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Musa Pbuh: The Blessed Prophet


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The transcript describes the message of Islam to his mother, Amina, who was the mother of three children. The message is that Islam should not do anything, do not do anything, or do not do anything. The transcript also highlights the importance of trusting Islam and being mindful of one's behavior. The transcript emphasizes the need for one to trust his promises and not give in. The speakers stress the importance of speaking the truth to avoid becoming a gangster and stress the historical significance of the Arabs of the desert, including their actions in the past and future.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. My brothers and sisters, welcome to Out of Surah Surah Taha Al Hamdulillah, we had finished off at the door of Musa alayhis salam from Allah subhanho wa Taala after Allah had made him responsible, over, over going too far out and giving him the hour, we know that Musa alayhis salam ask Allah for a few things, asked him to open up his chest and and make him very positive open asked him to ease his affairs to remove the impediment that he had in his speech to help him with his brother as his helper as his personal assistant. And we know that Allah subhanho wa Taala supported him with more than that with an army that was unseen and with Allah

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subhanho wa Taala being there and supporting him with every step and speaking to him to his heart and telling him that which is between him and Allah azza wa jal alone. So hamdulillah let's carry on with that story. And inshallah Allah we will hear more about what happened to musala supersalon. Right. So we stopped that.

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You honey, where do we stop up? Yes, the massage salon. By panaca ot Sula, kya musas Alessandra said, verily, I have given you what you have asked for your massage. And you know, this is the amazing thing is that, when you ask Allah azza wa jal in very general terms, and you asked him right at the point of Allah azza wa jal giving you an obligation or at the point of view, starting on a bother to Allah azza wa jal when you started on the bar that you actually care about, and that's what I really must say that the time I'm making is actually whilst you're doing the badness whilst you're praying, make the doorbell whilst you're doing a hogenom rod make the door right whilst

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you're traveling to Taco Bell to get knowledge make the door because you're in a bad so it was at that point whilst Allah had made him made it obligatory on him to go too far out and give the hour that musasa slammed the door and ally accepted everything. So it's very important that we use that time to make the art because it is a special time of the cliff of obligation and it is a time when Allah azza wa jal accepts the Call of Duty laka Musa, you've been given what you've asked for yamasa woollacott manana la cama Ratan okra and I want to remind you, that you should believe in my promise, because I had blessed you before this as well. And the reason for Allah subhanho wa Taala

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reminding his slaves of his previous blessings is for a number of reasons. Number one, is so that you have more talk Quran Allah azza wa jal to perfect your workload. And perfection of the workload cannot come unless you actually remember how many times Allah azza wa jal has already been truthful and fulfilled his blessings and his promise to you. And that's why Allah subhanho wa Taala tells the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to believe in Allah has promised to him that that inshallah what is going to come to him was going to be very good so he says what the one lady that Sasha mama dakara buka Mama Coronavirus afra hydralic Amina una hora, Sofia t Cora bukata. And indeed the

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hereafter that is coming is better for you and Indeed Allah will give you more so that you are happy. So here Allah tells the Profit System that he will give him then he gives them examples of why to believe him and the reason why we should believe Allah is because in the past, Allah did look after the prophets of Allah and educate even for our did I not find you as an orphan look after you over the Kabbalah and Sahaja and I didn't I find you misguided and we guided you over the car in a novena, did we not find you poor and miserly in a destitute state and did we not give you wealth and health and look after your affairs? So here was the module reminds the prophets of God of his

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blessings in order so that they may increase in the tawakkol on Allah subhanho wa Taala and so that inshallah Allah they may have more trust in Allah Subhana Allah to Allah and inshallah therefore be able to deliver the message with a lot more vigor. And you know, the confidence of a person is known by the way he speaks. And if a person truly feels confident in his heart, his speech will be confident, and so he will sound strong. And that is why the messengers of God, because they had some very, very difficult task on their on their hands, they were asked to have tremendous development, Allah azza wa jal, and so Allah help them to prepare the debacle in the heart with this with the bar

