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smilla rahmanir rahim

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Alhamdulillah Europe Villa alameen

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wa Salatu was salam wa ala MV mursaleen Sayidina Muhammad wa ala he was lucky to be here marine

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you had leadin Takuma haka, Ducati he wanna tamo tuna illa Anta Muslim moon

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suta Pura vida como la de la ku minasi wahida minha Xhosa, Baba Sabine, Houma LA LA and Kathy are on one is a what upon la la de de Luna v one in LA LA Cooperativa

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la Hakuna coenen Sadie the useless la Kumar Amala como para la cuckoo Baku, Mama Nutella. One minute.

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phones and ottima Am I bad for in Taiwan kita kita bahmani tala Walker on Hoda. hodja Mohammed In Sung La La wa salam o Sharon ohmori Masato

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wakulla Masha 13 b de la ku levy dat in Ghana, Hakuna Dora tiffin, my beloved sisters in Islam, I'm sure you would have

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realized that from the most amazing creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala pearls. And that surely the pearls were

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is an art surely even more expensive than diamonds. And from the great most of us realize that I had been involved in Diamond and Pearl trade for some time and I know and I've had a business on this and I know that

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that truly

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people nowadays they understand that diamonds are more expensive because of a marketing gimmick that has been done by DBAs in to try and make people think the diamonds are very precious whereas truly, throughout the ages, the most expensive, single most expensive

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gem that has ever been been prized by people more than anything else in the world has been pulled. And pearls have been the most expensive

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item of collection and item of jewelry throughout the ages. until we find that the Romans For example where where people were completely obsessed with pearls, we find that these two upholster that the cultures have their kings with it we find that these two beautified the Royal horses, with with with brocade of pearls, we find that that a Roman general by the name of vernalis vigilius is his name. He funded a whole campaign whole military campaign by selling one Pearl Earring of his mother in his panel applause had so much value is it was truly unbelievable. We also find that pearls were where we're used by ancient Egyptians as well as the Aztecs as well. even up to the even

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from the year 4200 BC. These people these generations were obsessed with poles and in the most famous banquet of the world as you know that the famous banquet and if I asked you what is the most expensive banquet that was ever thrown by anybody that this is a banquet between Cleopatra and Marc Anthony and Cleopatra, Cleopatra, who was the last of the pharaohs of Egypt. When Marc Anthony the Romans, led by Marc Anthony were conquering

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Egypt. Cleopatra, obviously, she wanted to be very political and try and preserve her status as the queen of Egypt. So she invited Marc Anthony to a banquet and told Mark Anthony that she can throw the most expensive banquet ever in the world that she can throw the biggest dinner at the most expensive dinner in the world. And so what did she do she actually when when Marc Anthony came, and he was looking around where's all the food that Cleopatra just sat in front of him in front of a table and and she had taken a poll that she had

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a call from an earring that she had had and she broke the pole and she dissolved it into the wine that she had actually shrunk it down and so Marc Anthony was truly amazed. And Cleopatra, she put the other earring and she took the poor law broken down and put it into the wine and offered to Mark Anthony at which at which case Mark Anthony agree that truly this was the most expensive banquet ever, because surely pearls at that time was so expensive, that even the stories reported that this particular poll which

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happened to happen to take down and drink was worth more than 9 million pounds was worth more than 9 million pounds one small poll was worth more than 9 million pounds. That's why it was the most expensive banquet ever thrown for anybody and will lie It is not just the fascination of the non Muslims or the different cultures with, with with paws but it is also the fascination of the Quran and Sunnah and also the fascination of the of the Arabs, with with with pearls until we find the Arabs in the poetry truly using the word Lulu numerous times. And we find that Allah subhanaw taala uses the word Lu, which is pearls in the Quran six times and he also mentions and uses the term Luke

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Luke to talk about many different things. He describes, he uses the word law to describe those servants that will come and serve as food in paradise as little children who are our servants in paradise. And also he uses the term to describe Hold on, who are the beautiful women created for the men who will enter Paradise. So one point to notice here, sisters in Islam, and that is that Firstly, Allah subhanho wa Taala has mentioned to us that the whole aim, are righteous women, and that Allah has created righteous women for the men of this world, or the righteous man of this world. And unless that has created them righteous, have made them cause you not thought of that the

