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Alessandra, Angela, Toronto was in jail. And he God revealed the Torah to Moses. And he revealed the Injeel, or the gospel to Jesus. These are the scriptures. These are the legitimate

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revelation that was given to these prophets from from Africa. So we believe in God, you believe in his angels. We believe in these prophets. We believe in the scriptures that they brought. And we believe very importantly, that I gotta tell you this.

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Go ahead. One day, you're gonna die.

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That's real. So you

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and your loved ones gonna die. Everyone's going on trip. on a trip one way ticket. Yeah. All right, coming back and come back all the money houses, you leave him behind the behind? Well, let me say what las

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mouths? Word of God, Word of God, every social tastes of death. So you're gonna die. But but but but but is that the end? No, we believe in the resurrection. And therefore one of the fundamental beliefs on the belief is that after we die,

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judgment versus what everybody, everybody ever lived. Now, you have no idea how many people altogether billion. Right now you got me people on earth.

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A little more than 6 billion, 6 billion. According to some scientists, they say from the beginning of time, they've been maybe up to 100 billion people. It's a lot of people on the phone, right? All coming up from all coming up, man. I mean, I mean, and God is gonna judge all the scales, the scales of justice. So as a Muslim, we have to believe that. And there's one more, that becomes a little bit complicated, but I'm gonna just touch on it for a minute. And the other article of faith is what is called the puzzle.

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What does that mean? That means that

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anything that happens,

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it's already God knows about it, even before it takes place. There was an interesting version put the word of God.

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One that can be next to none. tamuka Isla Be it Nila kita.

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Agila, no

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soul can die, except by the permission of Allah. It is already written in a book.

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Martin Luther King, Martin Luther King was assassinated 1968. Before he was born, it was known that he would die. Malcolm X unhygenic shabads was set to assassinate 1965 before he died was already recorded. So that's the problem that no matter what happens, as Muslim, we accept the color of Allah. Don't misunderstand us. We work hard. We try to change our fate. We try to do everything that we can, once we make every kind of effort, and we leave it in the hands of God. And what has ever happened, we've realized that it could not have passed us by it was already written in a book. Therefore we accept our fate. We accept our destiny. It's called Cobra. I mean, it's a bit more

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complicated that but that is in the simple, simple terms. This is the faith of Now let me tell you some things we have to do.

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If you if you notice this conference, so all these Muslims, and perhaps the largest session was prayer.

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Muslims have to pray five times a day. But how do we pray? Our Prophet Muhammad peace Investment Partnership last prophet said his son Luke and Mooney who suddenly prayers you see me pray. So Muslims pray five times a day. In the first prayer is actually before sunrise. It's called the dawn prayer, prayer fudger. dawn prayer, then the afternoon, like one o'clock 130 and then midday, round

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five 530, something like that. Then the sunset and then maybe one one hour and a half after sunset basically dialing up thanking the creator of everything you got you guys. You got it.

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So now, tell us Do you want to add to this? No. And so for you got the last question. That's the only thing we're gonna add a couple more questions tell us now. How does someone benefit in this life and in the Hereafter from Islam from being a Muslim?

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I just quote, a hadith that the Prophet sets the saying of the last and final messenger to mankind the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon he said

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that God said

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yeah, Eva de colo cuando Lune Illa man ha de tu FASTA Donnie de comb. All my servants, every one of you are misguided.

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Every one of you

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Unless I guide you, therefore, x me, and I will guide you. What are we misguided about I give a couple examples. The foods we eat.

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We some things allow me prohibited a few things like for instance,

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every prophet that came, told the people not to eat pork, everyone, including Jesus, and Moses and Mohammed. So we we are, you know, some things is prohibited, and the pork is a dirty animal that's not permitted for human consumption. So we don't eat pork. We don't drink alcohol. No, for no big champagne. No.

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no reefer, no cocaine, all the things that are bad for you anyway, they're bad for you. Anyway, we found out God made all these things prohibited, because they therefore hurt us. So I benefit as a Muslim, just in terms of my diet.

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Muslims, they, they look wonderful, they're, they're healthy, because they farmers should die about an

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addition to that. Because we don't only do things we have this belief, and we don't always prayer is actually making us humble, humbling ourselves before the Creator. And one of the meanings of Islam is peace, from from the word

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which means to submit to God, by submitting to God, that we have peace within the peace with that money can buy money cannot buy hands, you can't get that only through God. Let me tell you why. Because if you can only get it to money, and all the rich people they will have it and poor people have none of it. Tell us about this paradise that we're aiming for. Oh, man, that's what a song. That's the goal, the eternal life is after we die, that somehow God again, we have to wait. Again. Well, the same God to give us life the first time, give us life again. And he's gonna bring us and give us life again. And then he's going to judge us. And there's two places, there's no third place.

