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The segment discusses the importance of educating people on their rights and responsibilities, creating a long term plan to connect humanity with the creator, and avoiding touching men. The speakers emphasize the need for acceptance in society and education on their rights to ensure their privacy. They also suggest organizing for unity and forming alliances among various groups to address issues related to pedophilia and the rights of Muslims. The segment also suggests becoming an activist for social change and offers resources for those interested in learning about Islam.

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What comes your mind what? When you see something like this?

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That is what they're trying to do, but it actually goes a level deeper than that. Satanists, people who worship Satan believe in karmic retribution. Or it's might be stunned to learn that Bruno's version of love and acceptance means handing out sex toys to underage students. But once Yaga is one of the world's most expensive clothing brands in the world, and

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I had like our LGBTQ plus health center come in, they were passing around, but this is why they show you and tell you what they're doing. peace be upon him. This is our religion, Islam.

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This is the dijo

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we're ready to talk about

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how much respect I have for the faith of Islam Show. Welcome to the deen show. That the show

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I sell on Lincoln brothers and sisters, how you doing? Thank you for tuning into this week's episode of the D show. And we have two esteemed guests with us. Starting from my right to my love Dr. Severe Ahmed and Dr. Kramer was eight how you don't share hamdulillah Hungry, Hungry Allah la mala Culham, I want to get straight into this news that hit it didn't hit mainstream news, some local news, not even local news. You just had some independent journalists who went and had a hidden camera. And this is one of the deans of a children's school being recorded in this video. So let's go ahead and play this and we'll get your guys's reaction to it. I had like our LGBTQ plus health center come in,

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they were passing around MacBooks and Dell goes to my students talking about queer sex using blue versus using spirit. Meet Joe Bruno, dean of students at the prestigious Francis W. Parker private school in Chicago, which happens to charge $40,000 per student. They're just like passing until those butt plugs the kids are just playing with. They're like how do you how does this work? How did it work? Like, how does this work? That's really like, part of my job. Parents might be stunned to learn that Bruno's version of love and acceptance means handing out sex toys to underage students. So the date for four years during Pride. We do a Pride Week every year. And I had

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I had like our LGBTQ plus health center come in. They were passing around Buck books and dill those two my students talking about queer sex using blue versus using spirit who's this? This is the LGBTQ plus Health Center came in to talk to my high school staff. They're just like passing on until those but gloves the kids are just playing with looking at the school in a classroom.

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Well, I'm sitting down we had a drag queen come in, pass out cookies and brownies and do photos.

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And everybody's cool with that like the uploads and until those nobody complaints. I mean, if the parents found out that they have queer sex, the drag queen back Amen. What's her name? Alexis bevels Alexis devil and just hung out in my classroom. Was there hung out in my office? You have so much freedom so much

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wiggle room so much for you so much money? I mean,

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Cesar okay with that?

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They don't know. Okay. Dean of Students, you send your child to go to school to learn how to read write math, science, sociology, you know, all the different subjects that they teach. And then they bring in the health. Someone from the health department who's throwing around sex toys.

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What do you

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what was your reaction when you what comes to your mind what when you see something like this

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Hello salatu salam ala Rasulillah there is an authentic hadith, where the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

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do not wish for death.

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You know, do not wish to die.

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But say oh Allah make life or make me live as long as life is good for me.

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send me to death caused me to die.

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If death is good for me, and life is no longer

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good for you. And subhanAllah you know, sitting in I wouldn't even imagined in my life that this would be a subject of discussion. You know, stuff like that is top of the line of of decay more

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moral decay.

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And, you know, this person that you showed us is a non Muslim. This, you know, Welsh guy, or the Matt Walsh, the Matt Walsh guy is a non Muslim. And, you know, I had a conversation with Dr. Seville right before the shooting this this show. And, and he confirmed that he heard that statement from him saying that

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I will not stop, even if they kill me. I will not stop pushing back. Matt Walsh mentioned that, yes. And where are we Muslims? Where are we? How come? These public figures in the Muslim world are not speaking against this? How come they are not? How come we're not engaged into this activism,

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you think he's not going to come to you is going to come right to your door.