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lower their gaze, the preserve themselves with their husbands, that they beautify themselves with their husbands that they sing to their husbands, etc, etc, meaning that electrocatalyst praising the whole name, because they are righteous women, and they are they preserve themselves in the most righteous form for their husbands. And also unless Allah has said that the whole aim are precious pearls, just to give you the importance, and just to show you the value of how valuable these hold later and just because just like clothes are precious, so to other horrible aid. And so what we can understand from joining all of this together is that surely Allah subhanaw taala wants the women of

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this earth to be like the whole lane unless rather than once the whole theme, the women of this of this earth, to be like the whole aim in the righteousness to their husbands in the righteousness with the lust partner in the righteousness in preserving themselves. So that they also become like these concealed purse as Allah says in the Quran. We're holding a llama Luna as Allah says the Quran and the whole lane and the the beautiful women are paradise they are like concealed pearls. And Allah truly has praised the whole and because they're righteous, so Allah, Allah once the women of this world to also be righteous like the whole eight, so that they are as valuable as the consumer.

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And surely if you realize it, surely there is nothing more righteous, there is nothing more precious in this dunya there is no provision which is more righteous and more precious than a righteous woman. That is why the solar system said there is nothing that is more more righteous, that is that is more valuable, as a provision that Allah Subhana Allah can give someone other than a righteous wife, other than a righteous wife and halal motto.

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As the sources have said, the best two provisions is a righteous woman will know hey, if you if you look at history, truly, the nations of the world have not given value to women, and have not fully realized how much of a concealed pull they are, how expensive and how precious they are. So we find the answer. Instead of being kind of gentle, and understanding of soft with these precious gems they are. The people of this world have been treacherous with them. We find, for example, in the year 586, after the after the birth of the of Christ, as his proposed 586 ad we find that there was a conference that was held in in, in France, a seminar, a conference where all the bishops, all the

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philosophers, etc, etc, were called in in France. And that conference was about discussing whether women had a soul or not, whether women have a soul and also, if they have a soul, then then is that a human soul or is an animal soul? Anyhow, after many years, many days of arguing this point out, they concluded in the conference that yes, women do have a soul. However, that soul is lesser than the soul of a man. This is the conclusion that these, these so called wise men came up to thinking that women have a soul less than that to the man. And also we find, for example, in the past scriptures of the other testaments, we find that that women are sometimes described as as helpless

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as the devil. We find we find, for example, that in certain cultures when a woman has a period, they stay away from them, they totally throw them away, and that the woman has to go through a special special ritual purification after which that they are considered to be a clean

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Come back to the original state panel, we also find for example, certain cultures where Sati is practiced, that is in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Where, where, where Sati, which is that a wife when her husband had died, she had to be burnt out this was practice we also find in these cultures, in the Indian sanskriti cultures, we find that women always had to be owned by a man. And so when the when the father had died, and the daughters were left, that truly the women had to be under the Guardian, or had to be the under the ownership of a male. And so therefore, if the husband or the father etc, had died, that the, the brother of the husband or the father of the husband will become

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the owner of the of the woman. And unfortunately, we find this as well in the Arabian jelly as well, that when the father would die, that the women of the Father, basically the wives of the Father, will become the sex slaves, or the concubines, of the, of the, of the children of the, of the sons of the Father that has died karma, look how women were used as a commodity.

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We also find that the Arabs used to kill their daughters, they used to forget how women are so precious, and they used to kill the daughters until one once an Arab kid Rasulullah salah

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and I came to the solar system and, and said, your soul, I want to accept Islam. However, I'm afraid Allah will not accept my Islam. And I'm afraid that less people will ever accept it, and said, Why, what have you done, and the man said that that will love me once I had a little daughter, my my wife gave birth to a little daughter. And when she was born, I wanted to bury her alive. However, I couldn't bear it. So I let her grow older. And she became old, and she became an adolescent. And she was a beautiful woman, she became she turned into a beautiful, fine woman. However, I still did not want her to be with me, and I still desired four sons. And I did not want daughter, so I still still

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plotted to kill her, even after she had become big. And so this this, this, this Arab, he mentioned, that he told, told the mother that will not here I'm going to take my daughter to another city where they are suitable suitors for her, they are suitable husbands, who might want to marry her. So on the way I was taking her, he passed by a well, and he wanted he tried to throw her down. And so

