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Al-Fateh Mosque Istanbul – History Bites 13

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Adnan Rashid

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Hello, everyone.

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I'm currently at alpha mosque in Istanbul. As you can see, this is a giant structure, an absolutely magnificent Masjid.

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This Masjid is right next to the place where Sultan Mohammed Al Fatah is married who took the city of Constantinople on the Byzantines from the Romans in 1453. And coastal Antonia became Istanbul.

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Due to that particular conquest, it took 54 days to besieged the city.

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The city that was protected by Theodosian walls walls built by Emperor Theodosius

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and you can still see the walls around the city of Constantinople of the city of Istanbul. And then this Masjid was built. Allahu Akbar, what a giant beautiful structure. absolutely magnificent. And I want everyone who has been involved in this work. Allah protect and reward every single person who wishes good for Islam and Muslims. Allah subhanaw taala reward every single person was sacrificed for Islam for this beautiful Deen to bring this religion to the world and to the people of these lands. I mean, your anatomy, this is a magnificent structure. Absolutely amazing. As you can see, it's a giant

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structure, that Masjid very, very big much in Istanbul. Alhamdulillah

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Melody Wartell done Muhammad Al Fatah, for his sacrifices for his great deeds for his sacrifices, and the fact that he took this land and Islam was established with these masajid I'm in Europe.

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More to come as long with a camera Llahi America