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An-Nahl 65-79 Word-Analysis and Tafsir 70-73


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The aging process of older people is discussed, including the importance of remembering the definite end of one's life and the power of one's memory to "has". The speaker emphasizes the importance of avoiding multiple gods' political pressures and avoiding multiple "has" in life. The speaker also discusses the benefits of Islam, including helping people to connect with their gods and creating relationships, and emphasizes the importance of not taking pride in one's beliefs and not giving up on one's spouse.

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After the language

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I number 71, Mahara cocom and Allah has created you. So Matter of fact him and then he will take you in depth

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He created you while you were nothing before you never existed of love brought you into existence and he gave you life suddenly come and then when your time will expire, when your lifespan will come to an end, he will give that to you, woman come and farm you. Mayra do there is one who will be returned either elevated or more to the most decrepit old age to the most abject age, meaning some of you will die soon, and others will continue to live until they become extremely old.

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only a few people make it to old age, very old age. Today Perhaps that is more common Why? Because of many medications and treatments. However, generally, very few people make a do have that in the word Oh, that is from the root letters are all that lamb and body is that which is less that which is despicable that which is very low, we have done this word or ah then earlier

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the Luna baddie

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the people of New Zealand they said those people who follow you are arriving. So out of them lowest, the most despicable

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and aroma. Ah, what is the most despicable age?

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It refers to the age of senility old age, when a person is physically weak and he is mentally weak, he is completely dependent on others. For the smallest of things, even the smallest of things, even sometimes, older people are unable to even dye their hair themselves. they're unable to open the refrigerator themselves, unable to put on their shoes themselves, unable to open the doors themselves, what is this completely being dependent on others, physically, mentally, they're unable to read, they're unable to understand they're unable to remember other than normal.

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So, some people they reach this old age and when they reach this old age, what happens like I saw that lamb is of consequence and gay is healthy 3030 does what it does, it gives me enough so that so the case so that layer, Allah He does not know who does not know, this old person does not know bar their admin after knowledge shayan anything at all. It is as though he becomes a child again.

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And many times people develop Alzheimer's when they grow older, and they forget even the most basic things, the most basic things.

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They knew about so many things before, but when they reach this old age, they don't know anything. They forget how to eat. They forget how many times they have done something. They forget the names of their own children. They forget their home address, they forget their phone number. They forget the city where they have lived all their lives. Michaela year allama brother Elementary, says that after knowledge, it is not anything at all.

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In the La La Mancha did indeed Allah is Knowing and he is able

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and human beings. Even if they have knowledge, there comes a stage when they lose that knowledge. And even if they're very powerful, very strong, there comes a stage when they lose at qudra. Only Allah is early and only he is bodied.

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We see that in a person's life. He may work just like a honeybee. gaining knowledge from here and there doing one thing after the other continuously working, continuously building his career, his knowledge his expertise has scaled. But eventually it reaches a point where he begins to decline. His physical body begins to decline, his mental ability begins to decline, his knowledge begins to decline, his memory begins to decline, everything that he had acquired begins to decline. And when is that when a person grows old. So how can a person be arrogant over what he has? Because everything that a person has, it is only with him temporarily. He reaches a stage when he is no

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different than a child. That if a child needs to be looked after. Similarly, an older person needs to be looked after. If a child's food has to be

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prepared and brought to the child and older person, their food has to be prepared and brought to them.

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Where little children where their diapers are being changed where they're being taken to the washroom. We see older people are being assisted in the washrooms as well.

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Recently, I met someone who is a doctor, a specialist for especially older people. And they were saying that just as you have to baby proof a house, when a child begins to crawl when he begins to walk, you have to childproof your house. Similarly, you have to prove your house for older people as well.