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of the previous over the inflammation of the previous blessings a lot given so Allah says Allah Padma Nana, la cama, Ratan okra, and indeed we've given you tremendous blessings before as well is our hyena. Illa. Mika, ma you ha when it was revealed to your mother, what was revealed so what what what happened was the pharaoh at that time, saw a dream that they would be born a human being who would then take over the affairs of Egypt. So what did he do? He therefore spoke to his

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To his Confederates, and to his people in his court, and they came up and skiing the plan that they would kill every newborn that particular year. So they took all the new bonds slashed their wrists, they cut their throats, and they killed the newborn SubhanAllah. So the mother of Musa alayhis salaam was very, very worried. So what was revealed was that an angel came to Moses mother, and said that Allah subhana wa Taala tells you to do the following what was what was told to her, and it was iffy he tabooed put musasa slam into a chest and you know, chest

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is amazing because and who would put a child in a chest of drawers but alas, messenger was told to be put into a chest of drawers. And, and it has special significance because you don't want to put them into a into something where which could topple over and the water could go in. But Allah wanted to protect him. So into a chest, and Subhanallah you know, the blessing the mercy of Allah is that the chest was porous, and there was some air that could come in, but at the same time was quite stable and heavy at the bottom so that it would not topple over. And so the baby wouldn't be harmed. And if God if he hits the taboo, put him in the in the chest philosophy, he feel young, so and then

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throw him into the yum yum is the river, what has been referred to here as the Nile, throw him into the Nile, for little key, he

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will kill Yama bisa hell, then the river will then push this chest out into the banks mean out of the mercy of Allah, the river will not keep on taking it all the way down and then you know, destroy it or destroy it on this rocks, but rather the river will will inshallah push the the chest into hell into its banks, Yahoo, Adam will live at Ola. And then this chest will be taken by an enemy of him an enemy of us, meaning the goddess gods of their own, who are the enemies of God, and what the army was around. They found this chest and then they gave it to the wife of around us here of the alota Lana and as he showed it to her around and around was amazed to find the little baby inside

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and you know, this is the attitude of tyrants. They say something, but then you know, when they see it in front of them, sometimes they recount what they said they are tyrants with their words or sometimes, you know, even though the worst of tyrants can have a little bit of mercy in their hearts. And so what did Allah do? And perhaps it is for this reason for a little bit of mercy in the heart of the round, that Allah subhanho wa Taala did not destroy him straight away, even though he was killing so many orphans and so many children, what did he do? He gave him respect until an appointed time when Allah would then destroy him and take him to account. So why doula doula, so

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therefore, it came to the attention of the round that this baby was there. And the baby was very beautiful, very, you know, exquisite. And so as a result, they're out really felted within himself to actually adopt this baby. So what did he do he adopted the baby. And at that point, the dot the the friend of us here who happened to be the, the sister of Harun of our history, sister of Musa alayhis salam spoke to her and said hello adore lucam Allah Maja follow. So look at what Allah says, Well Allah to Allah, Mahabharata mini and We bestowed upon you love and mercy from me, Wali to sneer, Allah IE and so that you may develop and grow under my care under my eyes, which which, which

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shows that Allah has eyes and also it's an expression that shows that you you will, you will grow up under my care, yeah, under the watchful eye of Allah Subhana Allah. So what Alfredo alikum habita Mini is an evidence that Allah subhanho wa Taala envelop the Messenger of Allah, Musa alayhis salam with mercy and love and that is why I told you that this surah is all about the love of Allah for this messenger and even at a young age before he was even a messenger of God, Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala threw upon him so much love, and saved him from the terrible torment and looked after him even as a child. And this is why musala the salon was so eager to please Allah subhanho wa Taala

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because he truly felt that love that emanated from Allah subhanho wa Taala while alaikum habita Mini and we put upon your love from me while it was near Allah in so that you may grow up upon my eyes, his thumb she took and remember when your your sister came for the coup and she said to the wife of around, how do lucam Allah maniac follow, Shall I show you to someone who will look after him? Because a small child and a small child needs milk, and so you need a wet nurse. So she said, I know a wet nurse who can really look after and so what did she do for a Jana

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aka ILA omega so we return you back to your mother. How beautiful Allah subhanho wa Taala told the mother of Musa to trust Allah and she trusted Allah through her son Oh, it's very hard to do, can you imagine? But this is what you need to do to trust Allah azza wa jal because now look at what happened.

