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Napoleon Bonaparte is considered one of history’s greatest military leaders and Did you know that this emperor of France Napoleon Bonaparte accepted Islam and became Muslim after his exile, Not his fake conversion in Egypt.


AI: Summary © The transcript discusses the history and context of Napoleon Fadi's conversion to Islam, including the controversy surrounding the French-led war against Muslims and the perceived racism in the French-speaking world. The transcript also criticizes the misinformation and apologetic messages used to assert Muslims' own beliefs and the pressure on men to portray them. The transcript also touches on the importance of representing oneself as a Muslim person and the need for men to fulfill obligations. The transcript also touches on the negative consequences of not being properly advised on one's religion and the need for men to be proactive.
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was the status of women when hematoxylin came to talk about what was in the dark ages in Europe? What was it? They were arguing in the church if a woman comes from Satan or not, if a woman was half a man or not, if she has a soul, that's another thing. Even though the French I don't think they would have won the soccer match the world champion if it wasn't for many of the Muslims out there, right. And if his life in exile he was he converted to Islam. And actually some of those who were his companions close to him in the exile. they testify that he used to pray and he used to do this.

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Salam aleikum greetings of peace. Guys, I'm here with Dr. Fadi

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and we are in Miami. And we had just before we started, you were telling us something but you didn't know this. And we'll kick it off with this Napoleon, you're hurting Napoleon. Right? For those that haven't heard of Napoleon, tell us who he was. And you actually said that he accepted Islam. Correct. taglyan Bonaparte, the French conquer. We all know about him. We all studied about him. But we were never told that towards the end of his life in exile he was he converted to Islam. And actually some of those who were his companions close to him in the exile. they testify that he used to pray and he stood it hold on. Now this is academically sound. Does that mean you're an academic?

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in his own biography, this is not from a Muslim or people can go verify this on Google website, that Napoleon Bonaparte Bonaparte accepted Islam? Correct. This is deep correct in his own biography, and his own biography. Now, what are some of the top of this dimension please, Napoleon conquered Egypt. And he claimed to convert at that time. And that was and he wore the full band. Yeah, he wore the turban. But that all was propaganda just to touch on the emotions of the Muslims to his own agenda. But later on, in the exile, toward the end of his life, he converted

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he was French, French now now this is coming from a place I mean, he's actually like, a hero to many friends, right? Oh, yeah. Big time. But But you see a lot of oppression towards Muslims. Even though the French I don't think they would have won the last soccer match the world champion if it wasn't for many of the Muslims out there, right.

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But you see them was a batting cage job and minarets and all the things over there French is the heart of Christianity. French all this throughout the history represents the heart of Christianity. So if if I mean French is under the threat of turning into Muslims, because of the refugees because of the immigrations because of that, that's why they're and there's a lot of racism in the French over the history. You can you can test for it. A lot of orientalist, you know, came from their orientalist. Where are the people after the failure of the Crusades in the Muslim world to convert Muslims into leaving Islam at least and then Christianity, they fail to do that. So they said the

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best way then we need to study these people. So they start sending orientalist called Mr. Should have been, who posed as Muslims. And they learned everything about Muslims, they learned everything these people went into the marketplaces in the massage it and circles of knowledge. They learned everything about Muslims and they went back to Europe, and they start documenting that and giving recommendation how we can conquer these people. And the things that happening in the Muslim world over the last 100 years is the fruit of all these three of all this research because they realize these Muslims are different than us Christians. It's not easy to uproot them from their religion. So

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how are we going to do that's why they you hear a lot of sayings for example, give me give me a prostitute and a glass of wine and I can do to the home of Mohammed more than Can you armies Did you hear that?

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You fall in desire give me a woman give me a glass of wine alcohol and using exploiting the woman now right? And you and you advocate like you know the the rights of women but you actually subjugating her in this way denigrating her. Yeah, but then you can destroy said weekend.

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I'll do to them more than what cannons and armies can do. Wow. Those are those shaytan ik traps, other concerns, shower desires and this is where the oma Phyllis lambs. Our Deen is the right in our Quran is the perfect book. Our Prophet is the business in

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So how can they attack us through them? They can't. So they said, We have to get to them through their Shahada and their desires, and we're humans and we're weak.