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the little girl cried out, saying, Oh, my father, don't kill me. And he tried three times, and at the at the daughters kept saying, Oh, my father, you are my father, don't kill me, please forgive me for whatever I have done. yet. He said that my anger took over. And my desire to not have women and my hatred for women took over, and I threw her down the world. And I kept on looking until her scream died down and she had died. And at that point, the companions all cried and cried, how can a man be so heartless that they, that they were that they actually killed a little a little girl, there were so much against women, that they wish they'd never hesitated to actually kill women as

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well. And also the year 18 105 after ad, we find that in the UK, it was permissible to sell your wife and the, the, the the laws at that time, and the great nobles at that time had set a fixed price for which you could actually sell your wife Padma. Imagine this, this is how women were treated in India helia. And this is how their precious gems were never truly valued. And you you will definitely understand and when I when I actually started off the talk and saying that the pearls are so precious, I'm sure you will agree that now pausa become cheap and they are very, very cheap until we have people now culturing poles. And so, the value of poles have definitely gone

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down. However, of course, the real pole which is that is that which that is the natural pole that is found in the earth, that then that type of pole is truly very, very precious. And that is truly very, very expensive even until now. And just like the pearl has gone down in value, so to the belief of the women or the or the the value of a righteous woman amongst amongst the Muslim in amongst the people have also gone down. And so we find that that the people therefore nowadays don't value righteous women, they don't run after righteous women rather than run after other stuff such as beauty, and nobility and and these other things instead of instead of those things that truly

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give value to the woman, which is our righteousness,

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brothers, sisters, Islam, Islam, truly, truly emancipated women, and truly gave women their rights as we know, Allah has given them truly human rights, that is, Allah has given them human rights has given the business rights, has given us social rights, and has also given them material material, material rights for the human rights Allah has given to every woman is for her right to live, for her right to be honored for her right to be equal in men in reward for a right to be for her right to be heard.

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So never has Allah subhanaw taala ever said that women will have will have less energy than men in paradise. As long as they come with the same options, they will have the same agenda. And she has also the right for her views to be honored. And so she has a right to be heard. She has a right for her for her views to be audited and heard as a source of subsidy

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can be left as a source of subsidy Buhari, but the divorced woman is more worthy of her own right. And he also said advocate to stepmom. And the bigger the the Virgin, her view is must be taken before her marriage. Because to start by reading her view must be taken before the Father decides to marry her off. So the father therefore can't just marry her off without her permission or view also must be taken. Also Alice Potter has given her business right she has a right to have a business, she has a right to earn a living, she has a right to be the business woman. As long as Of course she is preserving the rights of those people upon her less brother has also given us social rights

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unless mother has given her the right to have a good life, or right to have education as an authentic generation in our without rules. Islam has told one of his companions to teach his What is his daughter. So we find that therefore Islam does not prevent women from education, whether it is from their rights to also have education,

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as long as of course as well. They are looking after the regulations and rulings in slabs, chess, not having said you know having proper segregation, not mixing with men, etc, etc. Also, from a rights is the right to choose a husband. And for her right as well is that she she has a choice to also divorce. And this is something which many people don't understand how does a wife have a right to divorce? When she can't divorce? The answer is well, she can go to the comedy and the judge or the other most knowledgeable person in the land, who has this authority. And and he can, he can then

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divorce the woman from her husband but but she has a right to ask for this. She has a right to therefore go to the house, go to the cloud, etc, and ask for divorce by saying for whatever reason, until even a woman came to the solar system and asked and asked for a divorce rate based on the fact that she was not even attracted to him anymore. Or based on the fact that she based on the fact that the husband did not please her anymore, meaning sexually.

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Also from our rights is the material rights that Allah Allah has given her from these, for example, that she has a right to have provisions from her husband, as we find that the hadith of have one hint when she had said that her husband

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does not provide for us our solar system said who the my freaky, my freaky Well, what I do keep in my roof, and take that which which is enough for you and for your son, and for your child, according to the best customs of the people, and also is a right pointer for inherit, excuse me for inheritance. She has a right to inherit as well, from her from her father and a mother and from her daughters and sons and former husband as well. And this is something which Islam has already prescribed for her. Whereas Of course,

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as you know, the disbelieving nations may not do that, or they go to other extremes by giving her everything and deny the rights of the other people of the the other dependence upon the other dead person, also from horizons is that is a right to have sexual gratification from her husband, also from her rights is her right to breastfeed and she can choose to breastfeed if he wants. And she can choose not to breastfeed if she wants. But of course breastfeeding is better and more beloved to Allah, Allah and more light, more praiseworthy in the sight of Islam. And of course, medical it is better as well. Also from a rights Is it right to custody of the children in the title of divorce.

