Said Rageah – The Story of Prophet Musa (AS)

Said Rageah
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a series of stories and actions and events, including the use of "will" to describe actions and events, and Moosa's desire to have a child. Moosa was killed by Phil Jana in the Arab city of Mecca, and she returned to her mother. Moosa's deeds and deeds are also discussed, including her son's promises to protect her and her mother. The importance of principles and the belief in God is emphasized, and the need to be mindful of one's words and actions to avoid wasting time and effort is emphasized.
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In Al Hamdulillah men who want to stain who want to stop federal

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when are the villa he mysuru Liam fusina women say, Dr. Molina, Maria De La Hoya third woman Yulin fell into je de la jolla and murshida watershed Wanda in the MA hula Sheree color wash Edwin now Mohammed Abu rasuluh Johan Latina Armando Tacoma helper to call T. Martin in our anti muslim on yohana su taco Robbo como la the hakomi nevsun wa Haider wahaca minha xojo ha we're both the mean humare Jr and kathira one is what double la lady Tessa Luna be he will or ham in aloha can or you can drop a bomb.

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Yeah Johan larina Armani Tacoma guapo Colin sadita useless Hello kumala come way up Phil Akuma de Nova con woman Yogananda hawara Surah hufa kadhi Pfizer fosun Avi my my body by the law. And I'm one hydel Columbia Columbia Law how hiral howdy howdy Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was

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to have a coup d'etat in bedanken attend Walla Walla Walla tienen la subhanho wa Taala is stated in the Quran in surah. Two use of naka de Cana fie kasasa him Abraham de

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la subhanho wa Taala said indeed in their stories, stories in the Quran, there are lessons to learn from and the people who will learn the lessons from this are all in and bad people have reflection and understanding.

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One of the great scholars one of the great one of the greatest scholars of oma Eman and Janette once upon a time when he was sitting with his students, he said to them, and he caveat gentlemen, Jr Diller. He says stories, indeed is one of the soldiers of the law. You can be to law who would be helpful, but I will Yeah, he. He said Indeed, Allah subhanho wa Taala affirms the hearts of his believers through his stories, pain, Halle had amnesia he, they asked him Do you have evidence for what you just said? Pardon me, ma'am. Allah subhanho wa Taala said, we're Kundun nakasu Allah came in and he

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was a man with a B to B for the wager I can meet met with jack if he had a mineral Hawk. Allah subhanho wa Taala said in the Quran Wakanda nakasu Allah come in and buy your horses men with a bit to be here for adeq Allah subhanho wa Taala cetera muhammadiyah Muhammad we tell you the stories of the rooster messengers before you to firm your position to firm your immense panel. What's that man? Happy to be here for that because of the heart nice confirmation all the time. Mm. Oh Nabi Ibrahim alayhi salatu wa sallam color BRT Nikita to heal Mota Allah Allah Show me how you revive life how you create life partner or what i'm talking min Allah said to Ibrahim Did you not believe part a

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better what I can do to my in Nepal be Yes, I'm a believer, but I want my my heart to be content. So Allah subhanho wa Taala saying to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we are telling you stories of the messengers before you to settle your heart.

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And this story that I want to tell you,

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is a story that Allah mentioned in 34 sources, not in one surah like surah t story of use Valley Salaam, not into surah. But in 34 sutras. In surah TL Allah, Allah mentioned the name of the Prophet that we're going to be talking about 21 times in that surah alone. This is Surah. This is a story of Musa alayhis salam.

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And not only that, we read it in the Quran. But every year the 10th of Muharram we commemorate the story of Moses and furong. Why? Because in this story, Allah is showing us that no matter what happens, no matter how difficult the journey may look, no matter how many times your enemy tries to destroy you, no matter the number of the enemies, always

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Truth will prevail. Evil, always true will overcome evil, always truth will destroy falsehood.

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The story of Moosa unfit around is a story of a tyrant man, that was so eager. There was some sorry I'm sorry he was so arrogant that he said to his own people, when we come in Lama or our own show you anything then what I see it right is the same man that said to the reverse, they were flowing before he was born. He said to his people, were here the hill and hunted him in tatty. He is the same man who say to his followers, or hon kumal, Allah and I am your Lord the most high

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in that Allah is showing that the full suit of fear alone, demolished, destroyed. Under the truth, the Moses brought his people, people Benny israa in very nation itself were destroyed due to the tyranny of fear.