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Do you find it ironic that you see that everyone is trying to make Islam as if as if it's oppressive towards humanity, it's backwards. But then when you look at it, you study Islam, you know, you go back in history, you know, when the Muslims would have superpowers, you know, the Christians, Jews and everyone, what kind of rights did they have living under the superpower at that time, compared to now where Muslims are like losing most of their rights? Like under the Muslim superpower? Yeah, being so prevalent, I tell you what, a Hebrew professor in here, a Jewish professor in Hebrew, Jewish Hebrew professor, Jewish professor in Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In here, it said that

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there was never a better symbiosis between Muslims and Jews than under Islamic, and Delos, Islamic Spain.

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And if you look at if you read the little history or some of the history of Spain, that's where the Jews were best treated. They were scholars, they were given the opportunity to be merchants, business people, scholars, philosophers, under Islamic ruling, you know, so when you're when you're objective, you have to testify in the favor of this Deen. And this is by again by a Jewish accupoint. You know, I mean, the Jews, the Israelis in Palestine and Palestine, our occupation. So he's praising Muslims, right? saying that the Jews never had better environment to excel than in Muslim Spain. When Muslims were ruling Spain, then the Christians come the Catholic comes to Spain,

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what they do to the Jews, and to the Muslims, they slaughter them or feud or if you don't convert, we kill you. If you don't want to be killed, you leave. And if you look, later on in Germany, who helped the Jews from Hitler and the Nazis, the Ottomans, the Ottomans send their ships to save a lot of the Jews from from Germany. So this is what Islam This is what is language? And where was when they talk about women? What was the status of women when hematoxylin came to talk about what was in the dark ages in Europe? What was a woman? They were arguing in the church if a woman comes from Satan or not, if a woman was half a man or not, if she has a soul, that's another thing, you know,

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women here in this country, when did they start voting? You know, Islam? So you say there is development? Right? There's progressive, great, but Islam started with progress. Started with it from the get go from the beginning. Wow. Yeah. Yeah, America took how many years to get to a point where a woman is we still talking about women wages, right? not equal to men wages in America, right? They're still in a form of evolution, Islam from the beginning. But how is it so that all right, if Islam, someone will say that Islam gives all these rights to the women? How is the common mantra nowadays that Islam oppresses subjugates women how we got into that, when we're talking about

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all of these rights that women have?

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There are two issues here. One misinformation, and nobody should deny that. What the media can do, right? For example, I give you stats from 1800 until 1950, that's a period of 150 years. There were 70,000 books written against Islam, Time Magazine. Books, yeah, but Time magazine report is

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true. So you have 70,000 bucks isn't against Islam, where is the rebuff rebuttal of that? Right? So and that's average over a book per day. And then after September 11, you have averaged three books written or published every day against Islam. So what I'm saying is who's who's refuting all that? So now you The more you keep hammering people with misinformation, you're going to believe at one point so 70,000 plus books in a span of how many years now? 150 years 150 years This was reporting to check this out in time magazine did a publication reporting this so this is negative propaganda constant that's one that's only in publication and publication for forget about articles. Forget

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about newspapers with magnetic it is propaganda negative and lies misinformation. Look, half truth is a lie. If you have half a truth that's basically like, but now come up into the that's back in the day where a lot of press, but now today with Twitter, Facebook media, how much now if they did a survey, how much of that is lie propaganda? So that's number one. That's one second. Muslims themselves are giving bad name for this. Oh, yeah. The way we treat our women, the way we treat ourselves, the way we treat humanity, the way we treat the world, Muslims who are now like the drunk driver behind the car, so the car is perfect. That's Islam. But now the drunk driver comes behind

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Justin to an extent I don't blame muslims for the most of it. But Muslims have a lot of work to do. Yeah, they're failing on

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two parts one following the way Islam should be. And second, I mean when when a Muslim go out and start talking how making fun of women how a woman why a woman should be serving me women? Well this woman it could be your mother. Could be your sister could be your daughter. Yeah. If you accept that for this woman, then you we can see okay, you can accept it. So look at the CEO of the processor. Let's look how he treated right. Look how how much he told us to get the process lm dying and two things he's ordering us to take care of. Sala and women prayer and the woman when his dad This is before his death but he's saying this Yeah. Why do you like hold on to your prayer and treat women

