Muhammad West – The Genocide of our Generation

Muhammad West
AI: Summary © The terrorist attack on a population of young children killed by the terrorist had no plans to kill the children, but instead targeted them with a single bullet. The OMA 2 billion people are testing the immune system to see if they are serious about struggling for Ebola, and the OMA is not only for the people ofippedper, but also for the rest of the world. The importance of protecting people and their families is emphasized, and the need for transparency in the media and a return to the "be on" mentality is emphasized for political success.
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bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim Bismillah R Rahman Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala l mursaleen Sayidina. Muhammad Ali he also had remain my beloved brothers and sisters I said Mr. Lee Kumar Bleiburg Gatto.

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Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen should have Allah Allah, Allah will be witness and testify there is none worthy of worship besides Allah subhanaw taala we send our love and greetings to sanitation, so beloved Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to his family, his companions and all those who follow his sunnah until the end of time. May Allah subhanaw taala bless us to be amongst them and make dua for the people of Palestine. Well ask Allah subhanaw taala to make it easy for them in this time of difficulty. May Allah grant him string Malaga and string for the Ummah May Allah bring all of us out of this difficult time to is our destroy the enemies of this Deen on the tyrants of this

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world and Mela, Grandma Kira and Jana to Fidel's for those who have passed away. I mean,

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every generation has its tastes. And whatever comes before us is part of Allah's plan.

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Winning and losing is not really the important part,

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being on top, dominating, or losing in the battlefield in the dunya. That's not really the point. The point is how you meet these challenges, even the Gambia some Ambia Alhamdulillah. Allah given them success, or given them nations, the Ambia from a dunya perspective, they failed. There are some Ambia who as Robeson says they will come on the day of Kiama without a single follower. Even Nabi Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, he had victories he had burden, but he also had defeats like,

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and these are, as Allah says, These are the days we alternate between you so that we can taste you know, growing up, and I think many of you would know, remember, growing up, the last time we saw a genocide, if you Google genocide, the last genocide was in 1995. The Bosnian genocide. And we can remember watching TV, maybe not fully knowing what's going on. But we know there's Muslims, we might not even have heard of the country, Bosnia, but this is a country in Europe. And these are Muslims. And they are being ethnically cleanse what is happening here. And it was, of course, in the time in the town of several Lisgar, where the Serbs entered the city. And they rate although miles below,

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right the women and then shipped them on buses and sent them out and rounded up every man, every boy, and killed them indiscriminately. Every single one of them. This was the last documented genocide, what is the genocide, it is killing his bed. And when you kill people, and you destroy cities, and you fighting to walk, that's bad.

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But when you go out with the explicit intention to eradicate a people, because of the ethnicity, or the color, or the religious beliefs, the objective is to exterminate them. There's something a lot worse if you go and you invade a country for its oil, that's bad. But that's still, you know, human, that's still greed. When you invade a country for political change, okay, understandable. But when you go in simply out of hatred to kill another group, because you hate them, because you see them as subhuman. This is the worst type of crime against humanity. And as I said, when when when this happened, we will most of us here might have been quite young. We just saw it on TV didn't really

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know much about it. And it was a genocide that had to be dealt with at that time. And we failed, the OMA failed miserably. It happened. No one stopped it. No one prevented it. We saw it coming. If you read up on how bad it was, in the heart of Europe, subhanAllah, you know, and the Muslim world did nothing. It was really interventions from the UN, from NATO from non Muslim countries that stepped in and said, Look, we can't allow this purely because it was on European soil.

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Before that, the year before that more than a million people were killed in Rwanda. Okay, that's Africa, you know, that sort of comes to the territory. This what we're seeing in Gaza

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is not a political zone, even a religious thing. It is one group who has a supremacist, racist, fascist view that they are the only people that may exist in that land, and that the thing that they genuinely want, what will make them happy isn't all these Palestinians or the guy that just disappeared overnight, if they packed up and went to Egypt, that's what they want. And if they could wipe them out completely, without the world causing a noise, that's what they want. The only thing holding them back is that they see the noise that is going on in the world. They know that they will be they will have to be the left to have some answers. They've been given the green light go and do

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what you want. But don't embarrass us why

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Ever you're going to do how you kill how you kill those babies. Just don't let it become headline news. So we have to be embarrassed. And this is, again, Allah subhanaw taala decrease these things to teach us how we respond. So this is a test for our time. And may Allah protect us I, you know, these are one of those specific questions. Well, I was gonna ask you and me and Allah knows best, what do you do?

