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Yeah, thanks, Rob disorganize you're a big help. I have one more question. I'm a bit confused between the two verses in Quran. The first one is in Surah Baqarah 62. Yeah. Which says that if you believe in one God, and believe in the last day, and do good deeds, yeah, you shall have nothing to fear on the Day of Judgment. Yeah. And you will get your reward with your Lord. Yeah. minded in this surah. It doesn't say it, that you have to believe in the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him as a last messenger. And there is also another sutra, which supports this, which is 22 in chapter number 22, and verse number 17, I think, in which it says a similar thing, but those who do who believe in

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one God who believe in the last and who do good deeds will be fine on the Day of Judgment. But then there is also one more verse in the Quran which says, that whosoever amongst you comes to me without the religion of Islam, it shall not be accepted of him, and he shall be among the losers. So in that last verse, does Islam mean believing in one God and believing in Prophet Muhammad and believing in all the other rituals? Or because Islam means submission? So whoever has submitted, yeah, it's submitted. So you know, what's the meaning of Islam? In the last verse? The results are good question, is quoted verse of the Quran or Surah Baqarah chapter two, verse number 62, that all those

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who believe in Allah, and believe in the last day, irrespective whether they are Jews, or Christians, or sapiens, they shall have no fear, and inshallah they will have the reward. Similar thing is repeated in Surah. Mother, chapter number five, to be the last thing that year, the world doesn't mention, believing in Prophet, if we read the context of this revelation, whether what happened people came to the prophet and said, that we have been used, we have been Christian, we have been sabian, Can God forgive us? In that context? The reply was given, as long as you believe in Allah and the Last Day irrespectively previously, whether you are a Christian, or a Jew, or a

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sybian, you will get the reward. It does not mean today, a person who says is a Christian, and you believe Jesus is God, He will go to jail. No, no, it does not mean that not Jesus is God believes in one God, believe in one God, but if they believe Jesus is God, then they won't

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even one true God, correct. So he has to believe in one true God. And if he believed in true God, he also followed the commandment of God symbol. Yeah, but maybe he's confused with that. Yeah, that means he believed in a confused God. He believes he believes in his creator Yeah, but he is not yet reached that level. And if you ask me the question, a person who truly believes in God and little bit confused from his heart, and yet doesn't believe in Prophet Muhammad, will he go to heaven or hell? That's the question. My question is, is clear that there is one God clear that one goal is confused in the Prophet he does not do idol worship, he does does not do that he believes in one God

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and does good deeds and believes in the last day, can you go to generalize your question? Yes, fine. This answer and come to your last question also about that Islam is only a view of life. Other words if talk about Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him? Yeah. So if you truly believe you have to believe in prophet moment, but if you ask me know, suppose I believe in God and if I died today, yes, if indeed good deeds, you believed in God, but I know I have two verses of the Quran supporting me that you believe in one God will do good deeds and you believe in the last day you shall have nothing to fear on that day. Yeah, two verses but the context of the verses what Yeah, the context of the

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worship when people came to Prophet Manuel, Salah, Salah, and they wanted to accept Islam, that previously we were Jews, we were Christians, then the verses say the context is important. And coming back to your first question, that Quran says in Surah Al Imran chapter three verse number 19, in Edina, in the land Islam, the only reason acceptable in the sight of Allah is submitting a will to God submitting company will to Gods and Quran also says inshallah, olive branch, chapter three, verse 35. If anyone desires, any other religion besides Islam, it will never be accepted of him, and he shall be amongst the losers. So now submitting a will to God means first have to find out which

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is a true God. Yes. And when you find out you have to come to Allah. Yes. You can't say I believe in true God but Jesus, I believe in God believe I believe in Allah. If you believe in Allah, you have to follow what is the commandment of Allah?

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When you believe in Allah, and if you don't come to commandment of Allah that means it is not a true Allah I believe Allah is not created by anyone he is not born of anyone he doesn't have kids. He you know, correct

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I believe in that but that's that's my status that said, you know, now that's not complete Islam that's part of Islam. Yeah. Part of Islam. Yeah, even believing it prophet alone will not take you to Jannah you may believe in one God Beloved Prophet, but too bad It will not go to heaven. Fine. So what you have to realize if you believe that true God when you know where you got this kilowatt hour from where

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from where you got this,

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from the Quran, the Quran? Yes. So from the Quran. You also get

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Yo mama that is with my brain that one reason I bring you the rest. I have questions. So what question you have asked me I will try and rain on the dog judgment. I can tell you I gave this brother I tried to remove the misconception. Right. Okay.

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Well, that's a little bit of a private question and ask you through.