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well, coterie? What is dying? Just I mean, come on. People are like thinking I mean, look at look at that. That's deep. If you just reflect upon that you're on your dying deathbed. And you're saying hold on to the connection of God the prayer and take care of women, if he's an oppressor of women. Why is he mentioned is on his deathbed. Think about that. That's so the Muslims need to do their work in the way they carry themselves. Right. And in the way they practice their Deen and the way they promote it, right? Our problem is, someone attacked us by saying our women, you oppress women. So what we started with what we try to do we become apologetic. No, we don't need to our Dean is the

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only Dean. That's the respect to him. You know, go read about in Judaism. In Judaism, if you're religious, when a woman in her menstruation, she stays in a row, the food is pushed to her from underneath the door. This is an example you're giving from another religion, Hinduism Hinduism.

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Even Christianity, so, I mean, just look, we live in a Christian country very much right? What happened to women?

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Where's his woman dignified. You know, I drive a lot to work. Maybe five in the morning, six in the morning. I see a woman maybe she's 78 years at the bus stop. Maybe we're going to work. That doesn't happen to our women. Our so 78 years old. She's now turning herself no one taking care of her. So is this isn't this humiliation to him? That's one example. You give me a lot of examples. But my point is, is we need to stop being apologetic. Learn about your Islam. Learn about your deen and then you will see how this Deen honored women more than anything else, right more than anybody else no more more than no more than that. Or more than any other system any other religion you can so he said

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Dean Dean is the Islam the way of life yeah, the way of life is to learn and learn how you privately they come and they tell you you're allowed to be children right and there's a in the Quran say we don't well who is the best one to live the Quran

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we as Muslims the one we follow his footsteps in applying the Quran is the prophet SAW said he saw seldom did not hit a woman in his whole entire life. Pay attention to this one marker right here Prophet Muhammad SAW said I've never had a woman in his whole entire life. Right? Maybe one time he pushed I should just to make her to make her think about what to use about opponents of Islam. That's a long ad. That's interesting. They will go and try to use this to say Look, he did Yeah, but he they're sitting with what's the context behind that. The context is he saw seldom when he was sleeping next to each other, they alone during the night, he decided to get up and go to the

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graveyard to the cemetery in Medina, and make dua for the dead. So the processor was married to more than one. So she she's being jealous. She thought he's gonna go to another one. So she followed him. So and he

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imagined today, today, if you if you take your phone and you decide, someone calls you and you leave your wife and you go outside, what happened when you go back? Who did you talk to what how we react. It's not your business system. So he says ended and he did not push her for that reason. So when he came back, of course, he saw him coming back she quickly went back into her room and pretend she's sleeping. And

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and then she she brought it up, he said so you were the black thing that was following me. Yeah. And then he pushed her eating you think you're because it's her night? Look, the justice. You thought that you or your husband or the Prophet of Allah will betray you and urinate, like will cheat you on your net. And that's where he puts it That sounds like come on like something like that? Of course, but not the point I get one time she's she has an argument with him sausage, this you talk about the Messenger of Allah. So this is his wife, regular girlfriend. Mistress likes comment today. No, no, no, this is his wife, his wife. This is the Messenger of Allah if you tell the Messenger of Allah I

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don't believe you like as a regular person, you're out of luck.

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So one time she had an argument with him, so I said so who he calls to to make console between them is her father.

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Brother in law. So so the process the process of said who starts you want me to start talking over you? is arbitrary now. Yeah. Judge so

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She said you you start she does the process. You start but you only say the truth.

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So what so her father puncher net right now her father, he said, How can you say this to the messenger of Oh yeah, what did the process and he laughed.

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He saw so I'm sitting with his companions and one of he was in the house of a Haitian and one of his wife sent him a plate of food. So when he sees it takes it and break, what did he do?

