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All right.

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It says here Just now you said that those patients have in chronic diabetes are categorized under temporary group No I didn't say that chronic diabetes that is very long standing

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chronic type two diabetes that is long standing or type one diabetes. Right Type One Diabetes needs insulin all the time. Twice a day is the insulin regimen that you that you take and chronic diabetes which is long standing diabetes, type two diabetes, that it is important that they do not fast this is not a temporary excuse anymore.

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These people have a permanent excuse to not not fast and so they can pay they by paying remember it's not pay is you actually have to feed when you're paying you're actually making someone an agent on your behalf to

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ensure that someone is fed for every single day. Okay. So make sure this is the case. One important point I want to I don't want to raise is that it's important to feed a person in your own country if possible. If not, if not, then another country but to the same amount of money. So if to feed a person in in bring it over here cost what 20 ringgit, is that a good meal? Guys? Good minestrone. raigad. Okay, very good. Is it? You know, what do you mean by very good? Is it a mammoth place? Or is it a

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high end mammoth place? Why not? So if it's 20 region of 50 ringgit, then if you send it to Africa, it might feed for example, three people no problem. But what is obligatory on you is the full 15 or 20. That is required to feed one full meal to a person in Malaysia.

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Is it permissible or sooner to break fast during traveling? It is, the son of the Prophet says that he would sometimes faster sometimes you break is fast, but it was a certain of the province of some to always break as far as if it was very difficult.

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And also the Hadith of the Prophet Sam, he said, lay seminal bury, a psalm of a suffer it is not from righteousness to fast during traveling. So therefore, you should break your fast if you have any difficulty but if you choose not to that that is also permissible, because the prophecies are also used to fast sometimes during traveling as well. Why blood donation can break our fast This is because the professor solemn has said an authentic hadith after Alhaji Will my job. The one who does the Java and the one was the Java done to him has is fast broken, but remember this is in in one of the mothers have been a mother, I consider this to be strong, have a strong opinion. Allah subhanho

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wa Taala knows best. The reason why medically speaking, it breaks your fastest because it can cause dehydration in your body. And additional dehydration, which is not brought on by your fasting. And in some people, it can increase the heart rate because of the loss of the blood. It can cause your cardiac output to try to be constant. And in that way the that can be due to your heart rate increasing should also not cause you difficulty. This is a mercy from the Sharia. But my advice is if you want to donate blood, do it at night.

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Remember, this is donating blood which is at least at least 500 meals when they donate blood to take 500 meals out of you. But test you with only solid 10 meals 20 meals no big deal. So testing blood is no problem.

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Salama sister she is pregnant for five months, should she be encouraged to try to fast first if she cannot stand in thought? What can she do? A person who is pregnant is permissible for too fast. And I would say she's in the same ruling as a traveler. She can fast if she wishes. It's not going to harm her baby. It is not going to harm your baby. Okay. Trust me.

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You know the non Muslim doctors they might tell you something else.

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They might just say out of caution, cautionary practice they might say break your fast. But medically speaking, if you're pregnant, you can still fast irrespective of which trimester you are in. But if you're feeling thirsty, then please break your fast because Islam has given you an excuse. But remember you should make up for it later.

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When should we go to prayer and should you when go to prayer and you touch your wife does she break your will do

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when you go to prayer you touch your wife doesn't break your toe now it doesn't. In the shaft remaster it does break your toe. But the stronger opinion is that even in the shaft a mother doesn't break you will do because the Hazara sorella says that he touched his wife. He kissed his wife and he went and he prayed whilst he still had to do I didn't remake his widow had this authentic Buhari, Alma Muslim in other places and unknown. Allah says inshallah Muslim had internationally known about this Hadith, about about it being authentic.

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Indeed he would have said as I say, which is that it doesn't break you will do

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so the stronger opinion is doesn't break you will do.

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Salam aleikum

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Anna Maria Maria soccer wa Marie Sana

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or assume Monza Osher center spectabilis soccer parameter data center.

