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AI: Summary © The Trump administration used deadly weapons and language during the globalist crisis, including APeas and the use of APeas as a means of evil for political gain. The use of APeas as a means of evil for political gain is discussed, along with the importance of honesty and academicity in addressing issues such as hate and division in the future. The speakers emphasize the need for individuals to be aware of their actions and avoid cluttering with negative language.
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Number one, he went according to this manifesto attributed to him, he went to seek blessings with this group called the Templar knights, which they are trying to revive. Some say that they're like a secret sauce society out there. And Andrew brevik, who also was a he was a Christian. And he went again, not representing Christianity, true Christianity are the true teachings of Jesus, we make that clear. He went and sought his blessings he's supposed to be this night, this Templar night also. So he was going to seek blessings from this group, the Templar Knights that still allegedly out there, why is he doing that? Imagine real quickly, what would happen if someone went to seek

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blessings from Al Qaeda or Daesh? Or this ISIS? What would happen? Why are you seeking blessings from them? For what? So are you non Muslim? Are you are you Muslim? If you're doing that, so you're going to seek blessings from the Templar Knights? Are you a Christian, not a Christian? Why are you seeking their blessings? Think about that. I'll let you decide. And let's move on. Let's move on. Number two, the dates on his gun. There were specific dates, you had also some extreme elements who considered who call themselves Christian, they did some terrorist acts. And he had those dates of those attacks on there, and dates to Crusader events. Now, you know, the Crusaders, they wrecked

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havoc in Atlanta. You know, the Pope, the pope who let them out. These people absolve them of their sins, game of free pass, pretty much told them if they go out and they let criminals out, * out to go out. And that's what they did. They wrecked havoc, and they terrorized. So they're trying to re bring this crusade. So he has those Crusader dates on his weapon. Now you tell me, why are they there? He's Christian, not Christian, what's specifically his agenda, it's up to you to decide at the end, I'm just bringing these important points to you. He also had a crusader song from the chetniks. Now the chetniks are this extreme element of from a nationality called the Serbs. Now we

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don't try to put down Serbs or creations or anybody because that's a nationality and in every nationality, you have extreme elements. So we don't just like bash the whole ethnic group, the ethnicity, but you had chetniks these are people who are out there they committed one of the not the greatest genocide, genocide after World War Two. And this song was made for cottage. These people like cottages, lodges, specifically here, this war criminal, he was convicted of war crimes, they had * camps, death camps, they killed innocent men, women and children. This was also under it was hidden. Nobody called them Christian terrorists, but they were hiding behind Christianity, you

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had priests blessing their guns and weapons. And this song was a motivating song for this Crusader. He's chetniks who are hiding behind Christianity. I don't call them true Christians. And they went and committed these these atrocities, this terrorism. The Greek Orthodox Church described him as, quote, one of the most prominent signs of our Lord Jesus Christ working for peace. Now, he thanked God on many occasions. So what is he is he he's, he's thanking God. So what religion is, is he on that? Thank God, goodbye. God bless you all. Now imagine if a Muslim, he said Alhamdulillah? What would they do with that? What would the media that islamophobes? What would they do with that again?

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What would I'm leaving that up to you what has been done already? Again, Islam is vilified, put on the stand. And the list goes on of all the evil, evil malicious things that are done to us Crusader terrorist Crusader lingo, such as calling the Muslims

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Saracens, he also encouraged in one part, he said, he said, death is certain you may die in the service to some grand crusade or pass away in a hospice. So look, again, what would happen is someone was invited, you might you can die in the grand service of a grant. And then they use they throw Jihad out there, they say in a grand jihad or in a hospice. So he'll be calling to a jihad, right? And jihad is simply means to struggle and to strive.

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against evil against oppression

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against yourself, your desires, and the list goes on. We're not covering that here. But then, what if this was used, and now this word was thrown in the opposite thing happened the same way here? He's inviting to a grand crusade using lingo and calling Muslims with Crusader terms. Could they take this and manipulate it and say he was a Christian, and this is radical Christianity like they do with Islam. Clear, double standards and hypocrisy is what we're pointing out. He has a whole page dedicated where it says to Christians, I believe, I first thought these were his words, but I think because they're in quotations, he's quoting someone and it says, the people worthy of glory, the

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people blessed by God.