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And the answer is very time, you know, what can I do?

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Are we contented with that answer that I have Kiama when we sit in front of your eyes 1000s and 1000s of people were killed babies children are killed. What did you do?

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Well, we feel safe on the Deaf gamut. So yeah, Allah, I did what I could do hurt us. So Allah says, what animal one second, we will teach you how to an animal Mujahideen. We're going to teach you we're going to put you into difficulty we're going to send war against you until he knows who are the Mujahideen. Mujahideen we'll talk about Jihad meaning who of those of you are really struggling? You're really doing your best Minko Masabi in and we will know have you have patients when Ebola Ebola come? We will test your face this will be a test this is an examination not only for the people of Palestine, in fact, least of of the people of Palestine they are going through it and they

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are persevering. But for us as the OMA 2 billion people 50 Muslim countries this is a test. What is our answer on the fKM Allah says to us I'm Cassie Batum did you think under the Hello Jana that you will enter Jana what um yeah, let me level Latina Jaya who and we did not test you to see who of you are serious about struggling for this Deen. Who of you are really committed that you think you just gonna get an easy pass without me giving you a tough exam? Where your anima Savini and I know what if you have patience? You cannot simply say Allah I did my best i mean i i read up on it. I heard about it. I went through Joomla about it. I felt bad.

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Is that enough of an answer? Allah says do you think you'll enter Jannah will that flimsy excuse and I speak to myself first am I doing enough? Am I comfortable?

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ALLAH ask us where Marla come What is wrong with you, lad to Cartagena visa vie de la you do not wage war you not fight you not struggle in Serbia and again when I say when I talk about Jihad Yeah, not only just the most important type of jihad is with your life the best yet you go out with your life and your money you don't come back that's the best yet. Alexander wants to be Shuhada Bella guns to be worthy of Shuhada. But there are many, many types of jihad and we'll talk about those different types of jihad and everyone can be a Mujahid in his own right. But all this is Monica What is wrong with you that none of you want to stand up feasability law well Musa Darphin and that the

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people who are oppressed mean originally when Nyssa will be done men women and children. They are screaming they're crying Hakuna Robina they say Oh ALLAH originally I mean how do you call it the dolly me Aloha. Save us from this oppressive people. They are people Allah says what is wrong with you Oma? You see in front of your eyes people are crying and screaming save us help us, but you do nothing.

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Which I'm gonna Mila dunka Walia and he's crying Oh Allah sent somebody anybody to be our protected to help us which Allah Melaleuca Nazira and grant us any type of protection. Yeah, Allah. That's all they're doing. So this is what I have begins rhetorical question Malik. What is wrong with you? This is these ayat are not for the people of Gaza.

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Look for them. This is for us. They are in it. We are the ones outside sitting and watching as spectators.

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Now Allah says to you and me if we do nothing and we don't act

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Huiling analysis we'll encounter about webinar one, as well as Allah says, if you're your fathers and your children and your brothers and your wives and your relatives were Asherah to come while you actor of the movie, and your money, your accumulation of money. What the gyro Jaren to Shona cassava and your businesses that you and your jobs you so scared of losing. If these things and your mama say I cannot tell you though, and your houses which are so comfortable in it, if your family and your business and your money which you love so much, and you're comfortable houses and your homes and your TV and your rugby and all those things.

