Rabbis Expose Zionist Genocide

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What is happening now on Gaza over the last couple of weeks is genocide. What does Israel mean to you? Does Alexa have to be destroyed? These are the Jews who are living alongside the Palestinians under the Ottomans, and for hundreds of years and before sitting and crying with the suffering now the Palestinians.

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Thank you.

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Sir, I'm only come, I pray this finds you well and blessed, and that you're holding it together with a strength of a man, belief and hope in your heart about the horrible atrocities in Gaza. And in the West Bank coming to an end and justice being done. That's what we have to hold on to. So this week, I'm sharing a video about time I spent with three rabbis from the US, Rabbi Rosenberg, Rabbi Feldman and Rabbi vise, and they came a long way all the way to Istanbul from New York, just to have their voices heard in the movement against Zionism. Well, this video is about my time with them. And it contains a couple of statements that I really think you should know. And I have found really

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important in my understanding of how, how are we going to work our way through this wickedness, this awful mess of humanity right now? And how are we going to find common common cause as human beings, meeting Rabbi vice again, we've traveled together before mashallah I consider him a friend Hamdulillah. He's a lovely, lovely man. But his words took me back to a time 20 years ago, when I didn't have an understanding about who Natera Carta, the real Torah Jews were and what they stood for. And basically, I had been on a rally in Manchester, I think it was, and there was some of them to rabbis from the terracotta there. And they kept talking about only a little bit at that time,

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about the human rights of the Palestinians. And they kept talking about how their religion said, Israel can't exist. Their religion said this religion said that God doesn't want Israel to exist in this form, at this time, in this way. Lalalala. And they were treated really, really well by everybody there. And I wasn't impressed by the message at the time. So I spoke to one of the rabbis on the train back, we shared a carriage. And I said, I've got to tell you, it's time you joined the human race. Because what you've been saying is all about your face, and not enough about human rights. That's number one. And secondly, who cares what your version of God says, this is about

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humanity. Okay, I still accept one of the points that I made. But the tone deafness on my point was this. Why does it hurt the rabbi so much, that the non state of Israel is formed in their name? Well, here's a question to my Muslim followers and viewers on this channel. Why did it hurt you and I so much when ISIS was ripping through communities, and doing appalling acts and saying, Allahu Akbar, do you remember that feeling? I remember that gut wrenching. Please don't let them chop off ahead and say, Allahu Akbar, please don't let them beat these people in the street. And so like, It was horrific, because not only were these acts vile, but it's done in the name of purity and

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goodness, Allah so now I get it. Watch me travel down the streets of Istanbul with the rabbi's protesting for our brothers and sisters, specifically in Hazard, but across the whole of Palestine.

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In our face, Al Kitab means both the people whom God has revealed books to, but also those who are described as communities of safe haven.

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When the Prophet Muhammad's followers struggled with oppression in Mecca, he peace be upon him said, if you were to go to Abyssinia, it would be better for you, for the king will not tolerate injustice, and it is a friendly country until such time as Allah shall relieve you from your distress. In those times. Abyssinia was a Christian state. So at times like these, those of us who fear the wrath of one just God, and pray for His mercy and guidance must come together in a fight for freedom. Just as Muslims and Jews have coexisted, and flourished side by side for centuries, under Islamic rule, we will continue to do so in light of the beauty of the teachings of our faiths

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in the morning after breakfast with our guests who could not eat due to their strict dietary laws. By the way, I had an honest conversation with Rabbi vise about the history of Jewish Muslim harmony, the origins of the so called Jewish state and the reality of religious communities and designers rule.

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So we know that you are anti Zionist Jews, but how do you feel about what is going on in Gaza now?

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Are our feelings this can, this we can't describe. This is something you know, it's in the heart of the Jewish people around the world.

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For us, this is a knock, but it's a double Nakba, in a manner of saying, because it this this terrible crime is terrible revenue is catastrophe, this murder, this mass murder is not only being perpetrated against God, but it's being done in the name of God in the name of my religion. So the feeling is, again, it's you can't describe such words because it's

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frustration, hurt deeper and just and that we don't we don't know what we can do besides that what we're doing all the time of demonstrating speaking up pleading with with the world leaders, for instance, we go to the United Nations, which I live in New York. So constantly, every single week, a good few times during the week, Mike, different groups of us go out to the United Nations pleading, attempting to get to the heirs of the world leaders, that they should understand that they must they must they must stop this terrible crime that's been perpetrated in the name of Judaism, while Judaism is clearly opposed to killer steel, and the whole concept of creating the State of Israel is

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totally antithetical that's kind of against the words of Judaism.

