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20 September 2019
Lakefield, South Africa

MY house. Whose house? Allah’s house. A house where Islam is taught, peace is enjoined upon us. Allah’s house will beat witness of our deeds, good and bad.

You might wonder who could be bad in a masjid? It could very well  be a person focussed on the dunya that the akhirah exists on a balance of probabilities. Or you could be that person so embittered by the betrayal of one close to you  that news of the traitor’s mishap has you exclaiming “Alhamdullilah!”.

But that is not Islam. Allah does not want our vengeance. Allah does not our anger. Allah is Ar-Rahman, Al-Ghafoor and Al-Latheef. He forgives even when we do not.

Hence listen to the learned Sheikh Menk who shares with us how we should act when facing adversities. How our ancestors reacted in the face of fire in their masjid.

Sheikh Menk reminds us that we are not alone and that the masjid is not only for Muslims but for all Allah’s creation.


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Salam alaykum. warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah Anna Lee was happy.

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We praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household his companions We ask Allah Subhana Allah, Allah to bless them, and to bless every one of us and to grant us goodness to protect us from all evil. May Allah subhanho wa Taala gather us in genitals or dose with our offspring, with also the loss of Allah Allah He will send them

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my beloved brothers and sisters,

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it is indeed an honor to be in the house of Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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This house belongs to none other than the maker himself. We come here in order to please Allah in order to put our heads down to the ground for the one who made us in order to declare his greatness in order to understand

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the connection with him and him alone to develop it to be able to reach out to others to do the same. And in order to be able to improve ourselves, such that we prepare for the day we go back to the same maker. We as Muslims, give great importance to the link with our maker. It is in fact of utmost importance. The most powerful relationship that anyone can have

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is actually the relationship with the maker himself.

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So let's develop this. This is why one of the powerful signs given by Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. When speaking about those who will be from among the most successful on the Day of Judgment, they will be earning the special shade of Allah subhanho wa Taala. One of the categories he says a judo can boo, Lacombe masajid, a person whose heart is connected to the masjid to the house of Allah. The reason is, when you have a great relationship with your maker, and you are looking forward to meeting with him. He looks forward to meeting with you too. So Hannah, Nah, man, I have balika Allah He have been lovely.

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Whoever loves the meeting with Allah, whoever is looking forward to the meeting with Allah. Allah is looking forward to the meeting with him or her Subhana Allah. So my brothers and sisters, what a beautiful Masjid masjidul unsolved here in lakefield. We ask Allah to protect this house. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, to use this place to bring more and more people towards him. Firstly, those who are already Muslim, may Allah make us regular

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in our relationship with Him through salah and prayer, and then those who are not Muslim as well. May Allah bring them towards the deen. May Allah give them guidance as well. My brothers and sisters, I'm going to say something very important today. The non Muslims that we live with around us, we do every business deal with them, we interact with them respectfully, that's what we are taught, we actually live next to them we may be fulfilling certain rights of theirs, as neighbors when they are next to us. We will be buying and selling we will be interacting, they may be our school teachers, our lecturers, our doctors, lawyers, whatever it may be. One thing we are lacking

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in is when it comes to sharing our beliefs with them, or letting them know at least this is what we stand for. If you travel from Australia to American and up north, the UK going all the way to the countries of the West wherever they are and the countries where there is a predominance of non Muslim, you will find each country has a uniqueness.

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And the Muslims through time have actually developed in a way that is the most befitting to that particular uniqueness here in South Africa and in southern Africa in general myself being from Zimbabwe as well. We could do much better in presenting Islam to the north.

