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Episode 15 – Surah Al-Munafiqun – Nouman Ali Khan

June 19, 2016

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shaytani r rajim Bismillah Ar Rahman Al Rahim either

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Academy una una casa Luna shadow in Nicola Rasulullah a la jolla in Keller rasuluh a law in 15 Allah the boon

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uncle MD, while Dr. Tammy lasagna co leaf and hungry Lau salatu salam ala alihi wa sahbihi edge mindful mama dad once again everyone said Mr. Lincoln want to label Ricardo, let's try and get to know your own. This is the 63rd surah of the Quran. It's a very short surah once again, it's only 11 ayat, and these 11 yards are a comprehensive review and overview of what hypocrisy is all about. It is a scary thing, but I mean, I love what I feel. I mean, no one feels secure from hypocrisy except a hypocrite. And no one is afraid of hypocrisy except a sincere believer May Allah make us all sincere and keep us vigilant about this sneaky disease that can enter into our system from anywhere.

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Now that describes the scathing criticism of the hypocrites in this in these ayat, and it begins with those who try to impress the Prophet social and impose upon him how sincerely and genuinely they believe, look, this faith is something that's in the heart. You don't have to proclaim it and declare it and talk to people about how strongly you believe that's actually an in and of itself, an indication of a guilty conscience. So good afternoon, Kaduna shadow in Nakamura, Sula, La Jolla, Alamo and Nicolas Whoo hoo. It's so amazing. When the when the come to you when the hypocrites come to you they say we testify that you are certainly the Messenger of Allah, we testify that you are

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the Messenger of Allah. And Allah says, And Allah knows that you're his messenger. Well, lo, yada, we were lacking. we're lacking the law, how long we had in common Africa, in Africa. And by the way, Allah testifies that hypocrites are lying. They're liars. But wait a second, what did the hypocrites say? They said, We testified that you are alleged messenger. Isn't that the truth? That's a true statement. How can they be lying if they're saying something that's actually true? It's that's why the word national is important. It's not the fact that the Prophet is the Messenger of Allah is, is what's not a lie, is the fact that they're testifying their testimony is a lie. Allah says that that

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testimony is fake. It is not a representation of what you have in your hearts is a man whom Jonathan they've taken their oath as a shield, and they block it the facade to Ansible. And they use this oath as a shield. In other words, now Muslims can say anything to them because their fellow Muslims, and under that guise, they do whatever you want, they wreak whatever havoc they can they create whatever chaos they can, cause they're not the enemies of Islam, there are Muslims themselves for subtle answer, vilella they obstruct from the path of Allah, you know, this phrase, they obstruct themselves and obstruct others from the path of Allah. This is the phraseology used in the Quran for

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disbelievers. And now Allah uses it for hypocrites, uses it for people that are Muslim, and use their Islam as a means by which they can destroy Islam from within it hurt the community from within, you know, hurt fellow believers from within facade to answer with Allah, what a horrible decision they've made. What a horrible kind of behavior in the home site and Academy on the moon. And this den Allah describes how do they get there really scary. I Veronica amanu sama microphone for to be added. That's because they originally had faith, but it deteriorated into disbelief. It's not like they were bad all along. They did have faith at some point. But it deteriorated. They

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didn't preserve this thing that they're supposed to preserve. What we're learning in the Quran is that there are people who are going to think they still have faith on the outside because everybody says walakum wa salam when they say salaam aleikum, they look like Muslims. They act like Muslims, but to Allah, their hearts have already disbelieved. They've already walked away from this faith, they've let it deteriorate. And that's not something anybody can decipher from the outside is only on the inside. And they don't even realize they don't even have an understanding of what they've done. And so because they look like they're out on the outwardly they look like they have numbers

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the profit is being told. Now. This is the second passage and the first passage and overview. These people are not on the inside what they are on the outside as far as allies concern, he will raise them as disbelievers on Judgment they may not make us from them. By the way, hypocrites are described with more intense punishment in the Koran than disbelievers. If it does kill us fairly men are not in the lowest pit of the Hellfire and the lowest pit of hell.