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Have you been to Gaza, because this is a war against Hamas. We are being told by the Zionist news agencies, viola, mainstream news, Hamas went to Gaza

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more than once, and when we went there, we were embraced by the people. And the leadership, I carry on pictures. This is this is not that, but this is the history of how we live together in peace. And and these are the people actually the next generation of children and so forth. This is in Gaza, where we are meeting with the leadership this is with the Prime Minister is Melania. And we brought medical aid and they presented us with a hand

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flag of Palestine. We went and we cried with them, we went to the hospitals to visit the sick, and everybody embraced us, you see the the the large hearts, the super large hearts of the people that although they were bombed, they were maimed, they will ruin their lives. Yet they embraced us. We walked into the hospital as Jews, and they embraced us. Why? Because they understood that that this has nothing to do with the conflict between Jews and Muslims between the religion Judaism and Islam was the people of the Jewish faith. Our history has been so for so many hundreds of years living together. Any any person who's an

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older generation would be able to tell personal anecdotes, how we helped each other beautiful stories of coexistence. How did you find the people of Gaza when you went? What is that characteristic that what will you remember about Gaza? The friendship that anxiousness that they should, that we should feel comfortable, and it was just above and beyond and there was so nice, so friendly, and commerce, by the way, was so anxious, that, that God forbid somebody shouldn't by mistake, you know, just come along, and who maybe it wasn't educated enough. And you know, and think you know, Julian, unfortunately. And sometimes you have, but it didn't happen. We were there. As I

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say more than once a weekend we met with a lot of places we went around and Gaza, and they were but that said, we can't we're not going to the fact that Zionism with what they're doing, obviously, will create hate, and does create it and Israel mean to you.

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Israel is the worst cancer, the worst catastrophe that could be for the Jewish people. And this is not my opinion. This is what our great leaders, the chief rabbi of Palestine, not to be confused with Israeli rabbinate and the Chief Rabbis, which is just another facet of the

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masquerade of the facade that Israel uses.

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We understand and we know that the Prophet peace be upon him Muhammad went there and was raised by God this is this is in our understanding and our knowledge. And so the whole area has for more than 1000 years been a place of worship for the Muslims. But the Zionist say it's the place of the temple. Where does your Natera carta stand on the rising of the of the temple again? Does Alexa have to be destroyed? In your understanding of Jews? The Muslims have a distinctly different religion. There's no question we have a distributed different belief. And yet, we when we were being tortured, we were being oppressed and murdered in Europe by the Inquisition by

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The Crusades and so forth the Jews were banished from the land we ran away we were and we would take it in and embraced by the Muslim lands. And we flourished yet as distinctively a practicing Jews amongst practicing Muslims. And the Muslims had scours contrary to what the world thinks, you know, that it's only a day of Christian they call society. But they were full of scholars and they knew my religion. They knew Judaism. And they weren't and it did not. It wasn't an impediment, or any problem that they took us in the Muslim countries took us in, even though we were distinct, we have different lives. One of them is what you just mentioned, what will be the x, so the issue about x

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and now let me explain to you, we believe that I mean, our history is that King Solomon Vinton built the temple, God took us out of Egypt, we will require to go into the Holy Land, we will require to build a temple, King Solomon built the temple. And then it was destroyed, there was a second temple, and it was destroyed by the Greeks by the Romans, basically. And then we were sent into exile. And we, because we were not on the level of holiness, He was supposed to be, once it came destroyed, we are forbidden to return to the Holy Land and mass to go back. Now the temple math will, since that time of the destruction of the temple, Jews are forbidden to go to that whole area, step into that

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area behind beyond the Wailing Wall, or the Western Wall, what you would call because that's the outer perimeter. That was the wall that remained from the whole temple that was the only piece that remain inside of that is forbidden for Jews to go into the area at punishable by one of the worst punishments in Judaism that will cut off from God. It's called cut race means we're cut off from God. So God leave that on the site will come the Almighty himself without any human intervention will build the temple, we will be in that area. We believe 100% That will be that area. Does it Jive

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together with the muscle 100% It doesn't. But that's an issue with a metaphysical concept of a change that will be not with human intervention, the Almighty in the future, what will make that there'll be a spirit of repentance, they'll stop being atheists. And it says the also cool man good as all the nations will join arms together and serve God in harmony, we believe not become Jews, but all the nations will join arms together and God will build the temple. So we have a definitely a distinctly different belief system than the Muslims. But it's never a threat to Islam or the Muslims. We hold we taught that's just one example of the gret we're taught to congrat we know that

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the Muslim countries took us and we know we flourished amongst them. They're designed this vilify the Palestinians because they want to for the for the narrative to create their state. They'll have to vilify the people that are living there and call them anti Semites and call this a religious conflict when it's totally not that the ones who are anti semitic is design the State of Israel that created the state against the will of the indigenous Jews that will live in. We have pictures. These are the Zinus wooden Ben Gurion, David Ben Gurion, reading the Declaration of Independence, and then went on now remember, he's making a Jewish state Star of David going into the state of Israel, he

