Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P23 240D Tafsir Saad 45-52

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of the prophets of Islam is highlighted, including the influence of the heart and strength, the ability to worship the god's name, and the physical and mental characteristics of the people. The success of the people is driven by hard work and inspiration, and the importance of setting rules and not letting anyone is the greatest experience is emphasized. The Herod's teachings are discussed, including the importance of opening door, sharing companionship, and being a good friend. The shortening of women in the culture of Jana, which is limiting their glances, and the idea of "bringing joy" is also discussed.
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worth code. And remember Haribol gonna honor servants, Ibrahima Ibrahim. What his heart and his help were Kubo and Yaku alayhi wa sallam.

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Previously Prophets the oops ole man, are you believing the salam were mentioned? And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was told, be patient over what the people say. And remember these prophets of Allah who are examples of patients of perseverance. And now remember who Ibrahim is help, you're called all of these prophets. Who were they? They were only ad only possessors of an AB strength. When absorbed, and vision. All of these prophets were possessors of AD AD from the word aid, a yoga you are you do eat to strengthen something. Are you about the Hebrew center motto, we learned that he was someone who had aid. He was someone who was given a lot of strength. So not just

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about his sunnah. But every single prophet of Allah was blessed with a lot of strength. What strength was this? The strength was the control over themselves the strength to continue despite the hardship and with respect to their own body, Sam especially we learned the strength of the cover off the bat that Allah Spano Tata had blessed him with the ability to worship Allah subhanaw taala, despite the hardship that they were in, so they will only add, they will possessors of strength, they will people of strength, in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala will absorb upside plain of the word, Bossa or basura. And it means vision.

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And over here, it's referring to the vision of the heart, meaning understanding, they were people, they were men possessing true intellect, they deeply understood the core of the religion. They truly understood the religion they were men of understanding, because without that understanding, it would be impossible for them to survive the trials that they went through in their lives. They didn't conceive said that only ad well absorbed. This means that all of the prophets of Allah worked good deeds. They were all ad because ad is also said to be the pain of the word yet, yet as in hand, and we work with our hands hands symbolizes the represent action. So they will only add meaning they

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work good deeds, will absorb the possessors of vision, meaning they possessed beneficial knowledge. They possess strength in their worship, as well as clear insight into the Republic. He said, ad is the curl of a yard and yard over here means nehama blessing. So they will only add meaning us having young people who have been blessed with various gifts from Allah subhanaw taala. And it is also said that what this means is that there were those who showed favor to those who are around them. When I was having Young Alumnus. They were those who showed failure to the people who were around them, so only 80 will absorb. The fact is that the prophets of Allah were endowed with great physical

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strength, not just physical strength, but also mental emotional strength that has never been given to others. The prophets of Allah all of them possessed human and physical perfection. And this will be the one who said the we used to say that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was given the strength of 30 men. This is in Bihari.

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We used to say that the Prophet salallahu Salam was given the strength of room how many men 30 Men.

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So only add one upside in indeed we are Glessner home we chose them Behala sorting with an exclusive quality and what was that exclusive unique quality? It was the QRadar it was remembrance of the home in our class now home Lesnar, Lhasa, ha Lam taught a class what is a classmate

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sincerity, purity, right? Meaning you have a glass of Neo of intention, meaning you're doing that action only for who? For Allah subhanaw taala not for anyone else but only for Allah. So ask lust now hum. Meaning we chose Dan we selected them. As in we gave them the distinguishing quality that sets them apart from others that set them apart from others that made them different from others.

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So the quality that the prophets of Allah were bestowed with, that made them who they were, that enabled them to have patience, that gave them the strength to carry on, that gave them hope that gave them motivation to move on and to continue their work despite the hardship was what Behala for a hollow saw what is hollow, so exclusive quality, meaning a unique quality that is found only in them. And what was that unique quality they caught remembering the home which home

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what is the real home, the home of Jana, the home of the Hereafter. And this characteristic, this quality rates really amazing because look at the word Harley's are thin, but unreal is to show the enormity of this characteristic.

