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The deen Show and host of a radio show emphasize the importance of writing books for children, as children are more likely to overwhelm from drugs and alcohol. They also discuss role models and the use of men in the culture of Islam, including Alia's success and the importance of men in finding one's purpose. The speakers provide advice on achieving their five pillars of Islam, including praying, giving money to the poor, fasting, hedging, and giving money to the poor. They encourage parents to teach children about these topics and encourage them to practice.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salam aleikum. That's the greeting of peace, peace be unto you. Welcome to the deen Show. I'm Eddie, your host. And when we come back, we have a unique guest here in the studio. We've interviewed people from all walks of life, but what about the youth? have? We have had a chance to sit with some of the adults? But what about the future generations, those who are growing up and are the future leaders of the world. So now when I come back, we're gonna meet Alia, who's eight years old, she's an author. She does some public speaking, and she's making her own videos. So this is an exciting show. For you and the whole family when we come back here on the deen

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show, we'll be right back.

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is His Messenger.

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Jesus was his messenger.

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No, I did that. Maybe. Maybe it's just to break the ice. Welcome back to the deen show with my special unique guests. Alia, how are you? Salaam Alaikum. Hi. Thank you for finding the time to be with us right. Now. I mean, you you started actually, when you were eight years old writing books. Is that correct? Yes. So you're very busy. So we're really honored to have you find the time to be with us on the show? Well, yeah. So tell us now how did you actually get started? Now many kids are out doing other things. But you're an author. you publish your own book, you got your own books out there? How many? actually do you have? Mine? I've written four books in the series of things every

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kid should know. And I've co authored a chapter in a leadership book. So four books? Yes. So what At what age did you start? I started at seven writing, oh, it's seven. So you started at seven. And now you're how you're 10. So you're way ahead of the game. Now, people are gonna have to come to you to get advice, if they want to learn how to get involved in doing this. So some of the books tell us the names of these books that you've probably well and four books of the serious things. Every kitchen, though the first book is on smoking. The second book is on drugs. The third one is on alcohol. And the first one just recently printed on bullying. Now, most of the

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culture today is calling people to these things, smoking, drinking, alcohol, all of the things that just they're not good for you. But your books are unique, because they're telling people how to stay away from these things. Is that right? From early on, if they know from early on the new slide, and we'll get started into it. So what made you like decide to pick these specific topics? Well, when I decided to write books, on through many different titles, and actually the first title of my book was called the boy who didn't know anything. So when I sat down, and I took my concern my paper and then I thought, well, if he doesn't know anything, what should I write about him? So then I went to

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my mom. And then she told me what did I want to write about? And I said that I want to talk kids. Well, what do I have kids about? You know, I'm a kid. So she told me that many teens are facing the problems of smoking drugs and alcohol.

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And how I can help them by writing books and teaching them so my mom said so then I went to the library with my dad and he got me some books and there was a difficult while first to understand I understood smoking a bit because I had some neighbors it did not Did you did you try smoking to see how it was?

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Never Okay good. Cuz kids your age are actually smoking. Better. Damn the news. The third graders had a 50 to 60 bags of parents. So Wow, he was he was giving them out to kids and on the bags. It was stamped on trust me. Amazing. Doesn't it say on on the cigarette pack? It says this can cause to cause what cause this can cause on tobacco. This can cause mouth cancer. Yeah, it's unique. Why do people they they they run towards something that can harm them? So your book is actually teaching kids earlier? Okay. Yeah. Have you had what kind of response Have you had from people who have read your books? Well, some of them actually really liked it. I've had one of my friends, her uncle stop

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smoking due to my smoking book. So from the letter some results, you just said something in Arabic You said 100 law now so the we have a lot of non Muslims. So don't think there's some code word we're using. What What do we just say? What did you say? Well, that means all praise be to God. Simple, huh?

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You already taught them something, too.

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So this is very inspirational to all of us. We, who are some people who want to have kids who have kids, and some of their kids are involved in gangs, and they're involved in a lot of bad things. Like,

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do you feel like sometimes you know, other kids look at you get more of a positive response? or do some, like kids, they give you a negative response? What is it overall is like, how do you get along with other kids your age? Well, I have a lot of friends and they've read my books, and they've they know about smoking, so they know how not to try it. There's always bad people everywhere, and they're, you're always gonna get a bad response. But you know, you just have to keep moving. You can let people's opinions stop you. Do some people say, Come on, you're ruining the fun. We just want to have a cigarette. Look at all the actors and actresses. They're having cigarettes. They're drinking.