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out of jealousy? He laughed. He said, Your mother got jealous. That's our prophets. I said, so don't come and tell me the Quran say you can beat women. Okay, how did the process I said nobody. He said he saw his whole Aqua zakura. His morality or his mannerism was the Quran. He was prison through presentation of the Quran. Yeah, so judge me based on how he saw Selim applied the Quran. Because the Quran Allah says in the Quran, and send with it the Messenger of Allah, he's the one who lived the Quran. So we see how he lived. And we apply the same message to those who attack us to those who attack the Koran. And this is a message to Muslims who use the Quran to justify their abuse, right?

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Because you hear some Muslim using that to to justify you're wrong, you're wrong, you're wrong. Yeah. You know, and this is how it is. So we cover the first one is that deliberate lies and a malicious attempt to kind of spread misinformation. And then a second is Muslims not being well grounded in their Deen misrepresenting it, and then I often make that example to others, you know, don't judge the car by the drunk driver. Right? So people Muslims, not practicing Islam correctly. And now you take in that as if it's you know, because Islam is pristine is perfect. Muslims are not and this is important. The prophet SAW Selim, when he was coming back from one of the battles and

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one of the head of the hypocrites love no baby salute, said When we returned to Medina, noble will kick out the humiliated when referring to him the noble enterprise. So when, when the news spread,

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one of those who have been caught up till the army to go kill, kill the hypocrite. So the prophets I send them said, What? No, we don't want the people to say that Mohammed is killing his companions. So look how he saw Selim cared about what people would say,

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you know, if he missed Act, or he acts in a way that they won't get the full picture. Yeah, so that's responsibility upon every Muslim of us how we act, when I decide to embark on a mission to act in a certain way. The first thing that should the first thought should be on my mind, is how am I representing a listener? How am I representing is dealing with a lot of Muslims. This is one of the reasons why we are obligated as Muslims to look like Muslims, you find the Muslim man obligated to grow a beard, you find a Muslim one obligated to cover if there is one reason for that is before you act, people know you're Muslim. So before you act, you ask yourself, what they're going to say

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what the listener

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said to get that gives you a sense of responsibility. You know, I gonna walk into this place or I gonna say this word, or I can throw that joke or I gonna check this one out, right? What they're gonna say about the listener, when Islam becomes a priority, then our victory welcome. Then, when when Islam becomes more important for me, not what people gonna think about me what people gonna think about my deal. Then we get our conditions, and other testimony in and of itself is, you know, many people say, like, go talk to my wife. Why and many. We know that the fact is that Islam, according to the Guinness Book of World Records, is the fastest growing way of life in the world.

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And there's more women accepting Islam. That's like, Why are these intense, intelligent women who want don't want to be just used and abused for their body, they want to be respected for their intellect, and Islam provides all the evidence that's needed to show this as a truth and they're coming to us and ready We live in a world where it only takes a phone call to call the police.

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If Muslims are as abused, Muslim men or husbands are as abusable as abusing as as they say, well, we will all be behind bars. Yeah. So easy for women to call. It's not it's not a fact. It's not true. It's not even close to withdrawal. You know, it's go check the stats about domestic abuse in the United States.

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Right? I don't know I don't remember what there is on on second basis. There is one woman get abused every few seconds in the United States. Well, we can we come and say, Oh, this is a Christian problem. Nobody will say what percentage of those are Muslims? I bet you it's very minute. Yeah. So the idea is all this is old. Yeah, it's becoming too old. And and this should give you an impression that if this is the best they can do to attack Islam.

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But but this is interesting, because people think you know, when you're beating your wife, there's no such a thing in Islam like right right.

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Cross use the box back in a day right so right hook you know busted up or cut. I mean this is like you know that this doesn't exist when the processing and represented that that meeting that they talked about in the Quran he held them back in his Okay, so that's my next question now now someone says hold on hold on Dr. Shake you know the scholar in Islam tell us look I'm opening you know, you know they're tuning into not yet Muslim they're they're out there and they they're they like the message of pure monotheism they like this but they can't get past this verse chapter four verse 34 and in the translations is is beat them lightly? What are you talking about? What is likely? And

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what is the beating? And when does the beating takes place? First of all, we have to understand that in Islam, the man is in charge of the family. I don't mean to get. But before that, please don't lose your place. Isn't it so, so much more complex? Because when you translate words from the from a different language into the English, doesn't that play a really big part? There does it does. But But again, we're not going to go to the root of the word and start twisting it. It's it's straightforward. It's a hit. But again, what's the meaning of that hitting? Right? And when does it happen? So first, we have to understand there's that there is a structure for the family in Islam.