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Muslims, and we have to do much better. We are actually lacking, you know, to improve myself as a Muslim, and to encourage other Muslims to improve themselves is absolutely vital. But that's not my only duty. The people, they will catch us on the day of the AMA, they are going to ask Allah subhanho wa Taala against us. This man was my neighbor, we did business together, this woman I interacted with her every day, not a single day, did she actually or he come to me and say, You know what, this is what my faith is all about, believe me, a lot of the non Muslims look at the messages as houses where terrorism is taught, trust me, a lot of the non Muslims, they are told sometimes

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even by their own leaders, at times, that what goes on in the mosque is something very clandestine. They have no idea what happens in here. They have absolutely no idea. And for this reason, the gap is being made bigger and bigger. The skepticism is greater simply because of ignorance. They just don't know. Yet you and I, every day we come to the masjid What are we learning about? We're learning about peace, make make, you know, making the most of your time on earth by reaching out to the rest of the creatures of Allah, fulfilling the rights of your neighbors who are not Muslim, reaching out to people as human beings. The Prophet sallallahu wasallam says hello nasty and found

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in us, the best of all people are those who are the most beneficial to the rest of the people, people being those who are the same species, as you and I created by the same Lord.

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For this reason, it's important for us, it's very, very important for us to ensure

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that we have tried our best

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to invite them

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to see what's going on, in the house of Allah Subhana Allah, I'm afraid very, very strong proponent of this, not only because I have personally seen the results, I have seen masajid were on a Friday they have a special section where non Muslims can come and sit and listen to the lecture. And I promise you if you study this statistics, those who have done that respectfully, nine times out of 10 the whole perspective of what Muslims stand for is changed. And five out of 10 they turned to Islam after a few weeks. So Pamela, remember, guidance is in the hands of Allah, your duty and My duty is only to deliver the message that also we're not doing. We were squabbling amongst ourselves

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whether it should or shouldn't happen when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in a Masjid more noble than masjidul anzar in lakefield a mustek more noble than this Masjid, which must It was It must be the nabawi when he received

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who, when he received what was known as Unruh food.

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The delegations It was called the year of the delegations. Where did he receive them? In the masjid? Yes, they were respectfully dressed. Yes, they were taught one or two simple things they came in as non Muslims to mosquito nabawi. They said they spent time they were given a place to stay, they even stayed a few days at times.

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As a result, nearly all of them entered the fold of Islam. Our mustard is to clean it's cleaner than must be the number one we won't allow that to happen. That's how something because of ignorance, no matter who you are, no matter how high you stand, no, no, no, no, don't keep the team for yourself. The true Muslim, who will find himself in the forefront on the Day of Judgment is the one who shared even a single verse that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam brought to us with as many people as possible, not just the Muslims, and like I said, sharing it with the Muslims is of utmost importance. But this is of equal importance, if not more,

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when someone enters the fold of Islam through a small effort made by you, even if it is a simple open day that is managed respectfully. When law he you will receive a full reward of every Salah they do every good deed they do every word of the Quran, they read every act of worship they engaging and you will not be held accountable for the sins that they perpetrate. Because those were not taught by you know, did you help them to do that?

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But yes, respectfully, we

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We are not saying come in and desecrate the masjid. And I want to clarify one thing. This Masjid has been through something that Masjid and nabawi. And Masjid al Haram in Makkah, has also been through, they have been fires in the most blessed mosques on Earth.

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It does not mean it's the sine of the angle of Allah. It's a test for you as a community. And it is a test at times of blessing in disguise to bring the community together. Has that not happened in the last two days? Have you? Have you ever seen such solidarity in this community? then there has been in the last few days

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as an outsider, I'm telling you, I've already heard about that solidarity, and how good

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whatever came out of the negative has been, may Allah grant us goodness, when things happen in life

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that are negative for a moment, it's never negative Agia polyamory meaningful in Morocco, hula hula Hussain, amazing are the affairs of a true believer. All his affairs are good. They can never be bad. So what there was a fire. We got up we proved that we belong to Allah, the house belongs to Allah we came in as a community, we cleaned it to the degree that an unsuspecting person who doesn't know this Masjid won't even know that there was a fire, do you agree? Unless they are told, look, here Look, the Sega CD, then maybe they might see some signs.

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The Kaaba was also built at one stage, did you know that? Go back in history and check. Does it mean Subhana Allah, that there was something wrong with the place? Not at all? It was a test from Allah?

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What happened? they rebuilt it? I don't know if you're aware of this. So Han Allah May Allah protect us.