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was they were all anti religion. And and they've make making a Jewish state, supposedly, because God gave us the land, we have the right to the land. And what a farce. What what an evil This is, they live together in total harmony, they lived in the same courtyard state babysat each other's children. This is a this is a, you know, this is how they used to live together. This is a part of the Jewish of this so many 10s of 1000s of pictures like that, from the Muslim community in the Jewish community, we lived in peace, the Zinus on the but they can't take our religious community that was living there. They brutally beat them, they brutally arrest them. You can see it's off me,

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we're not talking about the police, we're talking about the military, guys. So basically, I just want to make this clear. These are the Jews who were living alongside the Palestinians under the Ottomans, for hundreds of years and before so that community has been set, and they were happy and safe, as Rabbi has told us, and there was no conflict. And there was no competition for the land. And permission was given to pray at the what they call the as they call the Wailing Wall. And they used to go through the walk out of respect for the Palestinian Muslim organizations there. These are the people of the land as well. But these Zionist this political regime that has hijacked Judaism

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and is murdering and is killing, and is the most vicious cult on us, this is what we are united in calling into and may God give peace to the Palestinians and victory to the to the good people, the Palestinians and Muslims who looked after the Jews for centuries, please God.

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Inshallah, Inshallah, God will help God will God is great. God is the most powerful. And in our Torah, it says, Why are you rebelling against me? It will not be successful. We uncertain that this will end we only pray to God because God is the most compassionate and the

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It should bring the end speedily and peacefully. But she can because God is capable of everything and and then we will look for that they will turn to the Palestinians and say, Here's your lives back is your respect and that we can live together as we've had so far, many hundreds and hundreds of years, we're hurting and crying with the suffering now the Palestinians.

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Thank you. I got really emotional at the end of that discussion with the rabbi, because he was envisioning, and this is something we all need to do a time when this part of history is over. For the Palestinians, when there is beauty, and the olives will grow again.

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And their harvest will be able to be brought home with the songs that they've passed down orally, that they will be joyous EADS again, without the colonizers on their land, and Rabbi painted a really beautiful picture of the original Jews been a part of that makeup of the Holyland Europe and this is something we need to focus on as well, visualizing the day after Zionist Zionism ends, praying for it, praying for it and a good future together.

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Somebody come so I'm here with Rabbi Feldman of Matera Carta, we are about to gather for a protest against the Zionist murder, the mass murder, genocide against people of Gaza. So

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I want to understand your position as an anti Zionist, religious Jewish person. What do you feel right now about what is happening in Gaza? Well, what is happening now and guys over the last couple of weeks is genocide, which is mass murdering so many innocent men, women and children, we always say that it's not only criminal. According to international law, this is truly crimes against Jewish law. It's not only to the past two months, which is criminal law, which is wrong and which is anti Jewish. It is basically just a continuation of this. So such a long, over 75 years of brutal occupation and it's a true desecration of God's name. When the Jewish religion was being misused to

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justify all these crimes. I visited Gaza twice after the beginning of the speech. It was disturbing. It was sad it was brought tears to our eyes to see what was going on already. Then in 2009, it is sadly so much worse. today. It was worse even before two months ago, but in the last two months, it's a total disaster. There is no way to justify these crimes, and certainly not to misuse the Jewish religion to justify all what is going on.

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So listen, activism doesn't have a day off when our brothers and sisters are being murdered and occupied and displaced. And I am here in Istanbul with brothers from the turn ikata anti Zionist Jewish rabbis mashallah and we're going to be going on the March The Scotsman visit square in Sharla to hire so

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this is a sample today, guys.

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We can

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This is Ali's 15 years old.

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He's here for Gaza today. The whole of Palestine Free Palestine.

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Free Free.

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Free Free.

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Free free

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will be free.

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It's actually the first month for Palestine that I've been on where it's majority Muslims, and the feeling is charged with pain and resistance. And are these American products and businesses here in Istanbul? I never thought I didn't like it because I normally protest in London right where Hamdulillah we have our way of doing things in the UK. But it's a much more charged atmosphere here. Very interesting.

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We traveled together and joined the Turkish people rallying against the genocide in Palestine. And the rabbi's got a lot of attention for their attendance and some of it was quite confused and even suspicious. But ultimately we all marched together with the one shared conviction of one Almighty and just God who warned us His servants against committing injustice on the earth. You know what? Hamdulillah that was a beautiful day and I had so much respect for those brothers, those rabbis. They were walked for miles. They're over 60s, a couple of them some handler. They were so steadfast in what they were doing. They stayed right to the end is there

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Anything else we can do for Gaza? Is there anything else we can do for Palestine? Is there anyone else who will speak to us? Is there anyone else? So here our message that this is not Judaism, that this is not about Jewishness. Jewishness is something different to Judaism. It's become separated. It's like secular Muslim pneus. And they feel that their faith is hijacked. And I think there's a very brave people, and I pray for us to work together all religions together, all people have goodness together to end the cancer of Zionism, and to free free Palestine. If you like these videos, do subscribe, and leave your comments below as long as they're polite. And yeah, let's move

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forward to a better future in Sharla