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The last question from email, when you get convinced that time allows you to believe in profit mama does Xhosa. Fine. Yeah. My last question is VC, this the style of the kalama Yeah. That Lai la Jai Lai Mohammed that means there is no God but Allah. And Muhammad is the Messenger of God. Yeah. Now Islam has this distinct style. I have not seen this style in Christianity or Judaism that kind of calima do I don't know. I mean, it was the same in both religions as well. No, you know, why? Because it says, There is no God but Allah, and similar, similar similar. And Prophet Muhammad is a messenger and fairman. So no one should worship Prophet Muhammad, therefore it mentioned that fine,

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tomorrow people should not start worshipping Prophet Muhammad peace be upon Yes, we love him. We respect him very, very, very to die for him, but we don't worship him. I understand. So maybe in Christianity, they could have something like there is only one God.

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Father, Son and Holy Ghost, with no, but I'm talking about what Jesus told not what Christians are telling. Every time of the Prophet it was Laila Illa. Allah that dummies out of hula no problems. It was that that is what people had to believe in. Not an Arabic in the language. This book no more i'm saying is from yesterday, from yesterday, have you done that in one Jesus would have not not in Arabic, and every time that you had to believe in the prophet to be a Muslim? Yeah, so at that time, we have to believe in one God and you had to believe Jesus was a prophet of God, as the name of Moses, we are to believe that there is no God but Allah, and Moses was the Messenger of Allah to

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believe in that I understand but did you see that reference? It is understood, there's no reference in the Quran. The Quran says they were messenger, it is understood, and if I don't believe in Jesus, now also, I'm not a Muslim. Quran says you have to believe in each and every messenger today for believing that time was a must. And today you have to believe in musalla Solomon he says alarm. You asking the question? Did you have to believe that time? simple logic? Yes, I know you have to believe at that time as well. What I'm saying is why don't I see any any any kanima like that, in today's Christianity, or today's Christian does change Christianity, or Judaism? I don't see it is

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changed by the

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move to remove the basic goal of course, they have changed the messenger to God. It is mentioned in the bible today also that Jesus is not God. He never claimed divinity is the messenger of God, that for the teaching of the churches, yes, today's form is the change form How about Judas and they still believe there is only one but they don't even Moses has gone so did you see Academy like there is only one God and Moses Russell now some no but they believe that Moses along with the Messenger of God, they believe in that Yeah, but at the same time, they even believe that he was imposter Jesus guys peace be upon him. So that's wrong. Yeah, if you believe you the imposter knows builder

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that is wrong. So you find some of the other mistakes here or there, right? Therefore Quran is the freakin Quran. farrakhan meets that criteria to judge right from wrong. So whatever matches with the Quran, we agree with the Word of God, what is against the foreign content? If he says not the word of God, what doesn't contradict and doesn't match ambiguous maybe that maybe I understand your point. So what I'm saying Did you see any reference in probably in your study of Judaism, gold and kalama of the kalama has gone? I mean, they don't even have that mean, Aramaic. Maybe it will be anatomy. I don't know. I don't know of any such. Right. Right. So we So today, we're still believing

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in this thing that you have to believe in Moses messenger. But there is nothing concrete like Laila, Hannah or you know, like, I don't know if any in the Scripture, right, right. Okay. Right. Okay. Well, my last question is

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for the last this last, the after the last, just last last or the last last of the last years. Recently in India, it was in the news that same sex marriages got allowed. Yeah. And and on reading upon it. Yeah, I found out that they said that it is at the genetic level of people genetic, it's in the hormones. Yeah, what they desire what they don't desire. Now, I understand that Islam is completely against this. It doesn't allow this. But what I'm saying is if someone's caught that it at a genetic level, yeah. And it's his choice. And he was he was he was born with that, with that kind of tendency. And yet Islam chooses to to punish him for something on something that he was born

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with. So God sounds illogical. Yeah. So gone, gone laid him like that, and God is punishing him for that as well. Because I asked a question that recently in India homosexuality has been permitted, not permitted, but the law says it's not a big crime that was there in the Indian constitution they have softened it not permitted yet since it is a court case that took place in Delhi is not a law yet. Yes, there's a Wuhan cry yet there are many organizations fighting against it. So no law. It's a law in Canada in USA and UK. Not in India yet. Right. Okay.