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See the Prophet, you know, the back to this in a beautiful way when he said, imagine a group of people got on a ship. Some of them got the upper level and the other, got the lower level what the people on the lower level wanted to do. They thought they were doing something good, by the way. They had good intention, or let's accommodate everybody. But this is a hole in the ship that will bring us all down. So do you feel that more of the community leaders, the moms, the the scholars who are out there, they need to be more of a voice 100% We should be taking the lead not this world. Muslims should be taking the lead is something that Christians, Jews, people of other faiths, who

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also they want to send their kids to learn math, reading science, they don't want them passing around the sex toys. This is crazy. This is our being taught how to have sex with the opposite gender or at all. I mean, what people are doing in a private bedrooms.

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They don't want this out there. Their children being exposed to this. I don't think that's something unreasonable and rational. I mean, yeah, Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah, Allah, Allah, he was a big number. But this is not the first time I saw that video. Every time I see the same video, I'm not sure why I'm seeing that many time. Speechless, shocking and fearful. So many emotions comes to my mind. But what also comes to my mind right away, is that we are the ones Muslims are the ones Allah subhanaw taala has given that assignment, the role to be the moral leaders for humanity.

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So one time, just last week, we had a small conference in one of the massages. And a brother asked me the question, in other severe why all of these things are happening right in front of our eyes. I mentioned to that brother,

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there is a stage and then their audience all around the stage. We are supposed to be on the stage, educating humanity, morally, legally, spiritually, any which way right educating humanity. We went away from the stage, some other people are now on the stage. And they are the ones who have become the spokespeople for morality. For that reason, we are see these things right in front of our eyes.

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Wow, that's powerful. I was thinking, just imagine, imagine you're at a friend's house. And you're at a high rise.

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And I really want this picture to sink in. And now one of the persons upstairs, you might have listened to some song, you know, they got some song out there from back in the day. I believe I can fly. So now he feels like he's an eagle a bird. He's about to jump. Right? I mean, any person if he loves this person, he would say, Hey, stop. It's obvious. You're You're not an eagle, you can't fly and you want the best for someone you love your friend, your family member? Would you let them jump?

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Exactly. Why are they doing this now to the children? You know, this is people can understand this analogy. Right? But over here, they're chopping on body parts.

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You know, and people are and they're pushing this stuff on the children at such a young tender age.

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You know, if a patient goes to a doctor saying that, you know, I don't think I should have my left arm. Please take it off. They will never do it. They may even call you know, the police and the legal system saying that this guy is crazy. How come he wants his arm chopped off the next day. If a girl goes in saying that I want to do the top surgery I don't feel like

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A woman want to be a man. They will say how can we help you? We are all here the team is all here to support you.

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Look at the disparity.

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Just to answer your question regarding the children

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it is a Satanic scheme plot and I'll give you an evidence you know I like almost to provide an evidence.

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Hadees jabber ibn Abdullah will be Allah Juan Houma, Hadith society, my Muslim.

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The Prophet sallallahu ala you earlier Salam tells us that every day, Satan places his throne on water in the morning at sunrise

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and as the his armies from the jinn from his race, he certainly come to start the work. He will give them an incentive by saying men other Leo Muslim and Albus dotage whoever does the best job today in mischief and causing damage. I will Briars you. I'll place a crown on your head tonight. This is the main devil. This is the bliss the one who refuse to the Christians might know is Lucifer, Lucifer, you're the one who will refuse. You can use the same as Lucifer. They say Lucifer IBLEES that's the main devil. Yes.

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The one who is living Allah giving him the respite that he is to live until the day of judgment. So he is he's now talking to the little devil. What was the little devils? Yes, his prodigy, the one who die? Yeah. You see, we need to we believe there is a Hadith of my best fee to hate. While Jin will inch we are Moton Jin and human day die, but at least doesn't die. Because he requested that respite until Judgment Day. So Allah granted him that. So in any rate, so these genies he would give them that incentive.

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So they will, they would go about their business throughout the day. At sunset.

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He places his throne and water again, in order to encourage those who are about to initiate the work at night and reward those he's very punctual and he doesn't by the way, he doesn't take a day off. He doesn't he shows up to work. No, because he knows

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24/7 They work? He's working hard. Yeah. So has an Al Basri. Even when somebody asked him, I nm will IBLEES does he please ever sleep call alone. And if he would take a nap, we'll have a break.