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Yes, right. Laszlo did put the responsibility over the man to be in charge of the family. Now this is not honor. And this is not privilege. This is responsible, big responsibility. Huge, responsible, big responsible. I mean, the man is the one who needs to take care of the affairs of the family. He needs to spend on the fact one of the issues that you have in American is the man doesn't he doesn't want to pay for it doesn't want to spend on the family becomes like a bum, it becomes a she has to take him to court to spend on his children. In Islam, Allah already dictated we call it just a bomb, not literal bomb, like on the street. And he doesn't take care of his business. So so there's a

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structure. So since he is the one in charge, I mean, we accept the the government being in charge of us, we accept that when we do something wrong with the government getting gum and Vila support across India. So in a salon or in the house is like a small government. There's a structure, which is the husband is in charge, right? Now this husband to have that fulfilled or that that entitlement, right? He needs to really fulfill the conditions, right? And Allah azza wa jal makes it clear, I put you superior in the family, as long as you do 123. Right. So don't come and tell me you fail in fulfilling your obligations. And he told me, Allah put me in charge, right. So when the man

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is fulfilling his duty store, Lala and his duties toward his family, then he has the right to be obeyed in the house. Now, when it comes to a woman who's not appreciating who was not doing what she's supposed to do, as a mother was not doing what she's supposed to do as a wife. It was not fulfilling her duties total alized who is who's supposed to be disciplining her husband? We're not going to bring someone from outside to discipline, but and how allies I say, advice. Remind now how long you advise them for? It all depends, right? When if just to shift a little bit, when Allah talks about advising our children to pray, he said what he said, Tell them to create seven, like

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order them to create seven, hit them on it or discipline them at 10. So you have three years, how many Salah in three years? How many, four? Or 5000? Right? So here Allah gives three years, just just pray. These kids Pray, pray. So when Allah says The first step is you advise her? Right? how long it's gonna you know, your wife, you know, is she reacting? You know, is she responding? And you take you you be as patient as you can with her advisor Now, why a woman will not, will not listen. Why if I advise my Listen,

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you have to pray. I see you neglecting your prayers. Why she doesn't have to why she should not listen. Because she's a woman. He's a man who is here to give me orders. And this is a lot of it has to do with that mentality that well, I'm independent person, why is he giving me orders because he's he's responsible about and he will be questioned about we as husbands will be questioned about our wives who have shortcomings. So I want to save myself at the end of the day, and I want to save you because I love you. So I'm just telling you, my love, dear honey, pray

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and I keep telling you, I keep telling you and you're not so I need to take a second step. What Allah says second step, turn your back to them in that the same bit. What people do to them, they leave the house, he goes to the bar, he goes hang out with his boys a lot. Even go sleep on the couch. That's not Endless Love. A lot wants to reconsider a lot of what alone wants things to be resolved. So he said when you had dessert her in bed, meaning you turn your back to her in December.

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Don't go sleep in the other room

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and you try to do that and hopefully she can come back to her senses. When all that doesn't work you hair now did the last his hair and end of the story right and left it up to you. You want to hit her with a sword you want to her with the as you said apart.

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Oh, that does not mean less lamps. Here's a rule. He puts the details of it. And the practices lm explains the data. He says lm poser Miss wack and miswak it's like a like a pencil. He said you discipline.

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So that that's like a like a toothbrush or how would like a stick your dentist also on? Yes. Yeah. So let's wax up. Yeah, I had one. I had one in my in my car. There's a Swedish

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journal medical dental journal. Yeah, they did the whole research about miswak. And it was amazing. All right, I'm gonna ask you towards the end.

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So he put he holds. And he said, This is what you discipline, the point is not to hurt. The point is not to leave margin. The point is not to, to humiliate. The point is to wake her up.

