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I want to tell you that when you look and also, I gotta tell you this too. I'm sorry. I gotta tell you this. We all know Beyonce, right. I know y'all do.

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I was so excited to meet Beyonce.

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I'm backstage and with all of these people, you know me, I'm like, oh, man, I'm backstage. So panela man, when I saw her, I was so let down.

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I promise, the hype. The we fought the hype and the excitement. Holy goodness. Oh my goodness. To be honest. When I saw her, I was like,

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Wow, this is awesome. What

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is wack? It really is. A promise show. It's not what you think. It's not at all what you think in Hollywood. Everything is so glamorous on the television, in the hype behind it. But when the cameras is not rolling. It's really whack.

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You'd be looking like, Man, that's so messed up and I could see the muslimahs with the hijab.

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I'm not even trying to trick you. I'm not trying to promise you. They're more beautiful than to be onsies in the Christina Aguilera. Really? Because what you see when the sister has he jab you She reminds you of a loss of Hannah what the highlight that you can already be modest. And check yourself. When you see them is fake. Fake hairs fake eyes is fake eyelashes is fake body part. Nothing is real. It's all made up. And inside of us Shea tombi just using it like this is the best thing. That's what you want. That's what you want. You really want something that's not real.

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You mean I mean really, you think about it, like why would you just want people to be like, Oh, that's here's this beautiful cake. This but it's made out of plastic but it look good

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on that man, you know, I mean, there's no benefit in it. It's just not there's no benefit in it.