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The transcript describes a culture where parents and children are buried in a river and their children are buried in a basket. The culture is centered around the importance of following rules and not making mistakes.

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gets old father.

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What happens?

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father or mother doesn't matter.

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When the parents get old,

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they put him in the coma data lake river,

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they dump them into the

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they cannot walk, they cannot do nothing. They just say look

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and that's the condition. How do you know? buried in life?

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and the son

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he loves his father, you know for sure one of

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he loves so much the Father. Mother tradition was so,

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so strong

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in the village

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and everybody say Come on, take your father. It's time to go.

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is no good.

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And the Sony comes, Sir, listen,

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grandchildren, you have everything it says.

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Kiss him. We gotta go and say okay, so it's time time. Let's go.

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He put it in it in the basket. And

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over his shoulder from the bank, taking him to the river.

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When he comes to the river, the sun put down and the ground

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lays goodbye.

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And the father says, Son,

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I wish you the best everything. Raise your kids.

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What can I do? And I have one Really? favor if you can do me a favor.

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See what the favor is? Father.

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So you see this stone over here? Yes.

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Please don't dump me from this stone.

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See why? Why I cannot dump you from the stone that I remind me of my father. I dumped him from this stone.

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And the shore. So son got so

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you know, he loves the Father. And he got it. Rather switch.

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Sony got his sons waiting for him at home

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says their times gonna be they're gonna dump me to say, Daddy, you know what? I love you. Say I love your son, Joe.

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Say but that's not a today for you.

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So let's, let's go home. Let's go back home

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to the family.

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And then he brought his father home. Everybody said no, no. He, he don't do it. And that's how the tradition ended up.

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You know, they stopped.

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They stopped to bury

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how bad it's like that.

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You see?

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That's the story.

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My father told me this

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was the moral of the story.

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What's the moral of the story? What was the meaning? Maybe is you see how

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we don't know.

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And we find him in tradition.

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If we follow tradition is wrong. It's not according I could understand that.

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That's mean we're gonna do it

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for the others but the way Allah

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guide us

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and quote, understand that teaching us

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obeyed Allah

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and be kind to your parents.

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When they get old.

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Don't tell him even Oh.

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You see, that time the people they run away from Islam. They just adapt, adapt, tradition, Islam

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of their day, you know, shaped in a way they done this way. Even the time erupts. We know

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a teaching a prophet among several who,

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who was buried. The doctors even omitted

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Closest isabey

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he bedded his own daughter and at that time de de vos srirangam Allah the way they they securesafe let's say daughters

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that's that's wrong. So don't follow blind tradition. Don't find addition. go search for the truth

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while he has the teaching not this brown this ground does the job this Hassan this added edge don't follow him blindly. Don't fly nobody open open Quran Sunnah open and read

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read and find out the truth

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how we should act How should we should you know

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worship the right way or wrong way is the

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right way to do

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how depravity is novoselov Salim is teaching us or or how we adapt for my father or my my mother or you know my neighbor or no no, that's wrong. If it's right for my father is many things was wrong very wrong. But my Allah gave him agenda, like, help us.

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Make it easy on us.

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We all have premium humans making mistakes, but he's the best. Forgive him.

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He's Moscow most was for me.