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So Subhan Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling us to combat Moray, that through the sun every year, so your Eman will rejuvenate. So you will understand that no matter how difficult the situation is, no matter how many you know, times they try to destroy this gene, the truth will come.

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And since the story's been mentioned 34 in 34 times in the Quran, and the name of Moosa was mentioned 136 times in the Quran, and everyone knows that are last spoke about the story of Musa and furong repeatedly there is no need for me to repeat this over and over. However, what I'm going to give it to your and get what I'm going to give you or tell you is lessons or we can depart we can we can derive and learn from the stories of Moosa and Phil.

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And one of the best stories in the Quran is the story of Moses and Pharaoh. And this is for the believers indeed. So what are the lessons that we can learn from first of the lessons is whatever a lot decrease in what hap, no matter what other would how much how much they try to stop to determine to deceive to destroy it what happened when Phil town learned that a child will be born from Bernie is Sarah in from his own slaves, and that child will destroy his his his his his tyrant, is this child will bring to an end to an end to to the to the legacy of fear around your own took all the precautions can only not waste time thrown in a seal let him come and I will deal with her own he

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acted before the child was born. So he decreed that every boy that is born to bury his throw in must be killed immediately.

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But they thought about the situation. If we kill all the men from Benny serene, who will serve us, we would not have any slave males male or male slaves. So that decree then came with correction that every other year the boys only boys would be killed. So this year was the year that the pardon of your own words shower over Bunny is Sarah in and the boys that were allowed to live by his permission in his own mind. And how long was born the following year, the year that your own all the chill all the sons of bunny Israelite ears should be killed Moosa was born alayhis salam.

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And he

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now that he was born in a smile, all the older stuff should own gave in spite, you know, that the agents the agent who were running, walking through the streets of Egypt to make sure no son of Bani Israel, he that is born this year survive. Yet Allah subhanho wa Taala allow the boy to be born and not only be born, but send His Son him to the palace of fear around allow that child to raise under the watch of your own. He aged from his food. He slept on a lab of his wife as he had been to Musa Hammadi Allah. He played in front of a film in front of your own. And this is when Allah said one la Hollywood Allah Amri Allah subhanho wa Taala when he wants something ever happened, and Moosa

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de cada linea Moosa Moosa came based on decreed not wasn't coincidence. Coincidence? It wasn't it wasn't an accident. No, wasn't a coincidence or an accident. Oh, it was what Allah decree so the first lesson is

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Do not worry.

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Because you're only your own system still exists today. And the enemies of this Deen they will try everything. The enemies of Islam, they not worry about socialism because they control them. They don't worry about you know, in a communist because they control that they don't worry about capitalism because they control that. But their only fear is that our child that this Dean will give birth to someone like Moser, because the Dean of the law comes back again and again. And every fall there's a new leader, every time that the dean over the dino the Dean of Allah subhanho wa Taala will rejuvenate itself. So the enemy of Islam they don't feel any other system except the Islamic

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system because they fear

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another Moosa to be born like your own as a human Allah He must have feared Mossad is

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the second lesson that we'll learn.

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Most definitely self doubt. The position of women in the Tao of Allah subhanho wa Taala. When Musa was born, Allah subhanho wa Taala inspired the mother of masa, what our hanaa either Mimosa and erway. Allah said, We inspire the mother of Moosa and we said to her, circle your child, don't be afraid. However, if you hear foul key phillium put him in a chest, you know, put him in a little box and send him with the river. Now you may ask yourself the question, fathers are the protectors and the maintainers of the household? How come Allah subhanho wa Taala did not inspire did not inspire the father rather inspire the mother. Though the mother has softer spa, usually mothers, you know,

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it is very difficult to see her children go even for their own guard. yet. Allah showed us the importance of women in dour by asking, ordering the mother of Musashi has Salaam to circle that child and it'll vary and do not fear. However, if you fear him for him, then put him in a chest in the chest on let the river take him to fill out.

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So this is the mother, but a lot of promise. In Dooku, la wotja Illumina and more saline that we are we promised that we will bring this child to you once again. And not only that, we will bring him to you at life and safe and secure. But he will be one of our messengers. So she loved the child go but she's still a mother.

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She ask Subhana Allah, look at this. She asked his cyst

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are called or say follow your brother.

