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Sylmar Alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah were buried. So this is part six and today it is verse number one of surah number five. So tell Matthew that Allah subhanho wa Taala begins this beautiful sutra by saying yet you have levena m n o for biller record or people of E man fulfill your contracts and your agreements. Now, this particular verse here, it's not just about written agreements, it's not just about verbal agreements, it's also about agreements that culturally and socially and even legally that we're binding and we're encouraged to follow that we should respect and follow as well. Now the thing that

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needs some explanation is the cultural and social agreements that we have it just because it's not explicitly written out for us in the poor and or in the Sunnah doesn't mean that we can do whatever we want. So an example of this is reserved parking, reserved parking every so often I'll get Muslims asking me did the Prophet it sort of solemn ever tie his camel in one particular spot near the masjid and it's like, it's a very immature and silly and definitely not even close to an intellectual conversation. It's just a very silly, silly quick way to try to get a point across that doesn't even make sense anyway. So the first principle to understand is that everything in this

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world is permissible and Hello, unless there is an A or Hadees that tells you otherwise. So having reserved parking is headed an absolutely permissible unless there's an explicit a a or heading to say it is how long and so the reason why I bring this up, I mean, there's so many different example like reserved seating for example, and having sections in the masjid where you have the elderly sit together, people who are sitting in chairs and wheelchairs, they can be together, you can organize how people stand and pray, you know, the sick and the elderly are one place and maybe soon when we when the lockdown is over and inshallah we're back into massage it, we're going to have you know,

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social distancing type setup for prayer and Juma and so on. So the organization is going to be different, nobody will can come and say now that Oh, the prophet only subtle said, I've never had social distancing. Or we shouldn't be praying like this, because the shaitan now is between us and blah, blah, blah. None of this makes sense. This a a is saying, oh, four wheeler accord, fulfill your agreements that if culturally or socially people do certain things, and it doesn't go against the core any sooner than we should respect that. Now let's start the verse. Yeah, you have Latina m, and how do you fulfill agreements? How do you fulfill promises? How do you feel complete contracts?

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The first ingredient yet a u haul Latina M No Nakia yohannes. Oh, people have Amen. Not to all mankind, all my kind and for all of mankind to fulfill agreements and so on. That comes a little bit later, there are several Hadees that talk about that. This particular area is only towards yet you are letting me know why.

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The first ingredient that if you want to ensure that you fulfill every

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every agreement, and every promise, is you have to have Amen. Amen is the thing that makes you complete a transaction. Honestly, Eman is the thing that allows you to not cheat somebody not trick someone, you know, you put things in fine writing that, you know, they can't read and use the word wordings that you know, the average reader can't understand. It's just like every page of ingredients on a particular item, you go to the grocery store, try reading the ingredients on any item, it's almost impossible to read it on any single item. This is a marketing technique that companies around the world use. Why? Because I mean, either they don't want you to know exactly

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what's in there. Or if you're going to try to figure it out, then just kind of put you on a goose chase, right. So you're going to sit there, you're going to type these words into internet, you're going to figure out what they mean what they're talking about, then you're going to try to go and see what that does to your body and then figure it all out. I mean, who has time to do that, right? So just buy the product. As long as it's here. You're thinking it's been approved, it's healthy, or at least it's good enough to eat. So I'm just going to buy it and eat it. And so these are all techniques that are used. But when you have Amen, you don't care about any of that. You just care

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about doing the right thing. You know, about a year ago, I was walking in the mall, and I saw $100 bill on the floor $100 bill, this is in Toronto. So everybody who lives in Canada in this part of the world, you know what $100 is right? I mean it's it's a lot of money. You could

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do a lot with that. And I saw $100 bill, I waited, I didn't pick it up right away, I stood there and I looked at this thing. And it was so easy in a split second, I could have just gotten down, pick it up, drop it in my pocket, keep walking, no one would have seen a thing. And I just waited there. And I looked at this $100 bill. And I started to look around to see if somebody was looking for something. If there was somebody going through their purse or looking into their wallet, checking their pockets, I wanted to see if somebody realized that they had lost their money. As I'm looking around, this one dude is running behind me. Ducks down, grabs the $100 bill shoves it in his pocket

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and keeps on running. And he's gone.

