Navaid Aziz – Uloomul Hadeeth Status Authority Of The Sunnah In Islam Part5

Navaid Aziz
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the categorization of images on digital platforms and the importance of categorization in understanding the meaning of a statement of profit or loss. They stress the need for a centralized categorization of images and emphasize the significance of acceptance and rejection during political processes. They also mention the use of "monster" and "monster" to describe people, and the importance of precision and precision in various aspects of the Muslim culture. The speakers also discuss categorization of people who are either suffering or experiencing permanent income, and how it is linked to their age and state.
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So now concluding with our

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last terminologies that are famous for the sizes, or famous empty sizes of Heidi,

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you will see that a lot of places categorization, and it would be a lot easier has been on a Blackboard or software or something that you'd write on and explain to you

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to make the most of the time

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along with the resources that we have. So firstly, in terms of the way of transmission, the way he switches us, there are two ways

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like you mentioned about when we're setting the sensor, you have that.

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And then

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then it is that Shadi that has so many, so many narrators in each level,

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and by levels of Islam,

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and then their successes and their successes,

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that there's so many variables in each level, that is impossible for them to have come together and combined on a line or introduced a mistake or take away anything from the original text, meaning that having one of these three things being done, there are so many people who heard a narrative that it will be corrected. So this is what

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it is for categorization.

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You have sometimes what is called

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is that it meaning has become with the luck of an example of this is

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that if you look at it

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it doesn't reach the level of so many people marry. But on the toes of the people, it has become so famous that

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if I said you know anything else besides

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they would have picked it up and I would have been corrected and rectified. So this is

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the design. So this is one kind of vacation.

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Now, so the opposite of the one this is

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the definition is given in any

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reasonable definition. But in order to understand it, you have to understand what was the what it is now actually categorizations

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then you have the three categorizations

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you have an iPhone. So when we are having as much phone, we'll get as to what it means. Then you have a D which is it.

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And then D which is a hurry.

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And all these three go under

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the way.

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That is it then has three or more narrators in each category on each level. So three or more narrators in each level, yet it doesn't reach the level two.

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So it has three or more narrators in each level as for and as

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a time to award low, two or more per se, that is go back to understood. Because if you will forward it won't make sense.

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Meaning that there are at least three in each level range of the three and more. And it is agreed with the level of what the what the setting is known as muscular. But if it goes down to two people, this is no longer known as misquote once it becomes an analogy. And we've seen that sometimes there will be three companies.

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And then you'll get, let's just say 1070.

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you only get two people. So the first two have three. So

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then the second category from the targeting.

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So this could still be a school or a school to become

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right. But on the third level, you only have two people.

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And when you get it, you always look at the level that has the least amount of variance. So there are only two people as it turns out.

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This is even degrading of that even though there are three Sahaba even though

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They were telling

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me if you only have to

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have it, so meaning that if it has three or more each level is mature. But if it reaches to any point of the chain of narration, they've been given the category of allergies. And then the level, which is,

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in fact, one point, or any point in between them The reason you get one,

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and this is

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especially an activity that you mentioned

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Tuesday, and then you have about, you know, three or four of the attendees. But when it comes to the advanced, there's only one person from all the three

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to see what

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it was only mentioned by one of the attendees.

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So these are the categorizations that go.

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Now, in terms of

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in terms of a Heidi, you have those handy, which are prophetic, and those which are meaningful,

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and you have.

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So this is in terms of who the CEO of the statement is, or the original CEO of the company, as you mentioned in our discussion in the sense of the

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that the promise of a lot of money was seldom nary on the humblest kind of assignment, and as a member

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of the Communist Party.

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So that is one difference. And that is between the original series. Now this is one categorization which kind of with the other departments on the left, you have another categorization, which is just between the creation, meaning between the three levels of the Sahaba and the subdomain. And if

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you have another categorization, so finishing with the first one, you have

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another layer,

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then in terms of increased level of

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sums of money, and paraphrase, then you have three levels, you have love for

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and hope.

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As we're determined,

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all those statements that are attributed or go back to the pockets of the law.

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So anything that goes back to the profits of a law is called love flow.

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And remember, this is all related according to the category

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of profit or loss.

