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A book that everyone needs to read find out what that is in this weeks show.

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Welcome to the de show peace be on to you How you doing? I'm doing good. Thank God and we're here again for another exciting episode. Don't go nowhere. We're going to be talking about the purpose of why you've been created, why it's important to put down to GQ magazine and the fact that ship magazines and pick up this book to read what's the book? Stay tuned to find out. We'll be right back here on the dean show.

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We're back here on the D show. With with Sam Sharif. How are you? My brother? Very good. How are you today hummed it all praises to the one who created us. And we are and I'm sure the audience is very excited to have you on the show. You found the members been here you were part of a big family over 1.5 what between 5,000,000,001.5 7 billion nomen Ali Khan, your brother in law, family, he's been here, you're here. And we're together and we're ready to go. All right. All right. So you know, the time just flies by so we're gonna get right in it. Sure. This topic for a lot of people is taboo. You know what, because they got money on their mind. They got women on their mind. The women got the

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men on their mind, and dunya this material world is hypnotizing people. We talk about purpose, we talk about the fulfillment of what your purpose is why you're in this life, because we're all going to die. And we're going to be accountable, and what we did in his life, so we brought you on the show to help us cover this very important topic. And everything we cross check with the verbatim Word of God. And that's the miracle of Islam, the Quran. Exactly. So can you talk to us a little bit about why it's so important that a human being should take a timeout, you don't have to be a monk in a room sit and praying all day, right? But you know, be the best at whatever career you practice.

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But why is it important that you should take a timeout and reflect about what the purpose of life is? Have you ever wondered, why is it so important before we dwell into before we dwell on deeper topics? Yes, I if we look away from religion itself, just the fact that a human being needs to remove himself from stresses of the day. That's called meditation, Tai Chi yoga, and a Muslim or even even people who go to a specific mass or, or go to the synagogue, it's a time to pull yourself away. Why is that important? Because we as human beings need to find a higher source, like you mentioned, it's either money material world, it's something that draws us in. But in several places,

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throughout the Koran, and if we look in the Old Testament, and the new testament to God keeps referring to a prayer. And we find when he's speaking to Moses, in the Koran, and God's peace and blessings be upon him, Moses is asked to remove his shoes. And God says to him, and for the first time, and we know, of the Miss slotta Lee decree established the prayer, which is a moment, those five moments to reconnect yourself with God. And one of the most important things we talked about it last night, it's not just that spiritual connection, but the physical connection. every prayer has a prostration every prayer has a gesture that shows I no matter how great I am, there's something

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greater than me. And even just as a human being, there is a greater purpose of mankind. So those five minutes help us help you put your iPhone away for a little while to help you disconnect from Facebook for five minutes, and helps you reconnect with the earth. So I think that prayer is not just a spiritual thing, but it's a connection that makes all as human beings realize we have to help each other. And through that we can reflect we're sharing this message of purpose based on truth. Yes, sir. Giving the people proof, because we love our brothers in humanity, right? So Sharing is caring, sir. So we're here to share and the reality of death should wake some people up, we can

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agree to disagree. But we know that every soul every self, every person will taste death. So why is it important do you feel and then again, we'll dwell and this is kind of an introduction just to for the person that's maybe a little bit skeptical. And they're just like, come on, man. Let's move let's move and I got the football game. You know, I got to watch that. You know, the runway models and she's gonna watch the fashion show. Why is it so important? They've been flickering through and they found they caught the Dean's show, and they're like, let me just give it a chance a shot. They've been

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On Xanax, they've been depressed, and you know what they need some nourishment for the soul, and they're sick of all the preachers saying, Give us your money and send us 599 we'll send you this fairy dust. We don't need your money. We just want your time and your attentiveness. So before the reality of death comes, and people are sleeping, because everything is on their mind, except this reality, but then death comes in, they wake up and it's too late. Talk to us about this. This this reality death. The reality of Death is inevitable. We all know from the medical standpoint, we've all experienced it. But I think God gives us a chance and opportunity in the Quran in the second

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Surah where God wants us to reflect and says Death is inevitable, but then he reminds us with a very loving question. Kay for duck furuno Billa How could you disbelieve in a creator? How can you disbelieve in death and the inevitability of weekend? meeting him? Gay photographer una bella, what can a Martin for here come? How can you disbelieve in a creator? How is it possible not not to give it a little bit of attention. If he has created you, and then he puts you to sleep, then he gave you life. So our souls were created. And we know that there's a voice inside you right now saying, I think I know what he's talking about. I think it makes sense. But then God put those souls to sleep.