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And today, there are some scientific research that say that homosexuality is genetic. Yes. The question, if homosexuality genetic, then who's to blame? How can you consider it to be a sin? Very good question in this research was done earlier, a few years back, and later on what was found out that this is totally false. And the person who propounded this himself was homosexual. Right. Okay. So there's no scientific proof yet. It's an assumption, right? Fans doesn't testify yet that homosexuality is genetic, right? In fact, Quran says in Surah, chapter number seven, verse 31, he says that, do you have lust for men more in preference to woman to homosexuality, talking about

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common loot? Yes, it is prohibited in the Bible also talking about brutal Islam. Yes. Also in the Quran is prohibited. Yes, homosexuality is prohibited completely. Right. It is an assumption that it's genetic. It's not genetic at all. How does it happen? I'll tell you, yeah, the psychology they tell us that once you overdo a thing, you start losing the pleasure. Right. So what God has permitted the normal sexual way of life, you start overdoing it, you start doing unnatural things, right? what God's permitted natural things, you do unnatural. You start doing from the reverse side. So once you get fed up, of doing it so often, that the reason Santa Teresa says a person who has no

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extramarital affairs, enjoys the sexual life with his wife and husband the maximum. Yeah, but this tendency is found in small children. I mean, you know, Billy, yeah, so I mean, they have not gotten married yet.

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Yeah, yeah. Children later on for them talking with adults. Yes.

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Howard comes into it. Okay.

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So what happens once you start overdoing it, you want to enjoy more. So that thing what is normal doesn't excite you any longer, then you start doing unnatural things. It's not genetic. Talking about children, how it comes in children. It doesn't just come out from birth. It's not from birth, because they were pornographic movies. Right? They were roofless.

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The parents, the way they behave in front of the children. All this has a psychological impact on the child, right? Don't tell a person who's born, then you start becoming homeless. It's not like that at all. It's a misconception, right? Santa Monica doesn't say that. Right. Right. Right. It is because of the overexposure not children was the blue flames. Yeah. The channels free to air.

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You know, the more pornography channels and other channels. Yeah, very good money. So because of the media, that's how when they see you on the channel, they start emulating, and that's how they divert who's to blame the channel? Right? Why didn't the parent allow them? Right? Okay. So they will be responsible for that. Right. Okay. That answers me, that's fine. One thing you said was

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the last question. Yeah, what has to be logical? You said, yeah. So why do you have to be logical God is God is logical. Okay. So why did he choose? Taking into account Islam as a correct religion? Why did he choose to bring you into this world in Islam, and so many others in a different religion? So so that means he's being partial from the birth? Very good, very good question. The question that some people are born in Muslim family, and a person more in Muslim family chances, Muslim more than non Muslim family, non Muslim. So why is God impartial? Maybe you were born in a Muslim family, right being a Muslim, correct? Yes, that usually goes very good question. The criteria to go to Jana

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is not to be born in a Muslim family. her beloved Prophet, no masala Psalm said, Every child is born in denial. He is born as a Muslim, he submits the will to God. later on. He's been influenced by his parents, by elders by teachers, then you start doing it diversify worship, he can reverse therefore, when a non Muslim become the Muslim the more appropriate word is reward rather than convert it comes back to the original faith. Now the criteria agenda is not to be born in a Muslim family. The criteria go to Jenna is a sir chaplain 103 was the 123 we shall while us in in federal officials in levina amanu wamena, solly, hottie author was hoping

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that by the token of time, man is very interested of loss except those who are faith. Those are righteous deeds, those guys got people to throw and those are people to patient perseverance, the criteria go to Jeunesse all four things a man righteous deeds, exhorting people to throat exhorting people to patient personal if a person is born in Muslim family, the first criteria the chances are not the remaining three. Yes, fine. Now you you may be born in Rice's family but not having a man. I don't know. Yeah, but me Why was he born in a Christian family or a Hindu family? You know, he should be born. it's more likely that he gets the other things there are four things to go to Jana.

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If a person is born in a Muslim family, but does not have righteous deeds does not do the Haverhill go to Hell yeah.

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They will not go to heaven. Only by having a name. Zack a Muhammad, Abdullah Sultan will not take you to heaven. Even practice is important. You may be born in a family which he leads or may not be having human. So everyone has different combination but Almighty God says in Surah facilite chapter number 41 verse number 53 sunnery Maya Tina Fey lavake Murphy and with him had Thai yet by Jenna and Nola soon we shall show them our signs in the fourth region of the horizon and into the soul. And it is clear to them that this is the truth. So Allah takes it upon himself to every human being input in his heart directly. That this is the truth. Like, oh, God send me to put it directly into

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hardware. Yeah. Now.

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You know, there are advantages advantages. It's a big advantage. You got everything very easy. But for a person who's in a different religion, it's it's, he doesn't even come.