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So she has a right to have the children with her as a sort of system towards the woman, it has to be a man and then he has also said to the woman who had divorced that she is more worthy of the child after divorce,

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rather than him, of course provided that she has yet to get married. So after she has married then she then she does not have the the the overwhelming right to keep the sun. Rather the sun therefore goes to the Father. As for the daughters and the daughters that are all agreed that the daughters the wives never the mothers never have rights over the over the daughters and that the custodianship of the daughters or the

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daughter doctors always goes to the Father. So therefore in the event of a divorce, the custodianship of the daughter is always with the Father, however, the son is with the mother until of course,

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a time in which she gets married, in which case the Father has a right to take the son away as well. Why does the custodianship not come to the daughter

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of the of the daughter, not of the daughter not come to the mother? That is because in Islam original kawamata

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The desert because Islam men are protectors of women. And so therefore, just like, you know, the mother is not the man for her cannot provide for her. In general Muslim women do not go out and work etc, etc. It is for this reason why Islam gives custodianship of the of the daughters to the men, because of course, a woman requires a man or woman requires a man who will look after her that is a father, okay, also from our rights is that she has a right for provisions and money and, and, and clothing and, and food etc. When she is martyred as well, when she is in the state of divorce before she is divorced completely. While she's in that middle stage between marriage and divorce, she has a

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right as well to a provisions, also from her rights is that she has the right to work for extra needs. She can work if you want as long as of course, her husband doesn't have a problem with that. And also, as long as the the general principles of Islam are looked after that she's for example, working in a woman's workplace, and not anywhere else.

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The question is sisters in Islam, how do you become from those poles? How do you? How do you raise your value in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala in the sight of your husbands? How do you raise your value, so that you are like that concealed while you are as valuable to Islam and the Muslims and to your husband, and the sight of Allah, Allah just like that concealed pearl just like how people have forgotten your true value. However, Allah has not forgotten the true value of a righteous woman. So how do you therefore truly become from that righteous woman, I want to talk about five things here. The first thing is to build the amount that is in your hearts. That is the career of a man to build

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the image to rekindle the light of a man and the flames of a man in your in your heart and your soul. Second thing I want to talk about is a hijab, the third being free mixing, the fourth being preserving the time that the last being or being the husband, the first being sisters, that is a man and how do you build the event? The answer is that you build the event by reading the Quran and you read an ad by reading the sea level of sources. And by reading the stories of the righteous predecessors, read the stories of how rosewholesale was with his wives, read the story of how the wives were with resources from how the gate gave protection to their husbands how they always used

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to be, you know, whenever the husbands used to come in worried or impatient, or when the husbands came in a difficult situation, it was always the wives who gave them confidence. We find these days For example, when the husbands come back from a day of hard work, some of the sisters sometimes do not look after them do not look after their rights by either going to them by other you know, hugging them and saying a nice word to them. Rather they stay away from them. And they do not approach them with with with with their with their good manners, some handler whereas as we find when all sorts of Islam came down from the cave, when did you bleed have come down? It was it was

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Khadija de la boo rush to slam and and and said nice was so slow and and the coveralls was up in the blanket also in the Treaty of Abia, when when the solar system had told the people to slaughter their their animals now, the people didn't listen to the people that said what also had said that we're not going to do we're not going to be completing the overlap. The people did not listen until it also went into the house angry. It was almost Salama cinnabar la who Carlos was down, and then gave him advice. So it was home cinema who did it. So it was always the wives, looking after the husbands making sure that the husbands were happy and pleased, and making sure that the the, the the

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house always looked after also we find in the stories of the pious predecessors we find that it is the women of the world, the women of the of the of the great Imams, the mothers of the great advantages of America, Mama,

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etc, etc, who truly were the the essential link between them becoming Imams and what they were. And if America used to say they were lucky, I would not have been where I am had it not been for the great efforts of my mother. And as we know Mr. bahal Rahim Allah as well. His mother, his mother was was the most important factor in his education until we find the bamboo Kai Rahim Allah when he was 12 years old, he became blind.

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And a mother constantly used to make dua to Allah subhanaw taala until she was so fervent in a door that Allah Allah

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made her see a dream when Mr. Buhari was 16 years old, made it made the mother of Eman Buhari see a dream when Ibrahim al Islam came to the mother of alcohol.

