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The importance of Islam in the Muslim community is discussed, with a focus on the need for truthfulness and being courageous in order to achieve the goal of building one's faith and faith strength. The speaker emphasizes the importance of living a life with truthfulness, as it is crucial to build one's faith and faith strength. The need for truthfulness is emphasized, as it can lead to evil behavior.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome to a new episode of In the light of the Quran. Today we have a new light, it's very wonderful for every Muslim, it's very important for us from the individual level. And it's very important for the Muslim society and Muslim communities all around. And actually, it is very important for humanity in general, because this is a wonderful aspect of the Muslim character, and we shouldn't be known for it. It was the reason for the spread of Islam in so many countries around the world. But unfortunately, at recent times, Muslims have done away with that, but we will try to restore it and get it back to what it was. It's supposed to be in our lives

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as Muslims, our Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him was always known for his wonderful characteristic. It is very important for the dealings for the way it's actually very important for us in dealing with our Creator, very important for us in dealing with ourselves and the people around us is one of the most important aspects of the Muslim character. It is actually this wisdom today. And this slide is taken from sauna to zap. The sort of hazard is very strong, and very powerful. And it talks about an important event that happened in Islamic history when the disbelievers wanted to destroy the Muslims, but Allah gave victory to the Muslims. And Allah

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concluded the soil with this wonderful advice. very strong, very important, important wisdom and we have to learn it and live our lives with it with the light of this of these verses. Let's start with the recitation. inshallah, we will take the meanings and the lessons out of it.

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Welcome back. So today's versus this wisdom that we are going to deal with inshallah is very, very important for us. And actually, it's one of the basics of the Muslim character. And it is very important because it really, it adds a lot of strength in the Muslim character, to the, to the good image, the real image of the of Islam and Muslims as individuals and as a society as a community in, in general. Allah says in these verses, and he commands the belief is and we know this command is very important when Allah starts talking to the believers, biased by Yeah, you have Latina M and O you who believe or believers, that's a very

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important and very beautiful summoning from Allah subhanaw. taala is calling us to something very important, very necessary in our lives. So Allah says, Oh, you who believe speak the truth. Speak the truth, what a strong word This is. Speak the truth we should be people of truth. We should only utter what is true. We should not utter falsehood, we should not lie, we should not deceive, we should not act treacherously, because we Muslims have been dignified, have been favored over all others, with our ability, with our determination to stick to the truth. And actually, the good thing about truthfulness and saying the truth, exactly a mirror. For your heart, it reflects what is

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exactly in your heart. So what's in your heart will always show especially on your tongue. So, if you are truthful, if your heart is truthful, then everything you say will be true. You will only say what is true, you will never lie, no venture or debt light. But if you have some kind of deception inside inside your heart if you are not 100% truthful when it comes to faith, what you harbor in your head

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hearts in your chest, it will show you actions. So, you will have some lies, you will definitely accept some lies. And this is some some important aspects in the human life in the human nature, that you know, our actual outward manner is a reflection of our inward manner, or what it needs some scrutiny and you can tell what kind of person this is. Because what's in the heart shows in the actions and on the tongue. If a person is truthful, always speaks the truth, then you know that this, this, this man's heart is excellent and is truthful. But if this person tells lies, if he stands for false witness, you can tell that this person has some illness in his heart, or her heart.

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So Allah subhanaw taala is telling us all you who believe, speak the truth. Always in all situations, whether you're in hardship or in ease, speak the truth. Be courageous, be brave, to say the truth, speak the truth, no matter what the consequences are, because a Muslim never lies. A Muslim never does to tell a lie, because the heart the pure heart does not go with a lie, cannot accept the lie. The pure soul does not, cannot tell a lie. Never ever, so Winston's always tell the truth. And the prophets lie. Selim told us that truthfulness is very important in Islam, when he said that a person tells the truth and strives to tell the truth. Imagine you strive to tell the

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truth because we know our self always causes us to what is to the temporary pleasures of this life. Sometimes, we tend to lie why to save ourselves from embarrassment to save ourselves from a difficult situation.

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So what we do we start lying,

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we tend to lie we are inclined to lie to save ourselves, or to get away from hardship or a difficult situation. So this is why Prophet Mohammed says, the one person actually

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speaks the truth and says the truth and he strives to speak the truth, he strives to speak the truth. So this is why he says that

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truthfulness leads to righteousness, truthfulness, in a society.