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Why are you being a party pooper? You get some of that? I thought that wants to know, yeah. What do you tell them? When they say that? I tell them even then they know that it's bad for them but they don't actually want to stop it because they want it to look good. And the cigarette companies the alcohol companies, they only care about their money they don't care about your health or your wealth whatever you do business

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cares funny. There's a song like that out there cash money. Yeah. So tell us now that leads me to my next question leads us to the next question is role models a lot of them are probably taken the

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people they shouldn't be taken as role models you know, you're coming some kids rooms and they got like the big pictures of some of the pop stars and, and these people who are doing some of these things, you know, dating and drugs and alcohol. Now, that's probably why the kids are following them. But who are your role models that make you the way you are doing? the good things that you do? Now might have sort of lost a little earlier so on the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him. Abubakar Siddique has his companions on top if men had been a fan, please be upon them. Ah ICF rounds wife,

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Aisha Abubakar snap Abubakar Fatima bint Mohammed, now, the Sahaba mela because of the MA and in today's time scholars such as doctors I Can I check your service desk update in green? Dr. tofik, cherry

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imaams, Raj Raj and many many other chefs. Wow, this is amazing. We're gonna

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get some more details on some of the people you've

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talked about. We're gonna take a break. This is amazing. is amazing. We have so much more to ask you. And this is an inspiration to all of us. Stay tuned right back on the dean show.

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Former bad boy gone Hey, boy.

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entrepreneur, icon in the music business how he attained something that money

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for your flight.

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Accessible records that I did. He left that line was in the country. I couldn't go through this good life wasn't the country that I couldn't go through the life that brought him he's a perfect person couldn't identify

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Get ready. You're watching the show. Take it away. And what are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people to come to you? What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now. When they're gonna come they're gonna come along and bring these people last. Put in our hands the ability to do it now do your job.

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Salaam Alaikum peace be unto you. Welcome back to the deen show. And we're here with Alia. 10 years old, calling people away from a lot of the bad things that are out there encouraging not only the youth to do good, but also the adults. And you mentioned some role models. One was the very first Mohammed and you said sallallahu alayhi Salaam Who is this man some people never heard this man who is this man that you mentioned peace be upon him well Papa Mohammed peace be upon him. He was the last and final messenger send after God even Jesus to spa found him said it said that there's a man coming after me. And he's gonna His name is going to be Mohammed and so did Moses peace be upon

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them. So they both have formed their followers that there's going to be a man after me. And I'm not the final messenger. And Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him was the last and final messenger and his book was the Quran. Now tell us do Muslims worship Mohammed? No, they worship Allah.

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Allah God the greatest but they do not worship Muhammad Muhammad as a human being peace be upon him and he

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came to convey the message. Now what about Jesus? You mentioned Jesus there. What do we think about Jesus? We think Jesus is one of the mightiest messengers of God, peace be upon him. And we and he has a really high role in Islam.

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We got some gifts for you. I got some free you ready? Okay. There's some. I don't know if you ever heard of have date, have date, they helped us to do a downward drive. And we got some, some DVDs for you to be able to share with all your friends and family. Or eoco

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also have with me, and you got some books here for me beautified? And are these some of the books that you've written here? The first four is my mom's books. So this is no I'm not a terrorist. Now what do you gotta say when someone says, you know, they see you? And they assume like, oh, you're a terrorist now because you're Muslim. What do you say to them? Yeah, um, just because you're Muslim doesn't mean you're a terrorist for example, you can't please Christianity. That's just because of the Oklahoma bombing did so you can based on religion, just what its people did, because you're gonna have bad in every religion. Yes, exactly. That is well said and put and people can see or read

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more about that. In this book. You have our Muslim woman oppressed? Now they see that leads into our next question. When did you start wearing the hijab? Well, I stopped wearing on us six years old. It was after a few months to my mom started working. And I decided that I wanted to obey the commandment to even though I knew that I was a little little, I forget that one is never too young to have our last panel with Allah.

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So Allah, if someone asks you and they think like this is a moon, God, are you worshiping the moon? Or you were shooting some Arab God? What do you tell them? Well, Allah is the Creator of the heavens, on the earth, He created every, every person, everything.

