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AI: Summary © The importance of avoiding temptation and distrustful behavior in Islam is emphasized, along with avoiding graduation and college graduation. The speaker advises young people to use their youth to pursue Islam and to shaping their lives to be rewarding and purposeful. The concept of shaping one's life to be something good and rewarding is also discussed, along with advice on shaping one's laws and regulations to teach youth about shay "come to light, be patient, be humble, and be models for humanity."
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Salam Alaikum peace be unto you this is a message to the youth of Islam.

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I know that in the society that we live in, you are bombarded from every side from every means by by temptation by

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the life of this world wanting to become full into the life wanting to be tempted by the things that are put in your face every day, through media, through school, through friends, through peer pressure, through music, through all of these things, gangs, drugs, all of this enter into your to your realm every single day enticing you away from Islam. I want to tell you from experience that I've been there and done that I was very good Christian as a young boy, and then I after becoming fed up with Christianity, leaving Christianity becoming distraught about the truth of God, I left and into completely into the dunya the life in this world, you know, completely fulfilling my lust

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wanting to you know, party wanting to be with girls, this setting the other, but I will let you know that there is it is a complete facade. The the pleasure that it brings is only temporary, it is only temporary and then it leaves you with nothing behind this is the trick of Satan. This is a trick of Shakedown to entice you with so beautiful things that become a mirage. Once you get them, they fade away and they're gone. And they leave you with nothing but despair and depression. So I would say to the youth,

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to do your best to do your best to try to avoid these things. Use the energy of your youth to try to better yourself and to try to better the world around you through Islam.

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But young people tell me, but I'm young, why can I just party and have fun while I'm young? And then practice Islam when I get older?

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And I asked them what promise do you have that you're going to reach old age? What promise do you have that you're going to live till tomorrow? What promise do you have that you're going to walk away from me and make it five more minutes? We don't know our time. We don't know the the the cover or the predestination that Allah has set for us and our life. We don't know where we're going to end up tomorrow. So we are told to always be on guard with this. The Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, Remember death much for it will bring you

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fear and closer to Allah. Remember, the death is always around the corner. I remember one statement that Ollie Rogers said to one of his companions, he told him that you take one step death takes to to catch you. So no matter how far you go, how fast you run, death will always catch you. And then the last I'm going to leave you with a statement of Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sunnah and peace and blessings be upon him, he was talking to one of his companions, and he drew two lines in the sand, he drew one line, and then a little farther, he drew another line. He said this farther line is a man's hopes. It is what a man wishes and desires to do with his life. He said this line in front of

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it is his death. He said, verily, this line will catch him before he reaches this line. So we have to remember that that death is always around the corner. And our goal is to have paradise to enter into the paradise and to live an eternal existence among those who are beloved by Allah. And we only can do that through submitting ourselves every single day, every single minute in Islam.

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I'm also asked by the youth How do I

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would offer How do I avoid all of these temptations that I'm faced every day? And I reply to them that all of these temptations for all of this evil is only a perversion of what is halau what is good by shaytaan everything that we see that is bad can we be replaced very easily with something that is good, for instance, music, we know music with instruments and things like this is wrong, you can replace it with halaal music. So, with the dub for drum things of this nature, all of these things can be replaced, you know all of these things can be put in their proper perspective. For instance, let me use the the analogy of Adam and Eve. Adam and Eve were put into paradise, and they

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were told by Allah not to eat from this one tree. Now was that the only tree in paradise? No, it was not the only tree in paradise paradise was full of trees that they could eat from but shaytaan tempt them and induce them and entice them to eat from this tree because this is the one that is so beautiful. This is the one that tastes the best. Just like is we are are bombarded every day with images of all this bad thing this this thing is very good. You know this, this this way of life is very enticing.

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This way of life is very good for you. And we know for sure that there are many things around us that are just as good, but that are legal and Halabja laws means we just have to take a minute, look around the tree, look behind the tree, find all of those other things that around it that are good, and focus on those things, instead of just allowing shaytan to focus our vision just on those things that are bad.

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And my final advice to the youth

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is going to be using a story that Allah narrates to us in the Quran. When Luqman gave us a slam, gave advice to his son, he said to his son 10 things which I call the 10 commandments of Luqman. And Hakeem the wise, he said to his son, he said, Oh my son, do not ever commit shirk, do never associate anything with a law This was his greatest commandment to his son do not commit shirk, do not associate anything as a partner with a law stay away from this by all means necessary for very short is the worst iniquity is the worst evil. He also said them further. He said oh my son Allah will bring all things to light be the small or be the large be the hidden on a rock high above or in

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the heavens down below in in their finest details Allah revealed them all my son his second advice was

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a few masala establish a lot establish Regulus a lot for my remembrance. This was his second commandment to his son, do not associate partner lover and establish regular prayer regular Salah. He also told him enjoying good amount of memory for nylon element, enjoin good and forbid evil. This was another command after you

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put a lot as one in his tawheed after you establish a lot, enjoying the good forbid the evil.

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He also said that since you're going to be doing this, you must be patient because you know the trials are coming. So nice. He said Be patient whatever befalls you.

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He said do not speak with people with your face turned away and pride. Do not speak to the people with intellectual pride. Be humble with them be be very feminine but be humble. He also said

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be moderate in your pace in your walk and lower your voice. Walk in the earth with humility and be a person who is a model an example for humanity. This was the examples that Luqman gave to his son and this is my example in my advice to the youth of Islam.

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