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son comes back to the mother, and on top of that, under the watchful eye of the king of the land, on top of that the king of the land peyser pays her to look after her own son Can you imagine? And this is why for tea we really must trust Allah. We have to trust Allah you know, when, when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said ma na casa madam and Sokka wealth is never decreased through sadaqa trust Allah gives that wealth, trust Allah give that sadaqa Allah will return it to you somehow the other, Allah will return it to you and do not ever think Allah won't return. Allah will Rabbana Karim Ravana Karim, Robin is carry he will return it to you believe in the promise of Allah. Mother

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of Musa alayhis salam.

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radi Allahu Allah Allah believed in the promise of Allah azza wa jal. So this is what we should do as well. Whenever Allah tells us something, believe in his promise, and indeed Allah has promised will never be broken. Like, so what did you say for Jana? Isla ohmic. So we return you back to your mother, kay Takara, I knew how Allah has done so that her eyes maybe around the corner, I know her means so that her eyes may be rested, which basically means that she's that her heart may be maybe rested, and so that she is not anxious or depressed. Like she is not sad.

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And remember when you grew up, then you killed that man. So what actually happened was Musab is the Salaam had grown up and he had a lot of strength in his body. And when he grew up, he saw the guards of that on one day, he was abusing one of the Hebrew slaves. And when he saw that, he got angry, and he pushed the guard and all he wanted to do really is to is to stop the guard from actually hurting that man but then because he pushed that man so hard, the guard went and he fell and he broke his neck. So Allah says, Well, cataldo enough says but he still pushed him right? So as a result, therefore, yes, the killer was still muscle.

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Enough sand and you killed someone for not Jaina kameena love them. So we saved you from the stress from meaning distress and difficulty. So it saved you from the distress what is the distress and difficulty imprisonment, perhaps even to be killed or lashed to be disgraced in this world for an agenda camino lamesa we saved you from the distress also meaning of this is that Allah forgave him as well. We saved you from the distress. Another meaning of distress is the distress of Allah, the lack of Allah's mercy. So we saved you from that distress, meaning we gave you the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala by forgiving you will fatahna tofu tuna and we tested you with a severe test. What

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was the test? You had to run away? You had to hide and he had to run away to a different country run away from Egypt out of his tremendous fear. And he went off to Madame Fela singing in Lima. Deanna so you stayed for many years and the people are medion through magic Nana pottery, still magic, pottery or Moosa, then you came back upon my other my decree or moves. So can you see how moose is the salon grew in Allah's mercy, then he did something wrong then Allah forgave him then he went away for many, many years from what his real responsibility would be. Then he comes back to to the father of Allah subhanho wa Taala upon the other of Allah, Masha Allah Salam is back. And so this

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verse was so much that Allah podria Musa makes me think, you know, sometimes, you know, when your life progresses you think like Subhanallah you know, what are my life is like a jigsaw puzzle is just filling up, you know? And it's like Allah azza wa jal is filling up the jigsaw puzzle. And you know, I'm one of the pieces and sometimes when you meet people, and then when people come and work with you help you, you think like Subhanallah you know, it's like, I'm just being led by Allah subhanho wa Taala I'm just fulfilling Allah. Allah just makes you feel that that's exactly what Allah says here. So Majid Adria Musa, but this should never ever make you feel that you don't have

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choice I mean, I have a choice and it shall I open my right hand or left hand I can choose whichever hand right now. But, but you end up finding that the hand that you end up choosing is the hand that that actually is upon the other of Allah azza wa jal was Tanaka enough see is the means to to choose or start to clean up see and I've chosen you for myself is hub under so go You are a hookah and your brother. We are Yachty with my signs while our attorney and physically