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That truthfulness leads to righteousness, it leads to piety, it leads to towards being a better character better Muslim, you see, so truthfulness builds your character builds your faith strengthens, strengthens you as a Muslim individual. And this should be our aim. And this should be our goal. So we see the wisdom of today, the light of today, no matter what happens to you, always tell the truth. Always Be courageous. Be strong enough. And know that when you tell the truth, Allah will be with you, Allah will be with your helper, and your supporter. But if you tell lies, then maybe you might pass the buck. Now, you might get away with what you did. But people will know you

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as a liar. And Allah will expose you and ultimately caused you to face the consequences of your life. So Winston's Don't lie. So programmers lie he was seldom said that truthfulness leads to righteousness and a person and and righteous this leads to paradise. A person tells the truth and strives to tell the truth. This is the point. Telling the truth is not always easy. It takes a lot of effort, takes determination, takes a psychological readiness and and a strength of character to tell the truth, no matter what the consequences are. So he says, a man tells the truth and strives to tell the truth until he's written

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in the records with Allah subhanaw taala as a truthful, imagine, you are called on the Day of Judgment, as so and so the truthful, that's a great honor, that's a great privilege.

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Then Prophet Mohammed Salah Salem says that a lying leads to evil character, and leads to indecency, and indecency and evil character lead to the Hellfire, a person tells lies and strives to tell lies, and even telling lies is not always easy. But you have to some kind of push yourself to to life until it becomes some kind of second nature. And when you reach the stage, it's a very bad situation. Some people couldn't live with that line, they just keep playing and lying and like, they cannot live without that. And that's really evil, they have to work hard on themselves. So a person strives to to light until he's written with Allah as a liar. Imagine someone called in the Day of

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Judgment, so and so the liar. We don't want to be like that. That explains and he says in these verses, that if you tell the truth, Allah will correct a lower rectify your actions. Allah will

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bless your actions, Allah will correct them and show you the truth when it comes to actions. Imagine saying the truth will improve your actions will improve your character. So if you want a few, some people feel that weak. They can't do

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So Russia says they cannot do more press night because they can't do more fast. They cannot be good to the people. They cannot give more wealth, more money for the sake of Allah. If you want to increase in that tell the truth, you will be strengthened, you will become stronger in faith. And Allah will rectify your deeds and will correct them will bless them for you, and it will increase it will doubled your reward. Then Allah says, so he will, if you tell the truth, love will bless your actions and increase them good righteous deeds will increase them and Allah will forgive you your sins. Imagine how important it is to be truthful, to tell the truth No matter what happens.

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Then Allah says, whoever obeys Allah is Muslim gentlemen, indeed he has attained a great success. So great success is in following Allah and His messenger. And Allah says, We have offered the trust which is the religion of Islam, we have offered this to the heavens to the earth, and to the mountains. But they refused it because they could not bear this burden. But man took it upon himself. Imagine human beings accepted to see the truth. So we always human beings, we tend to take on our shoulders more than what we can they're more than what we can deal with more than beyond our capacity, then we recognize that we have overburdened ourselves. So then Allah describes the human

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beings and this is human nature, man has two instinctive traits, man is unjust, and he is ignorant. So these are two illnesses that are very, very evil, and the way to correct them, or two, when it comes to being unjust injustice, the way we can treat it is by increasing in worship Allah, softening our hearts. This is how we can deal with this list. The second illness which is ignorance, we can deal with that by seeking more knowledge. So the way to get out of the illnesses of the heart is to seek knowledge and to increase in worship and sincerity to Allah. This is how we can raise above the basic level of the human, self or of the human nature, we can cultivate ourselves, improve

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ourselves, so we tell the truth. We obey Allah and His Messenger, we learn to rid ourselves from ignorance, and we have sincerity and do more acts of worship in more sincerity for Allah in order to deal with the unjust nature that we are created according to Allah says Allah made all of these the wisdom behind all of this, that Allah punishes the poly polytheists males and females and the

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hypocrites and a lot of rewards the tankful servants, they believe in servants and the law is Forgiving and Merciful. So the wisdom is for us, let's speak the truth wherever we go. No matter what happens, you speak the truth and be real Muslims. Now until we meet this time with another light from the Quran another wisdom. I leave you in the care of Allah subhanaw taala Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh