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Murtaza Khan
AI: Summary © The segment discusses the return to normal, with the return of every day and everyone returning to loss of time and the return of everyone to a loss of time. The importance of the last day and belief in the time span of death of a woman is emphasized. The segment also touches on the idea of Islam's final day and the importance of protecting individuals' peace and happiness. The segment ends with a discussion of the importance of finding the right person to talk to and the need for comfort in life.
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in Hamden in Nashville who want to start a new one? istockphoto

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when our older Billahi min Sheree and fusina min say, Melina mainiac de la COVID de la mejor Del Sol de la wash hadoo

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Illa in blah blah, blah Sheree Keller wash had a hammer or a solo. Yeah, you had Latina Amano taco bar. haka Ducati. He will auto tune in to the moon. Yeah, you and NASA Taco Bell comunidad de la kocoum enough Singh wahida wahala caminhadas o jaha robusta mean humeri Jalan Cassie Romani

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what la la de Luna de Waal or ham in Nevada Canna alikoum. Rocky? Yeah, you're Latina choco la waku, Colin Sadie, the useless lacuna, la cama Yaki locum de Nova con woman, UT la hora, Su la hufa confessor fosun outremer ameba nos local Howdy, Chiquita law, Ohio had the head you Mohammed in sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wasallam for Shara Lumo removed that to her wakulla Moshe sat in wakulla with a $10 Latina wakulla Allah Allah cynefin rubbish roughly sorry, while you're Cindy angry workload aka Tammy Lisa Nia Babu Kohli, of the praising Allah Subhana Allah and continuing the journey towards Allah Subhana Allah, the belief in the last day, the return of every single

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individual to a loss of Canada.

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As for many individuals at the moment, their last day has begun for them. Because many of the signs that you find amongst the signs the minus signs leading up to the major final signs, rather even some amongst the lemma highlight that all of the minus signs are complete and in place. And we only need to wait for the major signs to begin. And they will fall one after another in succession, leading towards the end of time.

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So many of the actions that we see at the moment are all classified as hickmott Allah He bernisa, the great wisdom of Allah Subhana Allah, which is beyond the comprehension of the human being,

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that many things that take place around us at this stage. Indeed, that is present. Second, as we speak.

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Their final day has begun for those individuals.

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Because Indeed, for the believer, as soon as they leave this dunya it is the last day for the individual. The last day for many of us, has become a figment of the mind and may focus that there is no hero and thus you find a large portion of the Muslim Ummah, have become individuals of just loving to rejoice, and play and amusement. They fail to understand that as the clock ticks, if there is such a word as the enemies around us and the enemies within us, they focus on their time and what they want to achieve. And the Muslim Omar begins to lose his focus and perception of that which is false falling upon it. So as the average believer, we need to return back to focus upon that

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conviction in the last day. Because time and time again, Allah Subhana Allah mentions a strong relationship between believers. And the last day. Every single day of the believer is the last day rather at the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam highlighted that when you offer the prayer, then offer the prayer as it is you

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Last prayer.

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That is the advice given by the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam.

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And thus you find also that is currently running around. What are nurses soccer a woman be so kerravala kina de la, Tisha, did you see people running around in a state of intoxication? Obviously, we know the type of intoxication that the massive amount of this world enjoys, which is visualized last night. But the real intoxication would be when man would be in a state of frenzy. fretting doesn't know what to do. What are nurses Sukira warmer home be so careful, they're not going to be drunk on that day, while our kin or other Babaji studied by the punishment of a loss under a severe a severe chastisement. And these are the beginning of SoTL Hodge, the 22nd chapter,

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the Quran highlighting what will happen on that day, whereby the pregnant woman will drop her load drop her child, and every individual be worried about their own selves. And the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam highlighted that the coming of the hour is like these two fingers, the index finger, the middle finger, the small gap, the tip of one finger over the other finger, is how close the final day is, which obviously many of us don't seem to perceive, and understand that this is how close we are. In another narration, we find that the oma will not live for beyond 100 years to interpretation been given by the classical aroma of the meaning of 100 years. The first

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interpretation is linguistically that normally people would not live beyond 100 years. That would be an exception for a person who lives beyond 100 years. That is, once again a prophecy of the Prophet Mohammed Salah Selim that nobody will go beyond the age of 100 in general, and the specific meaning, or the more accurate meaning of this hadith is that his companions no one will go beyond 100 years. And that prophecy came true. And none of the companions lived beyond 100 years after the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam likewise defined the parable of this Muslim oma,

