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The speaker describes a painful and painful experience that left them in a bad mental state. They also mention a nurse who gave them morphine twice. The conversation then shifts to discussing the speaker's belief that pain is a natural feeling and the importance of fighting thoughts to avoid burning yourself. The speaker also talks about a potential threat to their upcoming lectures and asks the audience to turn to Islam instead of complaining.

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Oh, I remember look about 2022 23

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is about 20 to 21 years ago okay, I was quite ill at one moment when I had I had a big abscess on my hip joint The doctors didn't know what's going on with me. I was lying in bed for about four months to about five months I was a pretty in a bad shape at that time. I actually thought that this would be the end of my life twice. In that illness actually thought Malakal mode the angel of death is coming to me that particular night the pain was excruciating it was just it was just so painful so painful Okay. At one point I even went to the hospital they they gave me morphine right but again you morphine twice the first time they gave me morphine I still could feel the pain. And the nurse

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said I've never seen anything like this so she gave me another whole dose of morphine I was proper knockdown.

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halaal Transgaz guys and I'm trying to say

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right but I was in a lot of pain I remember I was asking Allah Allah please please please please take this take this take the pain away I was reading this to her that the pain was that pain was dead. And I don't know how I came across these words. Okay, so I'm in a lot of pain it causes me and it makes me scream this pain okay been in there for about four or five months

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I what I did is just somehow I don't know how these words has dropped in my heart to say this to Allah my pains they imagine this my pains there so instead of saying please or and you're kind of frustrated right you just want me to go use when the pain Do I understand guys if you if you're in pain I understand pain from this episode in my life I see people in pain and I seriously know at least some portion of what they're going through because he was very serious painful me

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and you know in that moment all you think it is whatever done wrong and what's going on and all your shaytans best moment to come to you that that terminal wow you know he can really attack you here attack me from many sides. I'm telling you and I had to put up with a lot of defenses of belief saying no, no, no. But even then, you know, you kind of sit down and think well, what is it that I've done that I deserve this that those thoughts come in your hearts now for the thoughts to come in your hearts. There's nothing wrong guys. Let me just put the record straight. If those thoughts come in your heart or whatever the thing is, don't say those from your tongue. Fight it as long as

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you fight it you're a believer. Okay, as long as you fight those thoughts you're a true believer because there's a hadith of Sahih Muslim or the Sahaba said as we have Allah we have certain things come in our mind sometimes for us to utter them would rather be burned to ashes than to add to them and the profit and loss and said Do you find yourself fighting those thoughts? And they said yes, he said Valley can markable Eman is that is pure Iman so to handle thoughts coming your heart nothing wrong alright it happens to everyone even I happen to be our shot I'm an imam. I lecture so many people and when you're down there you know excreting painful for you know months and months okay

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these clothes come in your mind so I had to fight the thoughts and weakens you right? But this this this next thing I want to share with you came out I thought you know what the pain is the pain is the pain is dunkel let me try this. The pain is still there, okay, and I'm saying this to Allah said Oh Allah, I know you love me so much. That's why thank you for taking the pain away. I just thought I'd say that. Thank you for taking Thank you. Thank you Allah. I love your Allah. Thank you for taking the pain away. I've still got the pain. Thank you for taking the pain and suddenly the pain disappears.

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It just disappears. I thought wow, that was a discovery. Pain came again after a let's say I don't know a few seconds or how many seconds you're painting I said thank you Allah. I love you Allah and now your Allah Thank you Allah I love you so much thank you and the pages when again the pain kept going the pain kept going. And you know what this teaches us? Our attitude has to be right to a lot of us we have the wrong attitude don't complain who you complain to? Who are you complained to? Okay he gave me for a reason we're going to find out these reasons in the next hour for whatever reason he gave us these problems and these pains and difficulties that you have to turn to Allah right but

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I discovered that you know what, for another I don't know how many weeks he was I was so happy and this is the first time my lectures are actually you know, I've actually said this after 20 something years right? I don't share these things normally but I've shared this with you why? Because I want you and all the people who are going to view this to understand come to LA clean guys get the right belief do all the things that I've said okay, ask him like EULA Salah Salem look at

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Um, um the one in the wrong Allah you've done nothing wrong. You don't have the attitude you Allah, Allah, Allah wants to give to you. He just wants to give to you. When you do the opposite with Allah, Allah wants to not listen to you, you know

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