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And, you know, the fic ruling behind things like that is a separate issue. It's pretty simple and straightforward. But I just wanted to ensure that the owner of this money was called wasn't close by, then I can at least say Hey, did you lose something that gets right here. But before I could do that somebody saw an opportunity and run with it. When you have a man, you don't ever do that. And it could be the most miniscule of things, the most tiniest thing ever. You know, we all have those of us who have kids, you know, when you walk into a store, have lots of candies, and treats and toys and so on. I can't tell you the amount of times my son walked into a store. And every now and then

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he'll pick up a lollipop and he'll ask me like, Daddy, can I have a lollipop? And I'll tell him No, no, we have lots of sweets and junk food at home. We don't need any of that. Not realizing that my son didn't even put the lollipop back on the shelf, you know. So here we are, we go to the cashier, we pay, he's still got the lollipop in his pocket, then we'll walk outside and we'll go and then we're sitting in the car. And before you know it, he pulls out a lollipop. And I'm like, I told you to put that back and you have it here with you. When you have a man, you take the lollipop, you walk back into the store.

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And you let the store owners know my son walked out with this didn't touch it, he didn't do anything. I'm here to just return it. And you do that? Because that's the integrity. That's the honor in doing the right thing. Even if it's something as trivial as a lollipop. Yeah, you have Latina M and don't have to be leaders in ensuring that they fulfill agreements and contracts with one another. Now Allah subhanaw taala narrows down what he's referring to our phobia report, fulfill your record record is one of a few words in Arabic to describe agreements you have done, you have done, you have different names and terms to describe different types of agreements, depending on

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what that agreement isn't what it's used for. In this in this particular a Ulises or code which is plural for ockenden. After doing comm a literally means to tie a knot. And that's why our belief system is called Arpita. Because it ties us to our connection and relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala. That's called our VEDA. So our afternoon here, Allah is saying is that it's a binding agreement, meaning if you belong with a particular system, you see a red light, you follow the red light, and you do what the red light tells you to do. Just because there aren't any cars doesn't mean you get to drive right through the red light. I mean, this happens very regularly here in

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Toronto, and especially because of lockdown, less traffic, less cars on the road. I can't tell you the amount of times I'm sure many of you watching this, how many times you're sitting at a light or you come up to a stop sign. But there's not one single person around you. There's not a single car. It's in the middle of the Nigeria. Like, why am I stopping? I should just keep going. I mean, it's not like anybody's gonna see me. Yeah, that's the problem. Allah subhanho wa Taala sees you. And you are yet he will let me know. So you wait until the light turns green. You stop because that's the law. And you do that. And this is why there are the mat tell us that for a believer if there was no

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leadership wherever they're living, if the leadership had just collapsed or there were no laws and no regulation. For the believer, there is always law and regulation. Why? Because you're Yeah, you will Athena admin, you make sure that you do the right thing. You know, unfortunately, because of this whole George Floyd killing, that's happened in the States, obviously, lots of protests go along with those protests. I mean, I'm sure a lot of you have seen this as well as a few videos yesterday online of guys doing live feeds, of people looting. And one guy was actually doing a live feed in front of like a sports apparel store. And people are running in and out by like the dozens, dozens

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of people in and out literally just stealing goods. You know walking out with pairs of sneakers and shoes and sports apparel.

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Coming Out with it as much as they could carry, I mean, they're dropping this brand new merchandise on the floor, but as much as they could carry dumping in their car, and the dude who's holding the phone and recording all of this, he's giving everybody props he sees he said, Yeah, man, you keep going. Alright, you got what you're looking for.

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That what does that have to do with the message of the stand up against racism to stand up against police brutality, to stand up and honor and stand up to to grieve, and send a message to the world of the wrongful killing of this young man? Like, what does that have to do with anything, so the violence diluting the damage, all of these things have nothing to do with the message. When you're young, you're Latina. And you know, you don't ever you don't even steal an item, brand new item that's sitting right in front of you on the floor. Somebody who drops their phone, somebody drops something, yeah, you're letting me know, tries to find out where that came from. And so handle.

