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Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan delivers a great Khutbah regarding the character and then relates it to our relationship with the immediate family members and bringing them back on the path of Allah through our patience and Husne Akhlaq. 

What is profound is that good character and morals is not obtained only from the revelation of Allah through the Qur’an. The Prophet ﷺ did not have any revelations till the age of 40 yet his character was exemplary and topnotch in every magnitude.

How do we ensure we try to emulate and be as close as one can be to the character of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ? Listen intently so that we can imbibe the advice meted out to us in all sincerity.

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim noon will call me what Maya stone. And Sabina Mattila. bkv Majnoon we're in Kala Kala agilon hydro mamnoon we're in NEC Allah Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah Masha Allah, Allah who can Halim. barakallahu li walakum fille karate Hakeem mana Finally we are coming at what came

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along Medina Mina Latina Amano. I'm so sorry, what was the topic? What was the sub? I mean? Yeah, but I mean, today's football is about a single ayah that belongs to sort of L column. And in order to introduce the importance of this is simply it's the last of the IOP. I recited there in the very beginning of the surah. Allah says we're in the Kannada looking at him, speaking about the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah says, There's no doubt that you are committed to a great character to have profound character. So it's a compliment to Allah as messengers, the way alleged messenger carried himself. What I wanted to talk to you about today was actually the placement of

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this ayah First, the early Sutras, including Soto column are one of the main subjects of them is to respond to people who don't believe that the Quran is from Allah. So even in the audience of the Prophet at the time, so a lot more Addison, the majority of the people didn't yet believe. So even when they heard the Quran, they can consider the Quran his words, not the words of Allah. And so a lot of the early Sutras, they highlight or prove or make arguments, why must the audience believe that these are not the words of this man, these are actually works better revealed to him, they are and it's much easier for you and I, just to put this in perspective, it's much much easier for you

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and I to believe in the Quran. Because we have everybody around us that believes in the Quran also believes in the Word of Allah. But if we were in that first generation that heard this messenger for the first time on a subtle Salaam, and he's claiming that the words that are coming out of my mouth are not mine, they actually are delivered to me from an angel. And they're coming from Allah Himself. So you must follow them. That's not an easy thing to accept. You see if anybody makes that claim, throughout history, the first response is, well, what are you saying an angel talks to you, you must be crazy. So the natural response for most people is that he's insane. Not everybody called

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him insane because they hated him. But because they found it really hard to believe. It's just a difficult thing to accept that a man receives revelation. A lot first says in the suit, I will tell him is to rune. He swears by the pen and what they write meaning the origin of the words that are coming from him are from the pen, the column from Allah, and the angels that are documenting the revelation of Allah, that's the source of it. The words that are coming from out of his mouth are not from a gin. They're not from a devil. They're not of his own making. They're not the product of insanity. They're actually coming from a local backhaul. And then he says to him, that these insults

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that these people are hurling your way won't mean anything. It doesn't matter because for every one of these insults or anybody these people that are dismissing this message in their locker, room, no, you're going to have a compensation that is never going to discontinue, there's no doubt about it. There's a special reward waiting for you so a lot more than you saw them talking to the messenger at least that was around that there's a special reward waiting for you that is never going to discontinue but the the subject of today's call is actually what it Nicola Allah.

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Allah tells us messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that you must he himself must believe that what he's saying is absolutely the truth. And everybody around him should accept that what he's saying is actually the truth. It is from Allah because of his character, because of how he carried himself. Now that carries himself his entire life. This is now obviously early revelation. So the Prophet socialism is more than 40 years old, but at the very least 40. So these are the early revelations, right. And the people of Makkah have known this man sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, not as Rasulullah not as someone who claimed to be a less messenger, but just someone who lives in Mecca, and his name

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is Mohammed Abdullah, is Mohammed Hassan Abdullah, he never claimed to be a prophet before then Allah didn't charge him with this responsibility before them. So they know him and they've known him for 40 years. So he's someone who's lived among them for a really long time. And Allah is actually making the claim that the call to Islam, the call to Allah has word has validity, because of the way he carried himself for 40 years. The way he was with the people, it's actually not we know that the messengers I saw them, there's no greater worship of Allah than the messenger himself or someone. That's his relationship with Allah. But this ayah is not about the messengers relationship with

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Allah Salallahu alaihe salam, this ayah is about the messenger messengers, relationship with people, with people not with a law with people. And what's more interesting is it says relationship with people before he became a messenger, not after before he became a messenger.