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A break. At any rate, that genie will come reporting their accomplishments throughout the day. This is Hadith by the way. This is I'm just explaining it in my own words. So one of them will say today I was able to get a Muslim to commit adultery below. It's a major sin. We're not belittling that. He would say good job. That's a great thing. I was able to get a Muslim to kill another Muslim. Oh, I love that. I got him to intoxicate to, you know,

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he went to some country where they told him marijuana is legal. So legal. He said legal means how halal, you know,

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still haram but he you know, he associated this with that. And he's, I convinced him I made them because they said it's legal. That means it's halal. Yeah. And,

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you know, I got him to think of alcohol to be spiritual drinks, you know, I got this lady to give up her hijab because of fashion because he's impressed by all of those until this one stands up and says, I did not leave a husband and wife until I separated them. They got divorce, broke the family now.

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Now man, he will say you are my man come out. In an hour. Think of this Hadees by the way, fail test him, he will hug him

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and he will place the crown on him. So you're connecting this hadith now to the bigger scheme of things Britain, children, the children families struggle suffers in a divorce children, children who pays the price in a divorce.

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He will have weaker generations to sway

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to so same thing happening here. Exactly.

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effecting Yes, affecting the children and going after the children. I'll give you another example. Just to drive my point across to you.

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Why in the world, did the field decide to slaughter? Literally slaughter the new boo, Pharaoh the field? Why?

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Because they were a threat to his scheme to his plan.

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you understand if you read the Hadith, for tune is called the Feast one and the necessity statement for the live now bears that the Pharaoh initially saw a dream that a fire came from the east, burned all the houses of the Egyptians. And it did not burn any of the houses of the Muslims at the time, because many Israeli were the Muslims at the time. So he asked his counsel, what is that he said, Well, these guys are talking about the birth of of a child who will destroy you, who will. So basically the the established system now, whatever it is, they want to maintain

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the future. And the only way you can do this is by working in the next generation. They already got us. They are winning so far. You see they got us they managed to get there a plan

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in action.

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People are intimidated to speak about the movie, tell me how many Muslims speakers? How many do art

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they consider the subject of threat to them.

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threat to the community.

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And because they are intimidated, he's afraid. He's afraid that you know the he may get in trouble with that with with the law, he may not be invited to this conference next. What about because you by professor and a medical doctor, and now a full time of educating people on Islam? And what about you have many family members who are doctors in many so many? What's the percentage of Muslims who are doctors? And how did how them speaking from us, not just from a religious standpoint, but also from a medical standpoint of the harms of this? Yeah, so I totally aligned with our dear shape here. We should have more speakers more activist, knowing this topic. And speaking about this topic to

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educate the people from the Quran, from the Sunnah. From biology, psychology, physiology, right? So there are so many qualified doctors, you know, according to one data, 10% of physicians in the USA, there are Muslims. Yeah, in some cities, you know, Dearborn in New York, maybe higher percentage. So these physicians, mashallah they need to step up and they need to speak out. They need to provide references, obviously, from the Quran, sunnah, from from, you know, from journals and whatnot. So we need to do it, because as I mentioned, if we don't do it, the whole real, everybody else is throwing in the towel.

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So we are the ones who Allah has assigned this humongous moral responsibility, spiritual responsibility to direct the people about who is the creator, what is the purpose of life? What are the solutions, how to go to Paradise, this bigger connections we need to make with the society?

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You know, as I mentioned before, as I always mentioned, these are all the fires which are out there in the society. Yes, we can have teams to fight each one of the fires. However, a better strategy would be to make sure that we connect humanity with the Creator,

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and show them there is a Creator, this is the purpose of life, you know, there will be accountability, you have to stand in front of the Creator. So that was the prophetic way. So I'm not saying that we should not go after all of these fitness in the society, we should. But then there should be a long term plan of connecting the creation with the Creator, the bigger realities of life.