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We're gonna see a child to cry earlier by his brother is saying that he has diabetes. And he is 24 years old. And he's been fasting for the last 12 years.

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And now I've made haram upon him too fast.

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Sorry. So I'd assume on the National Center was by

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the soccer

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was up to the soccer.

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she's important, my friends, I didn't make it harder upon you too fast. If you're diabetic regimen is 12 hourly.

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If you're, if you're diabetes, if your incident regimen is 12 hourly,

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that that's okay. Because the day as I said in Malaysia, when does the budget start?

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About five or six? When does it finish? Run?

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Six 736 12 hour leads okay. But my problem is, in many places, such as, for example, UK, where a day can be 16 hours 21 hours Well, in Holland, that's dangerous. Iowa. dangerous. So if you go to those places, be careful. Be careful. Be careful for your health. I think for your health, you go into diabetic ketoacidosis Gk a very bad for you very bad for your brain. Very bad for your heart. Very bad for your liver. Very bad for kidneys very bad for you. Please listen to me. Okay, but make sure your diabetic regimen your insulin regimen is 12 hourly. If it's 12 hour Lee Murphy Masekela.

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Murphy Masekela Go ahead. But if you're going to a place where it's going to be more than 12 hours a diabetic regimen, insulin regimens, 12, hourly, please, for last say for your safety factor, I am saying fear Allah and take care of your body because your body has a hack upon you. Don't go into diabetic ketoacidosis and I'm the guy responsible for fixing you up when you do.

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I'm telling you, I see patients and I treat them all the time. It's not nice. It's not nice. They're struggling with life and death. They struggle with life and death indeed, diabetic ketoacidosis Okay.

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What is diabetic ketoacidosis? For those people who want to know, those people who have severe diabetes, if they don't have enough food, then the body starts burning proteins, their muscle, that's why people with type one diabetes a thing because the proteins have been broken down.

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And that can cause a lot of acidosis in your body, it can cause you to pee a lot, and that can be very dangerous. Okay, so Miko, is it permissible to take some medication to prevent the lady from menstruating in the month of Ramadan, so that she can complete her fast answer is yes, inshallah it is permissible oral contraceptive pills, some of them such as progesterone pills, it is permissible to do so.

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It is permissible to take them also levelled against row pills. Those sort of pills also permissible also dual contraceptive pills. But sometimes these pills might actually bring on menstruation so if you don't take them before if you suddenly start taking Ramadan Be careful because it's that might cause you to have more bleeding than not. So it's very irregular. So be very careful about this about starting in only for Ramadan. Yeah, be careful about starting just for Ramadan because it can cause reflex reflex bleeding. Okay. So my question is regarding the decision of an Islamic or Muslim government sets a certain day for the beginning Ramadan.

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There are some days there are some countries that set it by the calendar year before Ramadan and yet you regardless siding on the moon. Should we still fast so the sixth day? The answer is yes. You should do not go against the Gema

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the mistake is for the moon Select Committee to correct as far as you're concerned. You're obliged to be with the Jamaat do not break the jamara in this matter,

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do you understand what I'm saying? Because at the time I know two people came one of them said I mean many I saw the I saw the moon already.

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So we should be doing it today. We should be doing it today I saw the moon

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and the other one also says also saw

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About two witnesses came but I mean what many didn't see the moon so he had told them too fast the 30th

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so I'll be available mininova asked him are you guys fasting or fasting? He said no we following you so we are fasting even though he saw the moon. He said God if you didn't, I would have broken your head.

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Amar has a way of speaking Mashallah.

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Okay Yamaha algebra. So many COVID Amata Sumo matricom Yamato spirou fast so the people do not break the Gema

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and the mistake is upon the moon sorry committee to correct and report the government to correct not upon you all you listen and obey in this matter inshallah.