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Do not ever be weak and and slow or hesitate regarding my remembrance Do not ever hesitate in my remembers meaning as you're walking as you're talking as you're speaking as you're moving as you're doing, then remember me Remember me at every step remember me so that you don't do something wrong and so that you don't do since. And this is a verse that shows that what will give you strength and power one is the code of Allah azza wa jal and that is why most of us unfortunately we spend too much time thinking and strategizing. What we should do more is to make Vicar of Allah azza wa jal and Allah will solve the problem for you allow will clear the road for you, Allah will inshallah

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solve your cashflow problems, money problems, family issues, issues with between you and other human beings, he will solve it for you right? And that can only happen with the vicar of Allah subhanho wa Taala is Hubba go both of you elaphe are out to throw around in otava For verily he has transgressed and what is a transgression he has said that he is Allah. And also his transgression is that is the harm that he brought up on people. And also his transgression is that he has bellied the signs of Allah azza wa jal, right? So Kula Allahu Allah, Allah Yin. And the amazing thing is despite the fact that Allah says that for our own has tava or around has transgressed all limits, Allah says, For

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Kula Allahu kolon li Nan, and say to him a soft, gentle word. And he, you know, it just bamboozles me that Allah subhanho wa Taala, despite the arrogance of this tyrant,

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tells Musa alayhis salam to sell tell him a gentle word, you know, a gentle word, it just shows you that it doesn't matter who or how bad that person is that you're speaking to, they're not gonna be worse than around, right, they're not gonna be worse than around unless it's a belief, right? So if it's not gonna be worse than your own, then how do you speak that, for example, you might have a family member that doesn't pray, how do you speak to them? Do you say, roughly rudely, do you raise your voice in your tone is condescending? What about a family member or even your parents that might be doing something wrong, let's say taking labor, you speak to them in an arrogant manner as if you

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the Buddha has come to you, not to them. And you know, sometimes, sometimes when Islam enters into your heart, and you discover Islam, it is very, very common to have a problem. And that problem is called self righteousness. Many of us suffer from this problem when we discover Islam is that we suddenly become self righteous, we have this self entitlement, as if we are righteous, we know. Others don't know. And we forget mercy. And we forget that even the prophets of God were told to have coal and lejana with her out. So what about our family members and our brothers and sisters and our neighbors and others and our circle of influence? Why is it that we are hard and harsh with

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them? Why are we not gentle and soft and kind with them. So this is something we must be extremely wary of. And we must be very careful to, to not do, which is to be rude, to be rough. Rather dour is done gently and softly. And then there are different levels, you know, you build up you don't do it in the same level, just like number we took in Surah. Miriam, that Allah Subhana Allah His Messenger, which is Abraham, Melissa, when he spoke to his father, he started off Why do you worship that which can't hear and that which does not? Cannot see all my father knowledge has come to me to listen to me or my father, I am afraid you might be worshipping Satan. Oh, my father, I'm afraid

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that you might actually go to Ghana. And you see that different levels right. So it starts off slow and gentle. And then it gets gets more and more and that's also what we notice in the speech of Musa al Salaam to around that he starts gently, gently, gently and then he starts getting higher and higher. So it's really critical. But but this is Islam that we do a similar pattern in the way that we do that we start gentle and then we get harder.

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So Allah says, For Kula Allahu Allah Allah yinon la la vida de Caro Asha. So tell him a soft and gentle word, perhaps he may get a doctor, he may remind remember who he really is, and therefore have humility, our yaksha or that he may fear me. And so here it was. It just says this knowing that our own is hottie and proud, because Allah is teaching us that this is the manner of Dawa, it starts gentle and soft, and also shows the helm of Allah Hill meaning the forbearance of Allah, that despite the excesses of our own Allah subhanho wa Taala has so much held that that Allah subhanho wa Taala presents the to that to the people in the gentlest of ways. And that is why a hottie many

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times when we are corrected in the hard way, it's probably