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A hub the elite coming Allahu wa rasuluh he is more important more of a priority. You love those things more than Allah and he's Rasool what she had visa vie de la and to fight in struggle, you prioritize all those things above Allah and he's also done jihad for Taraba so when we just wait and see its effect Allison had to lobby me until Allah's command comes upon you all this is in wait and see. When I'm not a priority in your life, then it's very dangerous. Well Lorelai Yeah, did coma first subpoena and Allah says I do not associate I do not. I do not guide a disobedience disobeying people else's. Yeah, you already know Amazon. Oh, you who believe. Man you're tapping home and Dini

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he, whoever Have you turned against his dean. And this is in the context of jihad when Allah in Surah

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Mr. Ada, Allah is quoting people to fight Jad and some said no. So obviously, one of you turn away. But so far, Allah says, Yes, Tila become Tila, who becoming you hit boom. When you hit buena, Allah says, Don't worry.

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They will always be worse. There will always be struggles, they will always be tyrants, and oppressors, tyrants, oppressors and victims. Each generation is put in this test, to look at what you do. Allah says, if that generation comes and they do nothing else is no problem. Another generation will come and you will eventually send a group who loves Allah,

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and he loves them.

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They love Allah, and Allah loves them. And we make dua, we are this generation, we make dua that all the genocides and wars that we saw over the last 100 200 years, that other generations we struggle, but this will be the generation that Allah says, I will see the people who are worthy of my love, and they will love me and I will love them. So let's I will see the people who we will love and who will love Allah, they will be gentle Ruhama, there'll be gentle,

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Latin, meaning that they are gentle between them as the believers, I certainly caffeine and they will be stern and there'll be courageous against the enemies. They strive in the Cause of Allah. When I have funa Omotola him, they do whatever they need to do for the sake of Allah and they don't have sphere, they do what is right there on the right side of things. Whether it is saying a word, whether it's having an awkward conversation, whether it is cutting a contract, whether it's putting up a social media posts, whether it's donating money, or when it's even physically going out all these types, they do it without fear of what if and what's going to happen. They're like I've heard

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the lawyer tema Yasha. And listen, if you have this kind of courage, where Allah is the only priority, this is a great blessing that you are that you are free of this dunya Allahu Allah Who was your name and Allah is worldwide, Allah is enough for you, what more do you want in Allah, so these ayat are serious. And when we read these ayat in the normal course of human life is ordinary, they just are yet. But now Allah subhanaw taala is speaking to all of us to make a decision. I've seen that in my personal capacity, in my professional capacity where you need to make a choice about things. It's easy to keep quiet, not say anything, because you know, they might be repercussions. If

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you put a post out, you make a statement, you cancel a contract, you boycott something it might be, it might cause you some inconvenience, so we rather, what can I do? These governments, they are all these they're all Am I someone else can do it? Why must I do anything? That is remember, these ayat are not just for the Allama. They're not just for the king of Saudi Arabia, they're not just for the soldiers. This is for every Muslim, whether young and old, Allah is asking, What are you going to do? What did you do in your capacity? And what is your answer? So what can we do? What can we do? Then maybe some says, Whatever amongst you, and there's a hadith which you have memorized already,

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wherever you see is a wrong and injustice happening. When it is your duty, it is your responsibility to first change it with your hand to be involved, get involved, and you'll be the solution.

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Changing by your hand does not mean I point you as a look,

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that person must fix it. Why criticize that one? No, this is my problem. I need to fix it. That's the first that's the highest that's the best. If you can't do that, at least then speak out against the injustice, speak about it. Talk about it. speak words of truth. And if you say I'm too weak to do anything, I can't give money. I can't do physically anything. I don't even have the courage have the guts or the ability to say anything.

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Then at least at least hate this or feel bad in your heart. Feel sad in your heart, be concerned and make dua wake up at tattooed and cry. And that is the lowest level of Eman if you lose the concern, if if so one of the one of the things about this Palestinian shoe the good and the bad of it is that number one hamdulillah it's kind of revived the Ummah again, it was so sleeping, so did and Palestine. And it said that Palestinian children's this was wake us up and make the OMA app. Or what he said is if you still not awake,

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then that heart is in a dangerous situation. If at least you don't feel sad and disappointed, and you don't feel good when Alhamdulillah there's some victory or someone makes a statement, you don't feel some energy in your heart, then it's a problem. Then even the concern for the allies gone. The concern for the dean is gone. When you really, really really we worry about the death of the heart. So feeling bad is a sign of a heart that is still alive.