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So there's no Quran yet. There's no revelation yet. And the way that the messenger is carrying himself, the kind of son, the kind of father, the kind of husband, the kind of businessman, the kind of friend, the kind of neighbor, the kind of nephew, the kind of grandchild, etc, etc, the kind of human being he is and the kinds of relationships he has, and the way he deals with people, the way he speaks the way he carries himself, in and of itself is proof, this man can only be right, this man has the credibility of only being right. The Quran has done something remarkable here. Allah is essentially saying in this in this ayah that the one of the proofs, the proof that Quran is the word

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of Allah. The Quran is the truth Islam is the truth is the way that the prophet SAW Selim behaves for 40 years. That's the proof. What we're learning in this ayah is something so important. We, you know, we're living all you know, people watch this clip online from all over the world. But all of us have some similar concerns. We're concerned about passing Islam on to our next generation. We're concerned about how our children aren't learning the deen the way that we hoped that they would learn it, and the influences that are taking them away from the values of this dinner very powerful, right from online to offline, these influences are no joke, right? And in this in the midst of this,

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what we try to do is we try to teach our kids teachings of Islam Koran says this, the prophet said, This Salah lahardee, you send them this is what's fun about you, this is what's watch upon you, this is what you must do this, what you must do, this is the sort of you have to memorize. We have all this stuff that we want to teach our kids about Islam or even each other. We assume if we start teaching Islam, then somehow people will come closer and closer to the deen. And that's how it's going to work. Except, even though there's a lot of truth to that is if you consider all of this teaching have been a building, that building has a foundation. And that foundation is actually

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character. The foundation is actually how you deal with people. The people of Macau were not expected to accept a lot of words, until they had 40 years of credibility from a man. So Lola How are they he was seldom alone could have made him a messenger earlier, he could have been a messenger from birth, like these are the serum. That could have been the case. But Allah decided no, he's going to first establish his role sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his society. What kind of human being is this? Before we wait, what he has to say? What kind of person is he? Before we wait, what he has to say, this is profound. Because now we're also learning that character isn't something

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necessarily you get from Revelation, good character, how to be an honest human being, how to be a kind human being, how to be a fair human being, how to be a gentle human being a courteous human being. These are not things you only learn from the word of Allah. And until it's in the Quran, it has no value. Wait, there was no Quran for 40 years? And yet the prophets are sometimes characters being described as Oh no, can I lean in Allah, Allah, Allah can mean, this is a very important thing. What we're what I'm trying to get across is that these values are so fundamental and so important. And they have become, they're actually, it's almost saying, if you talk to an architect,

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you say, I want to build a really tall building, and but I don't want to waste time on the foundation. So don't dig, just build it. And he starts building the building, that's silly, because the little bit of the wind and what's gonna happen to the building, it's gonna fall apart. Because there's no there's no groundwork. There's no foundation. That's what's missing so much in our discourse, and what we emphasize, you know, when we go, for example, we take our kids to a restaurant, and they're going to go either, we're looking at, okay, we have to make sure it's a halal restaurant, make sure we find out where they got their chicken from, where they got their beef

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from, let's do a background check on the owner, let's find out where they you know, all this stuff. And you know, who they hire, and what kind of skills do they use, and all of a sudden, fine, you did all your exhaustive background check. And now you go to the halal restaurant with your children, right, and you're sitting there and you're eating food, and the people who are serving you, they come and they go, and it's like, late at night, the restaurants about to close, and your kids finish half their plate, and you finish half your plate like, full. Okay, let's go and you just pick up and go. You know what you ate Hello. But there's so much missing here. The people that are working late

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at night, they have homes to go to also, you could have just taken a little bit of time to clean up, put things aside, make their job a little easy for them taking the opportunity to take teach our children, that those people that are working here, this is actually the this I love. You know, this is the way that they earn Lazarus it's not easy to do the job that they do. And just because we have the luxury of sitting here and eating doesn't mean that we deserve better than they do. And we're not better human beings than they are and they're your elders. You're a waiter at the restaurant is older than your child. So the elders always deserve respect. So go say Salaam to them, and thank

