Is My Salah/Prayers Accepted If I Make Them In My Native Language – Shaykh Yahya Ibrahim

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Will ally accept my salam, my prayers if I'm making them in my native language

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hamdulillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah. So that is something that is confined. It's an act of worship. It's confined to the habit, the modality in the teachings of the prophets of the law and he would send them. But within solid, there are instances where we are able to voluntary insert particular supplications and prayers that are meaningful to us. So to enter the prayer, it is an obligation to raise the hands and say, Allahu Akbar. Now that isn't something where you would raise your hands and say God is the greatest or nothing is greater than God, you would literally have to use the Arabic pronounciation Allahu Akbar. So those are things that are malkuth they are confined

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and cannot be changed. Similar are the capabilities of saying the Fatiha now for those who have entered into Islam, and they have not yet learned the prayers. At the very simplest moment, it would be to enter into prayer to say Allahu Akbar, to follow the motions of the Imam who leads them into prayer. And it's permissible for you to for example, hold a sheet of paper, place something near you where you can read off it what it is that is required for you to say. However, if you want to introduce prayers, oh my lord, oh god, oh, Allah helped me through this financial difficulty, Oh Allah, bless my children, guide them to Islam, you know, all these kind of things that are

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additional to the salon, their own amount, they have two opinions, they say in non suburgatory prayers, meaning one of the non five prayers, you know, the

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method of entering shot, that that is something that is acceptable, you can add those kind of native language supplications.

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The other opinion is it can be in all prayers, even in those five prayers as long as it's additional to the extra actions that are compulsory to be said in the native Arabic in following the modality and tradition of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam I do encourage you to have meaningful prayer with Allah subhanho wa Taala in your voluntary prayers in particular, where while you're in your sujood, which is your frustration, you are the closest to alter Allah. ask Allah for what you need in the way that you need it. Allah knows what's in your heart, and what is on your tongue. And even before you exclaim it, with the movement of your lips met a lot except all of our prayers Aloma and

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