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There's an individual that many people gravitate to. And he talks about some of these issues. And now instead of like you're saying many of the community leaders talking about them, and being a better example to the youth and others, you have other people who kind of fill that void. And that gap. And you might have heard of this famous he was one of the most famous individuals in the world, Andrew Tate. And he talks about also how he came to really believe in God because two opposite forces, he saw all this evil, what they're trying to do to the children chopping off body parts, and you know, convincing a, a woman that now this other person comes into the bathroom, no, that's

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actually not a man in a bathroom. That's a woman he's like, right in front of your eyes, you know, so this convinced him there's got to be a higher power God, then he went towards Christianity. And then he came finally to Islam. And may Allah subhanaw taala. God Almighty, increase him really in the proper knowledge. So he can be a better example because many people gravitate to many of these things that he's bold enough to talk about, where many Muslims themselves are lacking to talk about these things. I think a lot of Muslims,

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brothers just to give them the benefit of the doubt, you know, the Imams and the speakers, they are afraid of the consequences.

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I probably are aware of both of you are aware of ame authentical mission, we actually invited

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a lawyer, a brother, his name is Jonas. He used to be

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a Jew, actually who accepted Islam and he is an advocate for Islam now. So we put together something called Sharia defense. And we invited him to the last ame conference in Colorado, in

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Denver. And he actually presented, he said, and this message goes to every Imam out there as long as you reference the Quran and Sunnah no one can come near you. And subhanAllah you and I were talking about this last night when Allah revealed over 80 verses in the Quran about calm wrote

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about what their agenda is. Brothers and Sisters in Islam, I want to tell you something. You see, I'm gonna believe my lord, my Creator. Those guys agenda are to turn you them.

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Look what they said to loot and his family. loot and his family. What did they say? Get them out of here expelled them from this town. Because they want to stay pure.

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They recognize that they are impure.

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They want to stay straight. So their agenda is not only your children, you they're going to come after you. That's their agenda.

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You can imagine even the guests of loot the two angels, of course for them, they were human because they talk on human forms. So that's their agenda. And again, I'm not saying this in a context of inciting hate or anything and No, no, I'm just letting you know that this is how those guys are going about it. Yeah, so like you said, it's a good point. Nobody's inciting violence, hate bullying, none of those things, but at the same time, you can have our children being exposed to things that are going to harm them, and that we don't agree with his parents. Like for instance, you had just recently Balenciaga was a famous very famous brand. I just heard about it recently. And

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then they had in their ad, they had a child dressed in bondage, and bondage. And then they had a document all these subliminals you would think this is some kind of conspiracy, right? It's like they're showing you right in front of your face. I don't know if you guys heard of this bilinski algo. And then they had a court document of a pedophilia case there. So they were and then all these other things in the video. Did you hear about this? I have not, you know, so this is

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he's trying to convince people of his so they pulled it Yeah, you know, people protested, they pulled it will show this people be able to see this. It's easy to write off smart people doing stupid things to incompetence or haste. But this one just doesn't make sense. First, the facts. Balenciaga is one of the world's most expensive clothing brands in the world. And for some reason, their Christmas ad campaign included pictures of a child with a bear. When you zoom on on the bear, it's dressed, shall we say? Unusually, people who know about these things say it's outfit is inspired by bondage outfits used in certain sex acts. This in and of itself is troubling. Then

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there's another ad, you zoom in on it, and you see the papers laying around. The bag that is being advertised is pronounced of a child pornography case, specifically United States versus Williams in 2008 that upheld the law making child porn illegal. Next add to the celebrities who endorse Balenciaga. It's a who's who from Kim Kardashian to Haley Bieber, but again, you have people who get outraged on certain things that will happen to society. But again, the push then you have another guy, brother, Now Andrew Tate, he steps in, he's talking about it was done on purpose, which as we've just deciphered, it must have been, why are they doing this? And I don't think many people

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understand why a brand like Balenciaga would so openly show the world that they are trying to promote pedophilia, tell them, I'll tell them why. So some could argue that they're trying to

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advertise it and encourage it, normalize, normalize, and that is the case that is what they're trying to do. But it actually goes a level deeper that Satanists people who worship Satan believe in karmic retribution. They believe that they can suffer the consequences of lying and tricking you. So the very simple premise is this. If I sell poison apples, and I write apples, and you come and eat one, I poisoned you. But if I sell poisoned apples, and I have a sign that says apples, their poison, and you come and eat one, you committed suicide. I haven't murdered you. You've committed suicide. Now