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You feel bad, if you feel angry, if you feel frustrated, if you think yeah, Allah what's going on and Hannah that is a sign of iman. And then of course it must translate into action. So now the first thing is feel concerned be concerned. Make dua but what you can

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Do and everybody can and should do this. You and I we have to be informed on the issue there are so many brothers will call me and they will say, you know what there's someone at work with we have a conversation and I don't even know what to say.

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I don't even know what what is the then the Nakba. I don't even know what is a Jew and a Zionist. I don't know what happened. I heard something happened in the Balfour Declaration in 1948 and 96 day war and the difference between Gaza and Hamas and the PLO and West Bank, I don't even know any of these terms. Well know what it means. If you don't know what those things mean, if you if the words I've said you can't explain it, you're not doing enough. The resources out the the is so much information, and Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah, the heart is on our side. The truth is on our side, if we just learned the facts and knew the facts, you don't have to be eloquent or smart

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or anything, you just can present the information very clearly it's very clear where the aggressor is and the Tyrant is and who's the oppressed. The fact that there is still a narrative of 5050 means that the bulk of humanity hasn't woken up and actually read the information. If every single person in the world that need the information, understood the reality understood the facts, whether Muslim or not, this, this crisis will be solved.

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Because it's so blatantly clear. So that is your duty. Every single Muslim everyone can do that. Everybody can learn. There's so much material on the website. There are so many Israeli

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some of the greatest speakers that you know, mentioned what's happening are Israeli historians, many of them Ilan puppy, Noam Chomsky, so many of them, they will tell you from he started because these are Jews explaining from a perspective. And of course, besides the countless account by eons and lectures from the Allama that you can learn, so you should know about these things you should know about how did Zionism start? We spoke about last week, where did it start? How did this group of people get to Palestine? How did the land get split up? 5050? And in Israel to 80%? Why is guys on the block blockade? Why did Hamas go out? Who is Hamas? When did they start? All these questions you

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need to have be able to answer so if anybody asks you in fact, you should have the courage to have the conversation. You should have the courage to have the conversation with your colleagues because everyone's still got Palestine Muslim or not everyone so my Palestine

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we should be in we should be the first one to call people about this, this catastrophe so that the peers or like minded people can support us. So you need to learn.

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The next thing is now Level Two Alhamdulillah I feel bad as made dua, I'm educated I've equipped myself. That's just you, you can control those things. What's the next things as the next level going to be so to speak?

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In a beautiful Hadith? He says,

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A man Austen I mean, Salam what is the best form of jihad, what is the greatest form of jihad, the hardest form jihad, and he said, to speak the word of truth against a tyrant or a ruler, to speak truth to power. This is one of the highest forms of jihad, to speak truth, even though that Facebook page might get banned to speak truth, even though you fear I might get fired. My company might cause a problem Alhamdulillah in South Africa, we are very, very fortunate of the very few few countries in the world where the government is openly pro Palestine, the ruling party is openly pro Palestine. And therefore there is no fear on you. So long as you're not calling for violence, to say very

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clearly And subhanAllah we've seen the LMI even says very clear, we are pro Hamas, so what's happening, other parts that will you might get arrested in Western parts, like France, Germany, even having a march is being banned.

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England the debating if you have a Palestinian flag, go to Hamas flag, a Palestinian flag, this is going to be anti semitic, because that is so controlled in those areas. We have the luxury the freedom that you can speak without any income incrimination in South Africa. So why are we not speaking out? Why not making the most noise? Why are we not the ones controlling the narrative? When it's favorable in our in our to us, we should ask and yeah, I'm making things about asking all of you I worked in a corporate company, we should ask our companies politely making a big social media circus. But why are we importing from Israel? Should we not source locally? Should we ask the

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question even if they say no, what Hamner fKM Anissa Allah I asked the question I had the guts to write an email to the sourcing manager or to the CEO and said, I feel morally we should not be buying from a country that is that it has broken international loans. It's a Jewish sinus. They breaking international law. How do they occupy that's UN resolutions.