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He is the one who gave intelligence to human beings. And he also takes life and he gives, he gives life and he takes death. Yes. And so are you oppressed? Now? How do people? What do you got to say about this? Well, many people think I'm Muslim women oppressed because

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they're walking down the street all covered up, and they think that men forced them to do this, but it's actually not it's actually, if they want to do it, then they can they can do it a commandment from God, and the people who don't do it between them and God. Now, we got another book here. It says things every kid should know about bullying. That's something also that's prevalent, a lot of kids are bullying other kids. What do you what's mainly discussed in here in this book, what the story where it tells you how to refer to people, how they got bullied, and how they solve their problems. And now also, it gives you facts on how not to get bullied, why not to bully, and the

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facts and the facts that how many kids believe this? Tell us, thank you very much for these books. Now, where can people go if they want to get your books? Well, they can go to things every kid should that things every kid should know that you've also got some videos? Yes. Where can they see your video? They can also see that that website, that website, okay. Now, how do you encourage kids who are depressed, they're sad at such a young age, some girls, they're trying to lose so much weight, because they see that model who's out there. And she's so skinny, and anorexic. And they're not being happy. They're not this is not leading them to happiness is leading to more to

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depression, and they want to give up, and now they see you and you're so happy. You're writing books, you're doing good. You're calling people away from evil. And now they look at you and they say, Man, I want some of that. What do you have to tell them? What message do you want to give to them? Well, my mom always to me, each of us is created for a purpose. And what we need to do is we need to discover our purpose and our genius to Allah Subhana. Allah has given us and how do you feel that if someone finds their purpose, will they truly be happy? Yes, if you find your true purpose, sometimes you have to work on it. And you might find it hard at first of how what's your purposes,

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but in the end, a lots of kind of data says in the Quran, after hardship, there's always these there's ease isn't there? There's gonna be some hard work that you have to exhort. I mean, you've read over how many books over two 2000 to 2200 books, so 2200 books, so you had to put some work into it. Now were these just fashion magazines or books reading biographies of Rosa Parks, Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln. Also, I've also read some fiction books and some historic books. So now these books when you when you read them, I mean you

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feel like it's better reading these books, or some of the other books that are out there that really, I mean, when when you read these books today empower you do you feel more like you've learned something rather than the other books that you know, just just, you know, they're not really calling you to anything good. It seems like there's a waste of time, your money, biographies, they teach you good things. Like for example, people who stood up for their rights, people who learned our talent and did it. Benjamin Franklin, one of the greatest inventors, he he figured out his talent he worked on it. That's how he became an inventor because his his brother and his mom and

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dad, they weren't really outgoing people they were big inventors and stuff. So now heard that you're being homeschooled. Do you like homeschooling? Mashallah, I love homeschooling, I have more flexibility to do my brother properly planned time and faster Mondays and Thursdays. I have been to private school for two years of my life. And I like homeschooling better. My mom explains to me things very easily, and

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I have more flexibility with my business. Right now. I'm two kids ahead of my peers that have three grades. We're gonna take a break, and we're gonna pick your brain some more you don't mind. Do you know? Okay, we'll be right back on the dean show.

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Former bad boy gone, Hey, boy, ran with an entrepreneur and a man with an icon in the music business, how he attained something that money couldn't

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fly. to China successively records that I did. He left that line was in the country couldn't go through this good life wasn't the country I couldn't go to the life that brought him he's a perfect person couldn't identify who our songs are.

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Sisters Get ready. You're watching the teen show. Take it away. And what are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now? What are you waiting for all these people that come to you? What are you waiting for? What are we waiting for right now, when they're gonna come they're gonna come along and bring these people last. Put in our hand the ability to do it now do your job.

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Back on a dean show with Alia. 10 years old. And you are the author of several books. And you're here on the dean show. Many people they want to be happy. But they're turning to drugs, alcohol, smoking, gambling. And these are the some of the things that we mentioned that you talk about in your book, to try to help people to stay away from that. Now, how does someone let's I asked you this before but let's because this is like the key question. People want to know how can I be happy? So give us some more more advice not only for the kids, but for the adults too? Well, the way that you can choose to be happy is by worshiping one God. Because when you worship one God, everything

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else will come in easy at first, it might be difficult talking to your family if they're if they're not Muslim, getting I'm slowly letting go of things that are not allowed, not permissible in Islam, but inshallah after hardship.

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Now, why should someone have the kids like, why should I obey my Creator? What would you tell them? Well, your trainers don't who created you and he knows you best. So why would you not obey Him? Because he's the one that knows you more than anyone else knows you. People obey the government, don't they? They obey their mother. Some of them do is it makes sense to obey the one who created you? Yeah. So like, what is your day consist of you read books? You pray? What what tell us some of the things you do throughout the day? Well, I when I wake up, I wake up for 5g, which is early morning prayer. And I do that and I say, I take a nap. And then I start my homework, my regular day

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and I take breaks in between to pray to have lunch, to do the deed. I watched the DJ Saturday.