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can pregnant women be exempted from fasting? Yes they can be they have temporary excuse they can be exempted. But remember just because you're pregnant do not say okay not too fast anymore because it could be a desire just remember it's permissible and also permissible for you to fast as well. The reason why I say this is because I become afraid of sisters who get pregnant every year it piles up upon them and then they'll just become weak and say I don't have to fast anymore I can just feed somebody that's not right.

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Okay, what is the Center for the hurt what is the center pray for her

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What is suited for her pray how many records before after four records after two after four records before and two records after after? After the How to be paid in tools and tools to be paid in tools and tools.

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Okay, so Miko nowadays, traveling becomes easier what is

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something to

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something during her something

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is equal to something or something? I don't know. Please What is

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this one out? What is it calf is obligatory for men and women. It is not obligatory.

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Indeed it is a sudden alpha profits are set up to do it calf at COVID seclusion in the masjid. According to the former's abs, it must be in a Masjid where the Juma happens where the Juma happens. So in this Masjid ethica is valid

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as for the Hadees that says La ethika illa Allah to the masjid. There is no ethic of except for three mustards meaning, the Haram and the Mashallah Rasulullah sallallahu, the Masuda AXA there we understand this hadith to me.

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What do we understand it to me, there is no complete efficacy meaning full ethic of meaning fully rewarded ethically. So therefore, the health of Italia Chica for every Masjid, because Allah says one to fulfil, massage it and using a teacup in the massage in the mustards. So therefore, it's permissible for you to do it cough in the masjid. So, how did you get the caf on the night of the of the 20th Ramadan

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from from from the time of from a star

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Muslim as

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you intend, you go into the machine with the intention of staying in the machine.

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And you stay there for the next 10 days not going out except for bathroom or for food that is necessary. And if you can get someone to bring food to you, you must not visit the sick, you must not go out even to bury somebody.

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So staying in the machine is not obligatory.

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nor should you go out except if it is obligatory for you to go out why is it legal for you to go out?

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Like for example parents are calling you.

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So here it's obligatory for you to go out.

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But you can go into anti cough with an intent with a sharp as well. Like Oh Allah will go to a tea coffee machine except if my family is in need. And in that case, I will break my car for an hour or two to tend to my family needs and then come back.

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This is only once a once or twice but if you're doing it every day, every day going up for two hours. This is not permissible. What should you do an ethic of

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spend your time remembering Allah reading Islamic books for an hour and Salah.

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spend less time talking more time remembering Allah azza wa jal

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if it's not Juma at the masjid No, you cannot make a ticket for that Masjid. Why? Why?

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Because you'll have to go to a TED Juma somewhere else.

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And that breaks your tea cup.

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That is why at the coffee machine didn't finish

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it the coffee machine in which there is tomorrow it makes sense at coffees for both for men and women. As long as women are able to cover themselves. It is not permissible for women to do a teacup in her home in a part of her home that she says this is my machine. I'll do the coffee. No, no, no, no, not happening.

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It's got to be a must, must yet but stay away from places where women cannot come

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for themselves properly

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applying lotions and hair oil does it break the fast? No it doesn't. lotions that are not absorbed in your skin do not break your fast.

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certain medications however they're absorbed in your body can break your fast Like what? Like duragesic duragesic patches which are put a patch that is put on your body in order to be absorbed, breaks your fast

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it breaks your fast.

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Okay, what is duragesic? It's fentanyl patches which is strong morphine, heroin patches, which is put on the body of people who have

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bad, bad pain in their body chronic pain. These sort of medications can break your fast so be very wary.

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If you need to use it, use it.

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Otherwise, tell your doctor I want a pain regimen that I can take every 12 hours instead of continuously.

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Speak to your doctor, go to Muslim doctor and tell him to give you a medication regimen that is 12 hours a day can be done before and after. So instead of the other way around.

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Next question says if one wants to fast one day per week, which is the best day to fast Mondays, and Thursdays Why? Because your deed goes up to Allah subhanho wa Taala on Mondays and Thursdays. How many days should we fast in the month of Shabbat?

