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A man pulls a gun on three kids at a gas station. The three kids at the gas station rest of the gun from the arm man. The armed man is neither charged nor goes to jail. But the three young men involved are charged with a theft of a weapon. Think this can happen? Well it can engender Louisiana, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom story takes us the junior high school in Jenna, Louisiana. were under a tree. Traditionally, white students only sat under during the breaks during the school classes. One day in September of 2006, a black student asked if he could send him to the tree. Also. The schools told him that you

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can sit wherever you like. But I think it's quite interesting that he felt the need to ask Hey, after he sat on the tree, three nooses were found hanging, embellished in the school's colors, trying to paint a clear message to the African American students cited that they were those students were expelled by the school superintendent. Then he reversed the decision A few days later, by saying that it was just young students playing a prank.

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Then that two days later, a group of black students decided to organize a sitting under the tree. And in order to quell the issue that came up quite heated, the DA of gentle Louisiana came to them and it is quoted as him having said to them, that I could erase your life with one stroke of my pen. Following this incident on November 30, someone set fire to junior high school. The next day, a group of white students ganged up on one black student at a party and beat him very severely. A white male pulls a shotgun on three young black students at a convenience store. Those three young black students wrestle that same shotgun from the white male. When the police arrived, the white

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male is neither neither charged nor does he go to jail. But the three young black students not only are taken to jail, but they are then charged with a crime of theft of a firearm. The next day, a white student Justin Barker, was attacked by a group of black students after he racially taunted the black student who was beat up at the party following the fire incident. Justin Barker was admitted into the hospital and was released a couple hours later, with minor cuts and bruises to his face, and was even witnessed at a social event later on in the evening, being of high spirits. But the six young men involved in the incident were amazingly charged with attempted second degree murder. And

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Michael Bell, one of the young men involved one of the young black men involved sat in jail, not getting out on bond until his trial. And then he was found guilty and sentenced up up to a maximum of 22 years at his sentencing hearing by a jury of all whites and an all white judge.

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The solution to this issue and the other troubling issues which this is just one of many that are troubling our societies with comes to race issues, does not lie in politics does not lie in Congress does not lie in citizens, it realizing the realize and lies in the beautiful religion of Allah Islam, to submission to the will of one God the Creator, wherein he tells us that all people are created equal, you are all equal in front of me. And the only thing that raises you and lowers you and rank is your good deeds. We are all like the truth of a comb as the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him said, You're all like the tooth of the comb in front of God, you're an equal standing, the

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only thing that makes you better is your piety. One of his last statements to the Muslims as a whole was that an Arab is not better than a non Arab, Black is not better than a white, what makes you better in the sight of God is your piety. So no matter who and the Arabs were very, very racial society and blacks were also discriminated upon in their race. He said, even if someone a black Abyssinian slave was the darkest of dark was put in charge of you, you must obey Him and listen to him. This is the solution to the race issue is Islam. Because we come together worshiping one God as one nation, we pray in the same line with people from all over the world, you might pray in the same

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line with someone from Africa, another one from Asia, someone from Indonesia, someone from America, from Canada, from France, from Spain, from Africa, from South America, and you're all on the same line, shoulder to shoulder toe to toe bowing before the one creator who created you all from one single person. And we all have to trace our lineage back to that. So this is the solution to the problem not only of this genetics, but also to all of the race issues of not only the country, but of the world. Thank you very much. We're here reporting the issues on the scene. With the deen show calm peace be unto you