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And after 120 days of your mom knowing she was pregnant, God blew that spirit into the angel brought it to your mom. And that was your life. So how can you not reflect on debt? How can you not reflect that we are going to end No matter if our life is made of gold, it's going to end at some point. So that's our reflection on the necessity of death, the necessity for human beings to realize there is an end to everything. And I think that's where we're gonna pick up today. And one more thing before we cut into, some people just say, Oh, he died in peace. You know what I mean? He might have been the most wretched person we know God is the most loving. And if you turn to Him, with all these just

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atrocious sins, with a sound heart, you turn to Him and you seek His forgiveness alone, he'll forgive. But now you just turned away from his science. You know, what you denied. You did every corrupt moral thing. And you broke the moral code of of God, and now they're like he died in peace? Do people just leave this earth and die in peace? And you just enter paradise? And, you know, or is there consequences Day of Judgment, you know, talk just just briefly, you know, the reward, and this reality of Paradise, right? That glad tidings of bliss and seeing your Lord and everything you want and beyond your magic than the Hellfire, right? We can't avoid that. We can't avoid punishment. But

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I think, again, if you're just watching this as a TV show, and it's just something you're flipping through hell in heaven is abstract. Helen, Heaven is far away. So let's think about it here on Earth. If someone does something wretched, and they're cheating people, they're hurting people they have.

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I could say illegal, illegal work that's selling drugs, or they're just hurting people in the society. When they die, and we say they died in peace. We're peaceful, because that wretched person is dead. But that person has to then go and he's accountable. Just like if I by accidentally drank poison here on Earth, no one would say he did it by accident, he's dead. They would say the laws of nature. That's it, he died. So when we break moral law, when we break that moral code, whatever ethical system you use, but we know that code is written by our God, our God, the Creator, when you break that there is consequence. So if you take two things, reflection, and you take the

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inevitability of death, then you can say, God has asked us throughout the Quran, and even in the Bible, he talks about paradise so much, but he describes it. And I think that one of the best things we can do is look at the signs around us. Look at beautiful scenery, look at the beautiful things of this world. And know that if you are allowed to have this here, imagine what's waiting for you with a little bit of constraint and a little bit of control. what's waiting for you in the hereafter a little bit of self discipline right there. You discipline yourself to be in school to be a doctor and you'll not go to the parties you're relaxed your study, study, study, a little bit discipline,

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discipline here to be of good moral conduct living by a good moral code. So you can be the best of mankind for then God obeying that for the society, society, right? Just becoming a doctor, sometimes one person might like might not say that's, that's a small goal. But when you're a moral person, what that does is it benefits the society. And that's one thing we I want in today's show, I'm praying that someone leaves saying, This is not about the self. This is about the community, and how can I and what I do benefit the community. So that's what we're talking about. We're talking about purpose to be the best human being that you can be and we're gonna give you the formula here on the

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deen show, God willing, we'll be right back with more.

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And if we're gonna worship something, I figured I might have

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Worship the Creator, instead of any of the creations.

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Now it upon investigating the religions, I remember finding out the meaning of what Islam is what a Muslim is. Those who surrender themselves to God is

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those who submit, submit to God, God's will, that Islam was pure, it was just, you just pray to God, your Creator.

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Back here on the deen show with our special guests, we're talking about purpose, we have one shot to get it right is the test of life, we want to do good, be good. And it's not according to our desires. It's according to the one who created everything in his universe. And that's the one creator that Jesus submitted to that Jesus called people submit to Moses called the people to submit to Abraham, Noah, all the messages that were sent, they came with the same message. don't worship yourself, your desires and nationality, power, money, fame, a man a woman but worshipped One who created man and woman, the one creator. That's simple. It's something that is not complicated. No,

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and we are wanting proof now that people want proof. So how can they know you mentioned her? And we know that that's the literal verbatim Word of God. Right? Right. So how can people we want to give them a taste? They read every other book. And if someone says your mother left you a note, you know, and you never met her, you'd want to read that note, if it was in another language, you would learn that language you would learn the language on but this is the only book compiled over 23 years we have it as an original right? Yes, memorize them if you memorize his entire book, haven't you? I'm thankful to say that yes, verbatim cover to cover There are over I say 150,000 people just in just,

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I would say in the world who have memorized the book cover to cover numbers could be more but yes, it is memorize Is it is it is absorbed and recited on to generations. I heard millions have memorized it to the living today. Yes, millions have memorized it just they would be about 150,000 teachers or schools, schools, schools that are teaching the memorization and the implementation of this book. But the question becomes, why memorize it? What's that? What's the important? Isn't that one of the miracle learning in miracles, it's a book that has so many sides, not a book of science, but a book of signs, there are signs in there that is causing a person to reflect. So let us talk

