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Salam Alaikum brothers and sisters, I think now more than ever.

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Critical thinking is something that we have to if we haven't already developed, we have to develop it.

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In the Quran where God Almighty Allah, the creator is telling us very important ayah that if a fasik evildoer, a liar, someone on trustworthy comes to you with some news, you got to go check it up, you've got to go and verify it.

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In today's day and age, with mainstream media, we can understand we've seen patterns of this over and over. And it they've did

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studies, they've shown how much truth is actually put out versus the false hood through mainstream media and they rated it. And an overwhelming amount is just fake news, false information. So we don't want to get overly emotionally invested. If someone is used to watching Fox News. And now you're just you like this anchor, for instance. And you get really emotionally invested in this person, someone gets emotionally invested in CNN, for example, someone gets emotionally invested in NPR. This is all mainstream media. Now you have to if you go down that rabbit hole, and many have and then they bring to light, who's actually behind these few corporations, you got five or six of

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them that own the mainstream media, Big Pharma pays their bills, drug companies spend about $5 billion a year on advertising with these media outlets only. It's only been through non corporate, independent media outlets that these stories are told at all, or the corporate media doesn't care about these stories, because they either share board members with these companies or because they want those companies to keep throwing huge advertising dollars, their way, they're always going to express the ideological views of their owners, their corporate owners. Fortunately, an increasing number of Americans are starting to wake up and realize that the mainstream media should not be

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trusted. In recent years, we've seen the alternative media experience rapid growth, mainstream media has been losing credibility as staggering rate, and Americans are starting to look elsewhere for the truth about what's really going on. And then I often make this example and you can contrast it. For instance, let's say if us the believers in the One God the believer is in the divine, and his blueprint for life, the purpose of life that we have that causes us to everything good. Let's say we ran this media, we'd want to eradicate poverty, you have like over 4 million plus people dying, yearly.

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of, of

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lack of food, we'd want to use that media to push out and we highlight that to motivate people to give and we look to eradicate that right. But now when you have other people controlling it, according to open secrets, Big Pharma spent more than $58 million on politicians in 2016, the most amount they've ever spent on direct contributions in the last quarter century. Why? Because they big drug companies want politicians to do what they ordered them to do. And when it comes to lobbying few industry spend more than Big Pharma last year, the industry spent a staggering $244 million to influence our elected leaders in Washington DC, they have an agenda. For instance, the former CEO of

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Fox, Roger Alice, when he was asked, there were certain facts. They were brought to his attention of certain drugs from the pharmaceutical company, they were actually killing people bringing a lot of harm Vioxx, for instance, killed close to a small number is like in in a matter of so many years. They were pushing and fighting and what not to keep. Vioxx, for instance, is one drug that kills so many people, it's proven to this day. But now he was asked if he was to speak against the pharmaceutical industry, when he was asked, in a private conversation with someone who brought this to fruition to light. He said, Look, if one of my anchors spoke out against the pharmaceutical

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industry, I'd have to fire them. Why? Because the majority of funding that they get comes from the pharmaceutical industry, drug companies are offering huge money to scientists, people I call bioss to teach their professors or their academic willing to author studies.

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50 60% and I believe that America and I and one other country, maybe it'd be New Zealand are the only ones that promote the ads directly to the public. Here. Now, what does that tell us? that the people who are behind the scenes running these big organizations, they have an agenda. They have

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If it's not an ideological agenda, they're always going to express the ideological views of their owners, not a political agenda. So a lot of times these mass media propaganda machines are used in the games that people play, we don't want to fall into these traps. So we want to verify and now how the best thing they say, this man, just turn it off. If you're not a critical thinker, go on your business. If you want to stay healthy, stay sane, mind, healthy and thought and heart. You want to save your health, most of the time, is the best to avoid the mainstream media is to avoid it altogether. But if you're someone like for instance, myself, people who are out there and you're

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trying to bring the truth to people, sometimes you have to get, you have to be well informed. So unless you have a better idea, one idea is maybe if you take some information from the fox news, you take some from CNN, you go outside the box, and you look at independent organizations, what they have to say. And at the same time, the most important thing is that you're making the dua, to the Creator of the heavens and earth or law. God Almighty, Allah helped me to see truth as truth and help me to be able to follow it, and helped me to see false it and false it and be able to avoid it. But don't get overly invested.

