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I even have the late

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model sort of

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back again in this beautiful beautiful place, which is

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Ashley reservoir.

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And today there's a lot of

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fair number of girls. Seagulls

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not too far from the ocean. Yeah, so not surprising, I'm not sure that there is definitely efficient. But obviously there is something

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here for

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what we're wanting very cold.

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But as you can see,

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sun is out and it is so clear

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it is possible for me walking

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behind me he's

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talking to somebody

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listening to him speaking.

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That is, which is an Arabic dialect just

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in Morocco.

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You won't believe how fast they speak we talk about the speed of speech Oh.

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I'm giving you a little bit of those mysteries. As I mentioned in the last

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we are really late and deep has fallen but we do see is

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that our chat lives in

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some part of the forest remains green, the rest of it all the broadleaf trees they shed their leaves.

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See this cold a lot of Allah subhanaw taala

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every day is a new creation,

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every hour of nutrition every minute of your ration quite literally because and also in front of a different variety. Because nothing is ever repeated. No two sunsets are the same or to sunrise.

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No two views of nature are the same.

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Everything is unique, and everything is different.

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They have a beautiful way

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there's this one tree here, which

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stands uniquely by itself.

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let's have our hands on this holder, and this incredible

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creative power

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with which he creates.

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And the purpose of that creation is they recognize it

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don't worship gods of our own creation.

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We don't worship our desires which is the biggest goddess worship today. Not even

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we are not even in the age

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of predominantly worship because even people coming from I've worked with religions like Hinduism and so on the poor educated ones and so on have left.

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They don't they don't follow it anymore. They don't go to temples they don't do puja and stuff. But they do nothing else. It's you know there many of them are atheists.

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the reason is that

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we are the worshipers off and the sleeves have our own desires

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protected from that. The important thing to understand here is that when we say desire it's not a blanket statement because there are desires and desires. So when we say haha in this case, with a very clear negative connotation, we mean desires that take us away from a loss of Hunter with afterall, somebody wants to be close to Allah desire, somebody wants to spend his time in the zikr of Allah. This is a desire somebody wants to worship Allah subhanaw taala he wants to make Renova feel more.

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He wants to read or he wants to understand Quran. He wants to get close to the Sunnah.

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You know, he wants to hedge genre he wants to give charity to please a local hotel. All of these are desires and obviously these are good so if you say I'm if you find yourself you're a slave to the desire to make the car hungry

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this is really

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the desired objective which is the desire to be close to Allah subhanaw taala which is true Hezekiah

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as I'm speaking to you, I'm seeing a whole flock of river turns

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look it up Dr S, who are skewing

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the water

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many of them drink on the drink on the fly

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where the skim the water and

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drink from the

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surface of the water.

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And of course, all of these are

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their body fish.

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There is a pair of Ospreys in the air

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waiting for one of them to David Allen for the fish, the absolute king of fishing Eagles is the Osprey

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or SPR II lay that up as well. There are some absolutely fantastic videos of Ospreys fishing and not give them a kind of

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wing and the way that we move the shoulder muscles what would be sold the muscles in human beings.

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The movement of the wing is very different from the movement of the wing in other species. So the Osprey is

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by the by the way, they therefore have a huge wingspan plus the way they move their wing.

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It gives them enormous lift. So you have these videos of Ospreys

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taking out fish, which are many times their weight, because the bird is because it's a bird he needs to fly. It's not. It's not heavy.

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But the fish that it pulls are

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big fish with the Oscars without hand.

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I offered them

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when the cash was also the Dave, is every time they go underwater.

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They're sitting underwater, the comrades are just driving straight through straight up.

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And bridgeable, what takes her down is the momentum with which distracted surfaces water when they stroke,

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which is the term used for the day of the eagle, or aka the fall,

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where it fold its wings and turns itself into.

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That takes it down deep into the deep underwater.

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The basic eyesight of it, it's not diving

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randomly, and then hoping that there's a fish at the end of that. It's diving to actually catch a fish. So his is a targeted focused dive.

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Which means that way, way, way up in the air, sometimes several 100 feet up in the air. This bird sees a fish. And as you know, when you're looking at something underwater, there's something called parallax error. The

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refracting of light with the light

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changes the angle of light, meaning that the fish is not where you see it. It's off to one side. So the bird automatically in its brain, correct echo parallax error. And Dave's

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on to the fish,

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which is unknown. So Dave's goes down there and grabs those talents that razor sharp.

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They're connected to muscles, which, when they lock

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that's it, there's no way the fish can break out of that grip.

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Of course, one or more of the talents will sink into

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all of them practically singing to the body of the fish. And because they're long,

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but possibly

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one or more. Find the heart. So

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it's amazing. It's so hello. Krishna was mountain and then the bird comes out of the water. It's natural buoyancy, the ones of the feathers and so on. Bring it to the surface and then it's a breeding of those wings. It is a sight

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Let's see the beating of those minute how those being beats lifted out of the water with the Lord of scanning

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and dig it off to where you'd want to go

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I'm looking here in the distance

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a whole bunch of little bands and now of course with a because of the winter the flowers about dietary patterns still there

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but in the distances a whole flock of geese and it negates

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this gives here I think resident I have to first check it out through the window and see what happened but my guess is that their resident here in this place because of the food

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normally they would have gone flown South By now

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the whole point of

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my walks into life

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is inhabited.

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Universalist Church

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I come with sometimes walk also discuss religion as we talk. But interestingly the Universalist

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Unitarian Universalist

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their belief

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was a

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teacher and he was huge and

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brotherhood of all humankind.

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So, I very first told me this thing I told him

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he said you're Muslim, you just got

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a good laugh. So

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he's a very nice, very, very good man very

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myself, that at the end of the day

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that I guess we just

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we do them all the time.

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And every time I do it, I

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put myself in that

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in that journal

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one day to remind whether it's here or wherever. And I remind myself and I asked myself that one day, this is what happened and then you've heard this whole story. So many times.

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manifest itself in actions. And that is that only upon Allah

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it will be noted

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no one to do anything.

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Because even the shofar

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is with the permission of others.

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We believe that if we ask Allah for this, we be begging to grant us the Shabbat.

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But we believe about the Shabbat

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as he told us, so Allah would permit me and the Oscar

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and all of that to happen, depending on one thing, which is our

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fit. And it's we have to keep our focus on

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not on how much we accumulate, but how we accumulate. That is what we go with us into our groups, not our wealth, but the way we acquired

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very new and very respected. Our decisions go with us

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very well and he was having a member Africa