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and give the people some of these evidences prove. Let's talk about the verbatim Word of God. And maybe you can also let the people hear it. It's original because we can translate it that's not the Quran, right? The Quran is an original Arabic language. So how can someone be sure they're going to put down the fashion magazine GQ to read this book? Are they wasting their time? I don't think they're wasting their time. But let's try to outline this in fourth gotcha. This is the deen show. So it's not like abstract. You can go back and watch the Harvard Divinity School episode. You can go and he tackles a great aspect of the Bible and Koran. So I'm not going to touch that brother nouman

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Ali Khan came in and did the historical facts. If you remember, he did historical facts. What we're gonna do today is just simply logic, the Koran, the verbatim Word of God revealed through an angel to the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, speaks about a very specific event. And that's 10,000 years of prophethood. Again, we might be watching and saying, Oh, this is the Quran Mohammed's book, peace, God's peace and blessings be upon him. But in the Quran, it says that not only did this book come to Noah, but in and it goes in order. There's a key, a small element, it goes from Noah, then we start speaking about Abraham, Moses, Jesus, until the Prophet peace be upon him. And we tackle

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David that would Sulaiman What are you prophets that might not be mentioned in all books, but are a compilation of every mention. Now the next step is if this one book if this one book has the mention of so many prophets, what is it that that one these prophets are bringing as a message and that's the oneness of God, oneness of God, oneness of God. So now let's pull it together and give logical proofs. First, God refers to us to say, if you can't find me the unseen look at the scene. And he says in the Quran, that he came in, de la, these are the signs of,

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of the signs of your God or your Creator. Now when I say God, that has to carry a lot of weight, you have to be able to say, I understand that it is one creator, whether you called him God, Allah or you just acknowledged him in your heart, there still is only one God. So if we took it a step further, what is it about the Quran that makes it unique? Is it only the historical the scientific proofs? Is it the fact that it's never changed? It's memorized? No, I think the fact is going to be that if you put down GQ and picked up the Quran, now, opened it to the first chapter or to the middle chapter and you read it in

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said I would like to experience this I would like to have an experience with this ayah with this verse, I that's our challenge our challenges tell people to open the Koran and reflect on one verse and this is my little miracle, right to my little feeling of what the Quran did for me. Open the Quran, read one verse, even in its translation and then reflect on these words.

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It's a question a fella is it's a question asking, why don't you ponder on the Quran. we ponder on molecular science we ponder on whether the cubies whether the receivers foot was in bounce or out of bounce, we reflect on all these tiny little things. But God is saying, reflect on this book 632 pages that people are claiming your it says to kill him find us. Let's open the book. Let's read the book together. If you're going to quote one verse, you know, looking at a manuscript, you're looking at how to how you can prove that you're right miracle of Quran, look at all of the angles of scientific proof and all the angles of historical proof. But then do one thing to yourself. Don't

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let cnn interpret Koran for you. Let someone who has studied it for 10 years, or various people who have been on the deen show, let them make that interpretation, or at least hear their opinion as well. So the Quran has these gifts, reflect on it, read it and have the opportunity to experience it both in the Arabic language and in the English language. Now speaking of CNN, you were actually on CNN, weren't you? Yes. Now for the people that are out there like oh, what are these people man they're from you know, another planet? Yes. And they're coming and try to kill us. You you you address this myth as Miss notion is fallacy talking about a Muslim Muslim simply one who's chosen to

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submit to the one who created right just like Moses, Jesus, Abraham, they submitted to God they were Muslim, and address what you talked about briefly on CNN saying we're your physician. What changed the game 19 people change the game. How did that happen? Because we've been your doctor we've been your X ray tech with your accountant. We've been serving use lashes for a long time

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to clips on to questions that were posed on CNN, we some Sharif yasir potty and other prominent American clerics, say American Muslims are under siege, both by Islamic extremists and some us conservative first thing was, what about Jihad? What do you have to do? Well, the Quran does say Jihad and then after you had that says, you know, find them and kill them. The first thing we propose that everyone do is we accept this as a book of God. So when God gives you a set of rules, you have to realize it's going to cover everything. So the question that I pose, and I hope everyone can think about is would you rather get into a street fight? With no rules where someone can bite

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you and stick out a knife? Or would you rather get into a ring with rules of referee and padding? And of course, the the reporter said, I would like rules. And I said, Man is going to fight. jihad is just a set of rules, so we don't fight too much. And if you flip that on its head, and you say, well, jihad, God says to kill, no, no, God is telling us when you fight because you are human beings, you're gonna fight. Don't cut down trees don't kill women. Don't hurt those who are not fighting. You don't pillage. There are so many rules. But how casual is it for me to sit here and be like, yeah, I didn't let's go kill everyone. I mean, the Quran is not meant to be picked and choose

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from one last point to kind of pull it all together. A second thing that I wanted to mention, but never made it on air. A friend of mine came to me said Why do all these prophets want to kill people may said, Let's flip the question back for a second. I said 10,000 years of prophethood, from Noah, or we could say from Noah all the way down to Prophet peace be upon him.