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And more for is a statement of profit or loss. And

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our statements are the focus of a law center, once each of them has a separate categorization was the one thing that we're looking at the form of transmission, many transmitted many transmitters to transmitters, in terms of

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we're looking at

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now, a centralization, we're looking at who said,

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boys between three groups, the promise of a lot was to have that and

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so that's the distinction that needs to be made. And

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then we have from the puppets and

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then sometimes you seen the books of hugging his love for Pokemon, that it takes the soccer or the ruling of labor for hugging. And what usually is happening over here is you have a companion speaking about that imagine that he only could have heard from all of the messages.

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And exactly example of this would be nice to see, as mentioned in

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that the

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replay of this. Now this is not something that couldn't come up with on his own. And if you fear Allah subhanaw taala and you will not speak,

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accepted knowledge. So this statement,

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even though we don't have a chicken narration to the prophets of Allah, we see how the mapu unfoldment they teach the ruling of a mother.

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So this is a subcategory.

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Now the next category laughter before is love.

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And love is usually a synonym for laughter

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and when

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Begin by the

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statement of the company. So, when we say that

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the statement of the purpose of the law was

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number added to this study

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is onboarding and you come to see the date, do not expect to see the length and if you come to see the 99 and expect to see the day from your heart, on your health, for your sickness and from your life for your day. So, this treatment at the end of the heavy, which is shown in

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is what he was called to * or something,

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which means that it only goes back to a hobby and not to the profits of the lawn he was centered

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and then

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the language was not happy. So, fix that up and some

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stories start to go quicker and things start to overlap themselves. So, that statement that goes to the hubby is called mocha. So, please make sense. And then signal which goes to the third ad is called knock door.

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So, an example of this would be any statements that you find from the delight of having a lovely

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city all the Civil War from the agony. So, any statement that you have of them, we would call it not for So, that is one that is a categorization. Now, in terms of

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categorization, in terms of acceptance, and rejection

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So in terms of acceptance, we have two or two types.

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And those two

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have similar characteristics. So first,

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and they are

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it's a solid Senate or the Senate is connected all the way back to the last minute without any missing links.

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then point number two is

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or the trustworthiness of the narrator's

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then the third points that they have in common is of dogs. And this is where a lot of it varies

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depending on the type of dog or precision

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in terms of its authenticity. And then the fourth is

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that you shouldn't be any contradiction in the heading.

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Either in a chain of narration, when you combine all the chains of motion together, there shouldn't be any contradiction that one person shouldn't say either it is coming from

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another one says

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Now there's two different genes and two different or just two different things, this is possible within the same generation. And

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then between the two children, there is a contradiction. So when you compile all these simulations, there shouldn't be any contradictions amongst them. And that's what it means that is that is what we mean by

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And the last point that they have in common is

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that it shouldn't have a hidden defect

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which affects the authenticity and this is something very precise as well and we will explain them one by one.

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So in terms of authenticity and rejection, under authenticity, we have two types of languages languages and then which has happened

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So as for the ad, it has these five points, okay. But in addition to

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the point where it says

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the condition is

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that it has to be completely precise or perfectly precise. So, the phone is

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all the leaders in the team that are found, they have complete precision

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and then also in they have to be, as you mentioned, free from

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and free from completing open sin or continuously. So this is the case

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know, as for the concept of visa, and mentioned is

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what sometimes people do.

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And you know that the dimensions of the regime, so to bring a supporting chain of narration, sometimes he will mention a chain that has someone who has a deviation, that he will have some sort of deviation. So one of the rules that was established that in order to pull from a person of deviation, it has to be

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mentioned over here as well, that those tools are deviation outside of Islam. So this is a deviation from the early part of the year, as mentioned, they denied the knowledge of China, this would eliminate narrative from him, he takes the same warning as they're reading from a non believer, which is not allowed.

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And then the second edition that the stipulate is that this is mentioning, it shouldn't be in any form or way related to the default. So I thought it was a bit of a wonderful meaning that he denied that God is in control everything that we do, or that almost

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all of our actions, specifically our actions, if he says this, then this is something that doesn't take him outside.

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So this is right.

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So after situation one is still okay. But after that, it should be really intuitive. Now preparing a

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these are words that were stipulated by the attorney and this is why I received an email because accordingly Mandelson, using such people in the supporting scenes of evidence, and not the original scenes of evidence are not in the original chain of narration, then these are the rules that is to be needed in order to use them.

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And secondly, that does not being used as a support for the winner.

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So, getting back to the point over here,

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as to things that in terms of agenda, they have to be perfect as well, no and no.