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So don't be despondent. It is a sign

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from Allah to test you, are you going to let this make you come closer to Allah? Or are you going to start questioning? You know, maybe this house of Allah is cursed out to be law? How dare that statement be made by anyone? Do you know what you just said, I started this lecture by saying this house belongs to who? Allah, when the law let something happen. He knows why he has a far bigger, more divine plan than any one of us. Your duty you fulfill, it allows you to do what he wants.

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I have a very strong feeling that we will quickly notice the positives out of this don't become despondent. But I have an invitation for every one of you. And for more, the whole community and beyond.

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My brothers and sisters, understand the value of the house of Allah.

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When you move into a suburb and you hear that there is a Masjid in this locality, it should bring a smile to the face.

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It is a magnetizing

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place where we feel the connection. We go back to Allah look at those who are wealthy with no faith.

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They're searching for faith. They don't know where the happiness is. They don't know why they're not content, but they have everything.

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Look at those who are popular. They have no faith. Look at those who are powerful, but they have no faith.

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They will not achieve contentment.

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It's a temporary feeling of joy. Very fake. But look at those who have absolutely nothing. When they are close to Allah. It is as though they have more than all of those with the billions and the millions.

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You find the men smiling. And he's the happiest of all sitting in the first stuff in the masjid. And he doesn't know where the next food is going to come from. But he has a keen interest in Allah. He's a happier person than the one who's worried about the next million Rand deal whether or not he's going to get a phone call to confirm or deny the deal. He's more depressed about that than anything else yet. He's sitting with 100 million in his account. You follow what I'm saying? It's got to do with Allah your heart. Be happy. We are sitting here. What a lovely place. Will this place bear witness for you or against you? In many ways? I'm only mentioning to number one. Did you attend the

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masjid? Number two? Did you speak highly of the house of Allah or negatively?

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People don't think sometimes Allah. They are human beings. I'm a human. I make mistakes. I will make them

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mistakes, I expect you to correct me by tapping me on my shoulder and reminding me in a respectful way, because that's how I would like to correct you too. Sometimes we make the mistake, people say, you know, that must be careful, very dangerous. You watch out, you know, it's cursed. How can you see that? Do you know what you're saying? That must it will bear witness against your mouth, you won't have a response? Unless it's my house? How dare you decide what is the law and what is not?

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How dare you decide that? This is a message that was created in order to divide the oma, how do you know?

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Perhaps the sincerity of the people who built it was more than yours, who knows? Only Allah knows that you might have felt that way, you may be wrong. And what might have started off in a wrong way may have somehow in the future become correct. It could have

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I recall, some of the scholars many years back who used to say anyone whose forefathers came to this part of the world with the intention of business, you must now change your intention. Have you ever heard that? They say your intention must be the dean, right? The reason is you have to correct your intentions. Even if it happens to be later on. A man might have decided to make a journey for a sin. And as he was journeying or when he got to the destination, or when he committed his first sin, He turned back to ally and said, No, yeah, Allah, I don't want this I seek your forgiveness. I'm going to convert this into a journey of goodness. And I want to reach out to people in goodness and I'm

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going to fulfill my salah and I'm going to do X, Y and Zed in Nevada. What happened? You are dealing with the Most Merciful. Rahman Rahim Allah

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Subhana, Allah, the Most loving, the most compassionate, you're not dealing with other human beings who are unforgiving. Human beings don't forgive in a rush. Allah forgives in a greater rush than you. Do you know that. The Hadith says whoever comes towards Allah Allah rushes towards him faster than he can Subhanallah smile my brothers and sisters, this is the house of Allah, it will bear witness on the day of judgment as to whoever put their heads on the ground here, whoever visited whoever benefited whoever pointed others towards the house of Allah, whoever helped them to come to the house of Allah, even if it's just by a good word, you encourage someone my brother, very lovely

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place you should frequent the house of Allah, even if you just go in, fulfill your Salah and walk out if those words of yours helped someone come to the house of Allah, not only will they achieve that virtue I spoke about earlier regarding the special shade of the Day of Judgment, but you will achieve that shade to by virtue of having pointed out the goodness to them at done to Anil Haley caffarelli the one who points out goodness will get the reward of that goodness when it is done.