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safeness belief and disbelief by telling you what they're doing. They don't have any karmic retribution. I'm not responsible for the for the concept. I'm not responsible for all the negative fallout from my actions. If they understood what I was doing and allowed me to do it. This is why they show you and tell you what they're doing. If I show you and tell you that we are pedophiles, and you continue to buy our products, then you're supporting pedophilia, and you're obviously okay with us being pedophiles. If I do it hidden behind your back, then you can argue and say I didn't know therapeutic files, but by showing you, I've shown you all the beautiful, you still want to wear

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my T shirt. So obviously what I'm doing is okay, and this karmic retribution model and the way that Satanists view the world. And when I say Satanists, I genuinely mean people saying worship real Satan, the people who are in charge of these brands in charge of the Western world in charge of the matrix, genuinely worship Satan. When you understand the idea of karmic retribution, you can apply that to so many scenarios. They're doing this with everything. karmic retribution isn't just about Balenciaga. But then the Muslims are silent. So when these things come out, what do you think the reaction should be for Muslims? Just the same way we are appalled. There's sometimes we'll get in on

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a bandwagon. It's kind of you know, the social justice No, of course, we should be against any kind of injustice. But these things were just like quiet.

00:26:20--> 00:27:04

Some of the recommendations that I can provide would be, we should form we should form coalition's, of the Imams along with interfaith partners to amplify our voice and to have that much more force with us. Secondly, they should be Alliance alliances of psychologist alliances of the medical doctors, right alliances of sociologist, all of these alliances should be there, because there are so many people out there who are thinking the same way we are thinking, but they may not know how to start where to start. So that's number one. Number two would be the Imams Council. There's so many out there, right? Um, join others. And then they should be the massages and the councils. They are

00:27:04--> 00:27:38

there in many different states and cities, like the CIO JC in Chicago and different councils, they should get together they should have a session about what is the proper strategy to tackle this fitna. And Number A third thing would be there shouldn't be a qualified lawyers as Imam has mentioned, not just a Sharia defense, but also especially against these issues when they come up in the massages. Like suppose if tonight, if a man comes in dressed as a female, and that guy wants to pray next to our ladies,

00:27:39--> 00:28:20

does does your Masjid has a defense for it? Are you legally covered? If you stop that person? Are you legally covered? Because he or she may say well here, right Nachi, he may say that this is my right, this is my human right? This is my right to be equal. So we should have qualified lawyers standing with us, every manager should have policy and the lawyers. So these are some of the minimal things that we can do. Along with that, you know, we should not be afraid of LGBT, but we should be doing Dawa to them. Because at the end of the day, I mean, I feel sorry for them. They're not educated shaitan is after them and all of that. So not only we should distance ourselves to some

00:28:20--> 00:28:29

degree, so the fitna does not come to us. But ultimately, our aim should be that they should be recipients of education and Dawa and who is the creator.

00:28:30--> 00:28:47

So any and all of these strategies we should come and, and, you know, make like really specific structured plants. That's how we can have a good pushback, using our scriptures, using the Quran using the Sunnah, ultimately using the team of qualified people.

00:28:49--> 00:29:36

By the way, I asked we asked in the conference, AIM Conference, the Sharia defense had lawyer about this issue of the masjid he said, as long as for now, is it for now, but these guys are very progressive they Yes, yes. They they are changing the laws day after day. You probably know why, because they got in on to the agenda of Black Lives Matter, you no matter you know, that that the civil rights movement, basically, they associated themselves with, they work together basically. So all the privileges, you know, the civil rights movement from the 60s get these guys they get as well, in some states, of course. So, he said that as long as the masjid announces their policy,

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they cannot violate that just put your policy in on your website or on the walls. No one can come in and violates that for now for now, because they have turned this into a civil rights and human rights and equal rights issue just like the racism was.