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is that time span off the solid answer? There's only a short span of time is a long time between Bahasa but it's time span of this Muslim oma is after the late afternoon. That is how much time that remains upon the Muslim ummah. And don't think it's only the Muslim Ummah, who has this perception? If you read through the Bible, you find Armageddon, the final war that will take place between good and evil. We're not trying to highlight who are the evil individuals, humanity can testify to themselves that who are the individuals committing atrocities at the moment? Is it the Muslim oma? Or is it those individuals who claim to champion the rights of humanity and sanctity and dignity of

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all human beings is quite visible. And thus the Muslim bag begins to fade and understand a large portion of belief in the last days infinite justice, there will be a day of infinite justice that the Muslims strongly believe in. It's not as the Jehovah's Witnesses believe that God's kingdom on earth they will be God's kingdom on earth they will be chords ruled on Earth. But the believer has a deeper perception in his heart that he will be or she will be rewarded inside the earth era in quantum took me no no biLlahi while yo min Arthur, if all if you believe in Allah Subhana Allah and the final day. So the more that your faith weakens in the final day, the more your faith becomes in

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Allah Subhana Allah and as you find that people will begin to drop off because the Quran highlights in the beginning of sort of the anchor booth the 29th Chapter The Quran Alif Lam Meem has evenness and you throw in your Polo and our homeland known while awkward for tender loving amicably him for a while. Yeah, lemon law Hola, Dena Sadako a lemon naka de bien. You perceive that you believe and you'll be left alone and you will not be tested. Indeed, we did test the people before you to find out who are the truthful individuals and who are quite simply the liars. Um, has seeped into total gender. While I'm Maria Tikka Masala Dina Holloman publikum, Masato, sir with the rock was Zulu

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hatay akula Rasulullah Dena, matter of law and international law Hikari do you perceive to enter into paradise, and you did not seem to understand what took place before you people before you were tested, afflictions, adversities hardships was Zulu, until the earth was shaken underneath them. And even the message and those who believed around him said, matter of law, when will the victory of Allah subhanaw taala come and Indeed Allah international law Hickory, and indeed the victory for lost pantalla is close and nearby. There is no focus of some people may murmur underneath their breath right now in shamba.

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sharlyn saw the Arabic language carries two meanings. There's one for Turkey that will definitely before and it's a reality and there's other inshallah, that many of the Muslim moments become the focus of procrastination or leaving everything too late to state that it will happen. So for Narada we'll see it tomorrow. The inshallah that occurs here is a definite promise of Allah subhanaw taala who will lead Dr. Sarah Sula who will Huda Medina. Liotta who Allah de Nicola, he will carry on Bushido code, He sent His messenger with the prevailing Deen the correct way of life, which will prevail over all other ways of life. And even though people may despise or dislike that, it is the

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only way of serenity and peace and tranquility. It is not a bombardment of forcing other individuals who come into Islam law across a deal. There is no compulsion inside religion inside sort of Baccarat verse number surah, number two verse number 256. No one is compelled to believe but one thing that Islam can present towards the west and the rest of the individuals is peace and tranquility and respect of their faith, which obviously we can see how these people claim to be respecting other individuals faiths, and religions and ways of life. But the bloodshed is quite open and prevailing around all of us. Like what you find when you lose that focus towards masala comfy

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soccer? What made you enter into the Hellfire was soccer min asthma jahannam soccer is amongst the names of the Hellfire columna colmenar mousseline well I'm Nakano, mo miskeen Baku, Nana Hoda, Malika in Wakanda. Look at the boo boo yummy Dean, Attorney eliakim. Once again, your Eman becomes weak. You forget about feeding the poor and taking care of humanity. You begin to enjoy pomp and plating amusement, and belittling the focus towards that era. And then you begin to belie the final day in a return back to Allah Subhana Allah had to eternity again until certainty becomes before you many death befalls you and then you will try to return back to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Also, we

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find that many a hadith which are linked together, you find his focus towards Montana, you may not be learning while you're here, whoever believes in Allah Subhana Allah state let him do such and such actions, once again encouraging the Muslim ummah. It's not just about professing your faith, as many individuals believe in this day and age, they believe is sufficient to profess your faith. It is not sufficient to profess your faith. It is sufficient that you cover your faith with righteous action with devotion and commitment towards Allah Subhana Allah and at least we read 17 times a day Maliki Yomi Deen the king, or the Master of the Day of Judgment. That day, Dean is day of