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I read some Islamic books I have read in class, I have a sonic studies Arabic history, math, science, which is my favorite subject, actually one of his largest and I go up. I really love animals. So do you have any pets? No, I really want to get a cat though. Okay, so now, if someone sees this show, and they see that Islam, which simply means to acquire peace by surrendering to the One God that you mentioned to one guy, and they want to know a little bit more from you. Tell them more about Islam

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is a religion of peace. And most Muslims are people who submit a piece. You can base a religion, as I said, on its actions of what a few people did. So you said now to peace, the owner peace, the creator who created us he gives us peace. How about the five

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pillars the five pillars of Islam. Well, the five pillars are simply the first pillar is Shahada, which is Laila him Allah Mohammed rasulillah you are bearing witness that there is no God but Allah and Muhammad is His last and final messenger. Number two is praying salaat basically pray this five times a day. And basically it's you and your time your connection with God the greatest

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and number three,

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the cat is when you're giving money to the poor people you're giving money.

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Not because God says also says in the Quran, or when you give the prophet to support him said when you give the hand that gives the better than the hand that receives so you give money to the poor, then there's fasting we fast in Ramadan, you can also fast on Mondays and Thursdays the Prophet peace be upon needs to do this.

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And, and it also gives you what the poor people feel, and basically making you Sorry, how they feel and basically wanting you to help them more. And number five is hedge where you go to the whole city of Mecca, and you make to offer on the cab and

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that's it. That's simple. That's Islam worshiping one god praying to the One God giving in the name of the One God fasting in the name of the One God the Creator, and HUDs simple. So what do you want to be now you said you want to be as geologist when you grow up? Okay, so these are your feet, you plan on writing more books, inshallah. And I'm planning on writing a book about how things have a kitchen or health because a lot of kids nowadays, also have the problem that you're truly an inspiration to us all. Give the audience some closing comments and advice from yourself. Well,

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I like to tell all the parents out there to teach your kids about Islam, especially for the Muslim because if your kid knows about Islam and Islam, they won't do these things. Because then they know that bullying is haram backbiting, slandering, subsistence as smoking drugs and alcohol, not listening to your parents, using bad language and many other things. So if your kids know about their teenage shot, they won't do these bad things. That's right, get to know your D and get with the dean. That's how you can be happy and be successful. out only in this life in the next And may Allah, the Creator of the heavens and earth, grant you the most success in this life in the

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hereafter. And your wonderful parents who took such great care of you. And may Allah bless you and your parents, and all those that are listening, you're truly an inspiration to all of us.

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And that was Alia. This week on the dean show. I've been saying it's such an inspiration it gives those who are watching who want to be successful, such a great feeling to see such a young child who's growing up doing good things and calling people to good things, you know, when you leave this life, what are you going to take with you? What goes with you, one of those things

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that you take, because everything else will be left behind all the cars, all the money, the bank accounts, your Rolex watch, or the fake Rolex watch all that stand behind. But now your good deeds, your actions that you did in this life of righteousness, and leaving behind a righteous child, a child who's worshipping Who?

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Jesus, no, Mohammed, no, the son know who's worshiping the creator of Jesus, the creator of Mohammed, the creator of the sun in the moon, the creator of this whole universe, worshiping that God alone, and not what he created. And then establishing all the wonderful injunctions that the Creator has told us to implement that only not because he needs it, he don't need it, we need it. Because it's the medicine. It's the medicine that transforms our life,

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into a good life. Because there's a lot of things out there that are calling us to evil. And the only way that we can be upon good is by following the guidance that God Almighty sent to all the messengers, including Noah, Abraham, Jesus, in the last and final messages sent to mankind, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon them all.

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So that's what we want to do. We want to be on the correct way. And when we see this wonderful child on the correct way, we have to also give thanks to the parents, because the parents are going to be held accountable. And these parents are doing a wonderful job. So we want to be give a big kudos, a big shout out to them also. Thank you, and may God Almighty reward you and those who are watching, I hope this has inspired you to get with it. Because you got one shot, the test will be over. Death will approach and then it's too late. Bye Bye, everybody. Then you got to return to your Lord and what did you do? You're involved in everything else except

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Your true purpose in life. So with that said, Come back here every week to the deen show. We invite you to visit us often. And we'll see you next time God willing, until then peace be unto you.

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He created the universe

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to belong the heavens.

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He is the

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He's the owner. He sent His messengers

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to his

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grave danger.

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there is none greater