Musab Ibn Umayr the man that made the Prophet (SAW) cry

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Mazel Tov now made was that man in Makkah? He was a young man is very good looking young man.

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They say the clothes that Muslim women are made wore in Makkah became the trend in the entirety of Ijaz.

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They said if most of them are aware, walk down an alley and you walked in half an hour down the alley, you would know that most of them no maid had walked down the alley, because of the nature of the fragrance that he would use is very, very expensive.

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Then Muslim women or male young man becomes a Muslim.

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It becomes he becomes a Muslim.

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And then many years later, they migrate the migrates to Medina message of Allah sent him to Medina. And then the Messenger of Allah migrates, and one day the Sahaba sitting in Medina, and they stayed in Medina was the shadow of the alarm house for three days. There was never a time that three days that we had food, the family of the message of Allah had three days consecutively, we had week to eat. Just wheat roti, just wrote tea simple roti.

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So Muslim women are made once enters the gathering. And listen, listen to this.

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Most of you may or may, enters the gathering La ilaha illa Allah.

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And the problem is Allah seldom sees him and he's barely got enough to cover his over one sheet.

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One sheet,

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and the Sahaba see him and they lower his gaze. And the brothers are last season and he begins to cry.

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And he said I saw most of the macabre. And he said by Allah I never saw a man with softer hair than Muslim male. I never saw a man who wore better clothes and Muslim no maid, and look at Muslim women made today and the province of the livelihoods of them began to cry.

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And this harbor of the Oman home,

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may Allah reward them.

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They looked at the province of Allah La wa Salaam and they saw the province of Muslim tearing, and then the message of Allah said, let me tell you, a time will come. That you will wear two pairs of clothes in a day that you will change your clothes twice in a day. And the Sahaba said Mr. Bhalla, let us ask you a question. Will we be better today when we don't have enough to cover our aura or we will be better on that day, when we will change our clothes twice. The Messenger of Allah said because he was looking through the lenses of the Hara. He says in the eyes of Allah, in the eyes of Allah, you will be better today when you don't even have enough to cover your overall with.

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And this is why brothers, you either look through the lenses of the journey or you look through the lenses of the ark.

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And if you look through the lenses of the dunya all your life I swear by Allah you will never ever be happy.