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accountability. What will be the day of accountability, accountability of man's actions that you send forth towards Allah Subhana Allah, rather you find that this is just another one of the names of the Hara, the return back to Allah Subhana Allah, Psalm 26 inferences that you find inside the Quran referring towards a theorem, whether we direct a Yeoman earth and the final day that we find a Yeoman he said

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or aloha Shia and work AR likewise all Korea are all inferences towards a return back to Allah Subhana Allah yo yo he said that they have mutual loss, that they have accountability, or you find such clear is that you find making more for focus towards the Thera actor every nursing home field of Lattimore he, rarely the hour is fast before calling upon the individual, but in man is in a state of loss in a state of hedonism hedonism, heedlessness that you find a doctor about this or to one shot panchkarma indeed our is very close and the moon is about to cleft asunder. At Emerald law he Fela testa Angelou, MD indeed utter Emerald life malatesta de leeuw who indeed don't hastin any

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the command with the loss of pound at the beginning of sorta Natalie 16 chapter at Emerald law, the command of Allah subhanaw taala has come. Even with this verb being in a past tense it carries the meaning it's about to be before the final hour will come upon every single individual. Yes aluna there any sir. They asked you about the final hour, continuously asked about the final hour indeed the knowledge is kept with Allah Subhana Allah. But every believer should believe that the final hours we began with is the beginning of their life, the beginning they begin to understand the deen of Allah Subhana Allah and have that sanctity of the mind that is the beginning of your final return

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towards Allah Subhana Allah. And thus you find that belief in the last day, as early may have collected encompasses three, any general brief headings that you find. The first is the belief in resurrection. Secondly, the belief in recompense and reckoning and third agenda. Oh enough, either

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paradise or hellfire. As for the belief in resurrection that you find that there will be two blowing of the trumpet, you find the first blowing that begins to take place for either a new facility soon enough cotton wahida the first blowing, the trumpet that will take place will be the first initial blowing, and then there will be a second blowing of the whole Yamuna of his sword. And the second you will be blown again, Allah may have collected based upon the Ayat of Allah Subhana Allah and the Hadith of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam that the first blowing that everything will fall down and you find that the F will be changed your matoba are the pirate out because some words that

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have been in F will change. And in between the first blowing and a second blowing according to the Hadith of the Abu huraira or the Allahu anhu there will be 40 will it be 40 years, 40 days 14 months? Well it really more in the lines of Hana that Allah there will be a time span that exists between the two. And then you find upon the second blowing will be the resurrection of mankind whereby insane will stand human beings will stand in front of Allah Subhana Allah camera but they're not over the Hulk in the world. And Elena in Coeur d'Alene came up over the Hulk and just like we created you in the beginning we're going to bring you back normally do worse than Elena This is a

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promise upon awesome Hannah and I couldn't fit in in indeed we're going to carry out this action. What is the beginning of the human being the beginning of the human being you'll find we just like the way he was brought into this dunya but before this, we find that the angel who has to blow the horn, he find that his lips are placed close to the horn and he's looking towards the artist of a rock man are waiting for the commandment for less panda Allah His head is lowered towards the horn waiting to blow into the trumpet to blow into the horn for the final or the first command of Allah Subhana Allah that will befall upon every single individual. And thus you find from my inner combat

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that little me tune in nakum Yeoman Amati to buy a phone. Indeed, you'll find that individuals by the Dalai Lama will fall down and state of being dead Thelma in nakum, Yama, Yama, Titova soon, then you'll be resurrected for the final day, according to the head is referring to the previous ayah that we mentioned, and the Hadith that exists in the psyche of a man Bihari a Muslim, your shadow nurse Yokoyama, to fatten aura to know who the mankind will come on the day of judgment in a state of being barefooted naked and uncircumcised and our insurer the load on the highlights will not man be looking at one another in camera shut them in daddy Oh come upon solo solemn that affair will

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more severe more Stern, then people will be worried about each other's *. They'll be standing there in front of a lost count on a barefooted in a state of nakedness and uncircumcised in front of Allah Subhana Allah and those individuals who desire to deny the resurrection, which unfortunately find that Muslims begin to fall into that concept as well. Because we know that for individuals at the moment, this world is nothing but materialism, that we eat, we drink and we rejoice. And the only thing that will destroy us is the passing of time. Live for today. live forever. For today. There's only one life so enjoy your life that best of one's ability, there is no recompense and