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That just as when you have a child in the house, you have to put a gate on the door, you have to put certain handles by the toilet seat, you have to do many, many things, you have to put things on the corners of the tables, you have to have as less furniture as possible. Similarly, you have to do the same thing for older people. Same thing because they lose their balance. They're physically weak, and if they get hurt, if they break a bone at that point, it's extremely dangerous for them. lukina Yala Berger Elementary. He doesn't know anything that he knew before. He forgets everything. And this is a lesson for us. That How can we be arrogant? The body that Allah has given us the ability

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that Allah has given us how can we be arrogant over that? When we see older people living in our houses, in our families, when we see them losing everything they had? What's the arrogance about arrogance does not befit a human being. It does not fit him at all.

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He said that Mankato.

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Whoever recites the Quran, learn euro do ILA aroma, he will not be returned to

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what is other than in a mode where a person does not know anything. So a person who reads the Quran, a person who recites the Quran, no matter how old he becomes, no matter how much of a memory loss he has, he will not forget his own. And this is true.

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She studied studying that her aunt died recently. And while she was on her deathbed, she was in a state of extreme sickness. Her son was reciting the Quran by her. And as he was reciting, he made a mistake and she corrected him. In that state. It happens to so many people.

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She mentioned about one of their family friends, their son had an accident, he became unconscious. He was unconscious for many days. And when he gained his consciousness, he was unable to remember his name even but he had memorized the Quran and he remembered.

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Do you remember the Quran? One of my own relatives? I saw him myself. What how once his own son came in front of him, and he asked Who are you? He didn't know who he was. But when he was asked something about the Hadees, he gave an answer. He gave an explanation. He was a more had this.

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He was a Mohandas. He was a scholar. And when someone asked him about something about the dean, he gave an answer fully. And his own children would come in front of him, and he would ask them, who are you? What's your name? And Where have you come from? I don't know you. He would say these things his own children. But if you asked him something about the religion he knew reclaimer said that a person who recites the Quran does not reach the stage Li Kalia Allah bar there in Manchuria. He will perhaps forget his own name. He will perhaps forget many things but he will not forget the religion of Allah soprano tada

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a las panatela says in sort of the scene I number 68 woman nor amid who Luna kiss who Phil Hulk FLIR loon and he whom we grant long life, we reverse him in creation. He goes back to being the child, so will they not understand. And we learned that the prophets are the loudest enemy he used to make their Aloma in the air with the becoming an vocally well guess le Well, hello me. What are the little ermotti? What are their bill public? I seek refuge with you from miserliness, from laziness from old age, from old age and from the punishment from senility and also from the punishment of the grave.

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So the prophets are a lot of them made their art to a lot to protect them from such age. And you see only a person who will recite the Quran regularly daily. Then when they reach this age, they will remember their Quran. They will remember because whatever you do throughout your life, that is what you're going to remember. At such a stage.

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One of my relatives she recites on every single day and she recites sort of Baccarat and sort of earlier on every morning I've never seen her Miss even one day, every single morning should recite Albuquerque recite earlier. Perhaps you wonder maybe she doesn't have children. She gave birth to 12 children

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And she recited the Quran. And despite her old age, many times what happens people in old age they say, if I read my head hurts, if I read, I lose my breath. If I read my eyes hurt. People say this. Why? Because they're not used to reciting the Quran.

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They're not used to it. And they're sitting, and they have so much time but they're unable to do anything. Why? Because their youth they spent wasting it. The honeybee does not waste even a single day. If we spend our youth like this, our old age even will be productive, even that will be beneficial.

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We'll know who felt de la vida como la Belden Phyllis, and Allah has favorite some of you over others in provision. How

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that some have more wealth, and others have less wealth. Some are possessors of wealth, and others are servants. Some are employers and others are employed. Some are medic, and others are mameluke. Some are owners and others are slaves. So Allah has kept this variation. Allah has published about local minor, Berlin federalist.

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If you notice in the previous ayah,

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Allah presents our dimensions, knowledge, like a layer on a brother in shape. And in this ayah Allah, Allah mentions wealth, and both are blessings, knowledge as well as well. However, knowledge is mentioned first. Why? Because it's a greater blessing. It's a much more valuable and important lesson

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for men, Latina for lilu. So those people who have been preferred, meaning who have more, who had been favored with wealth and servants, they are not at all Villa de ones who hand over, that is the in their provision. Rod D is actually rod Dina, the plural of the word of odd. And who is rod is in fact a one who does rot The one who returns.