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It was not an ordinary quality, remembering the home of the Hereafter meaning remembering it themselves and also reminding others, he said there are many great qualities that are common amongst successful people. Look at people who were greatly successful maybe 50 years ago, 100 years ago, today, 1000s of years ago, or murder, any part of the world in any capacity. What makes people successful are some core qualities that are common within all successful people, whether it is time management, or whatever it may be. But the quality that is exclusive to the prophets, what is the quality, the secret,

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the secret to their success, successful? Whose success the prophets of Allah? What is that, remembering the home of the Hereafter, this quality sets them apart from others. And this quality brought them success. Because when you remember the home of the Hereafter, then what happens? The difficulty that you're enduring becomes easier. Because you know that this difficulty is not going to last forever. It's eventually going to come to an end. When you suffer in the way of Allah, when you suffer in obedience to Allah subhanaw taala that suffering becomes very pleasing. It becomes very enjoyable. Because you know that the greater the effort, the greater the reward. So regardless

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of the situation you're in, when you remember the harm of the Hereafter, it brings you peace, it brings you happiness, it brings you joy, it brings you hope. It helps you forgive others.

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And this is what makes a person truly successful. So in

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Behala, setting the crud we're in the home and indeed the indena with us near us, meaning in their position in their rank before Allah subhanaw taala. What is their status? The prophets of Allah, they are learning surely among and mystifying the chosen ones must define solid fall. Well, this is the plan of the word. Mustafa Mustafa, one who has been chosen must define those who have been chosen. Does it sound like a dual word does mean?

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It sounds like but it's actually not. Okay, must find the fourth one the fall is indicating Mustafar the Elif Matsuura on the singular. So they are from the Mr. frame the chosen ones, the enact those who are unique in their worship in their knowledge, and they are

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the outstanding ones of your playing of the word Hi, yes. And how you hire someone who has cathedral hire someone who is full of goodness.

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They are the prophets of Allah, near Allah, how are they among the chosen and outstanding ones the best and the most excellent servants of Allah. They were the best of all people, and they indeed brought much good to the world. So what course remember them, remember the annual hide? Why, so that the rank is well known? And so that their examples are followed? Well, of course, and also remember, is smart eel profit is marine will Yes, sir. And also a Yes sir. Well, then careful and also be careful. All three of them were prophets of Allah. And they are mentioned in other places of the Quran also. It is that the Prophet Allah Yes, that was a descendant of Yusuf Ali Salaam and he was

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sent to Hashem. And Bill Campbell was also a prophet who was sent to the Bani Israel. He's called real careful, careful means a huge share of something a huge portion of something. So he was given a huge portion of knowledge of trade of

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Goodness, alternate means responsibility. So he was given the key follow responsibility of his people. What? rakia, no matter who they were, where they were, what responsibility they were given, what hardships they endured. What is common between all the prophets is that all of them were okay.

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They weren't the best, the most excellent. If you look at it, the hardships that Ibrahim alayhis salam endured very different from the hardships that a Yubari Salam endured. A Ubuntu Salam suffered from financial loss, so they might not understand what was his test. Unless Pantera gave him so much power, so much wealth. Each prophet had a unique test. But in every test that the Prophet faced, he was excellent.

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However, because this is a reminder, meaning what is mentioned here of the prophets, is a reminder. We're in indeed, limb with the cane for all the people of Taqwa for those who fear Allah is Lohaus nama show me an excellent place of return. My ad from the letters Hamza, well, the same root as the word a web,

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the prophets of Allah, their status is the highest, they are the best servants of Allah, then award will be the best. However, for all the McBane for all people who observe the COA, who follow in the footsteps of the prophets of Allah, they shall also have an excellent place of return. And what is that? Jana Theoden? The gardens of Ivan, what is the descriptive name of paradise? And what does it mean? Eternity, perpetual residence. So guardians of perpetual residence, meaning their stay will never end in Jannah. What happens in this world, you go to the best resort you go on the best vacation but eventually the day comes when you must leave. You can't stay there forever. No matter

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how much you love that place. Know how luxurious it is. Eventually the stay comes to an end. But Jana is a home whose residents who stay shall never come to an end Jana, to Arden and MOFA to heighten it shall be opened up what will be a very opened, loving for them. And abroad the gates which gates the gates of paradise abroad is a pawn off Bob. And the word from the letters for her father, her father her means to open and refer to her is that which is opened that notice MUFA

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the shutdown shows she

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Alright, it shows intensity. And what's the intensity over here more than normal. It shows the great numbers and the great size of the gates of paradise. The great size, they're not small doors. In a hadith we learned first of all, we learned that Gemma has eight gates, and a hadith in Bukhari, the Prophet sallallaahu Salam said, by him, in whose hand my soul is, the distance between every two gay posts of Paradise is like the distance between Mecca and bistra biswa is in Sham.

