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Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi commences part four on the life of Abu Bakr as-Siddiq [RA} by divulging important information regarding the Khilafa of Abu Bakr [RA], who was appointed as "Khalifatu Rasulullah". Also, Shaykh shares with us the incidents of the "Army of Usama ibn Zayd" and Ali RA not giving his Bayyah (allegiance) to Abu Bakr RA and also facts about what led to reversal of this decision.

A brief biography of  Usama ibn Zayd is reflected upon which includes his lineage, his family and his nickname. The Shaykh then describes the key points of the army of Usama Ibn Zayd of whom he was appointed the leader. Hadiths are shared at this point in the lecture which authenticate the above statements. Clearly, the decision was met with criticism considering his age and maturity on the topic of war. It is at this time that Abu Bakr RA advice was sought and he dealt with this pressing issue in the most powerful, delightful and sane manner possible as you shall confirm when you hear the talk.

The next topic discussed is that of Ali RA not giving his allegiance to Abu Bakr RA  until six months. Here, we get our attention drawn to various Hadith highlighting the issue of allegiance, the conditions during which allegiance is said to have happened and and how finally, there was acceptance and allegiance sworn to the Khilafa of Abu Bakr, Umar ibn al Khattab and Uthman ibn Affan [radhiAllahu anhum ajma'een].

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