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And this is by

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A another Crusader Pope, a terrorist who went terrorizing people, he's trying to invoke a crusade. So imagine someone trying to evoke what they islamophobes call like these jihadi, they're coming to get us, and all the other things that they perpetuate, to make us scared of Muslims to create this manufactured hate and fear when statistically, it is factual, that data shows that Muslims

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commit the least acts of terrorism. This is statistical effectual, you can check it up. And now the final point he's, he's because he's doing a question and answer back and forth. And he asked him, so are you Christian? It's a simple and it's a simple question. Are you a Christian? Someone says, Are you Muslim? If you if I, if you're not gonna say, No, I'm not Muslim? But then how does he respond, he says, that that's complicated, let you know when I figure it out. Now imagine on the other side, if that was an all of these, I want you to go and compare if this was a Muslim, and same thing, back and forth, what kind of main games they would be, you know, analyzing it, all of these points, they

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would be analyzing, and they'd have talk shows, and back and forth and crossfires on this, and it would be 24, seven media and they would be trying to perpetuate this and, and fueling more the hate and the division. So you mentioned giving people the kind of honesty that this generation they want and thirst for. So you should be honest, when it comes to talking about Muslims and Islam, honest, academic, not making up these lies, like we called you out for last time. Now that was in the past, you can make it right for that. And for the future, we can go back and how we address that. And you can go ahead, and instead of the copy and paste out of context, what you are doing, you can call an

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academic, a scholar of Islam, someone who's in this area of expertise and come and let's talk and let's work together or would you can continue

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to espouse hate, misinformation and lies about Islam and Muslims, you showed like you had some empathy for those 49 innocent human beings that had died in a house of worship a house of God.

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And you were you were coming off like you're genuine and sincere, and only God knows what's in your heart.

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In my heart just breaks for the families the people affected in Christchurch, New Zealand in this just deplorable. Terrorist mass murder attack, sending prayers you said and it breaks your heart as you said, but I'm asking you but then the next day you go and bring on one of the biggest number one islamophobes in the world, whose only mission is fueling people like this terrorists who did that people who listen to people like that they can only develop hate if someone comes out. And all you can learn from this is to hate Islam and Muslims. What good are they contributing to making peace and understanding and giving proper education when there you're giving them a platform to promote

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lies, misunderstanding and hate, and that's what you did. And that's in genuine and insincere. So you went from being sincere, and then you went what seemed to be sincere.

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saying your heart was broken. You're making these these saying these beautiful, nice things. And then where did you go on from there? You bring on the biggest islamophobe one of the top islamophobes haters out there. So wrapping it up. One final thing you had mentioned, we should not be a people dividing the country for cliques dividing the country.

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For cliques

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Why don't we stick with that, if you truly want peace and understanding work towards it, the Muslims are there. So you can expound

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these bigoted, hateful, this hate rhetoric towards Muslim towards Islam and Muslims, these lies that you perpetuate these insults

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towards Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon them. Or you can go ahead and try to work towards a common good like you were saying, and I address my Christian colleagues, friends, I have a lot of them. Christian friends out there to call out people like this. These are not the best of you. These are not the best of you who are hating to compound the problem.

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Call them out via if they be in your churches. I've shown you guys what happens when someone goes and even makes a joke about being a part of this group ISIS. I showed you what happens their existence on

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holidays was wanting

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to get to smack upon the head or even more. But what about these people who are trying to bring these ideas? who are trying to incite this hate

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In the churches, the politicians, you need to call them out. You cannot let this hate rhetoric that leads, Islamophobia kills. It leads to what happened, of tragedy of evil in New Zealand, it leads to that. Don't let it come to that. Jews and Christians, Muslims. We are all here on this earth. Nobody's going anywhere. So we need to work together in peace and harmony, but the constant Islamophobia, the manufactured hate, fear the quarter of a million that's spent

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traumatizing people, that's what you're doing, perpetuating lies, misinformation, give the Muslims a shot to get out there represent themselves. Go ahead and ask them the tough questions. And let the people decide. Let the people decide. And I'm letting you decide now at the end, could they because that's what we started with. I asked you I'm going to I'm going to bring up some some points from the manifesto attributed to this terrorist that killed 49 innocent human beings Muslims in a house of worship a house of God. Could the media as they do always with Islam and Muslims? Could they from what I just mentioned? Can they associate and say no, no, he was a Christian, practicing

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Christianity and then call Christianity radical Christianity, a Christian terrorists which nobody's doing, and I'm not saying that they should, but they should be fair and balanced. Because you cannot based on one individual, or a group of individuals malign a whole faith, a whole way of life, like Islam or Christianity. Let's keep it fair and balanced pointing out the double standards and hypocrisy here on the dating show. Our door's always open to Mr. Crowder and others with an invitation of peace because we're people of peace and we end with the greeting of Jesus Shalimar Lake peace Assalamu alaikum Peace be with you.

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