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them for their service actually helped them take some of this stuff back and we don't waste food. These are matters of character. You don't have to

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Give a hookah. This is just character. These are simple things that we overlook. Just making eye contact with somebody when you speak with them. Just giving them time of day or courtesy now Now when you're talking to somebody in the middle of talking to them, Mm hmm. Yeah. Yeah, I agree. But

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so you're, you're not even giving them the courtesy of attention. It could be your parents, it could be anybody else. But we don't pay attention to people when you speak to them. These are simple matters of character. But when somebody does that, when somebody tick tick puts their stuff away, and actually gives you the time of day in conversation, they're not rolling their eyes and saying,

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so can I go now?

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Either they're saying that with their speech, or they're saying that with their body language, right, they're not doing that they actually gave you the courtesy, it actually speaks volumes, it has an impact. And these are the kinds of things that we basically don't even emphasize anymore, because the food is hella because we, for example, our children, we have so many parents that I want my child to be a good Muslim. Well, how do you make your child a good Muslim, I have a formula make them memorize the Quran. If my kid becomes a hub of stamp of gummy gender guaranteed, and they get extra bonus tickets, they get to take a few people with them. You know, our kids memorizing the

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Quran is memorizing some words of the Arabic language, yes, those words are sacred. But if those words don't have any impact on their character,

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then what's going to happen? What and I've seen kids that have memorized the Quran that are very arrogant, that are like, I was like, way better than that one. I don't know why they didn't let me lead the way. Because you know, we have kids that are finished memorizing the Quran, and we put them as trophies to lead. Right? Our parents are pushing them. This is why we memorize the Quran. This is this is what it's turned into. So what we do is that Dean is supposed to actually give perfection, to something good that's already there. something decent that's already there. Look at what we do. For example, at hedge, everybody's worried about, hey, which dollar is supposed to make here? Where

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are you supposed to be? What am I supposed to do? What am I supposed to do? Which ritual and we're very worried about the monastic? And at the same time? You're like the baker lahoma bake and check the bottle on the ground?

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How's this? What about Islam? Is this cleanliness? Take courtesy to someone else? You know, where did that disappear to? Where does that go? So are the you know, the, the the fundamental piece that's missing from the equation is how is it that we are dealing with each other with others? Think about it this way. Our messenger sallallahu alayhi salam, for 40 years before the revelation, you can argue that the only people he's dealing with are non Muslims. Everybody around him that he deals with his non Muslims today you have Muslims that say, well, we have to be good to Muslims, but non Muslims, Allah kahar and we treat them like dirt, or we're uncomfortable around them, or we want

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nothing to do with them. I don't want to be around the kuffar. Really, you don't want to be around them. What was New Zealand's saying? Yeah, komiya called me for 900 years and talking to them out of love, Who's he talking to Muslims? You know, Ibrahim Alayhi Salam building the cabinet, making the offer all people you know, he's making God for all people that Amina nasty that we lay him in at the minute meaning really him a phenomenon as a concern for people courtesy for people, how do you deal with people? How do you talk to them? How do you think about them, you know, and of course, especially towards fellow believers, but the way we deal and interact with each other that is at the

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very, very top, that is the top priority of our theme, that gives it credibility, if you don't have that, and you're, for example, you know, the kind of double standard that exists, we separate character from the teaching of them, we separate those two things. So you can have halaqaat of the scene. And you can have halaqaat of like studying very advanced Islamic sciences, you've got, you know, some, some very elaborate texts that you're going through and you're studying and you're learning from, and you're sitting there learning from it. And you're, you're memorizing these things, and sometimes mothers are learning them and they're ignoring their children.

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Your first rights is to your kids. I want to remind you of something remarkable. I shall be alone Tada. And

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we all know how close she was to the Messenger of Allah sallallahu. I knew for them. And we all know how much of Hadith is attributed to Chateau de la junta, Donna and she's actually she's got profound memory. She's got photographic memory. And something remarkable she said in the in this the longest hadebe found in Buhari about if we when she was slandered, and you know, the case was made against her.