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returning back to Allah Subhana Allah zarma Lavina cafaro Allah uberto call Bella. The only people that deny the resurrection or returning back to the creator are those individuals who disbelieve in the creator called Bella Warby. Say indeed by your Lord let Tabasco Natoma Latina, Latina, Latina, Burnaby, mermaid to Metallica, Allah La Jolla. See, indeed you will be brought forth in front of Allah Subhana Allah weatherley cara de la jolla see that is quite simple and easy for Allah Subhana Allah likewise another iron the Quran a fine well who will lead the adult hulka from Merida wahoo la Indeed Allah Subhana Allah is the one who created the first 100 the first creation familiar to do

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then you repeat it so panagia Allah wa who was one who Allah and it's very easy, simple for lots of Canada Allah, Rama to create something in the beginning is difficult. But for last and Allah Andrew Badal Kathy one noon the command is between TF one con for a coup and B and it is thus even you find what human beings you have the initial creation whatever you create, beginning with that which allows handlers employed and given to you You can repeat that once you've done the initial stage when Allah Subhana Allah and it's very easy for loss of Hannah Allah 111 masala Allah And to Allah. Allah belongs the best of parables. subhanho wa Taala and likewise in Surah Yaseen that we find the

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36th Chapter The Quran, Allah, Allah de insha, Allah Mara wa who will be called the hall

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alene say he's the one who will create it in the beginning, who created it in the beginning and will recreate it once again Allah Subhana Allah who have become the hulking alien, and almost has full knowledge over everything that he has created, or whatever Allah Subhana Allah creates. And there are untold parables inside the Quran which talks about the resurrection reference to even the vegetation of plants around us of how they come out of the land. To show that this is the way a similar to that of how a loss of panda bring life once again, to the dead woman at a ninja turtle out the horseshoe for either Angelina Jolie does that what about in alladia? here Hello mophie motor

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in Nevada Konishi in Korea. Have you not seen woman T and Nakamura rahasya Have you not seen amongst the signs of Allah Subhana Allah, you see the land, being barren, being empty, with no fruit and no vegetation for either zelner La Palma. And if we sent down the water from the heavens upon this barren land, it has begins to shake. What about and life begins to disseminate come out of the ground in a lady a year the one who gave life to that dead barren land. Now Mohit Mota will give life to the dead individuals. Allah subhanho wa Taala and thus you find indeed every single surah and some even lemme go to the opinion to highlight every single verse has a direct or indirect

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reference talking about the era talking about resurrection or returning back to Allah Subhana Allah Allah inside the beginning of the Quran inside SoTL Baccarat that we find the second chapter, you find many references talking about the era about the resurrection of the human being. And amongst the five most common examples, which are mentioned inside sort of Baccarat, and many do exist throughout the surah and the rest of the chapters of the Quran. We find amongst them in the beginning in verse number 55 and 56 that you find what is called tomyam musala nodemon aka hotton arola hauraton. They said to musallam we're not going to believe you until we did not see it last

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pantalla without visible with a naked eye for Elsa moussaka to Anton Varun and in Sri Lanka, the evil bolt of thunder or punishment came upon these individuals and they all fell down. So my partner coming back the multicam guru, then we raised you up, resurrected you after you were dead. Nana Kuru, that you may be grateful to Allah Subhana Allah. So this is the first visualization of how you was brought down. You were destroyed and resurrected, but lots of hamdallah once again,

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some later you find what it costs us to listen for the term fee her talking about the individuals killed amongst Bani Israel. And that's the whole sort of the heifer the cow sort of buckler revolves around the story, trying to find out who is the killer of this individual. And we know that the Jews kept on benissa and kept on asking the excessive questions of the type of cow what it was quite simple slaughter, whatever cow that you can find, sacrifice it. But yet we find this continuous questioning that begins to take place which becomes a common practice of the Muslim Ummah as well to continuously question everything, to his spirit, everything until everything becomes difficult upon

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this aroma of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. And as you find that they said to strike the dead individual, with the bone of this Haifa with the bone of the cow, and then you find gallica up level motor. That individual stands up and they read the works at the first seed highlights who was the killer then drops down dead once again when you recall, de la la quinta de Lune de las panatela shows he signs to you that you may comprehend and understand the signs of Allah Subhana Allah. Likewise, you find in verse 243, talking about those individuals who came out wha hoo aloof and had their own mode in 1000s that came out last panda destroyed all of them and brought them back to

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life. Or likewise they find ocula de Miranda Korea in Baja, we are to another urrutia color and he had a bad mot her Oh the individual walk past the empty the empty land that destroyed land, they destroyed huts and houses color and he had the lava monkey How will it last and Allah How Will God resurrect these people after they've been destroyed? Then what does Allah subhanaw taala do for makes him fall down dead? And then resurrection once again come live with corollaries to yo yo Allah loveth me at the time when he said I have died. I fell asleep for maybe part of a day or half a day. Rather than Did you is dead for 100 years. Look at your food. Look at a donkey. All if it's there

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intact You are the one that's been destroyed once again to show the signs of Allah Subhana Allah and the final occasion you find inside SoTL Baccarat is talking about Ibrahim Alayhi Salam or it's called libre. hemara areni kafer to his motor Kala Olam taqman call

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Bella Bella can be can be when Ibrahim al Islam said show me Yeah, but how do you give life to the dead? Show it to me.