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Is it unlimited? Yes. Unlimited fast all of Shabbat.

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The professor Scylla would fast all of Chabad

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salovaara yellow as I said, I did not see Rasulullah sallallahu Salah fasting every month, more than the month, others in the month of Ramadan except the month of Shabbat.

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Also another authentic hadith they said the profitsystem would fast so much of the month of Shabbat that there was simply no break in the middle all of Shabbat all of Ramadan.

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Next question says how many days should we fast in the month of is it okay for you to brush your teeth regularly? Because you're afraid your your breath might smell? If you're afraid your breath might smell this is a good smell. This is the pungent smell of the of the person who is fasting. This is a good smell.

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Okay, don't worry. Brush your teeth only once and then use a miswak don't keep on brushing your teeth because you feel it smells pungent. Yes, that's a beautiful smell. The professor seldom said that smell is more beloved to Allah than the smell of mask.

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That smell is more beloved to Lhasa don't remove that smell. Don't remove that beautiful smell.

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As for after you eat your nasty going and your biryanis please make sure you brush your teeth.

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Does the eyeliner for women use breakout fast qual according to the majority of the scholars break your fast if you taste it in the back of your throat

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so be very careful. If you taste the back of your throat it will break your fast eyeliner on the other hand, no lipstick No. You can use lipstick was your fasting. You can use eyeliner was your fasting.

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But if you're beautifying yourself be very wary that you don't show yourself to other non Muslim men.

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Okay, if you're going for an invite, if that invite are put lipstick on eyeliner on, squish, squish, squish perfume on. Be very careful that you don't become for them with

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those people who display yourselves to other men. Because you lose the Baraka if you're fasting and you lose the whole effect and the reasoning of fasting which is to take taqwa of Allah subhanho wa Taala last two questions Is it

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says can we combine the Nia for six days of fasting of Ramadan with other fasting answer is no you cannot.

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You cannot combine

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the days that are left from your month of Ramadan that you might break because of menstruation with the six days of show well Why not?

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Because the Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in authentic hadith in Bukhari, man sama Ramadan from Bara, who he used the word FUBAR thereafter. So whoever first Ramadan meaning completely

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thereafter artha who follows it up visit dementia one with six days of chawan. There it is as if He fasted the whole year. So the answer is no, you cannot combine the two. It is not permissible for you to do that. To do that at all. Must be different days.

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It's like saying, I'll pray to Raka sooner fudger and Matura for the future in the same to Raka does it work?

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No one does it except the insane person.

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Could you please elaborate on the use of perfume and the discrimination of it's used for men and women? Yes, because women are meant to be covered women

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I'm meant to be covered from the eyes and the ears and the nose of men.

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This is the nature of the test that Allah has put upon women in this world for you in the hereafter. No he jobs, sisters, no HR for women in that era, you will not have to wear the hijab or niqab in the hereafter for you.

00:20:21--> 00:20:34

In an authentic hadith in an authentic narration, I shadowed Yolanda saw women passing in front of her who were uncovered and lots of makeup on them. And she was was I she was covering up and wearing the

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hijab and niqab and covering us herself. So she looked at the women and she said, enjoy it in this world. It is for you in this world is for us in the hereafter.

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the same way the beard

00:20:52--> 00:20:57

for men. It is for us in this world man in the hereafter. Nobody had brothers in the hereafter.

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My fish.

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Okay, and the other thing is,

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remember, it's not just the hijab, which is the covering? It's the whole character of hijab.

00:21:10--> 00:21:17

He just means to conceal. What's the use of a sister who wears a scarf and goes to the disco? What's the use of that?

00:21:18--> 00:21:22

What's the use of a sister with a hijab? And then has a boyfriend in a hand? What's the use of that?

00:21:23--> 00:21:26

The job is a whole covering.

00:21:28--> 00:21:29

And Allah knows, miss.