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Not Not even a mistake the cafe. They're not we're not talking about them. They're gonna be in the lowest pit, but the hypocrites in normal life up with Douglas

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Miller protect us from hypocrisy. The second passage is the Prophet instructions to the Prophet when you see them, someone loves them when you see them come into

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Islam, Georgie boogaard sama home their physical presence impresses you. At least we have more numbers now it's not like Macau where we had onesie twosie believers. Now Medina we have a lot more people. Allah says, You see, just see on the outside that there's a lot more people and you just get impressed. You shouldn't be. We are cullotta Smart nikoli him and when they try to come and get your attention, and they speak to you, you actually listen to them because you are genuinely like giving the benefit of the doubt the prophets lysozyme doesn't do that. And this is not by the way, not a criticism. This is actually a compliment to the prophets I send them he doesn't hold suspicion

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against people. Even when hypocrites come only a lucky No, they have hypocrisy in their hearts. When they come and speak to you, you actually give them an ear.

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almost as though they are and Allah describes. They're like leaning planks of wood. Like it looks like it's a pretty solid plank, but it can't stand on its own. It has to lean on something. And that's the image of a hypocrite leaning on their credibility. By coming and talking to the Prophet. I'll tell you something about that. What they're really good at is PR. So they don't come and talk to the prophets. I send them because they're interested in learning from the prophets, I send them they come and talk to the prophets, I send them so that other people see that man, that guy was talking to the Prophet, he must be really close with him. And that's how he becomes legitimate. And

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that's how they lean on the credibility of the Prophet by just coming and talking to him. You know, this is how la exposes these hypocrites in the surah soprano let me let again not make us from them. And then when finally the Prophet is being told, you need to you need to not you need to understand they're one way with you and really one a different way when they're not with you. When they're away from you and they're told seek forgiveness yes then you should know your stuff welcome Rasulullah Come on the messenger himself will pray for you will ask for your forgiveness that you've messed up. They turn their heads What are at home so don't almost like be known. You're gonna see them you

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know, just

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obstructing like, their pride is getting in the way from coming to the prophet and acknowledging something that they've messed up. And so the Prophet is told is that Oh, salaam even if they did come you asking for forgiveness or never asking wouldn't make a difference? That's the next time

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istockphoto and learn the stuff in la linea feel alone their pride is their death even the prophets prayers for them. You know you go to like an elder you go to your mom and say mom make draw for me. You know you could you go to a scholar, any shift, please make God for me. Even to a traveler, please make doll for me. You go to the sick and ask them make doll for me. Somebody imagined asking the Prophet make doll for me. Can you imagine the glory of the Prophet sighs I'm making to offer you and Allah says for these people, even if you profit if you prayed for them, and they asked for the forgiveness or never asked a loved one, forgive them. That is an offense they've

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done that even Allah will not forgive and the offense they have done is shown arrogance to the province. That is actually one of the core aspects of their hypocrisy. And this is the second passage right in the first passage and overview what hypocrites are. The second was how they are too faced with the Prophet himself. The third part of it is how they are condescending, and talk down to Muslims. They think less of other Muslims. This is one of their salient features. They put down judge and condescend other Muslims. So unless as you know we live in a kulula koala and also Illa telephoto, don't spend on those who are in the company of Allah's Messenger, these poor companions.

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Why should we treat them like equal? These people came from Makkah, these are Medina and hypocrites, some of them. These people came from Makkah, they're illegal immigrants. We have to sponsor them, put them in our homes, feed them, why do we have to keep them? Let's stop spending on them. So they disappear. Man, there's just a pollution in our community. So when Muslims start looking at other Muslims based on immigration, race, economic status, you know, social status, when Muslims going to a fancy restaurant in Pakistan or Egypt or, you know, Algeria, and they're going to a nice restaurant, and they see a poor family sitting at the next table and they get a little What are

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these people doing here? Then you are suffering from the same hypocrisy that's being described in this era. That's the crazy thing, looking down on another Muslim, saying, Man, I wish they weren't here. I wish they weren't polluting our neighborhood, polluting our city had they unfavourable. And then they say they think of themselves as dignified and the others as humiliated local agenda as when we go back to Medina, we're going to separate the most dignified from the most humiliated. And Allah says, well, Eliza, only Rosalie. wilhelmine, Allah alone owns dignity and glory. hilos owns respect, and His Messenger does and the true believers do but the hypocrites when our kingdom when

