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The discussion of en joining good and forbidding evil is a problem in the Muslim community, and the use of negative language in media and the potential consequences of not following rules are discussed. The importance of fulfilling command and accepting consequences of actions is emphasized, and the need for people to do what they want is emphasized. The segment also touches on misunderstandings with various topics, including false statements and the belief that evil is a command, and emphasizes the importance of not doing what one enjoys and disregards.

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Salam Alaikum dear viewers from all around the world. Welcome to Episode 11 that's right the 11th episode of your series nation of goodness of course I'm joined by a man crema musi please check them out online at www dot that's three Ws dot cream amazon.com. If you haven't seen the first 10 episodes, please do so get on YouTube at Islam waste 71 or a blue one below. It's really truly been an enlightening series. We've talked about a lot of things regarding enjoying the good and forbidding the evil. In this episode, we're gonna take it one step further, we're gonna be talking about three types of Muslims with regards to this. This topic enjoining good and forbidding evil.

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Without any further ado, let me Please welcome our shape to the screen Islam. Welcome

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to Malik. I'm really excited about this episode three times. Looking forward to this. We're breaking down the Muslim world into three categories when it comes to implementing this command of enjoining good and forbidding evil is that right right one time and hamdulillah they are doing it okay. But are they large numbers. This is the problem with the evidence is we have a lot of evil. When you see a lot of evil which is spread in the in the community in society.

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There are two indications here indication number one that no one is speaking about it at all. Or the people who are doing it they are insufficient and I'm more tuned into assuming the second because there is no messenger after Muhammad Rasul Allah

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and Ross also allow us lm assured us that there will always be a group of individuals amongst the oma whom we call the strangers write letters. To me, no matter how small even Abby Sophia, available on whom and how do you see a sign that there will always be a group from amongst my oma who hold the tooth who are in the truth, they have the truth, they have the teachings, they have the light with them. And they are in a way defeated in a way until Allah subhanaw taala will send the hell to them which is elimin MADI, and also the second coming of Nebula is Ali's. So I'm more tuned into the fact that we have a segment of the oma who enjoin good and forbid evil, but they are small, small

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segment, we need more people, we need more students of knowledge. We have a lot of doctors we have, go to any town, go to any town right now. You will have a lot of physicians, a lot of we have a lot of engineers. We have we do but when you look for a scholar, a student of knowledge, someone who teaches the people that religion, someone who tells the people this is haram, this is Helen, you hardly find one, right? And this is from the Hadith as well as Allah will take away the knowledge Yes, and normally and that's actually why we're having issue.

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On the Prophet sallallahu Sallam spoke about the signs of the hour, which a lot of us look at the minor signs, the widespread of usury, the widespread of killing, the wide spread of adultery and so forth. Always Always. He begins by saying there is a deficit of knowledge upon logic. I'm just amazed because those that description is a perfect description of what is happening now upon a lot. But you see the Hadith that Muslim Olmos rasulillah salam would say thirst, the knowledge is taken away. There is no knowledge which shows the importance of this what what this shows you why we're having a widespread evil, right usually is normal. And all three is visible, right? All the other

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evil, that result of the shortage of knowledge, not solely me one day, Sharon Lee, this is how he would worried that knowledge is lifted, and ignorance is widespread. And then he would mention all the other things that will take place usually spread adultery spread. So yes, we do have a small segment of the oma who do enjoin good and forbid evil, but not sufficient for the amount of evil that is widespread. And that is why we want to mobilize more Muslims to do this test. That's number one. Now group one, number two,

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the overwhelming majority of the oma, I would call them now. They abandoned this task. Totally. They left it.

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They see that as not I do not feel that evil is right there in front of them.

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Let us not I do not hear law, I do not see the article. I do not speak. But again, I don't want to sound negative and naggy and this is the last thing that I want to do here. I really think that they base this on Google's next set of misconceptions, because certainly they must have some proofs for this behavior. They go they justify it, right? they justify it.

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And I think the first thing, so that the reason why they have this attitude is what I mentioned in the last episode Malik, that if you see evil, if you do not change it with your hand with your tongue, and your heart doesn't hate it, you're not going to see it anymore as evil. Exactly. That's the problem that who have the problem. This is the output. Yeah, that's the code because they do not see it evil anymore. for them. It's no problem. Yeah, this is a problem. It's good. When did it come to my soul? When he somebody said to him, that I wouldn't enjoy good and forbid evil. They said, You are in trouble. If you are unable to see the evil with your heart.

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If your heart does not distinguish the good from the evil, then this is your biggest problem.