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Okay, somebody's asking now we feel time is so fast one day is shorter than before. So how to arrange the time and the valuable, valuable Ramadan? I don't think the fact is that days shorter than before. Of course, it changes now and then the secret word is and I look at Dean again, it's time management is being efficient with your day, which means correct I mean, in this case, you have to have an exceptional schedule for Ramadan, which means that for yourself, really, you have to treat Ramadan on a professional way. Put it on paper, your daily schedule. If I'll give you an example, a fast schedule for if I look to the time is of Malaysia, for example, Kuala Lumpur, you

00:22:22--> 00:23:05

first of all, you if I take the day from negative time or from from the time if you go to sleep, go to sleep directly after therapy. So don't it's our use in Muslim countries to stay long, you know at night, and then sleep from before February even after February and eat sometimes in the middle of night. Don't do that as soon as soon as the prophet SAW Selim was as soon as he would pray thought Oh, we had night he would go to sleep. Then wake up when not 10 minutes before he had in order to eat something fast, fast and to run away again. No, wake up about an hour if I look into our sleep from 11 to 430 for example, wake up an hour before fetcher. What to do not to eat? No, I mean delay.

00:23:05--> 00:23:29

So hold until the last moment is it sooner right? No need for cooking and stuff. I mean like things so you have an hour before Fisher pray worship philosophy panatela read Quran etc. fetches about 538 10 minutes before ledger whatever is available light you know just to get your your day ready, then go pray, preferably and Jamal, pray together with others.

00:23:30--> 00:24:06

Say in a message besides for another 30 minutes and everything the vicar, then usually in some countries, they have time like here for an hour to sleep, right? To get ready for the day and then go to work or, or or or study whatever you have to do. And then after that, what is very important, we mentioned before that a lot of time goes into cooking and everything. If I would live in this country, I wouldn't even want to cook. Everything is available around you. Right? Every chief as well. So why would spend six hours in the kitchen and mothers and wives do that. You know, you can for example with your family and your loved ones, you say what you know every one day in Ramadan we

00:24:06--> 00:24:48

spent eating at one place. So only one house cooks for five, six people for example, you get more time, which means you have more time to Islam teaches us that the best the best and the more important is before fra Why? Because usually before so we never know what time is exactly. We do know the Ramadan, right. We look at our watches one minute 30 seconds, we still have 27 seconds ago, count to 10 987 16 Oh, that's weird. You shouldn't do that you should get in those last minutes before if thought you know, do the report etc. Then you take your time eat and again. I mean, the doctors he's sitting next to me as the bat that worst thing you can do is you know to have your meal

00:24:48--> 00:24:49

in 10 minutes.

00:24:51--> 00:25:00

Take your dates. I mean, we live both of us in Saudi Arabia and the way they eat there's incredible as like it's really a marathon for

00:25:00--> 00:25:35

Mona Mona I have to finish as much food as possible your stomach just can't handle that one. So you know as far as I said it would take dates and and and water for example or milk or or lemon and go pray first then take something light and then you know go for and don't you know for example just take this one photo is very important right pre shot together Gemma How can you pray? I mean I've seen I've been praying as a mom in different countries in Ramadan and I've been in countries where they force you to eat after mother brothers and sisters if I go as a mom right after eating other stuff to pray I pray like this

00:25:37--> 00:25:50

because I'm totally full I can't breathe you know that doesn't work. So this really time management put it not an exceptional schedule and be aware it's exceptional month and get the best out of it. Another question is and

00:25:51--> 00:26:28

I'm not supposed to find it funny but I still find this question somebody is asking is Stefan literally imprisoned during Ramadan? I didn't check him actually. Well, what I've known Allah and I'm I always say that he's on he's shaitana. Ramadan isn't part time, you know, usually has a full time job. Ramadan, he goes part time, which means when we say he's changed, he's there. He promised Allah subhanaw taala he will be there every second of the day. But what means what we learn from our scholars, they say explain the Hadith and shift and correct me if I'm mistaken, that he sort of goes on leave you know, he's around you. But he does not have the ability and the strength to be as