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Easy. In three hours. You got it directly. Very easy, right or wrong? You don't think it to be easy? Yeah. See how you take it? I'm saying how lucky you are compared to the other non Muslims. you attended my talk? Yes, yet you're not accepting it. Who's to blame you are God? Yes, you

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then are

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not thickening. You want to make it big. You make it big. You want to make it important, important. The problem is that Almighty God puts in every human being directly, not always to doctors or kidney. I'm only point 0000 1%. It's not me. Some threw me some through other some directly. So on the Day of Judgment, you cannot complain to God. You cannot complain. You cannot go and tell God I didn't know about Islam. Yeah, I cannot. You cannot. Because you know, you may be having more knowledge of Islam than many Muslim modern Muslim families. Yeah. Quoting Quran Levey, yasumi question, I'm sure.

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Now after reading so much about Islam, and yet if you don't accept, Allah will question you. You have no excuse whatsoever. The other non Muslim will deal with them afterwards. Yeah, let's talk about you first. Yes, you have no question at all. On the day of judgment, I have I can say there there were a few things which I was I did not get the right answers. Oh, there are many Muslims are born in Muslim family. Not few have many questions which are not answered. Yes. You are few. They have many. So you are in a better position. You cannot complain to God.

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A few question not answered.

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Give God that these are the basis because they did not get answered. That's why I did not accept it. If I don't accept any

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question you don't have Tell me now. Tell me now. Come on. You can dare God, doctors are gonna cost you in front of 20 30,000 people what question you don't know about the Quran? Come on. First of all, I read the answer that you gave that it will it is because of media and blue films. I know. I know. small, small kids who don't even have access to that. And still they have that do Richards name, then? What nonsense? You're talking? I'm a medical doctor. What do you know? Are you a medical doctor? I have seen it. Are you a medical doctor? Let me tell you. Are you a medical doctor? Yes. Or not an engineer. I'm a medical doctor. Fine. Okay. Now you're telling a doctor you have seen? If I

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tell you that? I've seen a building made of paper? You know, come in Bombay. I've seen a building the pillows are made of paper. Will you believe in it? I haven't seen it to finish. Yes. This is the first Hello Alice Vickery in Google autonomy. As the person who knows now I have seen you have seen does it carry weight? Yeah. I have seen a building made of paper. Will you believe

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that your point is that it's only because of media. But I know no point is it is not genetic. There is no scientific proof at all. It is genetic. I'm telling you. Right. Right. What I'm telling you it can be one of the reasons What did they can be 20. Other reason? One of the reasons can be media, you tell me it can be media disprove you. Right, right. One of the reasons can be media, right? Yeah, yeah. Yeah, very good. Actually, I have to go through all the other questions that go through and need some time and then I will do it. But But

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I hope it's not too late. I don't know how long I'm going to live. See if I die the state of getting more knowledge. Yeah. Then I can always tell God that no, no one is getting more and more. No, you cannot. You cannot. I'm telling you cannot. You cannot. I will give shot on the Day of Judgment. I give you a chance. You cannot. Yeah, I don't know who will live tomorrow not seen 90% of my questions are answered. But two more things. Islamic 10% acceptance, all that girl. According to me, you have more knowledge than all the people accepted. Yeah, that's true. Maybe that's true. But my principle is unless I'm 100% clear, I will not take such a big step. I will only take that big step

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in many teams who didn't live without knowing 100% Did you know how much you're going to earn in Dubai that you gave me 100%

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see that way I'm ready to say the thing but but the thing is, I've seen some Muslims who say that if you have an iota of doubt, then you are not a Muslim. So who said that? Who said that? They say if you have a part of the Quran, I will not fit some Muslim. Forget about Muslims. No, you want to do

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Do you have to believe it? 100% or 99%? Who said that? Does the Quran say that? It doesn't say that you follow Quran don't follow the other Muslim Don't follow me follow around. So if I tell you if I tell you that I believe that Prophet Muhammad was a prophet of God 90% and 10% I have doubts Am I am I a Muslim? field you tell or do you believe in messenger on our God? I don't doubt that separate I believe in one God and I believe in his messengers 90% I believe in his yes 90% I personally don't believe Tell me now I'll clarify that and recall those questions know why

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this is escapism. No, not really. I'm not

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giving I am not asking you to accept Islam. I'm not asking you and I'm only telling you. If God forbid something happened to you before you accept Islam. You will not be forgiving. I'm only telling you

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I'm not being prejudiced. Here I'm to being to take your time. Take your time when you need me. You can call me on the email [email protected] My pleasure replied to you brother. How do you spell Arif? I r f.net i r f.net It's a short form for Islamic Research Foundation right okay, that's all you can watch me on peace TV. inshallah. Alright, okay, thank you so much. See you next thing inshallah