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Episode Notes

This being the fifth episode of this short-timed seven episode series, explains about having Ikhlaas and pure sincerity. One of the great scholar, Imam Maalik said that which is written for Allah will be on the face of the earth and that which is not will be wiped out. Tune in to learn more about this powerful deed.


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The speaker discusses the importance of achieving a pure claim to a deed and the need for a methodical approach. They also mention a study on the genealogy of Arabs and the importance of writing a statement about it. The speaker emphasizes the need for a methodical approach and the potential consequences of not achieving a claim to a deed.

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Number three,

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the third way and I've summarized all those actions into one point into seven points. And this third one is actions that are done with a floss.

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If I can achieve even simple deed but I can do it with the class and Subhanallah Glory be to the one as of the love that Omar said he said Glory be to the man who has taken a step in this dunya for the face of Allah.

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He said tuba another statement, he said, he says toolbar for that man, who Allah has accepted even one of his frustrations. Because if Allah accept something from you just even one thing, Allah is so great that he will enter you into gender.

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Is there no one amongst us who can afford to do one deed? At least for the face of Allah?

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Allah Subhana Allah a prostitute entered gender because of water she gave to a dog to drink and a man and to Jenna because of a trunk of a leaf that he moved. She had 117 year old mamasezz fatawa The reason why Allah enter these two into Jana, how many of the prostitutes of this world Allah will never forgive? But Allah forgive that prostitute who give water to drink to the dog? You know why? Because you're dealing with a class.

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So if you cannot do great deeds,

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at least do a simple deed but with pure sincerity, in the eyes of Allah azza wa jal

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pure sincerity equity. Do you know what that means? It means that you should never ever think that any deed you do is acceptable. You have Kuru soufiane authority or shamala he said. He said kulu Shay in Tamil to Mr. Manasseh, Allah azza wa jal every single deed I've done in front of mankind I don't consider it to be anything

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that's why brothers my brothers my brothers and sisters who work with me mercy mission Look at all this data around you don't you dare ever think Allah will reward you for this

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because I know you've done it and you know I have done it so how can you guarantee you a pure class and how can I guarantee a pure class we can't and that's why she's gonna stay with me Ramallah says fatawa he says obligatory on every Muslim to have a world which is one special deed every night between him and Allah azza wa jal alone, one specialty that is secret,

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one specialty, whatever it is feeding somebody reading some Koran, praying something. This is extremely important brothers and sisters in Islam. extremely important.

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If last year one a class it was reported from Ashanti to Russian Mullah Mohammed Al ammunition at that at the age of 14 years old, he wrote 10,000 verses a poetry about the genealogy of Arabs. When he was 40 years old. He tore it up and he burnt it without even leaving a copy of it. So the other scholars in Medina said, Yeah, Chef, I mean, what have you done in chef Mohammed, what have you done? Why have you turned up that versus a poetry? He said when I was 14 years old? I never knew what the class was. So I wrote 10,000 verses of poetry about the genealogy of Arabs and I did it perhaps because I was vying with others competing with others. So I don't want to die and have

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anything left in this dunya

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my brothers and sisters do you know what the author of a class is? The author of a class isms and wanted you know the sign of a class. The Sign of the class is in water. Water FEMA Malika himolla when he wrote it when he wrote the water at other scholars wrote water at other scholars wrote them water. So his student came to him and said yes, yes, ma'am. Other 80 other scholars have written them water. What did he say? He said Makana Leela hassayampa. Mama con la de la he has all that which is for Allah will remain that which is not for the face of Allah will be wiped out. How many waters Do you know of today brothers and sisters. One, even though all the others they were writing

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they were scholars and the other 18 waters are full of Hadith and yet still Allah will destroy it.

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So brothers and sisters see all this hair. This will all be destroyed one day if there is no class,

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but if there is a class this will grow