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African lie on the moon they have they have no knowledge of this. Now this is so this was the third passage again, if you understand this beautiful overview in the first passage, overall, they're inside and outside is not the same. The second they're two faced before the Prophet they try to impress him. They try to impress him with their declarations of Islam, but behind their back behind his back, they're actually scathing towards him. The third they're condescending towards Muslims. And they have a low like

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Law opinion of everyone other than themselves, they're very obsessed and diseased with a class society kind of mindset. And then the final passage in this final passage, Allah basically tells the Muslim Ummah you know, yeah you're Latina, Amano, Toluca, mahalo como la la, la, don't let your monies and your children distract you from remembering Allah, Allah gives us the number one remedy to keep us from falling into hypocrisy. Our family lives are our monies. And we just worry about, you know, taking care of their worldly needs, and forget about the fact that we have to stand before Allah, and we have a higher calling. And there's something more and by the way, when the law says,

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oh, logical, it doesn't just mean taking, taking your kids to the park, like don't take them and don't play with them. And no one will center interpret this, you know what this means for them, they thought their pride came from their lineage, their descendants, my son is going to take over my my empire and this and that when they saw their numbers as uniform, I am more in number. You know, when the pride in our children like nowadays, a contemporary example of that is things like oh, my son's a doctor, you know, my, my daughter's this or that or the other? Or she's doing a PhD here. And what's your kid doing again? Oh, okay, their community college, I see. You know, that kind of thing.

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This is taking away anything that reinforces the previous vices that were just mentioned, using money and children as a status symbol. taking it away, taking you away from the remembrance of Allah remembrance of Allah is not just a soffit Allah Subhana Allah Masha Allah hamdulillah Hold on, hold on, hold on. the remembrance of Allah means you remember the greatness of Allah and as a result you remember the humility of yourself. The more you remember Allah as Master, the more you remember yourself a slave, the more it humbles you. If the remembrance of the vicar of Allah does not affect in any way, shape, or form, the arrogance in your attitude and the way you carry yourself because of

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your money and your family status, then you're not remembering Allah. For woman you find vaniqa for like Omaha saloon, whoever would do that they're the ultimate losers, well, unfaithful. And then Allah says and just spend, spend, give, be charitable This is This world is not about hoarding. don't collect stuff. Just keep giving things away that you don't need. Just give, give, give, give, give, because the time will come, you'll wish you gave. It will come because you're not going to be able to take it with you. Why don't you call me Mrs. communicably and yada, yada common mode, then you'll say well below a certain Master, why don't you just give me some more time for sadaqa

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akumina. Sorry, I'll give charity and I'll be from those that are that are that are good people. Just give me a little bit more time and unless you ask it alone, upset, Allah is not going to delay anybody. That's now In this overview. Notice in this last passage, Allah didn't say don't be hypocrites. The whole thing is about hypocrisy. But the conclusion is don't let money in children distract you be charitable, and be charitable soon, because time is coming when you'll run out Why? Because infarct spending is actually the ultimate anecdote to nifa from the same origin hypocrisy, in fact, will kill nifa spending will kill hypocrisy, because when you spend, you are building your

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assets in the next life. And when you're hoarding in this world, you're thinking somehow this is making you something more than what you are. And that's actually the essence of hypocrisy. milazzo Jamaica's charitable people and those that are able to spend when the time is to spend and spending isn't just about money spending for you young people is their energy for talented people is their talent. You know, for smart people, that's the best of their minds. How are we going to spend these things to make a lot happy? The things that Allah has given given us. That's what he says so beautifully and sort of honey will unfold in Morocco. mustafina Fie, spend out of what he made you

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capable over what he left in your hands. He left some things with you. He endowed you with certain capabilities. He wants you to see those being spent for him so hard Allah, may Allah make us of those and May Allah protect us all from hypocrisy. barakallahu li walakum wa salaamu Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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