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You have a problem. And this is what happened to the majority of the Muslims, as a result of them not doing anything about it. It led their hearts to

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not recognize this hero not recognize it as evil anymore. And this is a big problem. But you know what? You know there are two verses. So at the hari elemi Lady

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tuckshop una de la casa de la. Isn't that enough time for the believers, that their hearts, you know, reflect

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and be in a state of submission to what was revealed of the truth, that remind the remembrance of Allah Ranjana a verse and do not be like the people of double Canada is so diverse. You know, there is a the following verse, Allah and Allah you hear about mot, rest assured that Allah can resurrect you again, like he does with Earth, Earth is dead, water comes down. Just allow the knowledge of the deep knowledge of the subject to touch your hearts, my dear viewers, and you will find out that you're going to go back your heart is going to be able to recognize good from evil because I don't want the people to live with the motion now that their house is dead, of course, then we don't want

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to do a point check. But

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let's remove some obstacles, some misconceptions from the lecture. Okay checkers, you have a long experience as an Imam in the United States of America. So I'm sure you've had many people come to you, with many so called proofs and evidences. You say, Well, maybe we can expound on them. The first thing is they use the first misconception which they use. They say it's already Yasha sia and we use it and we hear all around the world, not just in America, here in the Middle East. What you how you translate this research is think of it as personal freedom personal, I hear it, we hear it every day, it is not my business, right? It is not my business. Why would I stick my nose in other

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people's business? You see, that's not their business. Remember, in the last episode, we said that if you see evil, if you do not change it, it will get you collective punishment will fall upon you, you may Allah subhanaw taala is not going to answer you enough that your heart will be affected by this so it is your business. And amazing that Subhanallah they use this verse always

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a claw happy Deen there is no compulsion in religion. brothers sisters, come on. We're going to explain the Quran based on our desire based on our wounds. Let a crappy Deen My dear viewers, is a verse which is revealed regarding Jews and Christians who live in the Muslim world or elsewhere. Like if you have Christian and Jews living in a country like Egypt, for example, you explain to them Islam who Allah is and they refuse to become Muslims and they want to stick to their religion. Stay as Jews stay as Christians, then we tell them no compulsion in religion you pay the tax in return for the tax in jizya in return for the tax will offer you protection will give you some services,

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you pay the tax you stay that way that you are like rafidhi Why are you taking this verse and applying it to Muslims?

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Has nothing to do. And as a matter of fact, Malik also the graphic Dean, once it comes to Jews and Christians, this hokum that ruling also is a temporary one, it will be abrogated, you know, who will come down and abrogate this Jesus and Sally, Sarah yoshikuni Angela? said no, sorry, Sam will descend and he will do a why about all jizya abolish the jizya abolish it no more. What is

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Lamb or die. Sedna is that they claim that they are following right Right, exactly right. So this rule is so shallow The important thing is like a graphic design has nothing to do with Muslims okay? The

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and why in the world here's another thing why in the world you take that verse like Rafi Dean and you leave the Hadith

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of the year whoever sees evil isn't that also a revelation from Allah Walter coming Come oma yet oh now Why?

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Why and how? That's also Quran isn't there be among you some people who rise to enjoy and what is good for beware is evil called people to goodness. Isn't that true? So why don't you look at this and and you know, this this concept of

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personal freedom is really important to us from outside and the people who exported it to us. You know what, I live in a burqa okay when there is a red light Okay, can I go ahead and cross that red light and say militia officer? I'm sorry officer, it's Oriya. Shazia. Can I say that he cannot do that. As soon as you cross the red light Yeah, they're gonna come after you registration and proof of insurance even so insurances haraam, but you still have to get the liability insurance that's a great shadow The important thing is there is nothing in Islam called that if you see evil, you have to change it. Okay, important shake we're gonna take a short break next segment we can go to the

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second group of people inshallah. The second the second topic, I should say, well, the second misconception Yeah, thank you. Thank you guys. Stay tuned. We're having a great time with a don't go anywhere. We'll be right back.

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violets have spilled over onto the escalated into violent clashes between police and protesters.

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And we're also hearing of injuries on paternalist Charlie McGrath says the cuts will hate further suffering on ordinary people for decades. But the fence needs some

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serious and thanks for

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joining us i'd support issues, pressing issues facing the Muslim world today from the one sided civil war in Syria, to the genocide in Burma from the Arab Spring to the elections in the US. And yes, even the Euro debt crisis in Greece. Honest reporting on a channel you can trust and I won't leave an issue untouched. Don't miss the oma tonight with me Malik on your favorite channel.