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Follow walk beside that you know on the banks of the river, watching from distance, see where the child goes see where the river is going to take this baby of mine.

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Subhan Allah, that little girl, he was also another means to show another means that Allah use women to show us the importance of women in there and to let our sisters know their role in an snam and the Tao of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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Havasu will be here in June.

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She watched her brother from distance, she watched him, you know see following him without letting anyone else see assadi a young girl Young lady, obedient to her mother.

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And we will pause here for a second we'll come back to this young lady.

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But then Allah use another lady to to protect Moosa.

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Allah use us he have been to Musa Who's she? Who's Asya been to

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the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said the best women in the history of humanity. Or have been to Hawaii, Fatima, Mohammed, Maria Minton, Emraan and assay have been to design one of the best for women that ever exist.

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She was the wife

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She wasn't, you know, just a righteous lady. She was the wife of this evil man.

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And the river Subhan Allah

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deliver Moosa to us the ability to move.

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When they pick that child up,

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and they realize this beautiful child, and Allah said in the Quran that we're Altai to la cama habita Mini, say no one will see more so except they will love him. When she saw that little child she fell in love with him.

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She went to your own work on a team to fiddle around in Italy, when

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the word is around, said, This child is the coolness of our eyes, do not kill him as an attorney that perhaps we will take this child our own son, he doesn't know his parents. He doesn't know who he is. Perhaps we will take him as our own and he may benefit us one day and he did benefit her and Subhana Allah. This is Mina, this look at this righteous lady. And this is the same lady when Moosa came back as me as a prophet of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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and thi she believed in Noosa fair own crucified her for own kill his own wife. But before he did this

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one, CSL RC asked Allah subhanho wa Taala to protect her from pure own and not to resurrect her with him. And Allah subhanho wa Taala mentioned her story in the Quran, so we can always read it and reflect well moreover mahu method and the lady in Armani

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it caught the rabbit nearly in beighton in the Arab nearly in the cabeza, Phil Jana one of the gentlemen theater only when I'm only when a gentleman and Tom Varney fit around a lot. I asked him I said to Muslim she said Oh Allah protect me when Phil Brown and his actions and his followers now at that moment let's go back when she picked up the child and Finn own said fine you can have this boy you know is he's yours and us having to Musa him was not able to have children according to them are thin. Now Asya was very faced with with a different issue and that issue was a last panel with Anna said in the Quran. Allah Hill Murali I mean, now Moosa Allah subhana wa tada made it harder for him

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to second any other women except his

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except his mother was in Morocco.

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So as he or she brings this lady but Moosa doesn't want she brings another lady but more so doesn't want. She brings a fourth the fifth no one can circle Moser. And remember that little girl,

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the daughter of moves or the Moses sister, she was watching the scene from distance where she pretending that she has no business in this and she came as a volunteer who wants to help us he had been to Musa him. Allah forgot Allah. Allah Allah baiting Yak furuno Hola, como Hola. Who knows?

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She says, Shall I show you a family that can take care of this little child that is crying out of hunger, but an own amount?

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Not only Moosa was returned to his mother, she did not come to him, but they brought mousse to his mother for a year and for now Allah subhanaw taala said and we brought him back to his mother.

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In narodu, Lake wotja, Minh and mursaleen. Allah returned Moosa to his mother, and not only that, he returned, but he raised him as one of the messengers of Allah. Now, this is the second lesson the importance of women in doubt. The third lesson here about the

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importance of an or who or what to cut down

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in this Deen It is important for the brothers to work together. Masada is Salatu was Salam when he received the reseller. One Allah made him a messenger of his most What did he say? on if they ask Allah Subhana without all the time in this journey of coho coli, what is a word Gianni was didn't mean anyhow.

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He say a lot. And as though he's saying this responsibility is heavy on I can't carry it by myself or Allah make my brother

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Hi room, my wuzzy make him help me in this dour carrying the message of he sat with me. Because when you are giving that out you need supporters. You need your brothers and sisters to be right on your site so you can accomplish what Allah asks you to do. That's what you need some Allahu alayhi wa sallam for 13 years was going around the city of Mecca. You know, every people everyone who comes to the city of Mecca, every tribe, every delegation, every group will come for Amara for Hajj, he will go and present himself to them and He will say to them, I am the messenger of Allah, Will you kindly Take me with you to your homes and protect me so I can convey the messenger message of Allah subhana

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wa tada and no one would take him except the answer.