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Don't underestimate the love of Allah. Things happen in our lives. People break bones. When you see a man's bones being broken. You can't say Mashallah, the punishment of Allah has finally descended. That's not the quality of a man. Even if he's a bad person and his bones broke. You say, Oh Allah, guide him, guide us. Give him goodness give us what is your intention? Do you want to see people being destroyed? Or do you want to see them being saved? A true mean once to see the rest of humanity being saved? The Prophet sallallahu Sallam had a concern for humanity at large men and jinn. He used to pray for them. He used to cry for them. He used to spend time in salah and he

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really dedicated a lot of effort, if not almost all of his effort towards saving them.

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our own brothers,

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our own brothers in the same Masjid

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style villa. I don't know if you know what I know. But I can share it with you.

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people taking out hits against other Muslims who fulfill Salah in the same Masjid with them. And the community says I know this brother, he's in the masjid all the time.

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But then you find out that he's paying people to kill a mother who was in the same Masjid.

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What kind of Islam? Where are we? Who are we what do we think we're doing? When Allah when

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I just told you a true woman wants to save humanity. We want to destroy our brother. Just because

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he got the deal and we didn't or he married the girl. We wanted to. I wanted to

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What's it

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masaba kalmia kulu Acoma taka lomnica Lucy back what got to you was was never meant to miss you and what missed you was never ever meant to get to you never

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open your hearts, let them be filled with love. When someone goes through a calamity give them good words that's asuna

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don't go and say Mashallah brother. We were waiting for this to happen to you, you know, you deserved it to be loved, but we have become so low in our o'clock Our hearts are becoming so dirty. We get happy when there is a loss of another when the Hadith says la Buhari Shama Tata for your hammer, La Jolla, britannique. Don't ever show happiness at the loss of your brother, Allah might have mercy on that person and test you with the same if not worse, don't be happy if you see something happening, and it's a disaster. Look for the positives in it. It's a moment of softness. I want to give you another quick example before I end.

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If you were to go into the prisons and the hospitals and by the way, that is a tsunami of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam to visit those who are struggling in one way or another, especially the sick and ill and the elderly and those who are incarcerated, etc, etc. Those who are downtrodden it's the sooner the profits or solemn teaches it as an instruction from Allah. You know why at that juncture, their hearts are softened, very soft, sick person and the community goes to visit, make dua for them, make them feel good show the concern and the care.

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They will become better meaning or they can turn to Islam.

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Show the care and concern someone is struggling with a financial loss. Look at them help them say a good word to them. The Quran speaks about giving time to the one who owes you money if they're really struggling to pay back if you are okay.

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But we've lost all these will actually take out people who owe us money just because they've delayed a little bit and we know how much they are struggling.

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May Allah have mercy on the oma my brothers and sisters you know the time is always short. But there's always another time the scholars and Allah of your communities are plenty make use of them. I've always said that I remember coming into this Masjid and saying the same thing sometimes that make use of the scholars of your communities and understand that will lie the opportunities you have for the deen and for the for the closeness for learning the knowledge of how to get close to Allah. Many people don't have these opportunities. The chances you have the masajid you have the facilities you have many across the globe do not have these facilities. Use them. I was asked moments ago, we

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were talking about some of the best communities and I stand by what I say some of the best people I've met in terms of religion of Islam are in some of the most remote places of Africa with some of the darkest complexion ever. And I bear witness. They have moved me and made me feel like I'm nothing.

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When I look at their efforts, don't ever judge people. Don't ever underestimate. You just work hard. Improve your heart, improve your communications, improve your ibadah improve your closeness to Allah and learn to be caring for entire humanity. Learn to want to reach out to them, save them and allow grant to goodness

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala accept these few words in sha Allah, the touching up of this Masjid will happen in no time and inshallah it will be better than before. More important than the masjid looking grant is for it to be filled with Mussolini's for it to be filled with programs. That is true beautification of the mosque. So let's beautify our Masjid in the correct way. Apolo Kali hava sallallahu wasallam Allah and Amina Mohammed