00:26:28--> 00:26:36

strong as outside you so you can beat them easily You know, that's what what actually happens during Ramadan, Allah Harlem

00:26:37--> 00:26:49

and that is to prove to us Allah subhanaw taala creates all the possibilities for us in order to be to make it easier for us to be a better believer during that month. Last question

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is about I think more for maybe for a feasible use for Muslim sisters, if our height happens to come during the last 10 days of Ramadan, were a little further might be in one of the night, what would be the best day that we can do

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besides a little further First of all, and I'll give the floor to shift for this one. I just want to say look, men and women are equal to each other right as we believe

00:27:17--> 00:27:46

from Islamic perspective but then they're not the same because then I created the same right means that if they're created like that, that doesn't mean that they get less rewarded because physically that can't be at that level of colossal pinata Allah knows how to give you that alternative reward right? So don't be sorry for that. That's the last time we created you and don't feel that he has been treating you unjust because Allah does not treat unjust and it could be all kinds of ways you can listen to and

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you can even some scholars say you can you can if not enter in the mosque around the mosque for example feed people right you can have a lot of ways to complete your a battle besides and outside the most eventually and still you can you can have ways to have shallow you're a bad and you worship even if you are in that state will have a harder

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time I mean now chef just answered

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that question for for that sister who might have menstruation and that night is number one is your intention. Because remember, if you're intended to do all the things that you would have normally done, then you will be rewarded because it is only the other fella that has prevented you from it. And we know that in the authentic hadith the Prophet system said that if you intended intended to die as a Shaheed but you end up having your death on the deathbed that you your reward is a Shaheed will still be still be there inshallah. So ultimately, the most important thing is your intention to have done a lot of good deeds, had you not had this number to some scholars recommend

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that that you

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do as much as possible. So according to the format EPS for example, according to them, it's not permissible to read the Quran whilst you're menstruating. But the stronger opinion is that this is ps malfatti is that this issue of not reciting Quran once you're menstruating isn't is a weaker opinion. Because the opinion of not reciting Quran whilst you're menstruating is based upon the Hadith or Rasulullah Salim where Ali rhodiola who said that the Prophet says Salaam nothing is to prevent him from from fast from reading Quran except Geneva. So the scholars of the format have said that when a woman is menstruating, she is like in Geneva. So this is the same as this the same

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thing. According to them, it's like like Genova. But this is PS metaphoric. metaphoric means that this is a weak, weak, weak analogy. Why is it a weak analogy? It's a weak analogy, because menstruation is something that is not with by choice, whereas other sexual impurity is

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by choice number two, menstruation. You can't come out of it when you want. It's one of our loved ones. What agenda you can come out of it. Just take a quick shower right? So ultimately and then number three menstruation lasts for so long

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days days days when Jennifer doesn't last for that long only lasts until the next Salah because you have to pray right. So make sure you have a you know, porcelain pray the next Salah. So ultimately therefore this PS is weak. So we say therefore it is permissible to recite the Quran whilst you're still menstruating, right? But don't touch the Quran. Don't touch the Quran. How would you recite? Well these days these are the days iPads and iPods. These are the days of computers you can read the poem from the screen. You can also you know electronic commands are very nice. Also you can put the tape on and recite with the person that's reciting so many different ways you can recite from

00:30:53--> 00:31:25

memory. So continue on doing that recite the Quran as much as possible. Have good thoughts about loves origin, ask Allah for forgiveness of that month. Allahumma inaka for one Karima to Herbalife of our family, this is the art of leather color that Allah subhana wa tada when I should said rasulillah if I knew which day was led to Qatar, what would I say? What should I say? Allahumma inaka? Who would karimun Oh Allah, you are the most, the one who loves to forgive the one who was most honorable

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to humble after you love to forgive, so please forgive me.