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When she got upset, and she wanted to respond to the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam, she says, Well, I know God, I don't have etha to sin la casilla mineral Quran and I read that portion of that idea and I was just baffled. She said I was very young at the time, and I didn't read a lot of Quran I didn't know a lot of Quran.

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Like what you didn't know a lot of this is like 1617 years into revelation, two thirds or more of the Quran has already been revealed. And you don't know a lot of Quran What do you been doing? You're so happy, you're like I shall be your mother, I shall be alone.

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Why? Because she's busy taking care of the household, she's got other responsibilities, she's doing other things. You know, she's got she got things to take care of other burdens. There are other people that are memorizing Quran. And she actually quoted something from sedusa, which suggests he only knew some McCann Quran even, she didn't know much a lot. That's a later story. The idea of being we think, to be more Islamic means we have to memorize more, learn more, study more, and the more we acquire, the better Muslim we are, knowledge has its place. But knowledge is actually a higher floor. There's a bottom floor again. And that's character responsibility. What kind of son

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are you? What kind of daughter are you? What kind of husband or wife are you? What kind of in law? Are you? What kind of uncle are you? What kind of neighbor are you? Well, how am I carrying myself? What kind of brother or sister am I? You know, these are the relationships that define us. These are the relationships, are you doing your part? Am I doing my part? You know, if somebody else is doing wrong, how do I respond to ignorance, you have a hot temper, I don't care how many books I've memorized or how good my cries if I lose my temper all the time, I've got a character problem. You know, if I that start, words start coming out of my mouth, and I've got an issue. If I don't have

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the temperament to deal with people that get under my skin, then what's the point of all this knowledge? What's the point? If it's so easy for me to back bite and no, no, I'm not backbiting I'm just speaking to Huck.

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Then what's the purpose of all this knowledge? These are the kinds of things that go against Holyoke. They go against Holyoke and you know, a legend described Rasulullah saw someone would just go Look, he said, Hello, can I read? The word Avi is actually orange originally from the word album or Yvonne the plural bones, something hard that doesn't bend doesn't break. It's stiff, hard bones are called out of them actually. And the idea of being his character is firm under any circumstance, he doesn't compromise the way he carries himself. He doesn't let emotions get to him and compromise that he's going to start using bad words by either law or become Busan Islam was afraid of Ebola

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here an akuna minal johannine. He wouldn't do that. He wouldn't be condescending towards others he wouldn't talk down to others later on in the same surah what Allah will do on the one hand, great character on the on the flip side, our people of terrible character, what is terrible character look like? And he's actually going to describe some very unique vocabulary in the Quran. Later what's coming is find out appearing to Terry McCann being modolo to the new failed he known without otaku la la mahane amazzing Masha in Vienna meme menara lil Hi, Martin, a theme autoline by the Delica name, and Canada, Monaco Bunny, all of these are descriptions of horrible character. This is the

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opposite of what hola Colleen is. So the reason that's done is you and I get to look in the mirror what do we look like? How do we how do we make sure we're closer to the character of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam I say I'm sharing all of this with you because in many of our families, we may have members that are drifting away from the the drifting away from Islam and it's difficult to see that they don't pray anymore. Maybe they don't even identify themselves as Muslim anymore. That's happened in many families. It's not even one families many families that are suffering in this way, or their son or their daughter has rebelled, some have left the home some of some have

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gone off into other kinds of relationships or whatever else and the parents are heartbroken and they don't know what to do. And sometimes the advice they get as well they left so you know what, you can just free yourself of them. They are now prefer and they are now more tired and they are this and then therefore you can just give up on them. I disagree completely. I disagree completely. We when our family members are drifting away The only thing that can bring them back is our character. You don't have to preach to them necessarily but if they feel like you have cut ties from them, you're you're no longer my son you're no longer my daughter you're no longer my brother, you're no longer

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my wife, Who gave you the right Allah azza wa jal connected some bonds some ties of blood what will or how me Baba home I will not be babbling pika tabula. You don't get to cut those ties. I'm reminded one time there was a lady who came to me at some program I was speaking at, she said her son no longer prays and she's very devout Muslim and she's studying and she's like, uh, you know, observes the deen as much as she can in her life very, you know, devout, you know, worshiping lady, and she came to me and says, My son has done this and I, I just don't longer consider him my son. I told him you're no longer my son because you don't pray anymore. And I said, lady, you don't decide

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that a lot already.

