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would come in into another episode of Raka Ramadan 2018 day 26, which is the eve of the 27th which definitely could be Laila to cuddle. You know, there's so many, in fact, strong opinions that they that could be differently on the night of the 27th. Although the Prophet said to seek it within the odd the final odd days, the final 10 odd days of Ramadan, but today could definitely be the day and I just want to pause here quickly to talk about, you know, this beautiful night whereby Allah subhana wa Taala Listen, don't you believe? You see, as we were talking about bundle and bundle happened in Oman, and the angels came down in Ramadan, the angels came down in the Battle of of

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battle. If you have a polka dot Metallica t n Lima, come visit me to let me know Alice's revealed you know about to send these angels that came down. Angels in Ramadan specially in the night of the power did not have the power they come down. It was reported in the Hadith that the number of angels that come down in this day that they have, in fact, surpasses the number than the pebbles in the whole globe in the whole earth in the whole world. Imagine Can you count how many stones and pebbles do you have? You know, in just in your backyard? Nobody can? How about you the whole world. The number of angels that descend on this day is more than the level of number of stones and pebbles,

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you know, in the wilds of Canada. And they are led by she buried himself and why she did come down. Jabba de la honey has the proclamation others set them to zero so why not as you believe you know, what they're looking for says you've read yet one from end to end is looking for those

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living with the praying, reciting the hole and making the heart that's what you believe is looking for in this day, so don't miss out this opportunity.

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before the battle started, an arrow came from somewhere before even the battle started and hit and killed a man by the name of haritha. His mother came to the Prophet parameter Center. This is even before the battle started, so she didn't know that okay, how is he a martyr? Because the battle hasn't started yet. So you're telling me what happened to my son? Where is he? Is he in Jeddah is in hell? Where's my son? our province? Mohammed's? arcimboldo Yeah, on my house without it is not one gender. It's

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not one, it's many janeane and your son has reached alpha lows and

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your son has reached the highest level option.

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You know, the at the time before the war is to start, they used to have something called like a duel. And also they would call for the duel to face each other. And also you had

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Hamza who was in fact the leading the the battle and, and and making an sort of he is the one with the aliens as a way of sort of managing the battle and and the prophet and he is the one orchestrating the whole thing. Salalah and he was sending them sitting in his tent, raising his hand to the sky and making the hat to Allah subhanho wa Taala to help them protect the Muslims.

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So you have Addy and then a soap and then Hamza and then worried

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and then away that the chalice was the cousin of the Prophet Mohammed Elisa to set up the came out. And then from the other camp in our webinar via Shiva No, no, no wrote about so all the elite of Mecca. And then these are the first this is the first door that happens upon a mining stamp. And the Muslims managed to kill those of non believers, the battle started and somehow it did not take long. It didn't take long as a last panel to either send down those angels to support the Muslims. in that battle, they were only 313 or 14, they were outnumbered by a ratio of about 1000 or so. But Allah subhanaw taala give victory to the Muslims that they

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are Buddha got killed

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the elite

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home a year that he also got killed. You know these are the elite of polish

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and the Prophet Mohammed is Islam was walking by the graves you know there when they you know their buddies, their corpse at the end of the battle and he was saying has

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Allah gave you what he promised you.

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Allah has given me what He has promised me. Salah while he was

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in Islam, it is not a matter of quantity. As you can see the Muslim world outnumbered, but it's about the quality. Those people who are ready, Allah subhana wa Tada. Now um, he made them, you know, be steadfast, like, you know, remember they said that they were not ready for war. I mean, they were not ready they were not prepared for it. But within them, you know, from that image inside, they were ready. So how about Allah subhanho wa Taala has uplifted them and made them steadfast. But this would lead to another major battle in Islam. The Battle of what happened. We'll talk about it in Charlotte. Next episode, the other zazzy to share these fail with others inshallah

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Allah Allah