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And told told the mother that Allah has returned the sight of your son and made him into a great human because of your love for him. And so we find that at the age of 16, Ebola, got back his sight and he was able to see it again.

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Also, sisters Islam, the way you build your Eman is to do righteous actions is to help your sisters in Islam by staying away from backbiting by saying

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away from that which is which is futile by increasing yourself in a bad way by increasing your righteous actions that you can do like with this with this disaster that has just happened by collecting money for it by by calling a lot of people by organizing fundraising things but perhaps you know, you can do the most simplest of things like for example, cook some cakes, you know, make bake some cakes in your in your house and then sell them for a profit and give that profit off to the off to charity, you know, organize textiles with sisters organize these sort of things with with your sister so that you can increase in your righteous actions and try and save the women, the the

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orphans of the of the of the of the disaster that has just happened Subhanallah I just got an email today the morning from this from this organization called the Muslims of Sri Lanka. And they have said that we're lucky we have two major problems now. And that is the first major problem is that many people are committing suicide. Many Muslims are committing suicide after what they have seen. And after they after they have seen total disruption and they are dying for hunger, they are committing suicide. The second thing that they're doing is that the disbelieving people the the Christians are coming and taking our children, they are coming straight away in hordes and numbers.

00:26:14--> 00:26:47

And the priests are coming already. And this is what they said the priests are coming already with what happened in what had they have the Bible the other hand, they have a sugar lolly. And they and they gave the children sugar lolly and they baptize them and they're taking the kids away from us. And they take they're making people into most into Christians because of course they are in need of money. And so with the Bible in one hand and money the other hand they attorney people straightaway and they will lie I knew that this is what has happened, but it has already become become to happen and this is something I just read today in the emails and how many days has it been paddler only

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four or five days since the sister tragedy and already the Christian christianization of the people have started already the you know the offers have been taken away from us Mashallah we have children so that they can take away from us, we have children so that they can take away from us know what is wrong with the women today? or What is wrong with the families that they do not go forward and think about adopting a child. Yes, you may have two or three that will let adding another one will not make much of a difference. Adding another one will not make make much of a difference. Please try and organize how you can look out for the orphans of this of the tsunami disaster for the benefits

00:27:22--> 00:28:07

also how you How can you build your monsters Islam is that you have good good company and good friends is that you always stay around around good people have good friends and good company just as a last patella had given massage salon, her own his brother in order to help him I should be as Ray Ashley Kofi abri as Muslim said, that I may tighten my belt within meaning that I may be struggling with our, with my brother helping me and that I may actually be angry and that I may cooperate with him in, in carrying out my face. And this is what we need to do. We need to have righteous company righteous friends, so that we may aid each other and help each other as Allah says, we do know what

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we know about Allah says, believing men and believing women are helped us with one another.

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For the benefits if you were to truly raise a man you have the benefits is that truly Allah, Allah will guide you unless you tell us in the in the lead in

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the heart, he probably email him. Allah says the for those people who are guided at those who believe and those who do righteous deeds, that Verily Allah, Allah will guide them to the true path, meaning that they are already guided so Allah guides them. So just like just like they presented last rites Allah preserve their rights as well. And also do not forget the sisters in Islam, the need for us to cooperate and and and the benefit is actually the second benefit of actually having a man is that we brothers and sisters come together and we strengthen ourselves and we cooperate with each other Upon doing that which is righteous. And this is truly important. As an example as I just

00:29:01--> 00:29:21

gave you raising funds for healthy people helping the orphans of Indonesia and Sri Lanka and other places. The second thing I want to talk about such as Islam is the importance of hijab and Allah, Allah has told us told us also slept for an audit him saying yeah, you had to be equally as logical erotica, what is that meaning? I

00:29:22--> 00:29:23

mean Jenna BB,

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tell them or prophet tell you why is it tell you tell your daughters to put their hijab on top of their on top of their bodies, the jilbab jilda basically means a covering that would cover the whole faces, the hands the body, from the head to the toe, and this is what Allah Allah has ordered the prophet to do. And that is why the unima and complete consensus that it is it is, it is important for for a woman to preserve a hijab and one must realize that the hijab is not only a clothing rather it is a complete way of life. It is it is not just a clothing or clothing as part of it, but that is complete way of life. It is by Lauren, her voice

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In front of men, it is by staying away from men it is by not not being with men, it is by not going out with men it is by sisters, those who want to go for Hajj not going out except without a man. This is a complete hijab that Islam Islam is asking for.

