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Episode Notes

This being the fourth episode of this short-timed seven episode series, explains a deed narrated by Prophet SAW which will take us to Jannah and not abiding this deed will take most of the people to hell-fire. Tune in to learn more about “the-whats” and “the-hows” of this powerful deed.


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The speaker discusses the "guarantee of" that comes with claiming to be between the legs and private parts of women, which is a way to avoid distraction and harm from men. They also mention a test and a woman named Jahana who claims to be a cure for a woman named Jahana's "feel that" and that people are "just thinking of them." The speaker suggests that "guaranteeing" is a way to avoid distraction and harm from men.

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Number four, the fourth thing that will save you from jahannam.

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The prophets are seldom said, if you can guarantee me two things, I will guarantee you gentlemen, what is that? What are those two things, guarantee me your tongue and guarantee me that which is within between your two legs, your private parts are brothers, this is Islam. This is the cause of the fitna and this dunya. Everything in this dunya is caused by lies, or spreading tales, or bad marketing or bad journalism or speaking, you know, wrong information. It's the speech. It's the information. It's the words that are coming out of people's mouths. If that was the stopped, and all the fitna that we have today.

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A lot of it is to do with sex. And this attraction between men and women. And this harm that happens because of this, our dress code, our lack of modesty, our behavior with each other is all because of this.

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They say that the testosterone levels of children in classrooms in boys goes up when they are girls in that same classroom. That's why they behave weird.

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It's true. And that's why they say that actually single girls schools and single boys schools actually perform better.

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It's true they do. Because girls have less distraction. The boys have less distraction.

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So brothers and sisters, and this is the way Amazon has created us. It's a test. It's a test from us. It's a test from Allah azza wa jal to us. So preserve that which is between your legs and preserve that which is between your tongues. My brother's is Islam. This is the one that will make people enter jahannam, the most authentic hadith the Prophet sin was asked Dr. rasulillah What are those things that causes people to enter jahannam the most? He said, that which is between your tongues and that which is between your legs. Now set the Hadith in Bukhari.

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My brothers is Islam we don't want to be of those people who fall into jahannam. Because of these two things,

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the tongue can be easily controlled. How can it be controlled? by first of all not being around those people? Will you speak too much? avoiding those gatherings where all it is about is chitchat

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choosing friends based upon those who speak less,

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not spending your time with those people who talk about the dunya but talk about the afra one of the great scholars of Hadith when he said remembrance of Allah is the cure and remembrance of people is a disease. What is wrong with people today that we have chosen the disease for the cure.

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We have chosen a disease which is remembering people over the cure which is remembering Allah subhanho wa Taala