Sulaiman Moola – My Heart Is Yearning For The Ka’aba

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The transcript describes the history of the Kaaba, a source of burqa, and the associated religious affiliation of the people. The speakers discuss the religious affiliation of the people, including their association with the Kaaba and their desire to worship the Lord. They also mention the importance of the Kaaba in people's memories and the need for fearless preaching.
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Bismillah AR Rahman AR Rahim. Every believer in his heart yearns, desires and binds for the Kaaba. And may Allah bless us with this era of mocha mocha Rama and Madina, Munawwara repeatedly Amin jambalaya and Amin, chapter 14 Surah Ibrahim, verse 37. This is the fruition of the supplication of Satan. Ibrahim alayhis salam, where he implored his Lord by saying federal fgdata mananas Oh Allah calls the hearts of some people mean the believers, some people to yearn towards the Kaaba, if not above some of the Allahu Anhu man says that if Ibrahim alayhis salam had made the dua of Edith the nurse, along with the hearts of people and not some people, then believe it or disbelieve, everyone

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would have been yearning towards the Kaaba. The Kaaba is a source of burqa, it is a source of direction, and hence Allah subhanho wa Taala reminded the Qureshi in chapter 106 that they used to embark on two travels, Ghana liberation attorney. The Qureshi used to travel twice a year regular tuna fish schita in Yemen, in the winter months, they used to go to Yemen, and in the summer months, they used to go to Basra. What kind of reality in Armenian and they used to travel freely. La Yuta Rafi him, nobody would interfere with them. When NASA Albania motor hub Puffin woman who been while abduction and kidnapping was rife around them. Why? Because we'll have to wait to hear Allah's ease.

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They were the custodians of the Kaaba, and they will given honor because of the caliber and hence this is the reflection I share with you as we discuss the sanctity of the Kaaba in these days of Hajj. It is mentioned in byowner Quran fee the learner to Allah and hustle Allah Allah Who Madden Oh Jehan B Baraka T che in Aomori Deen young buddy as dad a shoe Krahula Huhtala Waitara to hula hooter Allah, that if Allah has given you honor and prominence because of Deen, you are a scholar, you are a preacher, you are a teacher, you are a hedge guide. Then Allah reminds the Quran ah, worship the Lord of this house because it is because of this house and association to this house that Allah has

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given you honor, lie yesterday. Do not become proud well yet, do not rebel while you're an officer who musta hit a Grom and do not ever consider yourself deserving of the privileges that Allah has favored you with

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