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The same way many of us have not souls from Russia anymore. We should do the same.

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At the most they can see

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No, we don't agree with it has at least that will be that email will be your thing on the Deaf piano Allah I asked, do that ask your companies. And then of course, speak out to your communities. Now this is this list I don't know this listed came on the I'm not saying this boycott that list I didn't put that picture up. So inshallah we need to be also clear on what products are Israeli and not Israeli but Hamdulillah. And, you know, as you might know, I'm part of the MTC, the halal

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certification bodies

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have come out with a policy even though this was an unspoken policy, but now they've actually grown aligned in the sand that they will not. I think we should also remove that list in sha Allah, that we will draw a line in the sand that if you are in his Riley, come if your products come from Israel, we will not certify it. Hello, we're not saying that dates are haram if you eat it, no, no, we will have to have stamp on it. If it comes from Israel, we're not going to do any work with and if the company is owned by an Israeli CA It is an Israeli company, or they own a company. So Israel, for example, buys a ticket shop here will say no thank you, we will not certify you food. And if

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every Muslim certifier pulls its certification, and if every Muslim only eats what is certified, then automatically the Muslim community will not be buying it. Right? If you see this packet of dates, so this tomato, it doesn't have Santa IXA immediately no one who said I can't eat it.

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So that's what we should do. And I'll handle at least the first one the MDC are very proud for the first to do it and inshallah this will follow. And so it will be clear, what can you what can you engage, because the way the world works, you can't you can't boycott everything, and not everything is right, Israel. And we should come beyond this ignorance way. There is a group of people who control the entire world and they own everything. This kind of

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misinformation is not good, either. So we have product is genuinely Israeli, or the company's Israeli, we should boycott it, we should not buy it. We should not certify it. And we should ask our companies. And so all of you are in companies, you should look at the contracts. Do we do business with an Israeli company? Or we sourcing from them? You know, better than I know, because you're in your company? And then you should raise it in your meetings? Why are we choosing this company? Surely there's a local company or some other company in the world. Let's cut that contract. And of course, the power of social media. The reason why one of the reasons why

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Israel has not yet seen its troops in wise, they've been saying for three weeks, we're gonna go, we're gonna go, we're gonna go, why they did not expect the kind of backlash they're getting from you from me.

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This has become so embarrassing for them, that the Minister of wall had to meet with the Elon Musk with Mark Zuckerberg to tell them to take down Palestinian content.

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Because they were surprised at how the algorithm and Subhanallah many of you have watched the videos how well the Palestinians have done in putting the narrative over, and how well how the people have responded. There is a shift in the West amongst the younger generations. You just look at Harvard, for example, the students in Harvard, have been protesting in favor of Palestine. However, the center of American you know, intellectual excellence, has made it clear the students, so they're seeing the impact. You can't keep the world you can't lie to the world forever. Even the the UN Secretary General of the UN, yesterday, two days ago said we should understand as a small word, but

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just the fact that he said something which no one else said, what happened with hummus, we should understand didn't happen in a vacuum. There was a reason why it happened. Now he was being banned by Israel's Finally he's been called to resign just by saying the truth.