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If that happens, we cannot have in the masjid that you know

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Why brown people or white people or you know, black people, they cannot come and pray or they have to be praying in a different way separate way, the way that we cannot have that, for the race, they may come and say, you know, this is a human rights issue, you cannot have that policy or those wordings. So, for now, we can do that, but down the line, they have to be other things come into play. And I gave the example of this university, I'm not sure Yale or some university, not here, there was a Jewish campus. And some kids in there, they want to open an LGBT club. And the school said, this is a private property. So that those kids, they went to the Supreme Court, in the Supreme

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Court back them saying that they have the right even in a private property, Jewish school, they have the right to open a LGBT club.

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So they're coming to that extent. So simple messages is that, yes, we have to be concerned, but we have to have channeled our emotions into activism. We have to educate our own families, we have to create a environment in the home to such a degree that mashallah you say to your children, I'd be a man. And we need to educate them. This is right, and this is wrong. And then we need to make every single Muslim immoral activist in the society, we need to remind the Muslims, Allah has given us a humongous, humongous assignment. It's not just to pray, it's not just to build the massages, we are supposed to be the moral authorities, we're supposed to be letting people know who is the creator,

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connecting them with the with the higher power, any and all of those things, we have to create them within our children and our families. And we need to do that to the Creator. Ultimately, he's the one in power.

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So when you know, the law is, you know, you have freedom of speech, and you have a right to have freedom of religion, no one can force you to wear a cross eat pork, do something against your religion, or be an oppression. So when you have doctors out there, and they're forced, and I spoke to an attorney, so they don't have to, if they know the law, wear a certain color on their body, you know, to go ahead and unify and get in. So when you know your rights seem to tomorrow, when a Muslim doctors approach to go off, cut off a body part from someone, you know, for them to know, are they allowed to do this *? No. But as long as you see there is a religious freedom here that goes

00:32:32--> 00:32:37

against that freedom that they are claiming to, which is really, in my opinion,

00:32:38--> 00:33:19

has nothing to do with freedom. I mean, easy your sexual preference is in your bedroom, keep it in the bedroom, that's we have nothing to do with that. Why are you pushing this on my kids? So So are you saying the same way, let's say a husband, he's into. He's trying. He's doing you know, things with his wife. Same thing. As long as it is lawful? It's like yeah, I need to hear about Yeah, no. So it's crossed the board. No, no, that's across the board. Even even when you go and request a fatwa. It should be in private. Yeah. You know, nobody needs to know about that. Is it that's the that's the really the twisted wicked.

00:33:20--> 00:34:00

Point is a equating this with the civil rights movement. You see these brothers, you know, in humanity, they are not Muslims, or the Muslim bro African American community. They weren't discriminated against because of their color. You can hide your color, can you? You know, you can't go to that restaurant because you're of a certain color. You can hide that. But your sexuality is your private thing. What do I have to do with it? So even see people understand is because you live in such a loose culture that the man will come around his friends and he'll talk about the relation. These are usually non Muslims, how he's had with his wife. It's a sin in Islam, to disclose to talk

00:34:00--> 00:34:43

about your wife, your wife or your husband. How you guys had intimacy this that that is what's haram that's haram. That's a sin. And so all this stuff across the board, this is immoral. We have a treatment for all of this in the Quran and Sunnah. And that is why I call upon my brothers and sisters in the field of Dawa command brothers. Don't worry about your fans. Don't worry about your conferences, Allah Allah who will provide the FE but the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says if you see something that speak out, speak out. And there is a threat out there that Dr. Seville mentioned that that you know, if you don't do that, you will die is not going to be accepted. One of

00:34:43--> 00:35:00

the as a consequence of being silent on on grievous issues like this, and I'm shy bringing this up. But this is an essence of just education and helping people understand where we're coming from and Islamic perspective.

00:35:00--> 00:35:05

Because even if a husband to want to perform that sexual act from the wrong

00:35:06--> 00:35:35

door, this is also something that's haram that's haram. So an anal intercourse How can I put it more just softly with even a husband with his wife? That's something that's haram. You can even do that we don't. You see, it's it's it's again, it's the fitrah to do that. You see Allah subhana wa Tala Brothers and Sisters in Islam, Islam is a lifestyle. Islam teaches us how to go to the bathroom.

00:35:36--> 00:35:47

In what manner should you execute? And in what manner should you enter? And should you come out? Imagine if he's a Muslim, you know?