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Because we didn't correct ourselves when the Dow came to us gently and it's entirely possible that Allah would have shown us His signs and made the hub apparent to us. If we had done things gently and gently would have come to us but we did not pay attention. And this is why what he sometimes any when the truth comes to us it is very hard because when it did come to us early on, we didn't pay attention what was coming gently so be very careful. Don't ever become haughty and proud and fear Allah subhanho wa Taala call robina in half a year for Elena pada they both said Rabbana our Lord in Nana half verily afraid or your fruit aleyda that he should have thought Allina that he should

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transgress upon us out of our or that he will harm us or that he will hear from Elena meaning he will deal with a swiftly our is about or he will transgress upon us right? We are very very afraid. Yeah. Robin What did Allah say? Allah Allah.

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Allah said to them, Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid. Why should you be afraid? You have Allah with you, you have the angels supporting you, you have Rabbana has guided you and showed you. You have allow opening your chest up Allah has told you how to speak. So do not be afraid rather go Yeah. And so this is why here Allah is telling musala supersalon to do the greatest Jihad what is the greatest Jihad? The scholars of Islam and the authentic hadith of the prophets have said, the greatest jihad is to speak the truth to a to a to a tyrant. To speak the truth to a tyrant is the greatest jihad. And this is very critical brothers and sisters, that we try and speak the truth to

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whoever it is that wants to stand up against us and that we portray the hub to them and inshallah to Allah we

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we do not fall into the trap scholar lotta hoffa in Anima Akuma Verily, I'm with you both a smile are I here? And I see, I hear and I see. So therefore, can you see what he says? Allah said in the Lima Akuma. Verily, I'm with you both. Therefore, the scholars Islam talk about the Maya of Allah azza wa jal when Allah is with people, what does it mean?

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When Allah subhana wa Taala says, I'm with you. So it means two things. It doesn't mean please no one should understand that from that that applies everywhere. Oh, I was with me. So that was with you that follows with him. Should not it should not be understood that Allah is everywhere. No, that's not true. No one's ever said Allah is everywhere except for some very deviant Japanese and now unfortunately, this belief of the jammy has become very common that allies everywhere, no allies everywhere with his knowledge, not with his presence and with his essence. That is not the case. So what does this mean in the name of Akuma? It means two things. Number one, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is with everyone by knowledge, right? So Lai, akuna, Minaj masala satin illawarra. Viola from satin in La Casa de sala de de la Ilaha. Ma home in American Samoa boo boo boo, Amina yamapi. Emma, what does Allah say? Allah says, There is no group of three exceptions of fourth there is no group of five except he's a sixth and there is no group that is higher number or lower number except that he is with them. And then on the Day of Judgment, you will tell them what they used to do. So here this verse tells us about the knowledge of Allah, that Allah azza wa jal is present with everyone by knowledge, as far as his special friends that they are the MBR the Olia, the sub they attain this,

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they attain the Shahada, the Sala hain with these people, Allah is with them with more than just knowledge lies with them with his help with his mercy with his forgiveness with his love with every form of aid that they need. So this is what is meant by in Nanaimo Akuma Verily, I'm with you both meaning on with you both with my help and my support, not just my knowledge, but beyond that I'm with you both. With my help and support. Now the Arabs of the desert used to say ma with to mean that they are not physically with but somehow their presence is spelt.

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An example of that is the Arabs the desert, used to say couldn't have fitori goodness Nasir of Italy. Well, amaru mana we used we were traveling on the road. Once the moon was with us. What does that mean? It means that it was with us with its light, not that was actually physically with us at all right? Call in Nanaimo Akuma Smar Verily, I'm with you both are here and I see fluxea who so come to him for Pula. So say to him in Rasulullah, Rebecca for Selma, Anna Bani Israel. We are the messenger from your Lord. So send Marina with us Bani Israel, the children of Israel, one or two as the home and do not punish them for the cabbie Aya tomorrow.

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We've come to you with science from your Lord was Salam ala Manitoba at the peace be upon those who follow the guidance.