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Like when I wake you up for salata, ledger, you're gonna call that beating. You know, and this is responsibility that the problem we have is the structure of the family is broken down so much. We don't feel that we have responsibilities toward each other. My job is to save my wife from the hellfire. Her job is to save me from the hellfire. I will have no problem when I do something wrong for my wife to come and push me and say What's wrong with you? Right? I have no problem. And she should not have prom. And this is this is the this is how a lot once the family a lot of the promises and praises a man who wakes up in the middle of the night and wakes his wife to pray with

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him. Yeah. Now someone will say, Yeah, you're disturbing that that's interesting shape, because you mentioned that because nowadays, many people have the house thinking about this, what's your thoughts people have, you know, consenting adults, you know, they have these fetishes right now. So they'll end up beating the heck out of each other for sexual purposes. Right. And nobody's calling the police on it, and they're leaving bruises and marks and whatnot. But but but this is nothing of leaving a bruise a mark or anything, you know, hitting the face, you know, not touching the face. But, you know, when people go to extremes, you know, for sexual pleasures, you know, they handcuff

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each other, and they're beating each other, and they're actually leaving marks. Right? And this is for pleasure. Right? And

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nobody talks about right? Or someone said, someone be like, spank me, honey, and they're doing you know, this is all on me. Okay, Mary, she's just trying to hit the point home right now is whenever it has to do, we have to really accept the fact that our religion is a target. of its, I hear a lot of Muslims, trying to defend Islam trying to make it look, if we do not acknowledge the fact that we are under attack, we will never understand what's going on. Yeah. And nobody will understand that by being on Facebook. If you don't dig deep into the books, and read the history of how the plot started in in Europe and all that you will never understand that the war on this religion from the

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time of inception,

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our religion, that the issue they have with our religion, our religion is wants to change the system.

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Not any other religion is interested in. Look at Hinduism, look at Buddhism, look at Taoism, Confucianism, Judaism, Christian, just church and that's it, synagogue, temple, whatever. Islam is a comprehensive religion is deaf. That's why it's the final message. And that's what causes threat. If I'm Christian, and I want we should get rid of the of government and there should be no separation between state and church. What Christianity, how can Christianity governance doesn't have a system? Right? We need to get rid of usury, what Christianity has as an alternative, what any other religion has as an alternative for the financial system. Look at this law, it has everything that's why it's

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a threat. And always listen, it's the right of the of the others to fight for their existence. And they're fighting us because they see Islam is the only threat right? We have to acknowledge that and we have to accept that and this is a fact this is not this is not delusional, this is not Muslims trying to to scapegoat their problems. This is a fact this is historical fact. And this is a fact that is that is acknowledged by the non Muslims before Muslims. So if we don't Now, how do we react or that first thing we need to hold tight to our religion? Our religion is perfect religion, our religion. I asked some Muslims do you believe that your religion is the only right religion? They

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say I'm not sure

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what's did they ever read the Quran.

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These people, these people involved in that. Did they ever read the Quran? Do you ever read the verbatim Word of God Almighty Allah, the Quran to live for yourself? It's a question he's asking how do you I mean, what, when Allah is though, just said in Edina and ally listener, the only way in the sight of Allah is Al Islam. How can you still have doubt that your religion is the only true religion? How can you call yourself Muslims? When when you say I'm not sure you're contradicting clearly the Quran, they now I'm not telling you just because you're born Muslim, you should believe that it's 100% direct religious search for yourself. Look for yourself and, and you will find the

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truth you will lie, brother Eddie, it's in there. It's in there. Every single day you you realize things in the deen of Islam, that makes you feel hamdulillah that a Muslim? Makes you feel that indeed, this is the true religion. I've been everywhere. I've been in everything I've been involved in a lot of things. Islam, none Islam, or Allah, Allah. And and this is where I find my comfort. And with all due respect, I'm not