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So those people who have been given more in terms of wealth and servants, they do not hand over their provision to who Allah upon mama got a man whom those whom the right hands possess.

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In other words, a person who has a lot of wealth, he will not give his well some of it to, to his servant, so that for him, so they both the boss, and the worker, or the master, and the slave, both of them, they become fee in it, so equal.

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In other words, no boss is going to give half of his money to the person who is working for him. No master is going to give half of his wealth to who to his servant. Nobody does that. No wealthy person is going to give half of his wealth to a poor person, so that both of them become equal in respect of wealth, in terms of wealth, both of them become equal. Nobody does that. If habanero Mattila he then with the blessing of Allah yet haha don't do they reject nature Lunas, Hungary veterus, jihad, Jihad and jihadis to reject something harshly to reject something, after knowing about it to refuse to accept it.

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What is Allah subhanaw taala explained to us through this example,

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that if you think of it, if you have wealth, you will not give half of it to someone else so that he becomes equal to you in wealth, you will never do that.

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If you have something you will not give it to another so that they can share it with you.

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Hardly any woman will say to another woman, why didn't you come be a wife to my husband? No one will willingly do that. So if a person does not like this for himself, then how can he like this for Allah soprano?

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How can he like the fact that Allah should hand over some of his authority, some of his power to someone else? So that both are equal in terms of lordship, in terms of deserving worship? It doesn't happen. It doesn't make sense.

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In the previous if what did we learn that then when she kind of Makkah, they had double standards? How that to a lot they would ascribe daughters. And if they were told that a daughter has been born to them, they would become extremely upset, extremely sad. Over here again, Allah subhanaw taala saying that if you don't like somebody, to take off your wealth that he becomes equal to you. How can you desire this for Allah?

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How can you want this for Allah? Because sometimes people say what's the big deal if there are multiple gods? Well, first of all, this is not the case. There cannot be multiple gods. Secondly, if there were multiple Gods there would be complete chaos.

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30 if there are multiple gods, what are you doing? You're reducing the status of loss of planetary, you're reducing his power, his position his authority?

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And would you do that for yourself? You would hate it for yourself, too. How can you prefer this for almost

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ever been here Mattila here, Jordan? Are they rejecting the blessing of Allah, what is meant by this, if you think about it, everything that you have a loss of parents, Allah has given it to you. So if you say that this blessing has been given to me by so and so, by such and such, then that is rejecting the blessing of Allah. Allah has bestowed everything to you. And you say that others have given that that is in gratitude.

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And another very important lesson that we learned from this is that Allah subhanaw taala has kept variation in the risk that people have some have more, some have less,

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Allah has kept this difference, people have not been created equally. People have not been created equal in terms of wealth, in terms of status, in terms of ability in terms of age, nothing is equal, just as your five fingers are not equal. Similarly, people are not equal. So this concept of equality in terms of wealth is unnatural. It's completely unnatural. If you try to implement it, it will not work. As we have seen, it will never work. Allah has got this variation.

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And in this is a test that those people who have more what do they do? Do they become arrogant? And those people who have less what do they do? Do they feel that they're the most unfortunate ones in this world? Everyone is in a test,

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or might have been hataoka to learn him once he wrote a letter to Abu Musashi, that be content with your provision in this world, for the Most Merciful has honored some of his servants over others in terms of provision as a test of both, both are being tested. The one who has been given plenty is being tested to see if he will give thanks to Allah and fulfill the duties which are his by virtue of his world. And the other person who has been given less. He is also being tested for his support.

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And Allah has made for you more blessings Remember, the solar is so rotten, near blessings. So Allah has made for you men and fuzzy come from yourselves as virgin spouses. What does it mean by as well over here primarily wipes because comb is masculine and if you think about it, her work, she was created from Adam Melissa. So Jelena come in and forsaken US Virgin, meaning he made her work from Adam are listener. And secondly, min unfussy comm also means from your type,

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your type your own kind, a human being just like you.