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Our lm taught me Don't you believe in Allah Subhana Allah, don't you believe? Allah, Allah I do believe. While I kill Yama in Nickleby, I want to be a total rest, total peace, total serenity, I want to visualize it with my own eyes. Once again, read the passage, read it, the first seal, if I told him to take four birds and train them and give them names, and call them, and take care of them, and then to execute them, and to mix up their flesh and their feathers, and their heads, etc, and place it in four different mountains, and then to cool them. And they will return back to you. Showing Ibrahima and Islam This is the way that we can destroy and give life once again, by the

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permission of Allah Subhana Allah. The second belief that we touched upon, the first concept we said was the belief in resurrection that many of us have lost that focus that we will not be reserved, resurrected in front of Allah Subhana Allah. The second is the belief in recompense and reckoning. And that's where many of us begin to fall off the bridge. When many of us become lose our focus, many of us begin to take the law in our own hands. And thus the Western media loves that concept that young Muslim radical Muslims they preach begin to take the law in their own hands, we can rectify those affairs ourselves, because we know how best to speak to our people. And some of these

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individuals, the reason why they begin to behave in that manner, is because they lose focus of the earthhero. Remember, the effort is not a short journey, we're under the sorority must document for terbaru read the fear of this verse that occurs inside sort of the sixth chapter. It's a long path to Allah Subhana Allah, there is no shortcut to to Allah Subhana Allah, there is only one shortcut, and I'll leave that to your imagination. As the possibilities are announced to delve into that point, there's only one shortcut to paradise. The rest of the paths is nothing but the devil waiting at the end of it. So we believe in that to take the law in your own hands is against the

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commandments of Allah Subhana Allah. We don't need the elements around us to preach to us that you believe in such fallacies and incorrect believes we know what the Islamic creed and what the Islamic belief is. So when individuals begin to lose that focus with an era, they begin to drop off and begin to make their own interpretation of the Quran and the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed Al salam, because according to diverse ambulating was routed approximately drew a long line, drew a long line and said, this is a long path towards the last minute there is no short path. It has to be clear about that it's going to be a long,

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long journey to return back to Allah Subhana darna. But remember such a yet that when you do despair, when you do lose hope you do fret and you do begin to question that what is happening around us? What is happening with the world politics at the moment that Muslim blood is so cheap, Muslim blood is spilled so easily the base that is inside your mind, to seek sustenance, seek sustenance and provision from the fruits and the language of the Quran. Not from the rhetoric that exists around many of us are for men can men and women can have a sicko? Can the one who is a believer, be like the individual who is a rebellious individual that is the one that cannot be the

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same. That's as simple the solution is don't lose that aspiration that focus towards Allah Subhana Allah.

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A filet shall confer to somewhere where it will. Do you doubt Allah Subhana Allah? Do you doubt the commandments of Allah Subhana Allah? Do you doubt the passages of Allison Hannah ganda believe in a conviction if a man can a movement and come and force a car, never can a believer be like a person who's a rebellious individual? Even though whatever the dunya the world might be given to them, let them rejoice in the world that they possess and what they own, because they're still studying the science, that how can a Muslim in a shanty town, disheveled, broken, destroyed from a 14,000 altitude still smile and say Husqvarna low and littman Waki sufficient is Allah subhanaw taala

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coming He is my protector. Write your dissertations. Write your articles, right? Whatever you want to write. You can never ever perceive and understand that concept. Because you live for the world you live for today. That's what you live for. You live for your position. You live for your authority you live for your respect you live for your honor, your dignity, your chance and your slogan, guess what you live for? People who live for Allah Subhana Allah you cannot get into their mindset and in a man never. Never Can you ever get into the mind and into the heart until you become like them? If a man can mean and come come and Ghana first con la Istanbul. They're not the same in

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front of Allah Subhana Allah, like what you find Muslim miracle moogerah mean? Malcolm caverta comun What is the matter? Would you Muslim Omar as a Muslim in a comedy mean? Are we going to make Muslims like criminals

