Why Do We Still Commit Sins In Ramadan If Shaytan Is Tied up

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Why do we still commit sins in Ramadan if Shaytan is all tied up? Which Shaytan is tied up and how does it affect us? What does the Quran say on this? How are the goals of Ramadan and this aspect intertwined?

Shaykh Yasir Qadhi elucidates.


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The speaker discusses two points, the first being that not all shouting is tied up and the second being that the worst of the Sheldonian and Sh guarders are the worst of them. They also mention that their souls may be prone to commit evil and that their goal is to challenge evils and overcome them to live as pure life as possible.

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On this title of how can we're still committing sins in Ramadan.

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Two points brothers and sisters. Firstly, we learned from the Hadith that not all shouting are tied up. Only the Hadith says the murderer that will jinn or the evil demons of the Sheldonian or the worst of the shouting. So not all the shouting or title only the worst of them. And then secondly, even if some of the Sheldon are tied up, unfortunately, our souls themselves are sometimes prone to commit evil Allah says in the Quran in the necessary amount of time bisutti Lama Rahim Allah beep the souls themselves sometimes commanded us to do evil unless Allah subhana wa tada has mercy on it. So two sources of evil number one other Shelton and not the other, or the worst of them. And number

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two, our own was swass and our own internal lusts and desires sometimes tell us to do that. And the goal of Ramadan is to challenge and take on those both of those evils and overcome them to live as pure of a life as possible.