The Miraculous Beauty of the Sky and Earth Unveiled

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We are just simple come in comparison to

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the sky Volca home gave up and look at the formation of how Allah has built this guy was a Jana ha.

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The minute you're not able to see the beauty of this earth, Allah has facilitated for you a beauty of the night.

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Allah is like we've beautified the sky for you. And when that beauty dissipates, you get to see the beauty of the earth. That is which Allah is going to talk about the next verse, while my Allah has been for Raj. And when you go and see the sky, do you see any gaps in it? In other words, you know the officer and they say, well, Marla Herman photo, you don't see any gouges and he gaps.

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There's no gaps and gouges in the sky, it's fashioned perfectly.

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Then Allah says, well, our mama didn't.

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And then let's come to the earth. If that is too far for you, all you need to do Oh Kaffir, who denies the resurrection Allah azza wa jal or Varma doesn't look at the Earth and how we have made it flat for you.

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Ever wondered why you stand on the earth that is absolutely round, but as far as your eye can see it's flat.

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If you ever go to boorish Khalifa in Dubai,

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and you go to that balcony where you can see, I think it's like 110, or 115 floor or something I don't remember for God,

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Hunter 116 or something like that, when you get there.

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You can actually see the curvature of the earth.

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So when you stand on that balcony, that's where you actually understand this idea that the further up you go, you actually see the curvature. But the minute you come down to the earth miraculously you don't feel that curvature at all. And here's the interesting part, you can walk the entirety of this earth

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and you won't find you won't feel the curve my data now. For you and me the experience of walking on this round earth is flat.

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Try making something that has a completely flat surface into around.

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Humans are incapable of doing that. Even if we bake a dome or a massage that our dome you can walk on the surface you will feel the curvature