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Just imagine the distance between the two gateposts. This is how, why this is how huge the gates of paradise are. And

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abre Bishal already be open for them. Because when you go somewhere, and you have to open the door yourself, no matter how easy it is to open the door. It's an extra step right? It delays you even by a few seconds, but it delays you. And when days are opened for you, first of all, your entrance can be quick. It's not delayed by anything. And secondly, it also shows honor that has been given to the one who's being admitted. Because if you have to go and knock, I'm struggling to open the door,

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then that's difficult. And I'm about to live with me many times where I'm going somewhere and I have to open the door as in like bring the keys out and then find the keys. First of all, find the keys where do I put them which pocket where

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and then finally when you get hold of your keys and then you try to open the door. You have to prove it or push the door and do something new. It's a struggle. It's an extra step

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method to happen up they will not even have to do as much as open the door for themselves. This is how much honor will be granted to the people of Ghana and abroad is referring to the gates of paradise. And now to refer to the gates of the residences

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Within Jana,

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in the person who is entering his home in paradise gates will be opened already and this is all part of honoring the servants and creating ease for them.

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The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he told us he described to us the gates of Jannah that how they are reserved for certain deeds, meaning, a person who who is known or who has performed a certain deed very well will be called from that particular gate. So, for example, the gate of a yawn is reserved for who, for the people who frequently fast. In another Hadith we learned there is a Hadith

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that the Prophet sallallaahu Salam said, A man entered Jannah and he saw written on its door sadaqa

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meaning the reward of sadaqa is tenfold and the reward for for lawn forgiving alone is 18 times. So, the people who give subaqua Hooman their belongings to others creating ease for them, they will be admitted into January from a certain door also earlier we learned about the profits, they will only add and one of the meanings of all ad is for those who showed failure to the people. One of the ways in which we benefit others is how financially by helping them with the money that Allah has given us and the prophets were definitely very charitable. So the fact that

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Turkey ina ones who will be reclining, it ticker, reclining, because there's no work no worries. Because sometimes you might have no work to do at that moment. But maybe you have to do it later.

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What happens Can you sit relaxed,

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your mind down but because of the stress of your work, you get up. You're sitting but you cannot relax in the position that you're sitting

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in completely relaxed, chilling, reclining feeling in it in Jana, you had your own your fee her they will call in it, meaning they will ask for before quixote with fruit that is cathedra abundant. They will ask meaning they will call for abundant fruit in Jannah. Why fruit? Because they don't need carbs, right?

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They're eating for the purpose of enjoyment for Kathy, Kathy,

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and coffee. It shows abundant in numbers in quantity, as well as in varieties.

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When we think of fruit, we think of just apples, pears, strawberries, maybe I'm in the summer here, maybe watermelon. Right. But cafetera, Anwar cathedra, rush out and also drink meaning Sharada also Kathira abundant in quantity, as well as in a variety. So wherever they ask for, they will find it wherever they wish for, they will receive it into Dwarka 18 be acquired in Waterbury, what gets in the marine different cops are mentioned, we're in the home and with them near them. Because of course, if you have a whole lot of blessings, but you don't have companionship, you don't have somebody to share that blessing with. It doesn't bring back complete sense of enjoyment.

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You know, for instance, if you want to have dessert, would you ever bother going to Dimitri is all by yourself

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all by yourself Would you

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know it has to be shared, isn't it? It has to be shared because partly it is the flavor of the case the experience of eating, but part of it is the time that you're spending with your loved ones. So in general halters companionship just like we learn about automatic Asana. When Allah subhanaw taala created him and gave him so many blessings. Otherwise I was lonely. So Allah subhanaw taala created for him, his wife, and both of them are sent in Jana, your Adam is can enter was only to come Jana or Adam, you and your wife dwell in paradise. So in general, there is companionship. So when we move them and with them cause to cause pain of the word cost

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of sad.