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All of them had one message. And then when Mohammed the last prophet peace be upon him passed away. 1000s of opinions came, hundreds of opinions came

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would you gamble that 10,000 years of prophethood was correct, or a whole bunch of manmade loss. You make the gamble, you figure it out on your own, if you don't want to go if you want to go gut emotion, 10,000 years of prophethood or a whole bunch of people who've been fighting killing themselves for a long time. Ron has a message we encourage, and I encourage everyone around is to learn to touch it, to feel it to open it and not be scared of the actual text not be scared that this is something foreign. Because right before you we cut to break, we said if it was in another language, we would have learned it. I would definitely recommend that everyone take the opportunity

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to at least say the words because if we say Jesus, I would encourage them to say these words in Arabic and just smile and say, Lisa, so to say Jesus, you have to smile and he was smiling all the time. And to say Mohammed, you have to pucker your lips. So say Mohammed and Aretha. And some of these words might sound might not seem so foreign to you, before we go to break, give them a taste of some of the medicine they might not understand and we'll give them the English but what comes to your mind

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description of the Creator describing himself that according to man's opinion, but in the verbatim Word of God, anything that comes to mind that the medicine that can hear it, got it, two verses stick out very important it It comes in the in verse number 26 of Surah Nisa, where God talks about himself and he says, You read a long, holy vain Allah whom God wants for us to be forgiven, to have clarity and to be guided like the nations of the past. But people who try to pick and choose from God they break his laws, and they make him an angry guy. They make him look like an angry guy. So he says unto us, you read the law, Julio vanina, Lancome WIA, Dr. Koon su Nana la Vina Mo, de comb that

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God wants three things for you. But if he had to pick one, and that's the next verse, it says, What long will UD do to play comb? And it's not just a nice sound, but God says, of these three things, guidance, forgiveness, and clarity. I just want to forgive. I just God wants to forgive. So if you're watching the episode, you have some discomfort in your life, I really genuinely mean this. Ask yourself turn to this episode, and say, maybe these guys know what they're talking about. Maybe they don't. But he does. Right, no matter what you believe in karma. But there is someone who does. There's a creator, who knows, turn to him and say, I want this pain in my life to go away this

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depression, this anxiety, the fear that I'm fat, I don't like looking in the mirror, just stop for a second be like, Look, I don't know what's being said. But I would like, I would like clarity in my life. I would like forgiveness in my life. That's how God describes himself. We're gonna take a break. We'll be right back with more God here on the deen show. Whatever Allah commanded you to do,

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is that has tolerance and mercy and compassion. To know that Allah, you know, what forgive you. As long as you do what you need to do, as long as you turn back to him. Islam is a system of mercy and compassion. And it is for the best benefit of all of the people that's around it Muslim and non Muslim.

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Back here on the de show, and we're discussing things that are very, very important, and the Quran, which is a living miracle. Yeah. And you describe some of these points. And if anyone takes a sincere, humble approach and reads this book, they will come to the conclusion that this is not man made snap, by Mohammed, it's from the crater that heavens in the earth and has all the facts, not fiction, to give the person to let their heart rest assured that this is from the creator talks about the purpose of life is there talks about the purpose of life talks about the necessity of man to venerate something he needs to venerate something higher, first, his parents that he can see that

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family, it's there and there's one eye in the ground that does tackle this that talks about it is impossible. Walmart can handle or an eighth or no one could have produced this book, other than the Creator of the heavens in the earth, and he sent it down. So yes, we have this message. And we're praying that people will take a sincere look at the book and not pick and choose. Because at the end of the day, at text, it's raining outside, you're going to go outside and check if it's raining. A text that is quoting things embryology it is quoting the name of Harmon I think brother, no man tackled that. There are so many various points that are being tackled. If it's raining, just go

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check if it's raining. If this is the book of God, please open it. Read it, and do yourself one favor. Before you get into the depths of giving our opinion read the first page the opening and read the first words that opened the largest section of Quran, the radical Kitab, Lowery, Buffy, this is a book that has no doubt. No book starts like that. And it's a claim, but God can make that claim. So let's hopefully encourage our viewers to do as we do, open up or on or even better just type in a word into YouTube. We're on the miracle, see what's there? There's going to be negative, but there's gonna be a lot more positive. Tell us now a few more questions. We're almost out of time. I want to

