Burma Genocide

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hungry and desperate

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by killed three four people in front of me. I got scared and thought they might kill me. So I decided to come to Bangladesh as it's a Muslim country in the hope that they will give us shelter kutupalong makeshift refugee camp in southern Bangladesh may not look like a safe haven. However, it is the only sanctuary for hundreds of Rohingya refugees fleeing sectarian violence in neighboring Burma. Over 2000 Rohingya, mostly women and children are reported to have entered Bangladesh waters in the last two weeks in search of food and shelter. Despite the perilous journey, their boats are being pushed back by the Bangladeshi authorities who claim the country doesn't have the resources to

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take in any more refugees.

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An estimated 200,000 Rohingya, an ethnic minority from Burma's rackin state already live in Bangladesh after fleeing three decades of state led persecution. In the past, the Bangladesh government claimed they were economic migrants crossing the border to secure better livelihoods at the expense of the local population. However, recent media coverage of ethnic tensions between Muslim rohingyas and racking Buddhists has created better awareness amongst Bangladeshis. As a result, there are signs that public sentiment is tipping in favor of providing assistance to the refugees

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is what they're running from torched homes, gunfire and reports of machete attack