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decided who used to you You could call him a chicken, a bird a tree, you still your son, and that's not going to change. And the right he has over you is not going to change. That's not going to change. We don't get to decide that and she's given she gave me the example but no Holly Salaam you see his son, when he left. Allah said no, Lisa and Alexandra, who I'm sorry, he's not your family. He quoted me as a lady, that was a great mistake you just made because you're so you've done your 950 years, you finished. And finally Allah gave you a direct license to say that's not your child. That Allah say that to him for 900 years.

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So let's say that to him for all that time when the Adama Villa descended, and he said, it's not your family. Until then why didn't tell us anything? Because you're not allowed to give up on your people and how Who are you and either compare ourselves to the likes of new honey Salaam, who is upon the coming of the adverb of Allah, then he's told you get to cut ties, then you get to cut ties, you know what's happened, we don't we've forgotten the fundamentals of what it means to have these basic relationships that are supposed to make us make people come closer to us, then we can share something about Islam. Our interest is let's just drop Islam on people quote, stuff on people,

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but actually not give them a reason to actually even want to like sitting next to us to actually have the warmth of character. You know, this is a really serious problem, you find study studying the instances of the prophets lights on the Lahore and you send them where strangers walked in. And, you know, talk to him, the all with all kinds of things. And you don't find that he's giving anybody a sermon, you don't find that he's sitting and nobody's more knowledgeable than being than the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. So this person came, maybe there should be an opportunity to, you know, just give them all hold, does know? They come? They are sir question. And this is a very

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brief conversation. It's actually what you learn from it more than anything else, is the profit side of them is a really good listener.

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He's actually one of his the qualities of his character is that he's a really good listener. What happens with us when we become excited about assignments, we don't want to listen, we want to make sure everybody else listens. We don't want to listen to anybody. Somebody comes in, says, Hey, I have a problem. Well, let me sit you down. Let me give you a reminder. First, let me give you you dropped some quotes on you first, then you tell me what your issue is. Because I really like the sound of my own voice. You know, when this is this is a this is a serious problem of character. And it's pushing people further and further away from being those of you that are having trouble in your

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family, because of the issue of Islam, because some some family members are not as religious as you'd like them to be, or they're not religious at all, or they're leaving Islam altogether. And every time you see them at any gathering, you start quoting things at them, Allah will say this, you know what the prophet said, you know, what you're doing is wrong, etc, etc, etc. And that's only pushing them further away. They just think if I show up again, my mom's just gonna drop another football me No, thanks, I'll go get pizza. Instead, I'm not coming for dinner. And you're just pushing them further away from them. All you need to do sometimes is just be a mom. All you need to

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do sometimes is just be a brother and just be a sister and nothing else. It's okay, let's build those bonds first. Let's see, let's let's have them see you be patient first. And a lot of times people will test you with ignorance to see if you get upset. And then they'll justify I don't want to be around you because you get upset. And you have to know how to play that game and be better character, and to be to be to be ahead of them. So they don't they don't take advantage of that opportunity. You have to disarm people with how you and I carry ourselves. That's what we have to do. This is in mechana Allahu lukin, azeem

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This is it. And this, by the way, is the most beautiful quality that a believer has, we don't even have to open our mouth and we become a hajah we become a case for people. We don't have to preach anything, we just the way we carry ourselves becomes, you know, something different. People see it in us and say, What is it that makes you like that? I don't meet people like that. Why do you think of things this way? And you haven't quoted anything you're just carrying yourself with the upright kind of character melesa would just make us understand the value and importance of good character. And we allow them to help us identify what is it in our own character that is flawed, that we need

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to work on that we can improve the lives that we have keep us away from qualities of bad character that push others away from us, and as a result, it might even push others away from the deen itself. barakallahu li walakum fricative Hakeem on a funny way, it was lucky