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So a lot more generally, they'll come in and physical as virgin. Well, john Alico and he has made for you men as why'd you confirm your spouse's meaning through your wives? What do you have? Children Bernina sense bonnin is a plural of even an even as used for a son, a male child in particular, and bent his girl daughter. And remember that the word bunny in the plural form, it doesn't just apply to sons, but it also applies to sons and daughters. Like for example, Bunny is for you. Does it mean only The Man from UNCLE Bunny is trying? No, it includes the descendants of Israel. So, bunny will have forgotten and grandsons, grandchildren

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bonnin What have I done has been understood in a number of ways. First of all, we take the meaning of learning to be sons, meaning one's immediate children, which includes sons and daughters. And the word half adder is the plural of hafid have yet that her feet and her feet his grandson.

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So he has made for you from your wives, you have bonnin meaning children. And you also have half other than meaning grandchildren.

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So you have sons, and you also have grandsons. Now you may wonder why our sons mentioned Why is the male word used? Why? Because your lineage it continues through through sons, your daughter will go to somebody else's house and her children are going to be used. There's. So this is one way of understanding. Another way of understanding is that the word halfa is the plural of have it, have it and have it is used for a swift worker, a helper, someone who works swiftly someone who comes quickly in order to serve someone in order to attend to them.

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Like for example, in the middle of winter, what do we say what iligan

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nessa, when

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would you like an SRO, we run to an aphid. So her father is to rush to someone in order to attend to them in order to see what they're saying, in order to respond to their call. And from this it is used for a helper, a swift worker. So then half other is understood in various ways. How? First of all, it has been said that half other is referring to doctors, were bunnies, our sons, half other who

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have other who, daughters. And why is the word half other used for daughters.

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Because you're much more quick in the work that they do.

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If you tell your son to clean his room, and you tell your daughter to clean her room, who's gonna do it first, your daughter, if two children are sitting in front of you, let's say you and your brother are sitting in front of your parents and your parents say, bring me a glass of water, who is going to get up the daughter, all right. So have other guys two daughters, because they're more swift in their work compared to boys.

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Secondly, they said that half other refers to wives, children from previous husband. So if you look at the Iowa janela comments, as well as your company, will have other the wives that you have, they give birth to your children. And sometimes they have children from before as well from a previous husband.

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And it's possible that those children are very helpful. Those children are very obedient. They're very good children. So he has given this blessing to you. Because many times people take the children of the wife from previous husband as a big burden,

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as a huge responsibility. But Allah subhanaw taala shows it as a blessing. And the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he had many,

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many of the wisest prophets out a lot of them they had children from before.

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Then we also see that have other has been understood as a son in law

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that Allah has made for you from your wives, bonnin, you have sons, and through your wives, Allah has also granted you have other how that through your wives, you have girls, you have daughters, and those daughters when they get married, you get more sense. And why is this word used for son in law, because sometimes they are more obedient, more helpful than one's own sense, isn't it? Sometimes a person may complain that my husband works more for my parents and my brother does. He contributes more to the family than my brother does. It's possible.

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And this is a blessing, don't take it as a burden. It's a blessing of Allah, it's the feet that Allah has given to you.

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Then we also say that half of that has been understood as any servant, anyone who serves you, anyone who assists you, anyone who helps you, whether they're your relatives or not. And it has been tagged with john and I'll come in as well, you can benina will have added because many times in your house. For example, if you're moving, who's going to be putting in a lot of effort, the woman, the mother, the wife, she's backing, she's doing everything. And if she wants help push you're going to call her friends or she's going to hire some servants. So, through your wives their comes to you a lot of help will have similarly however, there has also been understood as grandchildren, children of

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Similarly, it has also been said that half other applies to older children,

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that bonnin it refers to younger children and half other applies to older children. Because younger children, little children, you have to attend to them. But who helps you,

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your older children. Many times it happens that if a woman has a daughter, who is perhaps even five or six years of age, she will help the mother in looking after the new baby. Whereas we see that sometimes the son he will be completely oblivious, but the doctor will bring the diaper she will go throw the diaper she will go pick the clothes you will help you give the bath you will do many many things. So this is a big blessing of Allah.