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So you're posting and you're sharing of messages and your sharing of videos. It is causing a difference. It is a jihad. It's a it's a fight that you're doing. And it's saving lives. Well, life saving lives. So Don't stop, keep posting, don't get distracted by the cricket to the rugby or whatever. Keep putting this on the agenda. Keep putting this on the agenda. And so show you sort of solidarity marches and those who makes it what is the benefit of marching, being in touch with the Palestinians. It gives them a sense of happiness to see 100,000 people in the streets of London, we're marching. We hope that inshallah is a to be planned march in Cape Town, the first of November,

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I hope inshallah we will be the biggest in the world. Of that South Africa will be the biggest in the world in terms of showing our solidarity, write letters of support to politicians who take the right stance and our hamdullah there are many, many political parties in South Africa. We're very clear on it. You don't have to subpoena have to vote for them. You have to vote for the EFF for the ANC, whatever, but support them to be louder, make more noise in Parliament. And for those who are supporting Israel, we make peace

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send them letters to show you the satisfaction. I tell you no one likes one of you know, you don't like one negative comment on your Facebook posts. No, no one likes that. Imagine a politician is getting 1000s of letters of people, you know, putting pressure on him. It's just the letter, but it will make that person shift. It will make that person think, do it. That is something you can do, and there's no risk to do it. So do it. The next thing beyond speaking is now actually putting your money where your mouth is, is about sending finances when all speaks about jihad. He says, Be unlikely command fusi come with your money. And then with your body. Money is easier than your body

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but money now requires some sacrifice on your part. Then our businesses, also hobby ask them, which charity is the best charity to Allah. And he says the reason the service of a worshiper in the course of Allah to spend FISA Videla in the times of jihad, the best Rand you can spend now when the OMA incident Whoa, yes sir Hamza, we need to care for the orphans and we need to care about the Masjid. But at times of war, when the enemy is at the gate, what is the Ummah need most? We need that money to go to FISA villa, and for those people in a tent of shade or amount to help the people on the frontlines. I mean, it's another controversial thing is the end of the year bonus time for

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those of you who are fortunate holiday time we've saved how many of us are going to take that and send a portion of it to Palestine?

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Where is our true concern and love? This is something that if we are asked and I asked myself, I'm not asking you I'm asking myself how many of us will say look, my five days of holiday versus saving someone's life? What's more important? That's that's the kind of model that limits every single one. Allah as I began, Allah is putting us in this test. What are you going to do? What are you going to do to earn Jana? It's also an opportunity to Jana.

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Allah subhanaw taala says, woman on earth era wasa Posada, Satya Wahoo men and women are on earth there was a aha moment for all that kind of mascara. Whoever once the after, and you exert yourself you do whatever you can do your sacrifice, Allah will appreciate it. He said Your sacrifice will be preached not your results. The email you sent even though it was deleted when to spam that email Allah says I love that email, even though no one read it.

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The one that I knew sent it didn't go anywhere it bounced whatever became bank charges, Allah loves that one that and that you did feel happy that that posts that you put up the not a single person that will so Allah says your second your struggle is what I love. And you will get the reward based on your sacrifice on your struggle. We don't look at the results, the results belongs to Allah. And then with regards to the results, Allah says to us, why are you so worried about the results? So why why are you even worried about Allah says, Len, they are true believers is learn you see wanna learn you learn you see by now Ilana Khattab Allah will Anna, nothing will get to me except what ALLAH

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wrote for us who are Mowlana he is our protector he decides, well Allah if Allah Tala let me know when and if you truly believe that put your trust in Allah. Allah then says, Do you wait? There's only two outcomes for your own Muslims. You only have to Krishna into good outcomes. One outcome is you beat the enemy. We beat the Israelis that beat Allahu Akbar, great.

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When is a better outcome we lose. We got to Jana, shaheed.

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Winwin. And Allah says, As for them, they wait for either being punished in the dunya when the akhirah they either lose in the dunya or they get punished in the Accra. So always asking you Oh believers, why are you even so worried about the outcome, you will just do your thing, you put up your Facebook post, you send that email, you donate that five grand, leave the rest to Allah, either way, you're going to win. So let's just find out for the robbers who in America mutrah be soon so we say You guys wait and we wait. And we leave the meta to Allah. May Allah subhanaw taala grant us to be on the right side of this. May Allah grant us to do our part and pass the steps and make easy for

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them. I mean, just like just a quick announcement. We thank everybody for the group who supported our meet and greet last week. The singles event 180 People join and we hope inshallah some Baraka comes from it, may the many of them find a nica inshallah. I mean, chicken salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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