00:35:48--> 00:36:37

polytheist Mashallah. When a man from Virginia met Sal man, you know, Salman is version one of the Allahu Anhu and he asked him your religion teaches you everything, even how to go to the bathroom? said yeah. Yeah, my religion teaches me out. And he described to him the Prophet told us to, not to use the right hand to use the left hand and use at least three objects to remove the impurities from the body and then make dua and yeah, he be proud of that, that this is a religion that teaches you your boundaries, your limits, because if you class, look at this Tilka due to law, he fell at the caribou Tilka who do the law he fell out data due to

00:36:38--> 00:36:40

there are some boundaries don't come near them.

00:36:41--> 00:36:43

And there are some boundaries, don't cross them.

00:36:45--> 00:37:15

coming near may invite you to cross so stay away from it. You understand? So submit to Allah Subhana Allah Allah is your maker, your Creator and He told you how to conduct all these things your sexual life, your emotional life, your blueprint for like everything is there your purpose in life, the main thing your purpose in life? If you go and buy a car, what they give you with the car, a man manual.

00:37:17--> 00:37:27

Why, why they are entitled to give you that manual because they are the manufacturer, the maker we may use the Creator, they are the creator of the car

00:37:28--> 00:37:32

who created you and me who he brought down the manual.

00:37:34--> 00:37:43

That manual instruct us how to conduct our lives. Now if we abandon that manual and follow the satanic

00:37:44--> 00:38:14

it's endless it's a dark hole it's a very dark it's very dark hole so let's end with that you know now there's an invitation and we do this out of the love mercy for humanity because the Prophet Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him as the last and final messenger sent as a mercy to all mankind doesn't matter. Doesn't matter Am I correct Sheikh tell him you know Doc Seville that doesn't matter what kind of lifestyle person was on yesterday today. They can come back to the crater and change their way for the better huh. And be forgiven. Dr. Seville mentioned it twice.

00:38:15--> 00:38:23

See, look at the issue of of your Mohan her statement. All what we learn in Makkah was who's Allah?

00:38:25--> 00:38:26

Jana? unhealth

00:38:28--> 00:38:38

basically who's Allah and if you believe in Him, submit to Him, you're gonna get gender and if the paradise and if you decline turn away hellfire,

00:38:39--> 00:38:53

both in the world and the Hereafter, by the way, that by the way, that now people like those they are so much engulfed into their desires and whims shackled, some of them are shackled because some of these things are addictions by the way, they are not

00:38:55--> 00:39:14

the only way for them to come out of this is connecting them with the Creator turned back to the Creator. Yeah. Imagine intoxicants and toxic and you know the Hadith regarding Alhambra and toxic and if it comes right away the whole thing in toxic why? Because Allah says, you know, for

00:39:16--> 00:39:54

whoever you are out there, if you have these thoughts, if you have these tendencies, you're human. We're all sinners, come back to the Create. We're not acting now like they say we're holier than no better no Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah He we're all striving. May Allah guide us all y'all May Allah guide us learning but seek the Creator. If you are in that, you know domain. If you are thinking about it, don't don't it has devastating consequences in this world and in the hereafter.

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

Three quick points, especially for the Muslim youth who are listening. Be proud of

00:40:00--> 00:40:40

You being a Muslim? Islam is the best faith. That is the only faith Allah has given to humanity so be proud to be a Muslim. Secondly, really important that educate yourself about this topic. There are some Halal things there are some haram things. So these are all the Haram things that people what they're doing, just because there's a pressure from your family and your friends and your social media. Always think What does Islam say about the topic? Always align yourself always have the frame of reference of Quran in the Atlantic sunnah. And last important thing is not only knowing what is right and wrong, but act upon become activist.

00:40:42--> 00:40:44

Become an activist for the social change

00:40:46--> 00:41:12

and that's when inshallah you will get the best reward here and inshallah the highest place in paradise. So we have a mission we have a, you know, many good things that we should be doing in the society. So join forces with the good hearted good minded people. Inshallah Allah would be Universite Thank you. Thank you both doc Seville, and Kareem, Jose, thank you very much for helping us to tackle this topic. Because this can be a benefit so many more people out there

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