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Malcolm caverta comun How do you judge? Why do you fret? Why are you just why'd you despair? If your vision is towards the authorities, the courts of this world, even though the classified as kangaroo courts, they can do whatever they want to do to humanity, they can have the law inside their own hands, which they perceive is the law. The real law belongs to Allah subhanaw taala that people fail to understand. Likewise, if I am Nigella Latina men who were Amina Sani heretical musi Dena filler. Are we going to make those individuals who believe and do righteous actions can move sedena filler? Like people who create corruption to learn tokina culture? Are we going to make pious individuals

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like fudger? Like rebellious individuals? Do you ever think they're going to be the same in front of Allah subhanaw taala even study the science of how people have disobeyed Allah Subhana Allah, look at the ending of such individuals. Go and study photographic evidence of how you find people's faces are disfigured. People are shouting, you can see that angle on their face of their soul being pulled out of their bodies. They don't want to return back to Allah Subhana Allah and look at the other side of the coin. Look at the other side of the coin, smiles on people's faces, light on people's faces, tranquility that you find in serenity all around them. How do you summarize that? Well,

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possibly according to Mr. Psychological understanding, they probably give you a psychological terminology. Because they don't believe in the unseen, they don't have that conviction, the unseen for them everything in your person is possessed. Possession doesn't really exist. It's just a figment of the mind and likewise everything becomes a figment of the mind. Paradise is a figment of the mind held by the figment of the mind. And likewise when you hit the grave, then tell us if it's a figment of the mind, then you will find out if it really is a figment of the mind. He is not unaware of Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Subhan Allah Hafiz and Amma Yamato Bali moon, don't think

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Allah panda is unaware of what the presses are doing in nema yahiro home Leominster Tasha soufeel absorbed, he will give them respect and their day, whereby you find that their eyes will stay in hora when they have to return back to Allah Subhana Allah and likewise inside the same surah that you find a constant of retribution in the lower Aziz on boom tocom Indeed, Allah subhanaw taala is full of retribution. In another surah we find la sallahu be Aziz infinty calm is the last under the almighty possessor of retribution. And Muslims or non Muslims alike have forgotten his focus and failed to understand probably one of the most powerful and strongest verses that you find inside the

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Quran, talking about the Dominion ship and the kingdom. Who does it belong to Quran lumerical. Total Malcolm and Tisha within the animal commandment Tasha, what is human tissue within human Tasha big Kalahari Naka Allah condition. You saw when rulers, whether it be Muslims or non Muslims, that you claim dignity and honor for yourselves, this respect that's been bestowed down upon you that you're supposed to be protecting certain individuals. And we find quite quite clearly quite openly, and be highlighted on many occasion, let's not beat about the bush, that those hundreds have been massacred, in Philistine at the moment. The only thing that the Muslim Ummah can do once again, is

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to go into a Cabinet meeting and sit with their cups of coffee, and their timer and their dates and click it together and think what should we do? Stand up and be courageous, and do what other governments are do break your ties with such individuals. When President Mojave is known as a tyrannical ruler, then this country breaks all ties. The BBC correspondent is not allowed inside Zimbabwe has to report from South Africa. But when it comes to Muslims, we have to think about the situation. We have to think about what we have to do break off your ties with individuals who kill innocent individuals, quite simply is we're not asking you to pick up arms or to fight individuals

00:34:05 --> 00:34:42

or create bloodshed. have enough courage within you that you claim to be a leader of a country. That dignity that last panda has given you bestowed upon you. You will be asked upon the Day of Judgment, lemon in multiple yom lillahi wa he will call her to whom there's a Dominion ship in the kingdom ship belong on this day. It belongs only to Allah Subhana Allah let that message go out clear to those individuals who want to govern the Muslims and to highlight that we protect the sanctity of the Muslim you don't protect the sanctity of no Muslim. The only individuals that you protect other non Muslims you make a bend over backwards to protect them and you will never ever bend over

00:34:42 --> 00:35:00

backwards to protect the honor dignity of the Muslims that are being slaughtered all around you. And as you find a Yama today cool enough same B Makassar but nadelman yo in de la serie on a sir. On that day, you will find out what their true in the reality will be. Every single soul will bring forward

00:35:00 --> 00:35:43

fact what it is earned by the permission of Allah Subhana Allah ruleml yom, there will be no oppression, on that day, being oppressed inside this world, then hold strong to your faith, you will not be oppressed inside the earth. And as you find that to sadnesses will never be gathered for the individual and know what to happinesses if you're sad in this world, rejoice, you will be happy inside the era, you will be happy inside the Hara, don't lose that conviction towards Allah Subhana Allah, and he will be constantly happy inside this world, then they will be nothing but sadness for you inside the earth. And then you find the scales of justice would be placed, the balances of