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Get your moon

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Welcome back to your program nation of goodness, Kareem. You had some nice excitement there. In the last segment, we're talking about some misconceptions that really dear to my heart as well, because we hear it so much. I know you hear it so much as an imam of many mosques and Islamic centers all around the world, the United States of America, shake your talk about personal freedom, misconceptions about that Quranic verses as well. What else do we have? Well, we have it you see the issue with people refraining from enjoining good and forbidding. I think the core problem just to recap, is the fact that our hearts are not recognizing it anymore to see evil and this is the

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result. Now the key to to fix that is knowledge that you end up learning about why is it important to enjoin good and forbid evil? But what drove a lot of people to that are out to begin with to their hearts to die and not to be able to recognize the evil to be evil and the good to be good sets of misconceptions or a set of misconceptions. I mean, we could go after five inshallah. Okay, we mentioned number one is the concept of personal freedom, that it's not my business this person is having a girlfriend even so a girlfriend is haram is adultery is not my business. What do you mean it's not your business? It is your business

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tells you that if you disclose within Fantasia

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How do you feel normal the honey that I caused? I quoted earlier Chairman sec. as well. Fashion in the language is the walk into what leads to adultery and the act itself, okay? Whether it is flirting, whether it is everything surrounding everything that leads to it and the act of

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But of course in the Sharia the punishable offense, which is the fornication intercourse in a lawful way. That is what? Okay, now if in fact it is there and people are disclosing it, you your community is going to be inflected with diseases and epidemics that your ancestors never experienced. Thought did he affected or not? Did that individual act affect

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the community and the society or not? So it is not personal freedom. Now a person who passes a red light it's an individual offense right right but he could cause what accidents and hurt other people except right analogy a great idea. Yeah, come on brothers, you know that Yeah, we cannot do this. And our to this, we have things that command us to do. So. Another misconception actually comes from the Quran a verse that is number 105. From Sula to Magadha chapter five, verse number 105. Allah subhanaw taala says, Well, yeah, you have ladina and Anwar la come full circle Malaya boo, c'mon Birla, either.

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If you let to really

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understand this verse, you may reach the wrong conclusion. Literally, the verse says, oh, II believe be concerned about yourselves, meaning Don't worry about the rest. Okay, as long as you're guided, it doesn't matter if others are misguided. Like this seems like a really strong proof against what we're saying. Well, yeah, you know, who paid attention to this we soon an Abbe de aboubaker, Saudi Arabia lavon went up to the above it. And he said in Alhamdulillah Nakamoto, who want to stay in one istockphoto and he asked Allah subhanho wa Taala, and he delivered a hook regarding this verse. And he said, Yeah, I yohannes all people in Napa Santa Clara una hora de la, you recite this verse,

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whatever, una haffi Lady Mo da ha back up, place it in a place that is not proper. You'll miss understand that.

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He meant what the people use out right believe now. They're in the Senate to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam I heard the Messenger of Allah Allah Allah Allah and MCs in anessa either I will volume Flm Mia hoodoo la de

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la jolla oma home be a cop. Indeed of people see an oppressor someone who's committing wrongdoing and they do not strive to stop him. A loss of Hanauer to Allah will inflict them with a collective calamity.

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So it does not mean that by you, why do we understand the verse based on us now? Why don't we find out what Abdullah has done? So it said that regarding this verse, is what they said Melia man said regarding this verse, you know what, what if I says in them international Huda because the verse says, as long as you're guided right, for you to be guided, you must fulfill what enjoying the good and forbidding? Oh, yes. Is it? Is it that part of you being guided that you must will isn't we have proven that enjoying both and forbidding evil is a command and it is mandatory by the heart to mandatory upon your heart that you must reject it, refuse it, remove yourself from representative

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the evil with your heart, with the hand and tongue it fluctuates between the recommended dislikes, depending on a lot of variables, but now it is a command. So as a combination as a compliment your guidance the fact that you're guided that you must do what this task that's why they say Blue Jays property actually combined this this is a statement said by an IFA, and set by sided mill Messiah himself. He said well, in Nevin Tana mill, who the Alhambra will now have one now, what will make you guided that you fulfill this particular command? You enjoy and good and forbid so yes, so basically, this first is taken out of context and misunderstood, absolutely okay. Because for you to

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be guided, you must enjoy ghost and forbidden Yes, there is a stage there is a stage where this verse is applied, which is that it's over. You cannot even appears like you read the for example, the story of the boy in the king.

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The whole society is what should have, and there was this righteous man who's sitting in His sanctuary out there worshiping Allah. Right, right. It's okay. In this case, if you can isolate yourself away from the society, and there is nothing zero that you can do about it. And anytime that you speak, your life is threatened. That's another issue and you're the last man standing

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The story of the boy in the king is an ideal example. Yeah, the boy is passing by and he found somebody reciting the revelation. Meanwhile, the whole society is corrupt teaching sorcery and magic and all kinds of things. He isolated himself from what? From the society. This verse applies via Roman Bala either, because if he goes out there and he speaks, he's gonna lose his life. And it happened in that kingdom is the only man holding the truth is the last man. Allah subhanaw taala speelde him for that little boy to come and hear the message from him. Thank you for Jonah analogy that's very relevant. It's very important. misconception number three Malik,

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which is in a way is legitimate. But also it lacks a lot of backing, which is that the Muslims will say I'm not perfect.