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As Allah, Allah says that you're the man, that when you do the job that that is better, that is an IRF that that is better and more preserving so that you are not recognized. And so therefore we're not we're not not not recognized. So therefore people do not harm you. Also, unless is the current state new homes. What about Raja Raja honey Tula I do not display themselves that the times Jenny Lee also says Islam is the issue of free mixing. And Allah Allah has told us the Quran to avoid free mixing and this is quite important for sisters, because sisters unfortunately as you know,

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are given into free mixing whether they whether whether they for example, go to universities or they go outside, it may easily be that they are that they are given into free mixing. So, please try and avoid free mixing, being with the other other other sex as much as possible and avoid being with them. And avoid being taking the trap of re mixing. Also, the second last thing is is preserving a time at preserving the tag is quite important for sisters. Why? Because as we know that that was also Islam said that that is one of the reasons why women will go to what why a lot of the women of Hellfire will be wide most of the people of Hellfire will be women is because whenever for example

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and it gave us one example, that even though the husband does so much for the for the woman, the woman whenever husband does something wrong, the woman says will not have never seen any good from you. You've never done anything good to me and things and things like that, you know, which are all

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all things that our tongues have harvested. And so my advice to my my beloved sisters is to preserve your tongue especially because women are also given into backbiting a lot more and also NEMA tail carrying a lot more than that than men. And unfortunately this is because perhaps they do not make use of their time they should make use of the time and whenever they are with their sister that they consciously notice that one of the sisters is backbiting about someone else then surely you must stop it. And you know what? No one is now so no one is innocent and and and can save himself from backbiting. Truly even even Isla de la Anna fell into it as you know the solar system once a woman

00:32:28--> 00:32:33

came to him and asked him a question asked her asked. She asked him a question.

00:32:34--> 00:32:42

And when she was coming out of the house, I should have let her partner with her hand trying to show that she was actually small that she was short as little sources

00:32:44--> 00:33:16

told her So yeah, I shall you have done an action word to be mixed with the oceans of this earth it would have made it all dirty. It would have blackened its paddle up meaning that that she had done something which is very, very bad. That is bad backbiting even with her actions. Also in the Hadith will also find that two women were backbiting when they're fasting and sorceress Islam said a set a bowl to them about to those women and said vomit everything out and they vomit out the flesh of the people that they had back bitten and this was a Marchesa, a, a

00:33:18--> 00:33:26

miracle from a solar system to show to show how backbiting is actually eating other people's flesh. So that is

00:33:27--> 00:34:05

also an of course that also happened with with women. So therefore sisters and snap please preserve your tongue, preserve your tongue and this is also it is very important for you to preserve your time and and strengthen your your your image and faith in that way. The last thing sisters in Islam is thought to soldiers to remember that the the rights of the husband upon you and the rights of the husband are even more than the rights of your your own parents upon you because it is your husbands who are looking after you now so they have more he has more rights than your own parents as soon as Islam is not even allow the women to to fast was and husband is present without his permission

00:34:05--> 00:34:30

meaning that don't start fasting and they ask you for permission no rather even before fasting you ask him for permission and this is of course we're talking about supererogatory fasts the extra fast natural fast not we're not talking about the word you plus and we find a lot of solar system said the saying that will lie if a woman were to drink the past or suck the past out of her husband's wounds this would not make up for a single thing the husband does

00:34:31--> 00:34:45

for her and was also also said there were to be allowed for our for a human being to prostrate to another human being that I would have ordered the woman to prostrate in front of her husband. And our solar system also said that if a woman does the following things,

00:34:46--> 00:34:59

either solid thumbs up she were to pray her five prayers were not for Jehovah and she preserved her private parts. We're about at soldier her and she obeyed her husband

00:35:00--> 00:35:13

What was was Ahmed Shahada and she fasted the month which is a month of Ramadan, please Allah Yama, Yama, it will be it will be told to her on the day of judgment or the hidden agenda I mean, it it will be

00:35:14--> 00:35:47

told to her on the Day of Judgment enter agenda for whichever the gate whichever gates of Paradise you desire, with the ruler, I am showing you will, if you look after these five things, you will become the righteous woman, you will become the precious pearl which people have forgotten, you will become as expensive as precious as that, as that pole which people used to prize so much which Allah subhanaw taala praises at once the women to be the women of this world and when we know the hereafter with that we finished the political law where we have a shadow law in Africa to be like