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There Nick, Allah subhanho wa Taala You know, he was asked to work together as like a serf in Allah How you been led into your party lunacy severely, under whom we're near and merciless. When you're merciless. Subhana Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala a year the Nabi ob Nasir ob mini

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Allah eight it is missing here with Victor and with the meaning.

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So, in the DA we got to work together. The real economy you saw the long run he was selling me a home and Muslim, Lil Muslim and Muslim only Muslim caliburn Yan, Baba Baba

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is a Muslim to another Muslim. They are like a veneer like a like a wall like a brick. They hold each other, they support each other, they strength each other.

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The fourth lesson that we learn from this, my dear brothers and sisters,

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the importance of principles.

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When you see the truth, you act accordingly.

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When you see the hug, you follow it

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when Moser came to town, waiting for the onset to move, according to the IRT Fire TV and conterminous saw the thing he said if you have a sign, if you really messenger of God, as you claim for unsaid that show me an idea to unclasp

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through his tech, but either here or abandon Moby

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when the followers of your answer call and mellow, coordinamento Min, Mikado and mellow group of Iran in the huddle NASA. This is very well trained magician.

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Very well trained magician, not that he's missing your overlock but very well trained magician.

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And of course we gather his magicians and he wants to show off and he brought the best of the best to battle loser to defeat Musa alayhis Salatu was salam to embarrass Moosa in public Yama, Xena.

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But the most when Allah subhanho wa Taala when the Sahara presented a magic masaharu our universe he will still have room where God will be sitting in our when, when they deceive the side of the people and they fear them to the point that Mousavi Salatu was Salam Also, our josefin fc here, he fear himself.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala said, throw your stories stick with ohana either moose uncle or sock for either here or abandon

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that stick became a snake and swallow everything. When there's when the magician saw that all men, Robin, I mean rhombi musawah, Haro

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masaharu for all the Sahara to sujeto what do they say? Amen. Robbie Haruna.

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Now here Subhan. Allah, those magicians when they saw the truth, they found they found the truth and they held on to it. And they did not deter from the truth. They follow it to the teeth. To the point that they say we believe in public they publicize the faith and they say we believe in the Lord of Wolves an owl

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for Call of your own and to know qabalah and

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you believe in this man before I give you a permission

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to for your own. He wanted to control the faith of the people. He wanted to control what they believe in the heart.

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Is it How dare you believe in most of before I give you permission

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in the hula kaviraj hula the HANA mkuze indeed it is the chief of the magician that led you to this panel sofa

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you will see my wrath. You will see what I do you follow our cat you hands our cat you feed our tight you to the trees trunks, our ties to tree trunks.

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What are the movement instead? What are the magicians and con thira tharaka Anna Maria and Amina when

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they say we will never

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take you over what Allah has given us. We will never follow you. After we saw the truth, Buck Nima and Takata. Do whatever you want to do. You only judge in this dunya we believe in the law. We ask Him to forgive us.

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That is the true faith. That's the principle. Your Ambassador on the long run. Colonel Sahara Shah is in the morning. They were evil magicians. But at the end of the day, they were shuhada Bharara there was Shahada who gave their life for the sake of Allah.

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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam in conclusion, there's a lot to listen from the stories of Masada, his son um, but I want to to, you know, we emphasize the importance of you know, the Eman itself and you to understand their own system, their system and the system trying to prevent the birth of Moza unlikes again, and Masada his Salah to a certain person will not come back. But this Deen will come back again and again and again. So when you see that Muslims are defeated in certain parts of the world, when you see the weakness of Muslims and and the followers of the deen of Islam, do not lose hope. Don't say, you know we are weak. We've been defeated. Yes, true. But this is his.

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This is because Allah wants you to come back to this Deen. Allah wants you to be a true moment, not someone who claims to be a Muslim as a lip service. But now following the rules of Allah this shittier ovilla you are Mormon. And Allah said in the Quran, quantum higher Martin overindebtedness, that model on a billing model with an owner and what I mean owner biller, and that is what you need to be. That's what you need to do. And that is how you establish your faith. May Allah subhanho wa Taala we were you and bless you, which is our common law fair for listening. This is the story of Moses in a very condensed, summarized version, and perhaps one day somewhere else or perhaps in this

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channel. You will learn more about Moosa and he said it was salam wa salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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