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In any anchor in any news organization. We know there's always been some new terrorists on the block.

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How are they able to convince the whole world that Muslims are terrorists? Look, look, look at the propaganda fear machine. And we know it. Why? Because we're well informed in our Deen in Islam. We know what Islam promotes love, peace, mercy, Justice for All, the pure monotheism.

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We know that because we're willing, well informed in our Dean, we're supposed to be. So even the person with a little bit of knowledge of Islam, he knows this is false. This is fake news. Right away, we spot it, when they were able to convince the whole world that now

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a certain country had weapons of mass destruction. And they went in and pillaged and plundered, and the whole us everybody was on board. But we knew this was a lie. And then later it came out.

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And it was exposed that it was one of the greatest lies. But what happened later, I mean, how many millions and millions of innocent lives were lost. That's the lie machine, the propaganda machine.

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If you're wondering what you just saw, that was a montage spliced together by Timothy Burke from deadspin, it's a mash up of dozens of anchors on different stations reciting the same eerie script, ironically, about the dangers of fake news. Because this also means a small number of CEOs and billionaires hold big sway over how the American public thinks. And then they were able to convince people on so many other things that are out there, the whole thing with the Palestinians, one of the most oppressed people now and look at the lie machine, they're still and if you go up against it, all your conspiracy theorists, etc, etc. But you know, because you're well informed, you know,

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what's going on? Should we keep going down the list of how many things out there that are out there that are perpetuated? If you're informed in it, you see all the light bulb goes on? Because I've been informed I was critical thinking, and I can see past the lies. But what about the other things now? The whole climate and everything that's being pushed? Are we doing our critical thinking, maybe you can't change nothing. But you cannot submit with your heart and mind that's the least you can do. And you can hate it as the prophet SAW. Some said, the last and final messenger sent to mankind, the least of it, if you cannot change it, speak out against it. If you cannot do anything with your

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hands to change it,

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you can hate it and detest it in your heart. So we see a lot of Evil games being played with these political parties. We see a lot of agendas now that are being pushed people piggybacking off the current climate. We see people being further driven away from the masjid, we see people further we work so hard to give the Dow what to call people to the dean. And now we see with the current climate,

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people being divided, not just Muslims being divided humanity being divided, but we look forward to hummed a lot they pot and plant a love is the best of planners because a lot of plans, the best of plans. So imagine if we didn't have this Dean if we didn't have a lot of strong dollar, so we know there's a greater good that will come. But at the same time while all this is going on. Don't be sheep, do your critical thinking. Investigate like last month, Allah tells us to investigate so we can be better well informed. Don't be overly invested in a particular mainstream news organization

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and don't live in fear.

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live in fear.

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Calais, you see Ben

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katapola hulan who am Oh, Lana, what are the law? He fell? Yeah, I mean, look at this ayah beautiful we tie our camel Of course, we take our precautions. But as Allah God Almighty tells us

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that no harm can come to us, except what is decreed by the color of a law. So don't live don't suppress your immune system by living in fear and paranoia. And we see it happening. You're so scared.

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And now they have a new terrorist on the block. And you know his name. So let's be all Muslims, Allah doesn't want us to be sheep. Last month, Allah doesn't want us to be falling into these traps of shade Don. And remember, shade on the one who is not an ally with Allah is Ally was shut down. And you have many of these people out there who are

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pushing the buttons, and shakedowns at the top with them, guiding them which ways to go.

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Don't be

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ignorant to these things. Don't be naive and have your head in the sand. So this is my small advice

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that I wanted to share with you guys if you have some better ways of being a better critical thinker.

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share that with us. Share that in the comments. But stay awake, stay connected to a law. Ask a law constantly to guide you to guide us and

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make sure that you think outside the box. So you have a more holistic approach with everything that you do. And we're a middle nation, and stay on that middle. Peace be with you as salaam alaikum