00:35:43 --> 00:36:30

justice will be placed on that day, one of the magma Xena crystally, Yama, Yama, the balances of full justice will be placed on that day of reckoning for to the moon of sunshine, and no soul will be oppressed. On that day, when 10 amis cola have bottom in huddling, Athena be her worker for * has he been and even if there be a mustard weight of goodness, or even, it will be brought forth in front of Allah Subhana Allah, quite simply in a boom from India, Elena has been home to us to bring them back for reckoning and for us to bring them forth for accountability is the task of Allah subhanaw taala. And as you find that that blowing of the trumpet, the blowing of the whole and

00:36:30 --> 00:37:12

that day, that will be when individuals will come and return back to Allah Subhana Allah. But there's no hope and aspiration if you didn't try to live that life in this world. Because being a Muslim is all about trying. That's all that is about is what you tried to do in this world in a small passage of time that was given to you to come close to Allah Subhana Allah, and then you find that the final ending will be for the individual will be paradise will be the Hellfire, the eternal abode, and the eternal bliss that you find and the other aspects of the earth era that begins to take place as well. Whether it be the fitna to cover the punishment inside the grave that you find,

00:37:12 --> 00:37:48

whether it be the changing of the whole of creation that we visualize, on a daily basis, that we see that will all change. If you study the sutras that exist inside the final Jews. And likewise, in 29 Jews that you find an iron inside sore Ebrahim as well that you find we'll talk about the changing the change of his normal pattern. And it's quite startling at time when you see certain elements of how even non Muslims can begin. And Allah Allah knows best how they begin to perceive certain changing of times, whether it be the day after tomorrow, or constantly independence day that you find of how the final calamity will begin to take place was that was whatever it may be. There is

00:37:48 --> 00:38:25

some insight that they are aware, they are aware that they will be something that will begin to take place towards the end of time. And that will be the return of humanity. Obviously they want to glamorize it. And they want to sell and become a blockbuster. selling them full of academies is what they believe in. But there is some truth inside the element of the source of information that they trying to create, that there is a return back to the Creator, that every single individual has to return back to Allah Subhana Allah. And that's the conclusion that you find as Muslims. As we don't just want this to be just another opportunity to remember around. Remember that

00:38:27 --> 00:39:08

there are three basic lessons that we have collected, and talked about and highlighted What is it entailed to believe in the final day. And that is a lesson that I want myself to return within all of us to go backward. To begin to focus upon the lessons that exist in the belief in an interview video will affect the belief in the final day. Even though it's quite interesting to listing about what will happen to individualism that day, and the Sirat and the bridge and the punishment and the reward and the bliss. My life begins today Now, that's where life begins, begins right now to begin to visualize yourself. Because how many are yet how many signs Do you want, till eventually you

00:39:08 --> 00:39:50

would submit to Allah Subhana Allah, do you want your own blood to be split, and then when you become a devotee towards Allah Subhana Allah, but at that stage, it could possibly be too late to repent and come back to Allah Subhana Allah. The first thing that we find the belief inside the Torah is awakening the desire to perform acts of obedience, and striving to accomplish them and hoping of gaining the reward of the last day. That's the first lesson in the belief inside the earth era. it ignites the believer to begin to perform action. Many of us will become stagnant. That will wait for the MACD we'll wait for the timer. We wait for the return of the healer will rotate wait

00:39:50 --> 00:39:59

for until the system is placed or will wait until the kingdom ship is taken away. We'll wait for this we'll wait for that. I will carry on preaching to heed of Allah Subhana Allah I will carry on

00:40:00 --> 00:40:12

focusing upon the sun not wait for how long actions. Live a life every single has a time for an action. When it's time to pray, it's time to pray. It's not time

00:40:13 --> 00:40:41

to pick up to move the trigger, it's time to move your finger. And when it's time to pick up, the trigger is time to pick up the trigger. That's what Islam says. There time for everything. You cannot mix and match what you decide to do. Everything has been placed in a compartment form for a believer to carry out is a time to foster this time to fast is a time for purification. It's time for purification is the time for pm is a time for pm is a time to grow your beard is a time to grow your beard is the time to observe the value observe the vein.