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And in terms of both, they have to have complete and perfect precision. Now, as soon

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as the different ages mentioned the generally then he has any form of precision, as long as he's not, you know,

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totally forgotten everything. And as long as you maintain a certain level of practice, still you can make any major sins and still you can openly

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commit sins, when you commit to the auditing over here and there that people might know about, it will still be accepted

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or sometimes a person who tends to forget and at times he tends to remember, he may be accepted. And

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so, now, this is the first categorization in terms of howdy which are accepted.

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Now, even in terms of which are accepted, they break down into further categorizations. And before we

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will break this down quickly, you have sufficient

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these definitions that are given previously already mentioned.

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Generally, when the scholars mentioned that they will, what you're referring to is that

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they are at the level of suffering and in the general level of hustle, but as for

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I have been living, there is a small difference

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as for

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there are those which in essence are suffering, but due to supporting evidence is the cause to the level of

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distress, that it is active it is happening when due to supporting evidence, it becomes to the level of faith and as for the husband is it in

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his mind

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that there is weakness in this but it is more weakness and due to supporting evidences, it reaches the level. So, this is another categorization as for the second major categorization, which is the ID which are rejected.

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Then I hear that you won't be able to get into it because there are six categorizations and we have about four minutes. So you

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could be like 35 seconds or 30 seconds for each one. So like this will suffice with that

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and then

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In the future mentor, teacher lecture, rotate goes heavy, which are projectors. And having said that, I thank all the brothers and sisters for attending and participating with us over the past two days, and

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the knowledge we have shared with you today, and in the previous day

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accessibility and through which we benefit others as well. And it increases our demand and our support and our feed in the deen of Allah.

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And that having been said, We open the floor for questions and answers.

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And we'll start with our brother over here

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I returned the

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the authenticity, authenticity.

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mostly two things, if you stick to them, you will never go astray.

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So this particular setting is mentioned that in the Muslim, the

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authentic generation,

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despite all the

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okay, now, this is a very touchy subject that requires explanation. And this is something we have to understand that this is something advanced, so beginner students of knowledge should not blow into the subject, but the

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Muslim, or of various forms, as we mentioned, there, which are most often and

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then what we mean by this, then the hand 18 of the ratio directly to the profits of the refining center. And for those that have a direct change to the profits of a law.

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Remember what he says about these had he presented them to

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the public

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money, and through all these

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issues with four of them, that all these issues, the four of them, and then I prove to them why is smart having four correct and authentic. So in terms of the which have a kinetic chain of narration through the course according to the law, then we accept them with our eyes closed, as for the body, which is a form of weakening, and what we mean by wonder, is those statements of departments or law,

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or those statements of the companions, or the time any, that

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any chain of narration for that all of a sudden says

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that the profits or loss for themselves, or 50 cents, or even above, then these, we actually have to go back and look into the chain of narration, one of the weak points that is actually in the journey, but is not

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referring to all those which are most often. And when we refer to the journey, I refer to everything mentioned in the sales. One of the things you mentioned that

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is the sequence of

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what he says the importance of these kids so scared. And so what was the revelation that she thought about suicide, he mentioned this.

00:23:49 --> 00:23:54

But when you look at our images, this image

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of environments without any supporting chain of narration, so that is considered weak. And now, you know, the smallest of the orange dog, they're actually very white and very intelligent. So, they knew that people would come and attack this aspect of the body. So,

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on the closing of the jelly beans.

00:24:22 --> 00:24:24

So everybody can see that comes in the

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chain of narration. So even from those there are very, very few which are which. So that is how we look at the book.

00:24:35 --> 00:24:35

Even though

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I apologize for the

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out of the

00:24:49 --> 00:24:49


00:24:51 --> 00:24:51


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like we said when we mentioned them

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With the most authentic it is in terms of the six famous books. And

00:25:05 --> 00:25:19

it is a book of study, but generally referred to with students of knowledge and scholars, the average person wouldn't have even heard of it. That's why we didn't include it. But in terms of authenticity between the opposition and the cylinder with the

00:25:20 --> 00:25:24

authentic, a lot lighter than generally and keep in mind that just because something is called

00:25:27 --> 00:25:27


00:25:32 --> 00:25:49

but due to our lack of knowledge in the sense that we may include artificial gravity. So sometimes we make mistakes, so long standing between the cylinder we've dealt with when I made mistakes before as the third most authentic, it was out of the six a lot.

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For the paper

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I mentioned that was attached to the sisters some of the questions the sisters

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say so inshallah, we will nicaea

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