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What else have come any has provided you may not like you bad from the good things.

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Notice Minotaur you bet only some good things have been given to you in this dunya because all of the better were

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in general in the near their only son and that include all the different kinds of fruit, animals, grains, different things that people enjoy, they eat, they benefit from F availabel noona then is it that with the false hood they believe they believe in the false hood will be near Mattila homea Kowloon and the blessing of Allah they deny. What does it mean by this? You see the machine. They realize this that our last panel that has given to us all of these blessings Allah is the only one who has created our

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wise, our children, our grandchildren, who has given us these relationships. So Allah says that despite the fact that I was the only one who has given this to you, yet Do you believe in battling, what this battle mean? battle refers to the false gods, the idols and they believe in

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what we hear Mattila homea Quran, what does an airman refer to the blessing of Allah, meaning the Hillel, the various blessings that Allah has given, especially the ones that are mentioned over here, that He has given you as well. And then beneath, and then half other? Allah has given you all of this, to say that they have been given to you by your false gods. And there's also another point that must be noticed over here, that all of these things that Allah has given, especially these relationships, what are they a huge blessing of Allah.

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They're a huge blessing of Allah. But many times people have these weird concepts, cultural beliefs, traditions, which is why they don't value these blessings. Instead, they're very ungrateful for them.

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We learned early that the Arabs, certain tribes, to have a daughter was a source of great embarrassment. Why? Because they didn't like the fact that their daughter was going to go to somebody else's house. So to have a son in law was a source of shame for them. It was a source of embarrassment for them. And unfortunately, some people even think like that today as well, that they think oh my god, my daughter is going to go to somebody else's house. And she's going to be married to somebody else's house, my daughter who's so chaste, I mean, this is natural. Allah subhanaw taala has skipped this process of, of marriage, there should be no embarrassment in this when it's being

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done through Allah. So Allah subhanaw taala mentioned over here, that having half a day is what? It's a blessing. This is a blessing of Allah, so don't be ungrateful for it. On the day of judgment, we learned that Allah subhanaw taala will say to his servant, reminding him of his favours, that alone was a widow, alum who came

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along with a high level high level Ebola. Did I not give you a wife? Did I not honor you? Did I not subject horses and camels do your use for your benefit. So all of these are blessings of Allah among them are what? Your spouse.

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So we must be very, very grateful for the spouses that we have. Women should be grateful for their husband, and the husband should be grateful for their wives. This is extremely important.

00:27:28--> 00:27:50

Because many times we take our spouse as a burden. We take our children as a burden. That now I have to cook for them. Now I have to clean for them. Now I have to do their laundry as well. Now I have to iron their clothes as well. Okay, now I have to help them in their work as well. This is not fair. I thought when a girl gets married, she becomes free she becomes a queen. And here I see I'm like a servant.

00:27:51--> 00:27:56

No, this is a blessing that Allah has given you. Think about all those people who don't have a spouse,

00:27:58--> 00:28:04

thing or all those people who have lost their spouse, it's a big blessing. So be grateful for this blessing of Allah don't take it as a burden.

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We are we do not mean don't lie, and they worship besides Allah. mela yum licola home, what does not possess for them, this can any provision, Minister, my word he will art from the heavens or the earth shayan anything at all.

00:28:21--> 00:28:41

They worship beings besides Allah, that do not have any power to bestow any provision to them, neither from the sky nor from the earth, from the sky, in the form of rain, in the form of sunlight, and from the earth in the form of vegetation.

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So they worship such beings which cannot provide them any of this from anywhere. What is your own nor are they capable, meaning even if the so called gods, they try to give them rest from the sky or from the earth they will be unable to do so.