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get these points in. You mentioned one God, and our good deeds are based off the principle of pure mono theism. Yes, not setting up any equal with God. The Creator is the creator, and we're His creatures where his creation so when we say one God, now some might worship one God and we never want to offend anybody. We love our brothers and sisters in humanity. We want them to reflect and think so when we say one God and the God Almighty over and over, he's talking about his oneness that just worship him come to Him alone. Not to sit

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a partner with him. So some people, they'll take this mighty man as a God, and they'll put a Holy Ghost next to him. Is this qualify as one?

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qualifying as one again, my opinion doesn't matter. Yeah, right. And I grew up studying these concepts and I respect them.

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The concept of one God is that there is a sole creator. And we find this in the most powerful section of Quran, which is goodwill, Allahu Ahad Allahu slamet. God is absolute. The necessity for God to have a family is, let's talk about that for a second. If God had a son, if God had a son, would he tell us? Yes, he would tell us. And through the Quran, he said, the specific words while other there's no child, there's no, there's no son. But what we need to realize is if we want to look at God through this metaphor, let's even keep the metaphor of God the Father, let's take, read the Quran, read the Scripture, that God the Father or God, our Creator, wants us to be as his

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children wants us to be as the family of God. So then God would not need all of these partners would not need manifestations. What we need to do is come back to the fact that there is one God and he sent us the best of mankind as his prophets. And if we change that line in the sand between Prophethood and divinity, it's, it's a blur, because divine prophets are just the same. So Allahu slumbers, God is absolute, saying that there are three breaks, and God actually says, No, Brian, while at the Hulu selasa, don't say three, God is one, there are manifestations of His mercy manifestations. When you look at your child, you might you might feel an inclination, this is a

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miracle. This is beautiful. It's a miracle that God didn't need for himself. It's something he gave to mankind the feeling, or the inclination for reproduction, and the feeling of love. God created us in the image of love. So we are the last question. We we signal almost out of time, Easter's coming around. So now, what is this Islamic stance as far as we know that every human being is accountable for their actions? Right, so now this God because people are celebrating that Jesus died for your sins, and he was God died and then came back and etc? What would we have said about this? All we have to do is to all of our viewers, we encourage them to look up what Easter is. That's all we

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encouraged to do. For if one passed away on the cross, we would understand this from a historical point of view, but we don't, it's the the proof is not in the pudding. We encourage everyone to understand what Easter is and whether Jesus was crucified and what happened on that day. But from a Muslim perspective, the Islamic stance is Jesus was not crucified, but his resurrection will come and he will return to the people I encourage and these days not to tell you to worship celebrate Easter or not. I encourage you to look up what Easter is and know what it is that we celebrate. So Islam is saying submit only to the creator Yeah, last 30 seconds and you're accountable for your

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actions. Yes, nobody's paying your bill. You got to pay your bill, the what you did against God turned to God and repent only to him. And no second or third Original Sin, no confession. When Adam ate from the tree. God forgave him immediately. There was no Original Sin. I'd like us to maybe put put some more time into that. Yeah. Okay. So if people want to learn Quran, if they want to look more into around you have a website? Sure. It's a simple website. It's l two r q, that's learn to read or on l to r q calm. It's a site that will help you with letters, they'll help you with pronunciation. And if you are amongst those who can read and recite well, it'll help you better your

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recitation May God Almighty, the credit rewards you and we look forward to having you back again on the show. Thank you very much. Thank you very much. So I will make him smile. Peace be with you. And thank you for tuning in to another episode of the D show. Where'd you go, Eddie, I'm here. Have you consider the purpose of life look out for the bumper stickers that we have. I'd like to thank Dr. Mohammed who had the idea for this. And if you're not thankful to the people, people, you're not thankful to God to create an asset we're calling you to do deep down in yourself as the guest said, Look, look just as the creator to guide you who facilitate away, he'll facilitate where he's the

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most loving. And we need to take a timeout from the rat race of life and reflect on what the purpose of life is. And if you'd like to pick up the verbatim WORD OF GOD call us even if you like to accept the way of life all the messengers of God, believing in only one creator, not setting a partner next to him. It's only God where his creatures his creation, you only do the direct dial of no Secretary no one in between just you and the Creator. Give us a call. Operators are on the line to answer your questions. One 800 662 Islam we'll see you next time here on the deen show. Peace be with you.