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Either you will be judged, and God given mercy, and you go to eternal bliss. Same with the Christians, Jews believe that there'll be a place of no pain, no death, none of that no, no poverty, like we have now. None of that. And if God judges you, and punishes you, he can send you to the Hellfire was called hell with his punishment. The beautiful thing about it is that not everyone will stay in hellfire. Some to God's mercy will be taken out of the Hellfire after being in for a period of time and God will take them out and put them in the paradise. But there's some people that will never come out of paradise. Hey, I'm not the judge. Judgment. Let me tell you what he said. Yeah, in

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the court is God speaking that God does not mean it's not it's not you, not me, not me not mean that.

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We just conveyed the message, just convey the message that God can forgive any crime. He said, there's one thing he will never forgive only one thing. And that is the voice of sin that you can commit. The worst sin that you can commit an Arabic is called shirk. And that is associated Gods with God. If you die, associated gospel God, then there's no way no way out for you. It's from this it's law. license and, and the way the king so if you set a rivals of God, you said a partner's of God you prayed to anyone else in a mirror, no intermediaries. It's been worse than you can do. The worst thing you can do cause because the cause the primary message that every prophet came with is

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this absolute oneness. But God is the Most Merciful. He can forgive the Most Merciful, he could punish he can do what he said. He says, it's very interesting verse. Well, Allah Moulin de la shadow the BB, and the longer photo Rahim, you better know that God is strong and punish him on the one hand, but on the other hand, he's merciful and forgiving. Now

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it's up to him,

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is up to him. I there was an example in history of a man who killed 100 people 100 people, murdered 100 people. And because that man turned around and turned to God and repentance, got accepted.

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See, so

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he is so much for that you can't even count His mercy. For one issue, non negotiable. Setting appointments with him. The worst thing you can do now you want to be Muslim. Now you've heard this, you studied Islam, and now something hits you and you know what you're ready to submit to surrender to who to the Creator of the heavens and earth. None of his creations are the crater alone. One wants to be Muslim was

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Got to do go get baptized into the pool. How does he do this? How do you take this step? Very easy. All he has to do is announced there is no God God alone there's no god but the creator of Allah and Muhammad is His Messenger and Mohammed is the last and final messenger. If you say that, that's it now, you think you want to go to a Masjid say formally. You don't have to. You don't have to get to any Muslim and say, Listen, I want to become a Muslim. It's good to go to the masjid you learn.

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But you don't have to technically just make that pronouncement. The Shahada witness is everybody's wondering what's going on where and we got a firework show going on behind us. So if you're at home and it's two in the morning and you feel in like man, you just you need that spiritual connection with your Creator. This is it simple, simple. That's very simple. Your must have declared that none has the right to be worshipped except the Creator of the heavens and earth. A law in Arabic and Mohammed is the last and final messenger you go into Arabic that Allah Muhammad Rasul Allah, Allah Allah Allah Muhammad Rasul. So now you must have we got to come to a close in a few concluding, tell

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us now for those Muslims who are Muslim, and you have a real good tone, you go up and you go down, you get people motivated, and they're missing us a lot. They're not connected, they have this beautiful way of life. And some are taking advantage of it, you know, by not fulfilling their their obligations. How do you get them to do the first step as the most important step? Is the prayer, give some encouragement, some advice, some blessing, I'm going to say, yeah, the last thing I'm gonna say is that

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sometimes, as Muslims, Christians or Jews, religious people, we are negligent sometimes, and we don't do what we should do. Yeah. happens to all of us. Sometimes it happens to some of us more than others think we're just lazy. Sometimes we're lazy. And we need to kind of shake ourselves up a little bit. But for us,

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see, God doesn't allow you to take them for granted. Yeah. See, then say to you, for instance, listen, pray to me. Once a month, once a year, pray to me every day, five times every day, and we need it. You don't need us he don't need absolutely doesn't need it at all. If all 8 billion people on the earth and all 100 billion people ever lived. If they refuse to worship Him, that doesn't take away from his kingdom at all. It doesn't hurt him. It doesn't injure him at all. It is impossible. What we do do for us, when we pray, we benefit I always ask the question, we Bono, who benefits and we benefit. So I would say to any Muslims who are struggling, be around other Muslims, and they have

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to give us give us strength. A prophet said finally he says a model Allah Dini Halle, Fagan do do come when you call him, a person will follow the religion of a very close companion. Therefore, let every one of you be mindful of whom we serve. Choose, as a friend.

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Be with good people, good people, and you will do what good people do. Give some closing comments, advice. You got the audience shoot. I just did. I will say this again. Be with good people. He was good people in the company of good people. So Raj Rojas on the deen show.