00:31:06--> 00:31:49

a guy who just leads alone and know some Quran and give a lecture. And that's it. I'm a successful businessman. I have my degrees I have I went to some of the best universities in America in the world. Yeah, so I've been there. Don't look at me as this guy. Actually, if I if I'm correct. You graduated from University of Pennsylvania, kind of Pennsylvania, which is an Ivy League, Ivy League school, dental school, and you you're doing a Master's now in business and to Harvard, at Harvard. Okay, so, and I don't say this to show off or anything, but I want Muslims to understand because this is we have sense of inferiority, you know, no, no, just because someone has a beer or where a

00:31:49--> 00:32:24

coffee or lead Salah, that doesn't mean he's not intellectual, doesn't mean he doesn't know anything except the salah and the Quran, right? And this is the message I want to send, I need to go do my master's at Harvard. Yeah. But I want I want it in my resume for you to appreciate the fact that you can combine between two between the dunia and the as beautiful as you can manage to combine between the two and be successful in both, you know, our Islam is you're sure if you look in the philosophy of Europe, right? In the last two centuries, we hear about

00:32:26--> 00:32:33

the European philosophers reach a point where they deny the importance of intellect when it comes to faith.

00:32:34--> 00:32:48

Right, they said faith is something you feel has nothing to do with the mind has nothing to do with the scientific method which is experiment and proof. You find Muslims who read this and they want to apply that to listen to

00:32:49--> 00:32:58

the Quran from cover to cover tells you reflect think ponder, right? Why that why they European philosophers decided to take that path.

00:32:59--> 00:33:38

Because they know their religion doesn't make sense. They cannot prove it intellectual. You can't prove Christianity intellectual, no way. Right? So they knew that. So they wanted to defend their religion. Because there's in their mind, if we push people for intellect, they're gonna realize this is a bogus religion. The problem I have is when Muslims try to apply the same thing to listen. When Allah azzawajal challenges from the beginning challenges of humanity, it brings something like this, you find Muslims who say we left Islam and descender videos on YouTube and now you receive some brothers and sisters send me these videos asking me like we're confused. You know,

00:33:39--> 00:33:42

we left Islam because they fooled us, they told us that

00:33:43--> 00:34:01

this book, The Quran, nobody can come up with a surah like that right? And they start calling all these scholars of Islam who, who are rendered out of the faith because of their ideologies from the past. And oh, we can bring 1000 Quran like this we can this Quran can be

00:34:03--> 00:34:09

imitated Quran can be mimic can be, you know, so So my answer to them is anyone can mine.

00:34:11--> 00:34:18

Like this scholars they're calling right? who belong to dv integrals, martez, ILA and Jeremy and

00:34:19--> 00:34:20

all these things.

00:34:21--> 00:34:24

They said, Oh, somehow, we can bring up 1000 columns like this.

00:34:26--> 00:34:27

Do we have one?

00:34:28--> 00:34:30

From 1400 years ago until today?

00:34:31--> 00:34:33

Like, look how easy you can refute and argue.

00:34:34--> 00:34:41

And you ulis me all these scholars supposedly that they said, Oh, anybody can write something like that. Right? a premium. What

00:34:44--> 00:34:45

do they can they?

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

Yeah, so so these are the shuba and the doubtful matters. They tried to spread all over to fall into the hearts of the Muslim. Now this is very simple to review. And when I tell the answer these brothers or sisters about this, they say wow,

00:35:00--> 00:35:32

Mixing the why it didn't make sense why you are not ready to for it when it came. That's our problem is we are reactive. We are supposed to be proactive as Muslims in all our affairs, specially in the in the sides where we are being attacked. Why I need to wait until someone confronts me or attack me and say you guys abused women, right for me to go and as the shareholder start reading books or start learning what Islam says about treating women, for me to be able, I lost that opportunity to shut him down.

00:35:33--> 00:35:48

Yeah, that's where we need allies. The rigidity encourages us in the Quran to learn, learn, learn, he tells the prophets I said let me know that Laila hayleigh, for anything else, for lm and Nola Allah, he doesn't know. So look this word. Now. The first word revealed is what

00:35:51--> 00:36:09

are we read, learn grow. They did a study in the Arab world where the Quran is in their language, how much the Arab person reads per year. Do you know how much per year how much half a page, half a page a whole year, a whole year in anything half a page on average a whole year.