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What does it mean to shorten? We also have salatu casa. Why? Because you shorten the prayer when you're traveling from four, you come down to two. So TasWater tough with them will be costed out and courcelette women who are such that they are shortening, what are the shortening of the grants, they are shortening meaning limiting the Grant says

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it is possible on

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Kedah prasarana Sahil Allah Kedah

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meaning he was content with such and such, he was content he was satisfied with such and such. So also what I picked off, this is describing the women of Jana, that there will be such that they will limit their glances limited grants as to who, to their spouses, meaning their eyes won't be wandering around. Why, because of their chastity, their modesty, as well as their contentment.

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I mentioned this to you earlier that cost a lot of what it indicates one of the meanings is that the man Walter will be so beautiful that the wives will not have to look around

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their beauty will be so intense, so attractive, that it does have a wife will just continue to gaze stare at her husband and not bother to look at anything else. costs a lot of

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trial by trial is a claim of directed.

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It's basically used for people who are equal in age, same in age, and not just same in age. But when people are of equal age than what happens they have similar interests. They're similar in their habits. So as a lot of toffee, attract the women of Jana who will be equal in their age, and not just their age, but also in the beauty. So, none will have a reason to boast over another

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man will feel inferior or superior to the other. Because Is there any competition within women with respect to age, if only I was a year older or younger than this person, then this woman there is a sense of competition, when it comes to age when it comes to beauty when it comes to so many things. So in general, people will be off the same age why? So that there is no competition such competition that leads to feelings of superiority or inferiority because that destroys the fun so a tribe in a hadith and Muslim we learned that the people of Jana love to laugh at the inner home there is no SD laugh between them. No differences between the people of Jana

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turbo Hoboken mobile home and there is no no animosity in their hearts for each other. Their hearts will be like Kanban we're hitting like a single heart

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and this is what brings joy so we're in the incarcerated turfy a throb I mentioned to you earlier also that people in general they will all be of equal age and what is that about 33 and a hadith in the rebirth and he mentioned that the people their physical form will be like that of either whose center the beauty will be like that of use of his center and their hearts will be like that uh you probably salaam full of love for Allah and hope in Allah.

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Allah says this meaning this is the award for who for the pain however, this motto I do know that which you are promised for one Leonel hisab for the Day of Account

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this you are promised for the Day of Account meaning this promise will be fulfilled on the Day of Account so observed sub until that day in indeed this is Larry's Surely our provision meaning provision that Allah Who busts his servants with Indiana mana who it shall not have minified any depletion now filed for the letters noon for the MFI the yen photo, it's basically when something finishes, why would it finish?

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Why would you finish like for example, if you have a bag of chips, why would it eventually finish because it has a limited quantity within it? Isn't it or sometimes the supplies are finished. Like for instance there is a particular sector that you love and you've been buying if always and now you go and you find out that it's nowhere to be found because it stopped manufacturing it the stop telling it to stop making it.

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So number five, number five is when something runs out or it is prevented from someone

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the resources are depleted or it is prevented from a person. So

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that is my room in my head. This is allows provision in Jana, and it shall never be depleted. It shall never be prevented from the people of Jana. Interrupt hold i 108. Allah, Allah says, after all,

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a gift at the store that should never be cut off in total in Chicago crier 25 William agilon. Waiting for them is your world that shall never be caught off. Ha

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Bow. This is so what does that mean over here? How about marks the ending of a passage and the beginning of a new one? This meaning this is the award of,

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of clean, we're in and indeed,

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for the transgressors is LaShawn Rama, surely an evil place of return? Darlene plural of the word, Bobby from the letters doll line, yeah. But this story mean, that you always had to go out of the bounds to exceed the bounds, so that we are those who exceed the bounds that are most proud data has set for those who transgress is an evil place of return. What is the heart? What is the limit that Allah subhanaw taala has set for the servants, that there remain as Allah servants, and who is a servant, someone who's obedient, who does what he is called to do. And he doesn't do that he is forbidden from so called he, those who do not do what Allah has ordered and they do what Allah has

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forbidden for such taurine is an evil abode lusheng

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let's listen to the recitation of these verses.

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you know he email

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ad off

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the con

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we're in

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one is

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hurt the

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level more

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mood techie in the room Fe B fact he had

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on Wi

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Fi at all on

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a woman

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