00:40:42 --> 00:41:26

Everything will click into place. Everything will click into place as you begin to observe the rights that belong to Allah Subhana Allah and focus upon them. And every single individual has their role has the role that they have to offer. So when you believe in the era, you'll begin to live a life of action towards Allah Subhana Allah, secondly, arousing the fear. The answer creates fear. Because when you commit acts of disobedience, and you find that you accept them, and you fear the punishment, and last day, the last day will benefit you. We don't say that last day, we don't have that focus that we could be asked by Allah Subhana Allah that's how you find that many Muslims will

00:41:26 --> 00:41:27

do whatever they want to do.

00:41:28 --> 00:41:39

What the cool woman battling he Coleman saw him then after was repaired back to last pantalla we can safely conclude most Muslims are probably well versed and most of us clerics about what Islam is.

00:41:41 --> 00:42:06

Because we've noticed that they'll quote to us I had the Dell quote last passage the Koran, they'll make interpretation they'll make that will they'll bring more than interpret and they'll bring more than understanding that leaves us flabbergasted makes us to begin to think so most people know what Islam is. It's a simple way of life. But yet we find that we do whatever we want to do. And so for Narada Baccarat we complain about the Arab world that everything is blue crab, blue crab okra.

00:42:07 --> 00:42:43

Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow, on a sub continent as well. Likewise, the Muslim is well, that tomorrow I will see tomorrow I'll see to become a better Muslim. And tomorrow may never come for you may never ever come to you tomorrow, if you leave it to tomorrow. Leave it to today and this very second inside your heart. And thirdly, that you find is comforting the believer over the matches of this world that may escape him or her that which he hopes for from the delight and the reward of the hereafter. Things have been taken away from the dunya while and oblivion nakamichi a minute hope he will do it even oxymoron. Well, you want to see what tomorrow

00:42:44 --> 00:42:47

study the Arabic language deep Arabic language.

00:42:48 --> 00:43:31

While a loved one can be a mainstay in mainchain, but some not a total loss of everything that you own. And look at the state of many of us. Many of us have crumbled, broken down as those individuals what really affliction trials and tribulations are as those individuals, whether it be the land of Philistine at the moment, whether it be Kashmir, whether it be Afghanistan, whether it be shisha, whether it be an Iraq, whatever it be asked those individuals, or what is being trial and tribulation, ask them what they go through on a daily basis.

00:43:32 --> 00:44:15

But somehow quite strange it is. They see a tunnel, and they see light at the end. And we have all the light around us. We don't seem to visualize that light. So mcmanamon foam layer alone foam layer. Some of us, unfortunately, are deaf, dumb and blind. We don't have the mind to understand. We don't have the capability to return back what we want to do. And as it becomes high time that we begin to visualize and begin to focus about everything that takes place around us that we should have enough courage and belief inside the earth Hera is begin to highlight of the suffering and the plight of the Muslims at the moment, you're not going to be tarnished as a radical on a person who's

00:44:15 --> 00:44:40

a terrorist what many of you may fit, because you already classified as an individual. They can speak out about their rights, about what concerns them. But a Muslim cannot speak out for his rights for the sake of the affair and a final return. When every single one of us will be asked about everything that we possess and everything that we own. And everything that we visualize

00:44:41 --> 00:44:43

everything that we visualize around us at the moment.

00:44:45 --> 00:44:47

Mother for ultim What did you do?

00:44:48 --> 00:45:00

What did you do? And quite simply is not like those individuals going out to the embassies and burning effigies and burning flags. Because most of them probably didn't even wake up or salado.

00:45:00 --> 00:45:12

Further, they probably didn't even wake up. We're not full of hammers in that way because that's what hammers means, exuberance and commitment and focus and devotion is the meaning of hammer. So those of you didn't know.

00:45:13 --> 00:45:15

Every single Muslim.

00:45:16 --> 00:45:20

Obviously, I'm gonna be quoting his words, is a member of Hamas

00:45:21 --> 00:45:55

linguistically and then don't let no individual twist those words and try to promote that we're trying to promote such organizations while Elmo in the lysogenic anime last panda Agha alum on social Islam on his most well muslimeen alarm on suddenly one coil Mujahideen if you could even McCann loman sort of home ones in LA him romatic alone at least Mr. muslimeen Aloma de Moura de vida de la machete chamula home offer a home wasco irata home

00:45:57 --> 00:46:15

to him once in LA him backset Allah de la rue de la como Bali mean masala Nabina Muhammad Allah Allah sashimi human to masaka bitternut Allah subhana wa COVID de analyse phone was Salam ala mousseline hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen. So Hanna follow behind the shoulder line under

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