jesus peace be upon him. However, that message was corrupted over time, distorting Jesus's original message during the six centuries that followed his ascension to Heaven. That distortion led people to claim that Jesus was God until the Quran came to

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present and forever preserve the truth.