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Yeah, we hear this a lot. It's true. As a matter of fact, let me give them the benefit of the doubt. Because when you enjoy in good and forbid evil, and yourself, do not do it.

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It's really devastating for you. We have had some of them as a society Buhari.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says yuja over Rajan, and then will be brought in the day for selection into the Hellfire and his intestines. Am I Yes, we'll come out of his re Look how. Imagine how terrible this picture is. He's disgusting. Yeah, he's awful. His intestine his inside will come out of his leash.

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And he will go out you know that the cinema? Yeah. And he will go around it like a donkey going around in a grinder. Now what possibly could have put this man in this situation right here. They came to him because he used to be a scholar. He used to be someone who enjoys good and forbidding evil.

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So that that misconception is has some legitimacy here. Right? So they came to him and they said Maria de la, Quinta Marina with and Hannah, what happened to us to tell us to do what not to do. I used to tell you to do it, but I never did it. I used to tell you not to do it. And I was the first to do it. And also we have hardiness. I believe in these famous wonderful Navy shaybah almost a document address in America below on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the night of

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the night of the ascension he passed by people whose lips are being torn

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with with the fire tools without a fire like you know like scissors scissors made out of fire.

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And he asked Who are those my brother jabril he said those are those are the people who deliver what was and they never do what they do.

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Best, you know, facility malbaie happy man came to him and he said to him I would like to enjoin good and forbid evil. He said to him, you better recite those three verses first. Number one, yeah, you are Latina mo Lima taco Luna malata falloon cavora maakten en de la jolla and de PUE Moto, it is very much hated that you say that? You do not do what you say. Right? That you you say things and you do otherwise. The second verse at that moment and NASA will very often so now I'm first second one to the to Nikita Fela Taku you enjoying people to do righteousness? And you forget about yourself you're forgetful of yourselves. While you have the knowledge Have you no sense this was for

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the Jews. This is for the relevant relevant of asking Yeah, you

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know, read the Quran we don't confine it to the reason why it was revealed what the words mean overall. But yes, it was revealed regarding the children of Israel, and the third verse cold so I alayhis salam wanna redo an OHA leafa comb, Ilana and how common and I don't I do not want to do something that I am commanding. You have to do in a way, a shadow. The important thing here that those people they have some legitimacy, but it's not accurate. Listen, you have two commands here. One command is to enjoy and God forbid evil and one command that you do what you're enjoying, and you do what your commander, what you're forbidding you don't do what you're forbidden and you do

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what you're enjoying. Correct. So those are two. So it doesn't mean that you do you're not you're you're abandoning the second command that you abandon the first command. It's like the easy way out. Ideally, I'll give you a good example. Okay, so you always received that question, Ramadan, shake. The brother does not pray. Can he still fast?

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It's a good question. Good question is because literally, your fasting will not be accepted without your Salah, because of the loss Allah mentioned and the authentic hadith that the first thing that you will be asked about in the day for selection is your Salah. And if your Salah is accepted then the rest of these will be what will be looked at will be handled. But now someone who's still alive

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He does not pray, can I go and tell him Do not fast Listen, not praying will be in the scale of his evil deeds say, but fasting will be in the scale of his bassinet if his good deeds, you understand, it does not mean that he does not pray. It does not mean that he should abandon fasting maybe later on he will begin praying and that fasting that he did will be accepted or shared or important thing is that misconception The third one is somehow somewhat accurate, but no one in the world says that because you do not basically do the good that you're trying to enjoy and you stay away from the thing that you're forbidding it does not mean that you cannot ask people to do it it's kind of a

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convenience to exempt yourself from your responsibilities because you don't do one thing doesn't mean

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I tell you a lie something you learned something out of personal experience if you're actually enjoying good and forbid evil in that area. Allah will guide you

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to leave it yourself oh I see that's a great point check so if you actually begin because because when a lot when the prophets Allah Muslim says that when you direct people to do what is right, you will get a share. Not necessarily has nothing to say yeah, increasing man a sheet of guidance. Beautiful Yeah, one of the things that I really believe personally that handler is keeping me on the track is I'm keeping Yeah, like to help people to stay in that track. Yeah, help me a beautiful shape. Thank you for sharing that. We're gonna end this episode check with you permission. Our next episode, can we continue to talk about the second group of Muslims who have abandoned enjoining

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good, forbidden evil and go to the third misconception which is well the third and the fourth and the fifth one of them that for example, I don't want to get myself into trouble Okay, you know, stuff like that. This is number four. And we don't want to talk about number five which is leaving no, no, no, no, I've been talking about it over. Okay, guys, stay tuned for the next episode nation of goodness with your favorite shaky man crema was a thank you for watching until next time, I leave you in the care of Allah Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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