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So, straightaway they made their case, we are the messengers of your Lord believe in Allah and send the battle Israel with us Do not punish them. For indeed you have you have done excesses upon them, you've hurt them a lot was salam, O Allah manita bajada peace be upon those who follow the guidance in kado Hey, Elena, it has been revealed to us another element debabrata voila, verily, the the punishment will be upon the one who lies with the will and turns away from my remembrance, because that is exactly what he was doing. He was lying to himself, because he knew in himself that he is not God. And then the one law and then he turns away from the guidance of arrogance, and that is

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exactly what Firaon was doing. Call a former rabuka Maja Moosa. So he said, Yeah, Musa, who is your Lord? Color of buena la de la in la buena, is the one who gave everything to us, Hulu, and he gave every single thing. Its creation, meaning he created everything that he guided. And this is the main purpose of Allah subhanho wa Taala. He creates the new guides. And that is why we cannot simply say as a philosopher say he creates and then he doesn't guide No, no, that's not true. And the philosopher said he might have created but then he left the creation and doesn't interfere that's wrong. And also to think that he guides but then he didn't create it's nonsensical, why would he

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guide if he was not creating and how could he guide creation if he did not create them? So definitely, he created and then he got he guided the color from kurunegala. So what about the people of the past? The generations of the past? What about them, call al Maha and the Arab bees he said the knowledge of this is with my Lord vikita in a book which is local mouthful. Everything is written what is the affair what happened to them your forefathers? All of this has been written in a book like the Laura babe Alliance, my Lord does not make a mistake nor does he forget. He does not make a mistake nor does he forget, as against Moosa as against around who does make mistakes and

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does forget, I'll let the janela pomellato Madden, the one who has made this earth a Mad, Mad meaning a place of of work and a place which is like a rush, a place for you to move about and also to grow your crops on what Salah Kala confy has sabula and he has put there in Seville, which is paths so that you can you can go on them. What Ansel Amina sama EMA and any reveal from the heavens water for Rajavi and through that water he has brought out as a gem in Nevada chapter he has brought out as much meaning different types of species from the Nevada from the Nevada which is a plantations shut different types of plantations. So Allah subhanho wa Taala brought this out and why

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is musanze Islam giving this example a number of reasons number one, is to tell him about how Allah created you that just like he brought you out from this earth and you created from the clay in the same way just to give you an example Allah brings up crops. Number two is to give him remembrance of the resurrection in the same way as his buried Earth gives rise to crops. In the same on the Day of Judgment, Allah will give rise to the to the bodies and blow the soul back into them because of the same manner.

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For Raja NaVi as I'm in the battery chapter, so we brought out from it from all types of plantations, different things who were out to eat, and grow your and rear your cattle in the feeder Haleakala. I actually only know how verily these are science for those who ponder those who ponder the Day of Judgment those are ponder how they came about those ponder about the ability of Allah subhanho wa Taala those who ponder about the perfect piece of of this whole system, how it works, all of this, these are Signs for those who really ponder the very fact that Allah brings brings out things from water are signs incident they also even a bus of yellowtail Andrew said that on the Day

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of Judgment, when the planes of the Day of Judgment are created, then Allah will cause the human beings to come out of their graves after water after a little bit of rain that falls on the plains of resurrection. So once the waterfalls the pains the resurrection, then people will come out of their of their graves. And and inshallah in the same way as Allah causes seedlings to grow after a little bit of water the same way Allah will cause human beings to come out of the graves through the same way. Hulu or our and Amoco eat and look after your your capital in the valley color it

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will stop here in Charlotte Allah wa T for today and I think it's a nice place to stop inshallah.

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And we have another three days to go and we will finish our Surah Taha inshallah and we will take a large chunk tomorrow and then tomorrow and then the day after and then the day after inshallah, until we finish our Surah Taha Zakouma hair. Thank you once again, it might actually by the way go to four days just in case because I've got some a lot a lot of see coming up especially when it comes to samedi and others in Charlotte so you might push it to four, four sessions in Charlotte Allah. With that being the law I asked her lazada to bless us from what we studied today. To make it an Amazon has an add to to bless us with it and to keep our emails strong and shallow until

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tomorrow. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.