Mufti Menk – Fire in the Masjid

20 September 2019
Lakefield, South Africa

MY house. Whose house? Allah’s house. A house where Islam is taught, peace is enjoined upon us. Allah’s house will beat witness of our deeds, good and bad.

You might wonder who could be bad in a masjid? It could very well  be a person focussed on the dunya that the akhirah exists on a balance of probabilities. Or you could be that person so embittered by the betrayal of one close to you  that news of the traitor’s mishap has you exclaiming “Alhamdullilah!”.

But that is not Islam. Allah does not want our vengeance. Allah does not our anger. Allah is Ar-Rahman, Al-Ghafoor and Al-Latheef. He forgives even when we do not.

Hence listen to the learned Sheikh Menk who shares with us how we should act when facing adversities. How our ancestors reacted in the face of fire in their masjid.

Sheikh Menk reminds us that we are not alone and that the masjid is not only for Muslims but for all Allah’s creation.