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This is what the world is missing today. One of many things in the business world when it comes to just, you know, making money and doing business with one another. It's just that whole sense of complete explicit, pure honesty. And that's one of the last panel Todd is referring to, you have this binding agreement with people. The other thing that Mr. Miller accord, that ties you together with everyone, and it keeps you synchronized, keeps society harmonized, peaceful, safe, that everybody can respect each other's businesses, you know, at the end of the day, all the looting and the damage and all of these things, the vandalizing that's going on, most likely the people that are

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responsible for doing that are the ones that are going to end up paying to fix those things, right there in the pain to clean up those streets. Now, I know that On the flip side, that there are many people that are very innocent from doing that, that they are there peacefully, to send their message across of the wrongful killing of this young man. But at the end of the day, those that are responsible, they have to really, really search deeply within time to to realize what exactly am I doing like this is just wrong. I shouldn't be doing this. I shouldn't be taking from innocent people, people's businesses, I shouldn't be doing any of that. What's not mine is not mine. And

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that's what a Latina

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biller awkward is all talking about. And so the one ingredient that Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us in this area, and several others as well, is that if you are in any sort of agreement, and the last thing example that I want to mention, because it's so important is marriage and divorce agreements. Just because the her dad is not there, just because his parents are not around. Just because no one sees doesn't mean you'll get to abuse each other's rights doesn't mean you get to say what you want as long as it stays within the house, that you get to abuse one another and say things and take things and be dishonest with one another in whatever capacity doesn't mean you get to treat

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each other that way doesn't mean that just because a divorce happens now they've suddenly become your enemy. You know, such a thing as a peaceful divorce is almost like a taboo like what are you talking about? Those two words don't go together peaceful and divorce. How's that even possible? In Islam tougher the accountability sign that you separate based on air Senate. We talked about SSN in the previous video when we were talking about what below led Nia center and sn again starting point when you're being respectful to parents. It's also the starting point, when a divorce happens is that you divorce based on a sense of righteousness. Like that's unbelievable. It's almost impossible

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to fathom the idea that you need we're supposed to actually divorce and still be nice to one another. And we're supposed to do that peacefully and quietly. No, no, no, I'm taking him to court. No, no, no, no, no, I'm going to make sure that she never gets married again. So I'm going to make sure that I ruin her entire life. I'm going to make sure that he takes care of me and the kids and my family and everything. I'll take his car, his house, his money, his bank account his job, I'm going to make sure I do everything to destroy his life. What's a free 1 billion sound means nothing anymore. And that's what Yeah, he will let the you know ermanno formula record. It's a very powerful

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statement. Last thing that I'll mention is that why didn't he legislate yet even ness old mankind fulfill your agreements? Because it's a responsibility of all human beings? Yes, it is. That comes later on. But in this area, let's talk about who should be the leaders who should set the tone and the example of being leaders when it comes to doing the right thing and fulfilling each other's agreements and promises and contracts. It's alladhina amanu that motivates and pushes you to do that. Which would one last thing is that what we're also learning is a man is not just restricted to a spiritual inner feeling.

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It's not just something that's restricted to the heart. A man is in actions a man is in a speech in words. But in this a man is also just in dealings with one another. He man has to manifest to the way that we act and treat one another. Even when we agree with something that isn't verbalized. It's culturally or socially acceptable, that people do this. It doesn't contradict Allah's rules. It doesn't contradict our religion. So follow it and respect it. So yes, the next time you do see the reserved parking sign, respected Why? Because a lesson will be recorded. You're a person of immense respect the laws, respect the rules, respect the choices, it's not going against the lowest religion

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so respect that way, even though when her dad is not around, respect her and fulfill her rights, even though his family is not around, treat him well and respect his rights. All of these things, it makes life so much easier. And as how we started this short reminder, everything in this world is permissible unless there's an A or Hadees to say otherwise. So we did carry that principle with you. And you take it Yeah, you Latina amateur, oh, forbidden record. So panela It's incredible how quickly you change the perception and opinions of people society can drastically change quickly just because people respect each other's property, and each other's promises and agreements. So May Allah

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subhanaw taala give us the strength to always be able to do that this is a part of our faith. It is a part of our Amen. To ensure that we fulfill promises with one another. So May Allah subhanaw taala give us the strength to do the second Hello Hey man, everybody, I hope that you could benefit from this short reminder I know I do. I hope that all of you as well. And may Allah subhanaw taala keep you all protected and safe a nomad can wherever you are loving man, just open low hate on every one until we meet again was said Mr. Lee Kuan walking to LA he will vodka to